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The interesting contemporary design

of Albany's new Hellman

Theatre features a marquee which

is an integral port of the building.

Marble, structural glass,

plate glass and aluminum were

the materials used in the structure.

The two-story section at the

tight provides room for offices

and a private screening room. The

theatre auditorium extends to the

right. A nearby parking lot can

accommodate 500 cars. The theatre

is located near Hellman's

Thruway Motel, is close to the

exits of the State Thruway and

the State Northway, and is easily

accessible from a tri-city area.

nates the room. It, also, was imported.

The auditorium has an orchestra floor

only and the lounge-type theatre chairs

are upholstered in gold-colored fabric in

the center section and in blue on the side

aisles. The auditorium walls are covered

with a gold-toned material and there are

"sunburst" wall fixtures as well as recessed

sidewall lighting. The dropped and

"stepped" auditorium ceiling has cove


A 5 2 -foot Hurley lenticular, matte white

screen extends from wall to wall, and 14

RCA sidewall stereophonic speakers augment

the eight Altec-Lansing speakers bethe


Restrooms are attractive and welland

the ladies powder room is

luxuriously carpeted.

State Thruway and the State Northway.

It is easily accessible from Troy, Schenectady

and other communities within a 100-

mile radius. Also nearby are New York's

$100,000 camp site and two shopping centers.

In all, the theatre has a drawing capacity

of approximately 500,000 from the

tri-city area.


The location near the Thniway Motel

provides patrons the opportunity to dine

before the show and, on Saturday nights,

to dance after it.

The new Hellman was constructed at a

cost of $500,000. Neil Hellman is president

of Hellman Theatres, Alan V. Iselin, his

son-in-law, is managing director and Mannie

Friedman is house manager of the new

FOR 75-35mm

theatre. Mrs. Nettie Hellman, Neil's mother,

In the booth. Century 70-35mm projectors

is also still active in the management

with the newly developed Century of the business.

reproducer were installed, along Giant searchlights swept the sky as the

with Ashcraft Super-Cinex Lamps. Bal-

new Hellman held its premiere showing in

reflectors and 12-phase, 165 ampere Hollywood style on April 25.

rectifiers are used. Seven-channel Hellman, who plans construction of additional

new theatres, termed the building

sound equipment for optical and

reproduction was installed and of the new Albany theatre "a concrete act

there Is also an RCA public address sys-

of faith in our Industry."

Bausch & Lomb lenses and Neumade

rewinds were included in the Installation

made by Capitol Motion Picture Co.

patrons may obtain refreshfrom

a handsome concessions stand

of cream and gold color which is operated

Berlo Vending Co. There is a mahogany

shadowbox on the back wall and below it

stock shelves.

The theatre is air conditioned throughout.

Booth tquipment in the Hellman includes Century

70-3Smm projectors and Ashcraft Super-Cinex

lamps. There is seven-channel Ampex sound.


Parking is provided in an adjacent lot

500 cars, in line with Neil Hellman's

that "the conventional theatre of

future must have adjacent parking

facilities—just like a clothing store, a

shop or any other commercial

in a continuing era of automoibile

ownership by the public."

The theatre is located on Upper Washington

avenue, adjoining Hellman's Thruway

Motel and is close to exits of the

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