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The Lure and Lore Beckons

Adventurous Travelers


The Land of Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar is a

Gem For All Reasons




The Lure and Lore Beckons

Adventurous Travelers


The Land of Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar is a

Gem For All Reasons



The Lure and Lore of Ethiopia Beckons

Adventurous Travelers

Ancient history, mountains, rivers, wildlife, desert, enduring tribal cultures and eight World

Heritage Sites — it’s all here.


Your clients bored with the allure of a palm-fringed

beach or secluded ski slope, will certainly find

something exotic, yet easily accessible in Ethiopia.

Land of the legendary Queen of Sheba and the

only country in Africa never to have been colonized, Ethiopia

is Africa’s tenth largest country (the size of France and Spain

combined), located on the eastern Horn of Africa, bordered

by Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti and Eritrea.

Historians have called mountainous Ethiopia a historical

and scenic wonderland of great antiquity (stretching back

nearly 5 million years) and immense beauty. This sub-

Saharan nation, famed for its ancient ties to Christianity,

Judaism and Islam and home to eight World Heritage Sites,

is primed for another export: enthusiastic travelers’ tales from

those fortunate enough to explore its many offerings, ranging

from spiritual and cultural to artistic and culinary. And, due

to its observance of a different calendar, this year marks

Ethiopia’s entrance into the new millennium — making all

visitors immediately seven years younger upon arrival!

Misty,mystical Tissat – Ethiopia's Blue Nile Falls,source of the Blue

Nile River.

Selling the History & Mystery –

The Classic Historic Route

Addis Ababa (“New Flower” in Amharic), the capital city

and arrival point for incoming flights, is the best place to

begin exploring. Founded in 1887 by Emperor Menelik, this

sprawling, vibrant city of 3 million inhabitants is home to both

the headquarters of the Organization of African Unity and the

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. Shoppers

delight in the Merkato, reputedly the continent’s largest

open-air market, purveying everything from camels to computers.

Historical treasures include Emperor Haile Selassie’s

several palaces, one housing the Ethnological Museum, and

the National Archeological Museum, home to Dinkenesh’s

(aka Lucy) 3.5 million year-old remains. Various lodging options

include the elegant Addis Hilton and splendid Sheraton

Addis, the first Luxury Hotel on the continent.

Lalibela: An hour’s flight northwest of Addis. Lalibela’s dramatic

grouping of 11 rock-hewn churches, built for King

Lalibela in the 12th century by men during the day and,

rumor has it, angels at night, leaves visitors breathless, and is

sometimes referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”.

The still-functioning churches exude a serene spirituality.

Gondar: Forty-five minutes northwest of Lalibela, this 17thcentury

“Camelot of Africa” eclectic collection of castles and

fortresses were once the scene of sumptuous entertaining of

European royalty and Indian Moguls of the Ottoman Empire

and still inspire awe. Nearby is Waleqa, once the largest community

of Felasha Mura (or Black Jews) remaining in

Ethiopia. There stands a round, thatch-roofed synagogue

built of cow dung, its interior paintings applied with charcoal,

crushed limestone, and animal blood, its ceiling adorned with

a wooden Star of David.

Bahir Dar/Blue Nile Falls / Lake Tana: A half-hour flight

from Gondar, prosperous, palm-tree filled Bahir Dar was

founded in the 16th century on the shores of Lake Tana,

Ethiopia’s largest, measuring 53 mi. long and 40 mi. wide. In

medieval times, members of persecuted churches sought

refuge on 20 of the lake’s 37 islands. Today, these churches

are rich repositories of extraordinary Ethiopian religious

paintings and illuminated manuscripts, tended by white and

marigold-garbed priests, day-glow colored birds and howler

moneys. A 45-minute drive from town is the majestic Blue

Nile. Discovered in the 16th century by Portuguese Father



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4 • MAY 2007 • A FRICA



Paez, the source of the mighty Nile

River today still thrills 21st-century explorers.

Axum: A 30-minute flight north from

Gondar is Axum, cradle of Ethiopia’s

3000-yr old civilization, considered one

of four great powers of the ancient

world, site of colossal rock stele and remains

of the royal palace of its most famous

occupant, the fabulous Queen of

Sheba. Legend holds that Menelik, the

son born of her tryst with King

Solomon, brought from Israel the sacred

Ark of the Covenant to the 4th-century

Church of St. Mary, today the

country’s oldest and holiest Christian


Harar: A 45-minute flight east from

Addis is the 1000 year-old, walled city of

Harar. This desert settlement of 99

mosques, revered by Muslims as the 4th

holiest shrine of Islam, was a must-stop

for caravans plying the ancient spice

routes. Inhabitants still wear traditional

white and rainbow-colored shammas

(gauzy cotton shawls) and incense-perfumed

markets are bursting with displays

of textiles, silver, parchment

books and baskets. Nights belong to

Harar’s “hyena men,” daring souls who

coax untamed hyenas to take bits of

meat from their mouths.

National Parks, Safaris &

Ethnic Tribes

There are various ways to combine the

historic routes with day trips in and

around Addis, overnights to the Rift

Valley or lake district, hiking in

Menagesha Forest, Awash Game

Reserve (wildlife’s Big Five (lion, elephant,

rhino, leopard, buffalo can a be

observed here, along with impressive

species of flora and fauna), Bale

Mountain Park (dotted by spectacular

volcanic plugs and alpine lakes),

trekking the remote, rugged Simien

Mountain Massif, or exploring the

southeastern Omo and Awash Valleys

for culturally enriching encounters with

numerous tribes.



A well established company offering a

wide variety of

package and tailor made tours...







...or any other special interest tours

P.O.Box 16618 Addis Ababa,Ethiopia



Telephone: (002511)5150694;5150698,


Fax : (002511)5150700

Member of ASTA

Member of APTA

Exploring Ethiopia

The following Ethiopian tour operators

offer fully commissionable packages/FIT

programs to the land of the

Queen of Sheba. Note: land-only prices

quoted; domestic air additional:

Yasin Nur Abdulkadur, Addis-headquartered

Caravan Travel’s general

manager, takes pride in creating unique

group and FIT itineraries throughout

the country. Asked about challenges to

attracting more U.S. business, he noted

Americans’ preference for first-class accommodations

— even on safari —saying,

“we’ve perfected logistics to include

luxury and first-class properties

on all tours, guaranteeing a good

night’s sleep, every night!” Caravan’s

9-day/8-night Historic Route by tours

ancient Abysssinia via Addis’s museum

and market attractions to Bahir Dar and

Lake Tana’s frescoed churches and

monasteries; the thundering mists of

Tiss Issat (aka Blue Nile Falls);

Gondar’s regal castle complex and

nearby Felasha Village; wildlife viewing

in Semien Mountains (aka the

“Roof of Africa”); Axum’s impressive

stellae, Queen of Sheba’s palace and

exterior of St. Mary of Zion, supposed

repository of the Ark of the Covenant;

on to Lalibela’s mystical rock-carved

churches (classified as one of the wonders

of the world) and back to Addis.

Cost is $1,180 ppdo; single supplement

$150. The 3-day/2night Harar & Dire

Dawa package flies to railway town of

Dire Dawa, then by road to the colorful,

spice-filled markets of Harar (including

visits to a local family the the French

poet Rimbaud’s former house) and the

thrill-seeking Hyena Men. Priced at

$320 ppdo/$60 single supplement. The

13-day/12-night Omo Valley Tour heads

south for cultural encounters via Lake

Abaya and the bamboo village of the

Dorze, wildlife viewing in Nech Sar

National Park; on to Arba Minch and

the pagan Konso people and the lipdisk-wearing

Mursi tribes; on to the

mighty Omo River and visits to the

Karo, Lonso, Duss, Konso and Woito

tribes—each with its own unique totems

economies; then down into the Rift

Valley and along Lake Awassa, home to

countless bird species and famed fish • Travel World News

market. Cost is $1,320 ppdo/$140 single supplement.

Caravan Travel & Tour,,

Addis-based Ethio National Tour and Travel Operator

(ENTTO), offers group and FIT explorations of the northeastern

historical sites and southern Omo Valley’s ethnic villages

and national parks. Kebede Belema, general manager, notes

American travelers are become more knowledgeable about

Ethiopia’s kaleidoscopic attractions, observing, “the combination

of our peoples’ warmth and depth of history really does

seem to cast a spell!” ENTTO’s 10-day/9-night Omo Tribal

Safari takes in Lake Ziway’s spectacular birdlife, Mago

National Park for prime game viewing, tribes visited include

the Mursi (known for their clay-disk-pierced lower lips),

body-paining Karo, bull-jumping Hammer, and the ritual

scarification-practicing Bume; plus hiking and thermal

spring bathing in Wondo Genet forest. Cost $1970 ppdo;

$2700 single occupancy. The 6-day/5-night Historic Route

visits Bahir Dar; Lake Tana’s medieval, fresco-adorned island

monasteries; thundering Blue Nile Falls; Gondar’s fairy-tale

castle complex; Lalibela’s awe-inspiring rock-hewn

churches, and Axum — home of legendary beauty, the Queen

of Sheba. Priced at $695 ppdo; $970 single. Shorter-stay excursions

for Addis visitors include the 2-day/1-

Awassa–Wondo-Langane tour, which drives south of the capital

into the Rift Valley to enjoy the beaches and prolific

birdlife of lakes Ziway (also home to church-inhabited islands),

Shalla, Abyata Langano and Awassa (renowned for its

fish market); cost $350 ppdo/$590 single. The 3-day/2 night

Harar Sunrise tour flies southeast to the old railway town of

Dire Dawa, then by road to the 7th-century walled town of

Harar, said to be Islam’s 4th holiest city. Cost $370 ppdo/$585



Also Addis-based, Galaxy Express’ general manager Awoke

Genetu echoes fellow operators’ enthusiasm for expanding

the U.S. client base, saying, “the best way to increase

American traffic is promotion… by word of mouth…visitors

come, explore, and return home full of our country’s experiences

— tour programs make it all happen!” Group and FIT

offerings include their 9-day/8-night Classic Historical tour

by air/road heads to Bahir Dar and Lake Tana’s island mystical

monasteries; on to the Tiss Issat, source of the Blue Nile;

Gondar’s Camelot-like castles and Felasha village synagogue;

the dramatic landscape and wildlife of the Semien

Mountains; then to Lalibela’s architecturally-defying rockhewn

churches and Axum’s monolithic stelae and echoes of

the Queen of Sheba’s court. Price approximately $1,150 ppdo.

The 13-day/12-night Omo & Mago Safari explores still-untouched,

ancient cultures, birding and wildlife viewing in the

legendary Rift Valley. The journey takes in Abyata-Shalla

Lakes National Park (breeding ground for many African

water birds), Netch-Sar National Park (starring a dramatic

view of Lakes Abaya and Chamo separated by a chain of

mountains called “God’s Bridge,” all home to the extraordinary

cultural diversity of more than 40 tribes. Villages visited

include Murci (home of the disk-lipped women) and Elbore

(famed for unusual hair styles and ritual body scarification);

market days, wildlife viewing and rejuvenation at

Wodogenet’s thermal springs resort wind up the safari. Price

$1,350 ppdo. Shorter programs include the 5-day/4-night

Bale Safari, a road-trip southwest of Addis, taking in the birdand

wildlife in the Dinsho Reserve and Senetti (famed for

Ethiopian wolf-spotting), the Sof-Omar caves, Wondo Genet’s

hot springs, and Rift Valley Lakes and Abyta-Shalla National

Park. Cost $485ppdo. (Single supplements upon request).

Galaxy Express,,

Asked about challenges to building a U.S. market, Yoseph

Getnet, Addis-based general manager of Ghion Travel &

Tours, doesn’t mince words: “Ethiopia’s image was bad; we

were a neglected destination. It’s all different now, and with

marketing and word of mouth, we’re beginning to penetrate

your market — we have so much to offer; similar but unique

attractions, and don’t forget, you’re automatically seven years

younger the minute you land in Addis!” Customized packages

and FITs welcomed. Ghion’s 16-day/15-night Denakil,

Harar & Awash adventure road tour heads east of Addis to the




Classic Tours







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Car Hire



Caravan takes you Everywhere

Travel World News • AFRICA • MAY 2007 • 5


Afur region — site of Lucy’s discovery —is a flashback to our

origins and the Denakil depression and Dalol’s volcanic

eruptions, is the earth’s lowest point; on to Harar’s incensescented,

many-mosqued city and hyena-feeding men, then

back towards Addis via the Awash Valley, where Lucy’s 4 million

year-old skeleton was discovered. Cost $2,860 ppdo.

Their 8-day/7-night Historic Route by Air offers a treasure

trove of nature, culture and historic riches, from Axum’s stelae

and Church of St. Mary (is the Ark there, or not?),

Lalibela’s wondrous rock-carved churches, Gondar’s

“Camelot” castle complex, to Bahir Dar with Lake Tana’s

spirit-soothing painted churches and thundering Blue Nile

Falls. Price $789 ppdo. The 10-day/9-night Omo Valley & Rift

Valley Lakes safari heads south nearly to the Kenya border,

taking in Rift Valley lakes, rural villages, bird species galore,

the cultural richness of the south Omo tribes (including the

scarified Burme, body-pained Hamer and the lip-disk-enhanced

Mursi), plus the untouched Netch-Sar, Mago and

Omo National Parks for prime game viewing. Cost $1,457


Ghion Tours,,

Dario Morello, general manager of also-Addis-based Green

Land Tours vows, “Our goal is to make sure our clients return

home with rapturous memories of the best of Ethiopia!”

Regular packages and customized tours by Green Land

(founding member of Ethiopia’s Ecotourism Association)

showcase countrywide attractions. Greenland’s 10-day/9-

night Historic Tour by air/road comprises a capital tour, including

the National Museum/Lucy, Trinity Church and the

Merkato; on to seaside Bahir Dar, the fabled Blue Nile Falls

and Lake Tana’s monastic churches; castle- and church-filled

Gondar; to Axum, where Ethiopia’s civilization began and the

Queenof Sheba reigned; then to Lalibela’s architecturally-astounding

rock churches. Price approximately $950 ppdo. The

11-day/10-night Omo Valley Tour heads to the Rift Valley’s

lakes for birding, fishing, horseback riding and boating; then

on to local villages enroute to Arba Minch’s hot springs,

Netch Sar National Park for wildlife and views, and deeper

into the valley to villages and markets of such tribes as the

Elbore (marvel at their extravegantly coiffed men), Hamer

and Konso. Price approximately $1,200 ppdo. Suggest clients

pressed for time try the 5-day/4-night Harar excursion to Dire

Dawa’s railroad town and walled desert city of Harar

(mosques markets, sultans’ tombs and “Hyena Men”), then

game viewing and local village visiting in Awash National

Park. Cost approx. $500 ppdo. GLT’s Millenium Celebration

Tour details will available shortly.

Greenland Tours,,

The motto of Addis-headquartered Paradise Travel’s managing

directors, Fitsum Gezahegne and Timar Negussie, is to

deliver their client’s maximum satisfaction. Their programs

Colorful Timket celebration in Lalibela.


6 • MAY 2007 • A FRICA

combine the vibrant Ethiopia of today with its magnificently

mysterious past. Their 14-day/13-night Classical Tour by road

heads off through the Blue Nile gorge to Bahir Bar and Lake

Tana’s island monasteries; Gondar’s fairytale castles;

Lalibela’s spiritually lifting, sunken rock churches and back

to Addis, taking in the spectacular scenery and wildlife in the

Semien Mountains along the way. Cost approximately $1,100

ppdo. An abbreviated, 9-day/8-night version by air/road is

around $950 ppdo. Suggest the 14-day/13-night Fishing Tour

to angler clients, featuring Addis city tour, then off to cast

lines into the Rift Valley’s fish-filled lakes and markets, Bale

Mountain’s volcanic plugs and alpine lakes, to Arba Minch’s

via Nech-Sar National Park (Lakes Abaya and Chamo separated

by “God’s Bridge” mountain chain), then back to Addis

with tales of the ones that didn’t get away! Price appox. $1400

ppdo. A similar, Birdwatching Tour, for your feather-loving

clients, heads toward Awash National Park, tours the Bale

Mountains and on to Gobo, Wondo Genet’s thermal springs

and Senkele Wildlife Sanctuary, Nech-Sar NP; priced around

the same.

Paradise Travel,,

Mulagheta Hiwot, managing director of Addis-based

Smiling Ethiopia Travel & Tours (SETT), has but one aim: “We

want to make you feel at home, away from home…our motto

is, “SMILE, you are now in Ethiopia!” In addition to

Historical, Rift Valley, Omo Valley and Danakil Depression

expeditions (progams/pricing similar to above-listed operators’

packages), SETT offers one-day expeditions to such offthe-beaten

track attractions as nearby Gefersa Managesha

Forest, full of young birds and 400-year-old juniper trees,

with a stop at one of the country’s best-known beer breweries

on the way back to Addis. The Debrezeit, Mount Zuquala &

Sodere jaunt heads 60 miles from Addis to Lake Debrezeit

Travel World News

sort area, full of lakes, birdlife, hot

springs, and Gebremenfeskidus

Monastery; the view from Mount

Zuqala (an extinct volcanic cone) stars

the Rift Valley and crater lake. Another

option takes in the 13th-century

Debrilibanos Monastery, founded by St.

Teclehaimanot and today a popular pilgrimage

site located in the Blue Nile

Gorge — endemic baboons and rich

birdlife form part of the scenery. Price

range for these tours is approximately

$75–100. SETT specializes in ethical

tourism, and can also arrange short

stays with villagers, enabling visitors to

experience mutual understanding of

another way of life.

Smiling Ethiopia Travel & Tours,,

Why sell Ethiopia? Getachew Hiwot,

general manager of Addis-headquartered

Splendor Ethiopia Tours, does not

hesitate: “We want visitors to discover

the place where there are still places to

discover!” The company specializes in

FIT and group tours highlighting

Ethiopia’s ancient past and captivating

present. Accompanied by trained historian

guides, the Historic Route programs

explore the northern sites of

Axum (stelae and tombs, Queen of

Sheba’s palace and Church of St. Mary

— the is-it-here-or-not home of the fabled

Lost Ark); the spectacularly spiritual,

rock-hewn churches of Lalibela;

Gondar’s shades-of-Camelot castles

and Lake Tana’s Blue Nile Falls; and the

eastern region’s medieval walled town

of Harar — with its 99 mosques, the

fourth holiest Muslim city, after Mecca,

Medina and Jerusalem. National Parks

tours include trekking in the Simien

and Bale mountains, and wildlife safaris

in Netchisar, Omo and Mago, among

others. Splendor’s photo safaris head

south to the Omo Valley, focusing on the

semi-nomadic cultures, endemic birds

and wildlife and gorgeous landscapes

of one of Africa’s true remaining precolonial,

pre-tourism wildernesses.

Binocular- and camera-toting bird

lovers can track more than 850 species,

28 of which are found nowhere else on

the planet, e.g., the Abyssinian ground

hornbill and black-winged lovebird

(which purrs through the sky like a

miniature helicopter!). Day tours of the

“New Flower” (Addis), and nearby attractions

are also available. Customized

rograms/pricing similar to those of

above-listed operators (ballpark: historic/safaris,

$300–$1,300pp, depending

tour length; day tours, $50–$75).

Splendor Ethiopia Tours,,

Chicago-based Yemgata Tours specializes

in adventure tours, and is signing

up U.S. travel agencies and outbound

tour operators with an eye to its

soon-to-be-launched branded affiliates’

network program.

General Manager, Kaleb

Gebremariam enthuses, “This is exciting

opportunity for home-based and retail

travel agents to participate in the

untapped African travel market.” For

clients with limited time, Yemgata’s ½-

day Shopping Excursion visits Addis’

most popular sites, including the shoptill-you-drop

delights of the Merkato,

one of Africa’s largest open-air markets,

followed by a traditional Ethiopian

lunch, consisting of injera, a slightly

sour, buckwheat-type bread stretched

across the table as communal plate,

covered with various vegetarian,

chicken and beef dishes, eaten by hand

and washed down by tej, a honey wine.

Price is $35 ppdo/ $53 single supplement.

A 3-day/2-night excursion to ancient

Axum’s half-buried ruins of

palaces, monolithic Stelae, subterranean

tombs, and the Church of St.

Mary compound, where if lucky, visitors

might catch a glimpse of the seldomseen

priest guarding the purported current

home of the sacred Ark of the

Covenant; and Lalibela’s 12th-century

churches, including the Greek templelike

Bet Medhane Alem, frescoed Bet

Maryam, and elegant cross-shaped

Bete Giyorgis. Price $325 pp/do; $163

single supplement. The 4-day/3-night

Axum/Laibela/Gondar package adds

the fairytale castle complex of Gondar,

Ethiopia’s 17th- and 18th century capital.

Cost is $425 ppdo/$213 single supplement.

Their 6-day-5-night southern

Omo & Rift Valley adventure highlights

the extraordinarily diverse cultures of

the people living in the lower valley of

the Omo River, including the chalkpainted

Karo, Arba Minch’s Tsemai and

Arbore — most of the seven distinct

groups of people bordering the river

have hardly changes their traditional

ways of living from centuries ago; on to

gem-like Netch Sar (“White Grass”)

National Park, sandwiched between

Lakes Chama and Abayo. Priced at

$725 ppdo/$323 single supplement.

Yemgeta Travel Adventures,,

Travel World News • AFRICA • MAY 2007 • 7

Tanzania: The Land of Kilimanjaro and

Zanzibar is a Gem For All Reasons

An interview with Tanzania’s new Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism.


Tanzania, the largest country in East Africa, has

long been a lure for American travelers. It is home

of world-famous attractions such as Mt.

Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa; the

Selous, the world’s largest

game reserve — the Ngorongoro

Crater, often called the

Eighth Wonder of the World

after the ancient Seven

Wonders; Olduvai Gorge (“cradle

of mankind”) and the exotic

spice islands of Zanzibar.

Tanzania has 30 game reserves

and 14 national parks, including

the vast Serengeti and the

newest, Saadani, a unique marine/bush

park along the Indian

HON. PROF. JUMANNE A. Ocean Coast.

MAGHEMBE, MP Travel World News sat down

with the Hon. Prof. Jumanne A. Maghembe, MP, Tanzania’s

newly-appointed Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism

at during his recent promotional visit to the U.S., with stops

in New York, San Diego and Dallas, to discuss his country’s

diverse attractions. The former Fulbright Scholar’s impressive

credentials in conservation and natural resources management

include teaching positions at the University of Dar

es Salaam and Sokoine University in Tanzania; he’s also an

honorary affiliate professor of Fish and Wildlife Resources at

the University of Idaho.

Travel World News: How is Tanzania doing with regards to

tourism arrivals?

Minister Jumanne A. Maghembe: It’s booming! For 2006

worldwide, our numbers were up 12% over 2005…we reached

approximately 700,000 arrivals, of which 55,000 were

American — the highest number ever from the U.S. and second

only to travelers from Great Britain. It’s wonderful to see

more and more Americans becoming aware of Tanzania, and

one of goals now is to triple U.S. arrivals.

TWN: How important is tourism to Tanzania’s economy?

Min. Maghembe: Tourism is one of our economy’s key economic

drivers, second only to agriculture. In figures from

2006, tourism made up 17.2% of the country’s GNP.

Worldwide, tourism to Tanzania has increased 12% over its

figures for 2006, now reaching approximately 700,000. Plans

to boost tourism significantly through growth of the American


TWN: What do you feel is helping generate more interest in

tourism to Tanzania?

Min. Maghembe: In past few years, visits by celebrities ahs

has definitely helped put us more on the African tourism

radar…you see, Tanzania’s specialness, while not ignored,

has not truly been underscored…knowledge about its

uniqueness is just being realized…tourists are touching just

the tip of the iceberg of our attractions…we’re trying to get

the word out, increase awareness of our special product. You

should know that while we’re certainly known for our safari


TWN: How do you plan to increase U.S arrivals?

Min. Maghembe: We’re launching an integrated marketing

and promotion program with this U.S. tour — the plan is to

educate both travel agents as well as consumers about the adventure

and friendly hospitality awaiting them in “The land

of Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar.” This roadshow is a start. We’ll

continue participating in key tradeshows worldwide and updating

our collateral material and website.

TWN: How does Tanzania to stand out from the competition?

Min. Maghembe: We’re trying to get travel agents to

choose Tanzania as the premier African destination for

wildlife adventures. Weave extraordinary combinations of safari,

cultural attractions and the, it’s

peaceful…there’s no safer place than Tanzania…agents can

tell their clients that, without hesitation.

TWN: Is it true that Tanzania will soon have the largest national

park in Africa?

Min. Maghembe: Ruaha National Park in the Southern

Circuit will be combined with Usungu Game reserve, increasing

its size by over 15,000 square kilometers — larger

even than the Serengeti. Ruaha is home to 10,000 elephants

and over 450 bird species…the park’s lifeblood is the Ruaha

River, along which is a fantastic network of game-viewing

roads…the Usungu Game Reserve includes the Ihefu

Wetland, the natural water reservoir for the Ruaha River.

Between the lions, cheetahs, antelopes and birds, imagine the

possibilities! And please don’t forget that in Tanzania, 25% of

income from tourism revenues goes directly to communities

in surrounding areas.

TWN: Besides enlarging Ruaha, are there any new parks?

Min. Maghembe: In the past couple of years, we’ve opened

two unique National Parks. Saadani’s our first coastal wildlife

sanctuary, comprising some 244 sq. miles of land and seacoast

along the Indian Ocean, located 30 miles north of Dar

es Salaam and directly across from Zanzibar. It’s the only

park that combines a marine and bush safari experience…

imagine – you can see elephants walking in the surf! Then

there’s Kitulo in the southern highlands, a personal favorite…it’s

the first park in tropical Africa protected primarily

8 • MAY 2007 • A FRICA • Travel World News

for its floristic experience. For 6 months of the year, it’s covered

with wildflowers…350 species documented so far…including

45 species of orchids; many found nowhere else on

earth! We call Kitulo “the Serengeti of flowers.”

TWN: Congratulations on Serengeti National Park’s inclusion

as part of the “Site of the Great Migration” being named

as the Seventh New Wonder of the World.

Min. Maghembe: Thank you. Yes, last November, an international

panel selected the park, saying that the annual Great

Migration of 200,000 zebras and one million wildebeest is

one of the most fascinating aspects of life in the exquisite

Serengeti …We say that these animals have Tanzanian citizenship,

and go to Kenya as tourists! But seriously, Tanzania

is thrilled and proud at our inclusion on the Seven Wonders

list. Wildlife conservation has always been a top priority of the

Tanzanian Government — with over 25% of the land protected

by law. Now, with this new honor comes the added responsibility

of our government to ensure that this new natural

wonder will be protected for generations to come…and we

humbly accept this responsibility.

TWN: What can you tell us about new hotel accommodations

in Tanzania?

Min. Maghembe: To name just a few, the Selous Impala is

the newest luxury camp in Selous park…it has 8 tents total,

and it’s really lovely, right on the banks of the Rufiji. Also

there, Adventure Camps is now building a new camp at Lake

Manze — 12 tents, but not luxury…it should be open by this

summer. A Kempinski-managed lodge is going up in the

Serengeti that is scheduled to open later this year. And in Dar

el Salaam, the 5-star, 262-room Kundichi Beach Hotel &

Resort in Dar es Salaam was renovated and opened by its new

owners…the Wellworth Hotels & Resorts Ltd — you should

see it…a wonderful blend of Tanzanian and Arabic architecture.

This brings Tanzania’s Grade A tourist class category to

2,262 rooms (25 hotels) out of a total of 3,871 rooms…. the

overall plan is to increase Dar’s room capacity to 4,015.

TWN: Are there any new tourism circuits?

Min. Maghembe: Well, we’re promoting Dar as a starting

point for touring the Selous. Off the mainland, Zanzibar, our

exotic group of “spice islands” was named one of the “24

Destinations of 2007” by the New York Times in its December

10, 2006 Travel Section. Its Swahili mosaic of Arabic, African,

Indian and European history provides an irresistible lure for

adventurous travelers. Like Bagamoyo and Kilwa on the

mainland, Zanzibar has many historical sites that are part of

the Slave Route and now form part of the Africa Diaspora

Heritage Trail. Travel agents should tell clients about cultural

tourism on Zanzibar’s Mafia Island… truly a “paradise

found,” far from the madding crowd, with sugar-white sands,

palm-studded beaches, the crystalline waters of the Indian

Ocean… an Eden just waiting to be discovered. For adventure,

we’re just opened for hiking the Empakaii Crater —

about 80 miles northeast of our more famous Ngorogngoro

Crater and the northernmost caldera in the crater highlands

— it offers amazing opportunities to hike down to the crater

floor or up to two small ponds set in grassy plains…large

mammals are visible year-round…. the scenery is spectacular,

sometimes you can even get a glimpse of snow-capped

Kili [Mt. Kilimanjaro] to the east..

TWN: One last question — what itinerary would you recommend

for a travel agent to suggest to first-time visitor to


Min.Maghembe: Well, from the U.S., fly to Kilimanjaro.

Then do a five-day safari of our better-known northern circuit

— try to have it coincide with the Great Migration. If you can,

take a couple of days to experience the Ngorongoro

Crater…the odds of seeing the Big Five (Water Buffalo, Lion,

Elephant, Leopard, Black Rhino) are excellent…in fact, some

say that Noah released many animals into the Ngorongoro

Crater because his boat was starting to sink.

Then head to Arusha and on to Zanzibar to soak up Swahili

culture, Spice Islands magic and sun on the white-sand

beaches. Back to Dar by boat or plane for last-minute shopping...don’t

forget, we’re the only place on earth where

Tanzanite — our gorgeous blue-purple gemstone — is found!

TWN: As you say in Tanzania, Asahnte sana. Thank you

very much for your time.

Min. Maghembe: Mzuri sana. You’re very welcome…and

kwaheri ya koanana…until we meet again…in Tanzania!

Tanzania Tourist Board,,





e m a i l :

r e s e r v a t i o n s @ m o i v a r o . c o m

w w w . m o i v a r o . c o m


P L A N T A T I O N & L O D G E





L A K E N A T R O N &


Travel World News • AFRICA • MAY 2007 • 9




Hardy Krüger capitalized on the publicity

generated by the Oscar-nominated film

“Hatari!” which introduced Tanzania’s

savannah and wildlife to a much wider audience,

by building one of the first

Tanzanian tourist hotels next to his own


Krüger’s farm house, now Hatari Lodge,

is run by Jörg and Marlies Gabriel, who

have created a different sort of lodge:

small, exclusive, off the beaten safari

paths, and with historical charm. There

are soft leather sofas, large panoramic

windows, and fireplaces in every individually

furnished room, and in each room the

bathrooms, wallpaper, even the crockery

and ashtrays are all in the colorful retro

design of the 70s.

A variety of half or full-day activities can

be arranged to suit the preference of each

individual guest to Hatari Lodge, due to

their location at Arusha National Park

and near to the northern savannah and dry

plains of the western Kilimanjaro area

An extraordinary Safari Experience.

Operators of:

• Kigoma Hiltop Hotel,

Kigoma Town

• Nkungwe Tented Camp,

Mahale National Park

• Gombe Tented Camp,

Gombe National Park

• Katuma Katavi Tented Camp,

Katavi National Park

Specialists in

Safaris to



and Katavi

National Parks





that borders Kenya’s Amboseli reserve.

Enjoy the “African Experience” in a variety

of ways, including close encounters

with wildlife on game drives, a guided

walk to experience the rich and diverse

flora and fauna, an adventurous canoe

trip, or a relaxing view of the buffalo, giraffe

and other animals that come to visit.

Their three nights Hatariland package

includes three nights at the Hatari Lodge

including all three meals, mineral water

and house wine during the meals, halfday

activity to the Momella Lakes and

Ngurodoto Crater and fullday half walking/half

driving activity to the Mt Meru

Crater, all park fees, and airport transfer

from $1,055 per person (minimum

two people) or $995 per person for four


Their five nights Hatariland package includes

three nights Hatari lodge, plus one

night Hatari Hemingway experience in a

luxurious tented camp overlooking

Southern Amboseli and the Masai Steppe,

plus the last night back in the Hatari lodge

including all three meal, all drinks, Masai

walking, game driving and visit to an authentic

Masai engang. Price is from

$1,655 per person (minimum two people)

or $1,545 per person for four people.

Their seven nights Hatariland package

includes five nights Hatariland, plus a second

night at the camp, plus halfday canoeing

and halfday historical tour and game

activity in the Arusha National Park.

Price is from $2,385 per person (minimum

two people) to $2,285 per person for

four people.

Hatari Lodge,,





Mapendano Voyages is an incoming tour

operator registered in both Rwanda and


Its management is French and the company

has been active in the tourism industry

since 1986. They have the personal and

logistical means for organizing tours not

only in Rwanda, but also in eastern Congo

and Uganda. They have fixed itineraries,

but are also able to work on special requests.

There are plenty of international flights

linking to Kigali - including Kenya

Airways daily (good for linking with KLM

from Europe), Brussels twice a week,

Ethiopian Airlines three times a week,

Rwandair Express daily, also to South

Africa three times weekly, as well as

a daily Rwandair Express flight to


It is also possible to travel via Tanzania.

Coastal Aviation has now linked the plains

of Serengeti with the mountains of

Rwanda at a cost of $500 each way

Mwanza-Kigali and Kigali-Mwanza on the

new Coastal share charter flight.

The flight schedule is as follows: 12:30

p.m. depart Arusha – Lake Manyara –

Seronera – Grumeti, Klein's, Kogatende,

Lobo, Sasakwa (on inducement) –

Mwanza arrive 4:15 p.m. Customs and

immigration formalities are done in

Mwanza and the flight continues by share

charter on to Kigali. Depart 5:30 p.m. and

arrive at Kigali 5:30 p.m. local time.

(Kigali-Mwanza is 60 minutes flight time.

Rwanda time is one hour behind Tanzania


At 6:00 a.m. depart Kigali by share

charter and arrive in Mwanza 8:00 a.m.

Customs and immigration formalities take

place and then the flight continues at 9:00

a.m. to Grumeti, Klein's, Kogatende,

Lobo, Sasakwa (on inducement) –

Seronera – Lake Manyara – and arrives in

Arusha at 12:15 p.m. in time to meet the

flight to Zanzibar.

The domestic airport tax in Tanzania

plus safety tax of $6.00 is applicable from

Mwanza, Dodoma, Tanga, Pemba,

Zanzibar, Mafia, Dar, and Arusha. The

airport tax to and from Kigali is as follows:

airport tax ex Tanzania to Kigali is

$30.00 per person TZN international airport

tax, and $8.00 per person TZN international

safety tax; airport tax ex Kigali

to Tanzania is $30.00 per person airport

tax ex Kigali, $8.00 per person TZN international

safety fee, and $20.00 per person

tax ex Rwanda.

Mapendano Voyages,

10 • MAY 2007 • A FRICA • Travel World News




Set in the midst of an incredible vista of

savannah and skies and sheltered in a grove

of acacia trees is Serengeti Tented Camp.

Ideally located along the path of the migrating

wildebeest between Kenya and

Tanzania, the camp is situated at the border

of the world-renowned Serengeti National

Park. This is probably one of the best game

drives in the area - along the western corridor

of the park, taking in Kirawira and the

Grumeti River - home to the infamous

wildebeest-eating giant crocodiles. There is

no better place to take in one of the world's

greatest wildlife spectacles.

Comfort is the key to a relaxing and enjoyable

safari - even in a bush camp. Each

tent has its own en-suite bathroom, modern

furnishings and a private verandah. The

central restaurant and bar area boast a

large fireplace - an ideal spot to unwind

with a drink after a long days exciting game


As the Camp is located just outside the national

park boundary it is possible to do

night drives and guided game walks. The

night drives are a unique opportunity to see

some of the nocturnal animals that one usually

only hears about, such as leopard,

aardvark and bat-eared foxes. Learn and

experience first hand the sounds of the

African bush at night - a very different

'creature' from the one seen during the day.

A game walk with a ranger is an incredibly

exciting and safe way to experience the

bush and its inhabitants at close range.

Choose an early morning walk followed by

breakfast in the bush or sundowners at the

close of the day.

Serengeti Tented Camp’s airstrip is a

short distance away from the camp, which

means guests can arrive quickly and avoid

the long drive through the park if they prefer

a shorter journey.

Serengeti Tented Camp is one of the properties

of Moivaro Lodges and Tented

Camps. Other locations include Moivaro

Lodge in Arusha, Kia Lodge in Kilimanjaro,

Lake Manyara Tented Camp, Fumba Beach

Lodge, and Lake Natron Tented Camp.

Moivaro Lodges and Tented Camps,





The smallest of Tanzania’s National

Parks, Gombe is a thin strip of ancient forest

set among mountains and steep valleys

on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. The

chimpanzees are the main attraction in

Gombe- to see them going about their daily

lives in their natural habitat is an experience

not to be missed.

Beautifully situated on the shores of Lake

Tanganyika, Chimpanzee Safaris’ Gombe

Tented Camp has been designed with every

comfort in mind. The camp’s spacious tents

are shaded by mango trees, just beside the

lakeshore, and each tent features an ensuite

bathroom, hot and cold water, and a

writing desk. To minimize the disturbance

to such a beautiful environment the camp

was constructed using environmentally

friendly methods and materials.

The majority of the mammals in Gombe

are primates, and, in addition to the famous

chimpanzees, visitors may see olive baboons

and vervet, blue and red-tail monkeys.

Leopard and bushbuck also live in the

dense forest, and fish eagles and palm-nut

vultures are often seen flying overhead. And

because carnivores are rare, Gombe is the

perfect place for a walking safari.

Going into the forest for chimpanzee

tracking is usually done in the morning, returning

for lunch. In the afternoon, guests

can choose between further chimpanzee

tracking, swimming at the beach, fishing,

snorkeling or relaxing. There are also two

spectacular waterfalls to be discovered –

Kakombe, an easy 30-minute walk away,

and Mkenke, a one hour climb for the more


Upon return to camp, the dining area

opens out to stunning views and is situated

a few steps from the beach. The sunsets over

the mountains of Congo are unbeatable,

and once night falls, fisherman’s lanterns

light up across the lake, mirroring the stars

above. Evenings are spent sitting around a

campfire on the beach, enjoying sundowners

long after the sun has gone down and

sharing the day’s adventures.

The best time to visit Gombe is during the

dry season, May to October, and during the

short rains of January and February.

Chimpanzee Safaris,,

Travel World News • AFRICA • MAY 2007 • 11



Since 1990, Karell has not only catered to the South African

community now settled in America looking after their travel needs,

but has also carved out a niche in luxury travel for North

Americans wanting a true African experience. The company is

owned and operated by Norman Pieters (who hails from South


Pieters finds great passion in creating travel programs that not

only fulfill expectations, but often the life-time ambitions of his

clients. The majority of the company’s business is derived directly

from referrals from past clients. Karell has earned numerous industry

accolades, including the prestigious honor of being listed as

A+ by Travel & Leisure magazine.

Africa, remaining at an all time high is on the must-see list of

most Americans. Karell Enterprises is now taking bold steps to

cater to a broader spectrum of the American market, and will offer

products and services under three distinct brands.

Karell’s African Dream Vacations, the company’s flagship brand,

caters to the high-end luxury market that demands the very best in

Africa. Experienced staff provide the discerning traveler innovative

and exciting itineraries in exotic locales where privacy and luxurious

accommodation become the norm. While on safari clients

enjoy the company of meticulously selected guides, game rangers,

and trackers. Responsible tourism also plays a very important part

in every client’s travels.

Through various charitable organizations and projects, Karell

For the fifth time in seven years, we are proud to have been voted ‘African

Airline of the Year’. The 2005 selection criteria was based on consistent

achievement in overall customer care, in-flight service, network expansion,

fleet modernization and financial performance. Thank you for flying with us.

12 • MAY 2007 • A FRICA

African Airline of the Year.

Again. Again. Again. And Again.

clients gain an opportunity to experience this continent on a

personal level and leave their mark on Africa long after they leave

its soil.

The Karell Holidays brand has been specially created for the

budget-conscious traveler who dreams of embarking on an

African Safari. A wide range of affordable value-added safari

packages ranging from moderate to first class accommodations are

available. All safaris and holidays include a personalized meet and

greet service, various dining options, game drives and touring, professional

drivers and guides, park entrance fees, and Karell’s emergency

evacuation and medical insurance coverage underwritten by

Travel Guard. Destinations include South Africa, Botswana,

Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Mauritius, Kenya,

Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Egypt.

Karell Air team forms the company’s hub, offering highly competitive

airfares to Africa. Sixteen years of experience has gone

into building one of the most sought after ticket outlet centers in

America. Karell Air specialists can offer flights on numerous airlines

including South African Airways, Delta Air Lines, Swiss,

Virgin Atlantic, Kenya Airways, and Air Namibia.

Be it a top-of-the line safari or an airline ticket, Karell now offers

a one-stop-shopping experience.

Karell’s African Dream Vacations, 800-327-0373,,



The five-star Steenberg Hotel & Winery, one of South Africa’s

most deluxe properties, has introduced a couple’s pampering package.

The “Two of a Kind” plan includes a choice of three therapeutic

therapies for two people, two nights accommodation in a

Standard Room, breakfast daily, plus a special gift starting from

$645 per room, double occupancy. This package is available from

May 1 to September 30, 2007.

The hotel’s setting, surrounded by vineyards, a championship 18-

hole golf course, and the Steenberg Mountains make it the perfect

honeymoon spot or stopover for those who want to regroup or ease

into their journey. Designed to remedy jet lag or alleviate stress,

the treatments consist of a purifying steam bath followed by a 30

minute Aromatherapy Hot Spa Bath. Next comes a 90 minute Scen

Tao Hot Stone Therapy Massage or a 60 minute Aromatherapy

Massage. To top off this experience is a stimulating hair and scalp


A 20 minute drive from Cape Town, the hotel is ideally located for

day trips to some of the Cape’s many attractions, such as the

beaches of False Bay and Atlantic Coast, Cape Peninsula National

Park, and Chapman’s Peak with scenic panoramic views, as well as

South Africa’s renowned wine country.

Situated on the Cape’s oldest wine farm, which still produces

award-winning wines, the hotel’s buildings date to 1682. All have

been lovingly restored and the hotel has been declared a national


Steenberg Hotel & Winery,, • Travel World News



Maurice Tempelsman, Chair-man of

Lazare Kaplan International Inc., has

been re-elected by the Corporate Council

on Africa (CCA) to serve as Chairman of

its Board of Directors for 2007.

Tempelsman previously served as CCA

Chairman from 1999 to 2001.

“I am honored to have been asked to

serve again as Chairman of the Board of

MAURICE TEMPELSMAN the CCA. Africa’s growing importance in

the global economy, its development needs

and its human and natural resources have an increasingly significant

impact on political and economic relations between African

nations and the United States in a competitive and perilous world.

CCA has and will continue to play a growing role in strengthening

these relations,” Tempelsman said.

Tempelsman succeeds Frank Fountain, Senior Vice-President of

External Affairs and Public Policy (Auburn Hills) for

DaimlerChrysler Corporation and President of the DaimlerChrysler

Foundation. Fountain served as Chairman from 2003 to 2006.

“We are honored to have Maurice Tempelsman serve as

Chairman of CCA again. His commitment to Africa extends far beyond

his own business interests. He has created many channels of

communication that have strengthened U.S. relations with African

nations,” said Stephen Hayes, President of CCA.

CCA programs are designed to bring together potential business

partners and to showcase business opportunities on

the continent. The organization is dedicated to raising Africa's investment

profile in the U.S. through the development of critical

contacts and business relationships. CCA members believe that

Africa's future success depends upon the ability of its entrepreneurs

and business people to create and retain wealth through private enterprise.

Corporate Council on Africa (CCA)




Americans have not yet discovered Rwanda as a "family" adventure

destination, but the European community, American and

Chinese diplomats have, judging by the diversity of guests present

at the Kivu Sun Serena Hotel. John Kayihura, owner and operator

of Silverback's Adventures brings this experience and many others

to travelers wishing to experience what the heart of Africa has to

offer. Kayihura combines his life long passion for adventure travel

with a successful career in travel and tourism in Kenya, Uganda

and Rwanda. Silverback's Adventures is a registered member of

the Rwanda Tours and Travel Association (RTTA).

The Land of a Thousand Hills is struggling to some extent to

overcome its past, but has made remarkable strides in the years

since the 1994 genocide. To deny the history of this country would

be another tragedy, but Rwanda has moved forward and tourism

will be the bedrock of its future. Kayihura recognizes this, and the

optional first stop on any travel itinerary is the Genocide Museum

in Kigali.

"Rwanda will not deny her past, but is moving forward and recognizing

her strengths," he says. "We at Silverback's strive to see

to it that our unspoiled jungles, rivers and lakes are left for future

generations to enjoy. This will only be achieved by teaching the

youth to understand, love and conserve this unique region of

tremendous bio-diversity and beauty while providing our visitors

with an unforgettable experience."

Most adventure travelers will want to visit the mountain gorillas

made famous by Dian Fossey, but Rwanda has many other destinations

which Silverback's Adventures can tailor to any itinerary.

A'Kagera National Park is located in eastern Rwanda, and

shares the border with Tanzania. The park is an ideal habitat for a

wide variety of flora and fauna, and is home to elephants, buffalo,

giraffe, zebra, lions, leopards, and dozens of species of antelope.

The bird watching community has unparalleled opportunities to

view large concentrations of water birds.Silverback's Adventures

offers guided itineraries to the hidden and mysterious Nyungwe

Forest, whose biological diversity earned a reputation as one of

the priority sites of conservation in Africa. Upon their arrival at

Kigali International Airport, travelers will be met by a

Silverback's Adventures driver/guide and checked into the hotel.

After settling in, there is an optional city tour around Kigali.

Silverback's Adventures, info @,

Celebrating our 19th anniversary



South Africa • Botswana • Namibia • Zambia

Zimbabwe • Mozambique • Mauritius • Seychelles

Kenya • Tanzania • Rwanda • Uganda • Egypt

Whether you are searching for the best airfares

to Africa or experiences that lift your clients

out of the ordinary and into the memorable…


7300 Corporate Center Drive

Suite 703 / Miami, FL 33126

Travel World News • AFRICA • MAY 2007 • 13

2 07/2 08




Norman Carr Safaris in the Luangwa

Valley, Zambia is announcing a new program

to help off-set Carbon emissions and

educate the youth of Zambia on the dangers

of deforestation. Visitors to Zambia can

donate $20, of which 100 percent will go

towards the new tree planting project.

It is estimated that with each donation

they will be able to plant 10 to 15 new tree

saplings. The lodge has developed this program

in conjunction with the local village


The concept is to teach the children why

deforestation is so harmful and to give them

the responsibility of planting and nurturing

the trees so that they develop a practical

understanding of the environment and sense

of duty toward it.

Norman Carr Safaris has taken an ecofriendly

approach to tourism long before it

was popular to do so. The lodge was

founded by conservationist, Norman Carr

who pioneered walking safaris in order to

bring people as close to nature and wildlife

For hundreds of top selling ideas

plus the best airfares

Make up to 15%


as possible. The philosophy being that to

experience the environment on personal

terms often spurs individuals to forever

honor and protect it. This philosophy continues

today and is being passed onto the

next generation through such programs as

the tree planting project.

Rates are $450 for a standard room at

Kapani and $490 for one of the lagoon

houses in the peak season. In the green season,

the standard rooms are $370 and the

lagoon houses are $400. The camps, open

from June 1 to October 31, are $450, with

only Mchenge open in the green season at

$400. Rates are per person, per night, double

occupancy and include accommodation,

meals, airport transfers from Mfuwe, soft

drinks, house wine, all game viewing activities,

national park fees, laundry, and service.

Norman Carr Safaris will also

arrange safari packages from seven to 10

days which could include stays in


Norman Carr Safaris,,




Photography motivated tours are fast becoming

one the most popular kind of vacation

programs in Africa. Vantage World

Travel helps guests immerse themselves in

this ancient world of unique and traditional

cultures where spectacular wildlife and incredible

landscapes abound, providing an

abundance of material for avid photographers,

with selected programs that provide

the best opportunity to create great


An eclectic combination of diverse destinations

including cosmopolitan cities,

scenic landscapes, natural wonders, and

some days on a safari, will provide a bounty

of photographic opportunities. For migrations,

visit the Mara in June or July. An

even better idea for photographers would be

to visit in January or February, when prey

is scarce for the lions, and they are more

likely to witness and photograph a desperate


All selected itineraries, from Morocco,

where guests can stay in traditional Riads

(typical houses with garden) in the heart of

ancient towns; through Ethiopia with its

churches carved out of solid rock, below

ground level and encircled by deep

trenches, in the ancient capital city of

Lalibela; to Namibia with the sand dunes of

Sossusvlei, where every sunrise brings in

colors strong and constantly changing; and

to the incredible nature safaris, while traveling

between temporary tent camps and

the occasional lodge, allow for wonderful

photographic opportunities.

Vantage World Travel, 800-826-8268,,





The Association

for Promotion of

Tourism to Africa

(APTA)’s Spring

Discover Africa

2007 was another

great success.

New York, Ft.



Atlanta and

Chicago were the venues. Over 20 corporate

exhibitors participated and there were approximately

100 agents/guests at the

events. The guest speaker was Sammy

Leseita from Samburu, Kenya.

Sammy had kept communication with

many repeat guests of Samburu Intrepids

where he is now Senior Guide. The stories

of folks who sought him out, phoned or traveled

to the APTA Shows to see him are endless.

While in Colorado, Sammy was

whisked away by folks he had guided in

Samburu. They took him to Keystone Ski

resort where he skied and ice skated.

Sammy brought more to APTA than just

his talk about life in a Samburu village and

Samburu National Park. He exemplifies

reciprocal interaction between tourists and

local residents as well as the “…promotion

of tourism to Africa through education…”

His poise, ease with people of all ages, and

eagerness to learn and absorb new things

radiated throughout his travels in America.


14 • MAY 2007 • A FRICA • Travel World News



With a rich portfolio of exotic destinations, Goway is able to track

trends in long-haul travel, and identify destinations that are on top

of globetrotters wish lists. Their exclusive division,

AFRICAExperts, has seen a marked increase in inquiries for

Namibia, in Southern Africa.Rich in culture and history with a variety

of different regions all offering their own unique attractions,

it is not surprising that Namibia has become a much sought after

destination. "Namibia is a fantastic destination to visit," commented

Product and Marketing Manager, Christy Fraser, "the incredible

diversity of the region has given us the opportunity to develop

a wide selection of options that will suit all Globetrotters."

Feature tours include the "15-day Grand Namibia" priced from

$3,925. This tour visits the arid Etosha salt pan and it's abundant

wildlife, the shipwrecked skeleton coast, the colonial coastal town

of Swakopmund, Walvis Bay with it's flocks of flamingos,

Damaraland's ancient rock art, desert elephant and rhino, and

Sossusvlei with its' massives and dunes.


resource directory

For travelers with limited vacation time, AFRICAExperts has designed

the "Seven-Day Best of Namibia Fly-in Safari" priced from

$4,922, the "Seven-Day Dunes Canyon and Kalahari" from $1,783,

the "Five Day Northern Namibia" from $1,363, and the "Four-Day

Etosha National Park" from $908 per person.

For travelers who prefer to explore regions by train,

the Shongololo Dune Express priced from $2,933 offers a

17-day train tour visiting all the major highlights in Namibia and

popular attractions in South Africa and is an interesting,

convenient and value packed way to explore Southern Africa.

Another shorter train option is the Two-Day Desert Express which

travels between Windhoek and Swakopmund. This first-class

journey stops along the way for off-board excursions and is priced

from $335.Any of these travel ideas can be combined and incorporated

into AFRICAExperts programs throughout Southern,

Eastern, and Northern Africa.

AFRICAExperts/GOWAY Travel Inc., 800-245-0920,,,,

Africa Travel Association


Association for the

Promotion of Africa

Caravan Travel & Tour Agency

Chimpanzee Safaris

Congo Travel & Hotels (CTH)

Crystal Travel Service

Ethiopian Airlnes


Ethiopian Tourism Commission

Green Land Tours



Hatari Lodge

Karell’s African Dream Vacations


Moivaro Coffee Plantation

Lodges & Tented Camps

Paradise Ethiopia Travel

Smiling Ethiopia Travel & Tours

Splendor Ethiopia Tours

Tanzania Tourist Board

Yemgeta Travel Adventures


For additional listings visit the online resource directory:


50 Washington Street • South Norwalk, CT 06854-2710 • Voice: 203-853-4955 • Fax: 203-866-1153 •

Charles Gatt, Jr., Publisher

Jennifer M. Lane, Editor

Linda Rogers, Design Production Manager

For Online Subscription, Renewal or Change of Address:

COVER PHOTO CREDIT: Tanzania Tourist Board; Mary Ellen Schultz

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