ESPAÑOL CON LINA - GRADES 3, 4 & 5 volume ... - Park Day School

ESPAÑOL CON LINA - GRADES 3, 4 & 5 volume ... - Park Day School

5th Grade... On a

roll with Rosetta

Stone &

Simple Present



Contraseñas (passwords) are

all the rage in español! The 5th

graders have settled in nicely

with their Rosetta Stone

program learning which picked

up speed at the beginning of

January. Both Lesley and Alex's

A and B groups take turns every

week in the large class settings

to work on their Rosetta Stone

Spanish while I conduct

separate lessons and activities

with alternating smaller groups.

Some of these activities include

number games up to the

thousands, which the kids really

enjoy. Other activities expand

and reinforce some of the

vocabulary and grammar the

students are learning in Rosetta

Stone. In February, 5th graders

were introduced to the

somewhat tricky concept of

conjugation! Through a series of

tiered activities that build on

each other, the kids have caught

on about the importance of

conjugation and are beginning to

use the tools they have

acquired to construct their own

sentences in very creative ways.

Our main focus has only been

on regularly conjugated verbs

that end in AR - verbs such as

dibujar, cantar, ayudar, trabajar,

estudiar and many others.

Some of the activities the

kids have worked on to hone

their conjugation skills involved

Verb Wheels, little windows and

doors art projects (puertitas y

ventanitas), an interactive

pronoun song, comprehension

and sentence construction

games on the whiteboard, word

puzzle games, flash cards and a

verb conjugation game where

kids take turns pretending to be

the endings of verbs using

various visual props.

In addition to our focus on

regularly conjugated AR verbs,

5th graders were also introduced

to the very important irregular

verb TO BE, which they also

learned to conjugate. They

worked on a "yo soy" (I am ) art

project combining words with

paper strip designs. They chose

their favorite descriptor words

from a “characteristics chart”

containing many cognates, to

express the qualities and

character traits they see in

themselves. Afterwards, the kids

took turns sharing their work and

reading the adjectives they had

selected to describe themselves.

I heard many wonderful

combinations! A lot of healthy

self-esteem and inquisitiveness.


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