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The interesting contemporary design<br />

of Albany's new Hellman<br />

Theatre features a marquee which<br />

is an integral port of the building.<br />

Marble, structural glass,<br />

plate glass and aluminum were<br />

the materials used in the structure.<br />

The two-story section at the<br />

tight provides room for offices<br />

and a private screening room. The<br />

theatre auditorium extends to the<br />

right. A nearby parking lot can<br />

accommodate 500 cars. The theatre<br />

is located near Hellman's<br />

Thruway Motel, is close to the<br />

exits of the State Thruway and<br />

the State Northway, and is easily<br />

accessible from a tri-city area.<br />

nates the room. It, also, was imported.<br />

The auditorium has an orchestra floor<br />

only and the lounge-type theatre chairs<br />

are upholstered in gold-colored fabric in<br />

the center section and in blue on the side<br />

aisles. The auditorium walls are covered<br />

with a gold-toned material and there are<br />

"sunburst" wall fixtures as well as recessed<br />

sidewall lighting. The dropped and<br />

"stepped" auditorium ceiling has cove<br />

lighting.<br />

A 5 2 -foot Hurley lenticular, matte white<br />

screen extends from wall to wall, and 14<br />

RCA sidewall stereophonic speakers augment<br />

the eight Altec-Lansing speakers bethe<br />

screen.<br />

Restrooms are attractive and welland<br />

the ladies powder room is<br />

luxuriously carpeted.<br />

State Thruway and the State Northway.<br />

It is easily accessible from Troy, Schenectady<br />

and other communities within a 100-<br />

mile radius. Also nearby are New York's<br />

$100,000 camp site and two shopping centers.<br />

In all, the theatre has a drawing capacity<br />

of approximately 500,000 from the<br />

tri-city area.<br />

[<br />

The location near the Thniway Motel<br />

provides patrons the opportunity to dine<br />

before the show and, on Saturday nights,<br />

to dance after it.<br />

The new Hellman was constructed at a<br />

cost of $500,000. Neil Hellman is president<br />

of Hellman Theatres, Alan V. Iselin, his<br />

son-in-law, is managing director and Mannie<br />

Friedman is house manager of the new<br />

FOR 75-35mm<br />

theatre. Mrs. Nettie Hellman, Neil's mother,<br />

In the booth. Century 70-35mm projectors<br />

is also still active in the management<br />

with the newly developed Century of the business.<br />

reproducer were installed, along Giant searchlights swept the sky as the<br />

with Ashcraft Super-Cinex Lamps. Bal-<br />

new Hellman held its premiere showing in<br />

reflectors and 12-phase, 165 ampere Hollywood style on April 25.<br />

rectifiers are used. Seven-channel Hellman, who plans construction of additional<br />

new theatres, termed the building<br />

sound equipment for optical and<br />

reproduction was installed and of the new Albany theatre "a concrete act<br />

there Is also an RCA public address sys-<br />

of faith in our Industry."<br />

Bausch & Lomb lenses and Neumade<br />

rewinds were included in the Installation<br />

made by Capitol Motion Picture Co.<br />

patrons may obtain refreshfrom<br />

a handsome concessions stand<br />

of cream and gold color which is operated<br />

Berlo Vending Co. There is a mahogany<br />

shadowbox on the back wall and below it<br />

stock shelves.<br />

The theatre is air conditioned throughout.<br />

Booth tquipment in the Hellman includes Century<br />

70-3Smm projectors and Ashcraft Super-Cinex<br />

lamps. There is seven-channel Ampex sound.<br />

FOR 500 CARS<br />

Parking is provided in an adjacent lot<br />

500 cars, in line with Neil Hellman's<br />

that "the conventional theatre of<br />

future must have adjacent parking<br />

facilities—just like a clothing store, a<br />

shop or any other commercial<br />

in a continuing era of automoibile<br />

ownership by the public."<br />

The theatre is located on Upper Washington<br />

avenue, adjoining Hellman's Thruway<br />

Motel and is close to exits of the

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