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Dynamic Growth Congress - Australian Spinal Research Foundation

Dynamic Growth Congress - Australian Spinal Research Foundation

An invitation for all! I

An invitation for all! I would like to extend a warm welcome to the Dynamic Growth Congress, which is to be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre 19-21 February 2010 and promises to be a hard hitting realistic Congress for any Chiropractor and their team that want tt to be ahead of fth the game. Times are changing. The state of health care is changing. We now a have national registration board, the government is in financial trouble because of the increasing cost of health care and there is pressure from so-called ‘experts’ who are challenging the chiropractic profession. What can we do about it? DG Congress 2010 has a central theme of ‘Realise Your Potential’. As you will see in this brochure, we have speakers from around the world ready to give you information, tools and inspiration to take your life and your practice to extraordinary levels. Speakers will present on paediatrics, communication, beating the quackbusters, community leadership, philosophy, hiring and firing and lots more. The CA program has been beefed up to be an intense learning experience that is based on practical, real life experiences and is suitable for experienced CAs and those new to the profession. We all know the population desperately needs our help. What are we, as individuals, doing about it? What are we doing as a profession? This Congress will deliver on the action steps needed in you becoming the leader of your community. Outside the ‘classroom’, DG promises to be a blast - the Celebration Ball is always a highlight on the chiropractic social calendar. Don’t miss this opportunity to mix it up on the dance floor with the profession's brightest minds. It's amazing what you can learn! Join us in beautiful Brisbane for this fresh, up to date Congress that will challenge, inspire and educate you in becoming a better leader. Tony Rose Dynamic Growth Congress 2010 Convenor Chiropractic Assistants are major contributors in Realising Practice Potential A major component of Dynamic Growth Congress has been the importance given to the Chiropractic Assistants’ stream - and DG 2010 is no different. The Chiropractic Assistants‘ stream will be held on Saturday and will feature Laura Hanson, Vikki Kelly, Judith Thomas and Berni Ireland among others. For full details, please refer to the speaker section of this brochure. CAs will have the opportunity to become immersed in chiropractic philosophy, which can then be applied into everyday practice. CAs will also have the opportunity to develop personally so they can be role models to all they come into contact with, patients in particular. Apart from the unique learning environment, DG is a rare opportunity to meet other teams and network together. All of this will help CAs realise their potential and help their practice realise its potential.

Be the Leader of Your Own TRIBE . . . . and Thrive! Russ Rosen Would you like to never have to market your practice again and stay waitlisted? Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not! Russ Rosen will adapt Seth Godin’s Fighting and Beating concept of “Tribes” in the chiropractic setting and discuss how this can create the Quackbusters the practice of your dreams with no marketing. Russ Rosen will share his Tedd Koren model and action steps of creating a waitlist practice from the inside-out. When the American Medical Russ Rosen is a coach and leader of the Chiropractic profession who Association had an agenda to had a waitlist practice for years with little or no marketing. This is shut down chiropractic patient a 'master class' in practice building. Learn his unique tools, apply ply education, they picked on the them to your practice and thrive! wrong guy – and lost! In this absorbing presentation Tedd The ‘Dream Team’ Starts at the Top Koren will share with you details Anna Carter on his court case, the resultant Most building projects, after the planning phase, start with implications and what we can laying solid foundations and building ‘up’. Anna Carter all do to help shape the future founded and developed the largest and most successful of chiropractic. This will be an ideal backdrop as Tedd Koren consulting, recruiting, training and placement company continues by contrasting the paradigms and philosophy of for the chiropractic profession in the world. She has chiropractic and medicine, concluding with world happenings a different philosophy: building a ‘dream team’ in attempts to restrict our profession – chiropractic. starts at the top and builds ‘down’. Tedd Koren is the USA’s most widely read contemporary This session focuses on DC leadership: leadership authority on chiropractic patient education, a frequent guest on to identify, recruit and empower your dream team. radio and television and is often mentioned in the US national You will learn about setting your Vision and Values media. This presentation is truly one not to be missed. and building the team and culture you want to serve this. You will get ‘take-away’ information on how to realise your leadership potential and then structure a practical implementation program. Don’t make the same mistakes many before you have made! Learn how to establish ideal candidate profiles aligned to your Vision and Values and then learn how to go out and source those with the necessary competency and culture fit. At a time when Personal Presence Louise Mahler We always look for that ‘different’ speaker er and special presentation at DG so we are finding great people is easier than past years this is a timely, valuable very excited to and highly practical presentation. introduce Louise Mahler, PhD Excellence - Mark Postles Are you living with EXCELLENCE? What is your vision and what action steps do (B.Econ, B.Mus. Post Grad Dip you need to take to see your vision evolve. In this dynamic presentation, Mark Music, L.Mus.A, Postles will move you to take bigger bites out of life. Having coached hundreds of Chiropractors and their teams, Mark Postles knows what it takes to live life with excellence. Learn from one of the leaders of f our profession who truly walks his talk. M.App.Sc.). She describes herself as a surgeon of personal presence whose ‘instruments’ involve a translation between the world of the performing arts and interpersonal communication. We just think she is amazing, personable, dynamic, talented, People-ology - Making Your Chiropractic Message Matter Martin Harvey Do you want to build a highly successful practice and help people transform their health at the same time? Then you have to develop the skills to consistently and easily help people see how chiropractic care can help enhance their life. "People-ology - making your chiropractic message matter” is a key to realising your true practice potential. hilarious and a bit irreverent (in a classy kind of way)! She delivers a profound skill amongst mirth and mayhem! At the precipice ofasucc successful career as an Opera singer, with a prestigious contract at the Vienna State Opera, Louise Mahler ‘lost her voice’ in a crisis of technique and confidence and found it again through a highly respected study that connects voice, body and mind. That study has developed into a practical skills-based technique: Vocal Intelligence, which sheds new light on the mind, body and voice connection - essential elements of communicating effectively. Louise Mahler is a total professional - she will have you standing, singing, learning and laughing your way to gaining command of this new Martin Harvey has been exposed to some of the most technique. Not to be missed! renowned chiropractic philosophers and speakers in the world The Future of Chiropractic Care for Children today. In this fun and entertaining presentation, Martin Harvey will help you take your Jeanne Ohm ability to communicate cate the chiropractic message to the next level. You will learn state of the art strategies from the field dof neuro-psychology that are simple to use and super effective Jeanne Ohm is a world expert in chiropractic c because they work with the way people naturally take in care through pregnancy, birth and care of new ideas. The insights you will gain will help you see infants. As Executive Coordinator for the the interactions you have in a new light and massively International Chiropractic Pediatric Association increase your communication confidence. nce. (ICPA), she is a zealous advocate of all things Chiropractic and her friends on Facebook know Jeanne is a prolific communicator about natural Bassinettes to Headstones health, natural birth and living a natural lifestyle Alison Scott centered on chiropractic philosophy, principles and Are you cruisin’ in a groove, settled into your care. The ICPA is conducting international practice based research on sustainable comfort zone, getting around in your happy safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care for children. Phase 1, a retrospective, is pants and forgetting the full spectrum of complete and Phase 2, a prospective, is nearly complete. Australian DCs are making a care you are charged with providing? We all huge contribution to this research with higher participation rates than US based DCs. focus on the joy of living, as we should, but let’s Practice based research offers the evidenced based research which substantiates the not forget to help those who are on the opposite care we offer in our practices! spectrum of health care. Ali Scott is one of the young guns of our profession…. and it’s in great hands when you see Ali’s passion, purpose and professionalism in all she does. Ali Scott is on a mission – she will Firing Up Your Spizzerinctum challenge you to help unlock the expression of life in all stages of our patients. James Carter and Friends The dictionary definition of spizzerinctum is chutzpah, guts, nerve, backbone, determination, ardour, or zeal. The origins of the term can be traced to the 1910s to 1920s when it was made popular by BJ Palmer. BJ said that “great Chiropractors are loaded with spiz, their magnetic and abundant energy flows through every cell of their being”. James Carter recalls attending ‘spizz’ sessions at Parker Seminars with Dr Art Aston bringing on various doctors to describe the miracles they have seen in practice, the growth in their practices, the benefit of having procedures and systems, the value of Dr Jim's principles and fundamental axioms and the inspiration and motivation that flows from that. In these particular sessions, there was no procedural ral ‘left brain’ stuff. We got that in the other sessions. But what we did get was something we could not get anywhere else and that was the ethos, the essence, the passion and the fire. In this compelling session, James Carter and friends will fire up your spizzerinctum!

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