Inside This Issue - Magnolia Manor

Inside This Issue - Magnolia Manor

A United Methodist Ministry to Older Adults

Inside This Issue:

Autumn 2006

Macon Campaign

Dedication Ceremony for

Ministerial Cottages

Magnolia Manor Forget-Me-

Nots Team take top honors at

Memory Walk

St. Marys gets “a hole in one”

Mr. Cecil D. Abarr

Mrs. Lillian K. Ansley

Mr. Jeffrey B. Barker

Dr. Hal N. Brady, III

Mr. James R. Buchanan,Jr.

Mr. John P. Gill

Mr. Kermit Griner

Mrs. Ann L. Harris

Mr. Mark D. Johnson

Dr. Derek W. McAleer

Mrs. Eloise R. Paschal

Hon. J. Taylor Phillips

Mrs. Betty D. Pope

Mr. J. Hinton Reeves

Mr. Robert Reinhardt

Mr. John M. Simmons

Mr. J. Blake Sullivan

Dr. Marcus V. Tripp

In This Issue:

Volume 27, No. 4

On the Cover: Bill Harris, member of the

South Georgia Conference Board, Jimmy

Buchanan, Chair of Magnolia Manor

Board of Trustees, Bishop M. Watson of

The South Georgia Episcopal Area, United

Methodist Church, Mr. and Mrs. Wes

Wheeler, Mrs. Roy Parker, Rev. Jerry

Villard, retired Methodist minister and

Mark R. Todd, President and CEO of

Magnolia Manor.

Mrs. Edie S. Vinson

Mr. George Youmans

Ex Officio Trustees

Rev. Don Adams

Rev. Cynthia H. Autry

Rev. Willie Beasley

Dr. Hugh L. Davis

Rev. Marshall Howell

Bishop B. Michael Watson

Rev. Ronnie Wills

Emeritus Trustees

Rev. J. William Dupree

Mr. Will Peterson

Dr. A. Jason Shirah

Dr. Henry King Stanford

Dr. James T. Trice, Jr.

Administrative Staff

Mark R. Todd, President & CEO

John T. Sims, Vice President for Operations

Jerry Vick, Vice President for Finance

Rev. Robert Beckum, Vice President for Church Relations

and Development

Diane Wade, Vice President for Marketing

Hill Fort, Magnolia Manor, Americus

Jane House, MM Americus

Rich DeLong, MM on the Coast

Harold M. Lane, MM of Macon

Jackie Crisp, MM of Macon County

Barbara Mitchell, MM of Marion County

Teresa Newell, MM South

Vickie Patterson, MM South Nursing Center

Dianne Feine, MM of St. Marys

Myra C. Hocutt, MM of St. Simons

Anna-Marie Gregory, Editor

2001 South Lee Street, Americus, GA 31709

(229) 931-5927

From the President’s Desk



2 Magnolia Manor

Built in partnership with the South

Georgia Annual Conference

Board of Trustees



Dedicates New Cottages

A sultry, hot August morning didn't stop people from

coming out to celebrate with Magnolia Manor; Wednesday,

August 9th marked another mile stone for the United

Methodist ministry. Just under a hundred people attended

Magnolia Manor's service of dedication for two, new

Ministerial Cottages. Bishop Michael Watson of The South

Georgia Episcopal Area, United Methodist Church

presided over the celebration, which marked the completion

of the cottages. Bishop Watson was very pleased with

how Magnolia Manor and the Americus, Sumter County

The Parker Cottage

Community came together to help families who have dedicated

their lives to serving God.

Historically, Methodist ministers didn't make enough money to set aside for savings or retirement;

in addition to that, many of the ministers and their families lived in parsonages. When

retirement came along, they were left not only without a home but also left with little or no money

to their name. These two new cottages along with Magnolia Manor's other four cottages were

built specifically for this reason, to provide a beautiful home for retired clergy and their families.

Although the residents do not have the option to buy the cottages, they are charged a moderate,

monthly fee which covers lawn care along with inside and outside maintenance. Rev. Beckum,

Vice President of Development and Church Relations said, "Because there is considerable need,

there is an application process through the Presidents office and a waiting list for the cottages."

The Parker Cottage was named in memory of Roy Parker, III through support of family and

friends. The second cottage was built in partnership with the South Georgia Annual Conference

Board of Trustees. Refreshments and a tour of the Parker Cottage followed the dedication ceremony.

Among other comments, Bishop Watson said, "These cottages will continue to benefit

those ministers and their families…our hearts and our minds are together in the prayer that these

cottages will enrich the lives of those who live in them."

Mark Todd, President and CEO of Magnolia Manor said he would be remiss without saying

thank you to all the people who made this possible, "The dedication of these cottages is a result

of true spirit of corporation with the donors, the Parker family, the partnership with the Board of

Trustees of the South Georgia Annual Conference, the aid of Glen Pickle who was the general

contractor and the support of the staff, here at Magnolia Manor. Thank you for all your hard

work!" Other attendees included members of the Board of Trustees of the South Georgia Annual

Conference, members of Magnolia Manor Board of Trustees, the Parker family, Mr. and Mrs.

Glen Pickle, residents from Magnolia Manor and other friends and family of the community. The

dedication ceremony was not only a success but an overall exciting day for Magnolia Manor.

Autumn 2006 3

Magnolia Manor Seeking to Answer

God’s Call to Serve Senior Adults

In Macon and Middle Georgia

"...I have seen that

care given to my own

family...I would like to see

other families' experience

that same care for their

loved ones."

George Youmans

Chair, Steering Committee

In 1983, Magnolia Manor entered into

partnership with area United Methodists to

build a community of loving care for older

adults in Macon. Since this wonderful ministry

opened its doos, literally hundreds of seniors

have found a caring place to call their home on

the campus of Magnolia Manor of Macon. Area

United Methodists have always been

vital supporters of this venture, and we can all

be proud of the quality care that characterizes

our ministry to older adults throughout Middle


In the last twenty three years however,

the numbers and the needs of older adults

have grown tremendously. Today, many families

are realizing that their older loved ones

need more loving assistance to continue living

securely with as much independence as possible.

Unfortunately, these same families are discovering

that such loving assistance, at an

affordable rate, is increasingly difficult to find in

Macon and Middle Georgia.

In response to this growing need among

older adults, Magnolia Manor of Macon is seeking

to build on its legacy of love in order to offer

the caring assistance that so many need today.

Our capital campaign, currently underway in

Macon, will equip Magnolia Manor to offer forty

eight apartments of “assisted care” to lower

and moderate income older adults. What difference

will this make? To those older adults who

need additional assistance with meal preparation,

with housekeeping, and with medicine

oversight in order to continue living with dignity

and as much independence as possible, it will

make all the difference in the world!

Two United Methodist leaders in the

Macon community are heading up the steering

committee which oversees this capital campaign.

Mr. George Youmans, a member of

Vineville UMC, chairs the steering committee,

and Mr. A.V. Elliott, a member of Forest Hills

UMC serves as the steering committee’s vice

chair. “If I had not experienced directly the care

that Magnolia Manor gives to older loved ones,

I would probably not be as involved as I am in

this effort,” said Youmans, explaining his motivation

for leading the committee. “But I have

seen that care given to my own family,” he continued,

“And I would like to see other families

experience that same care for their loved

ones.” A. V. Elliott explained, “Every group in

society has an advocate except older adults

and their needs. Being advocates for the needs

of seniors is what this campaign is all about.”

Through this capital campaign all area

United Methodists are invited to become active

advocates for the needs of senior adults. By

adding assisted care to the Macon campus of

Magnolia Manor, we can all participate in

extending the loving care we seek for our own

older loved ones to many

“Being advocates for

the needs of seniors is

what this campaign is

all about.”

A.V. Elliot

Vice Chair,

Steering Committee

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4 Magnolia Manor

When you

walk on Magnolia

Manor of Macon’s

campus, if you

didn’t know before

there are three

things that will

quickly come to

your attention:

Number one, the

r e s i d e n t s

absolutely adore Harold Lane, Administrator of

Magnolia Manor of Macon. Number two, there is

a huge campaign under way called “secure the

promise,” a crusade to help raise money to build

a 2.6 million dollar supportive housing facility

headed by Rev. Robert Beckum, Vice President

of Development and Church Relations. Thirdly,

resident Betty Gates will strongly concur with one

and two.

Her name is Betty Gates, for the last

decade she has called Magnolia Manor of Macon

her home. This former telephone company

owner has a mind for business, and she’s made

it her business to help Magnolia Manor “secure

the promise!” “I have eyes, I watch people, I’m

always watching people and I hate to see it when

I have to say goodbye to my friends here at

Magnolia Manor because they need to move and

Par for the Course

Since you memtioned,

“secure the promise”...

find a retirement community that offers more

help.” Help that Magnolia Manor of Macon

hopes to be able to offer its residents in the next

year by way of 48 apartments of “assisted care


Not only has Mrs. Betty gone far and

beyond “the call of duty” when it comes to personal

donations, but she has also solicited her

friends, and extended family members to make

matching donations.

One might wonder why this woman of

eighty years of age, a woman who can and does

privately pay for her own living accommodations,

a women whose tireless efforts will help “secure

the promise” be realized, one might wonder why

she does it? What exactly fuels her flame? Well,

all you have to do is ask her and she’ll tell you,

“the meaning of Magnolia Manor is beautiful, I

love what it stands for, I love Magnolia Manor,”

says Gates.

“When it was time for me to move

into a retirement community, Magnolia

Manor was the obvious choice. I want people

who need assisted living to have

Magnolia Manor” as an option.

Mrs. Betty Gates

Resident on Macon campus

The first annual St Marys golf challenge was played at

the Golf Course at Osprey Friday, September 29th. It

was a great success. Eleven teams vied for the championship

with the Osprey Ladies winning first place in the

women's division and The Coastal Bank team taking first

place in the men's division. Over $3000 was raised to

help build a dock on the lake at Magnolia Manor. This

was with the help of numerous corporate and hole sponsors

providing every player a great door prize, door

prizes graciously donated by the merchants of Camden


Above: Mark Feine on the “Elliotts

Plantation team takes a nice


Autumn 2006 5

The Path to an Ever Growing

Chaplaincy Program

It’s an exciting time for Spiritual Care here

at Magnolia Manor. While we delight in the fact

that we have successfully met the Spiritual needs

of our residents we are steadfast in continuing “to

raise the bar”. Our intention is to expand our

Spiritual Care program by having a chaplaincy

presence at each Magnolia Manor facility. This is

a goal we plan to accomplish by maintaining professionalism

in the chaplaincy role, professionalism

that requires training

and continuing education

for our Chaplains.

All people have

the right to receive the

full ministry of the gospel

of Jesus Christ. The

church is aware of its

responsibility to provide

adequate professional

ministry to those in particular

situations beyond

the local church. These

call for an ecumenical

ministry to persons of different


and faith groups. In

order to assure high

standards of competence

and keep faith with

ecumenical agreements concerning uniform

standards for ministry in specialized settings, the

Untied Methodist Endorsing Agency (UMEA)

shall have Disciplinary mandated functions for

appointments in extension ministries that require


Recently Dennis Stalvey, Assistant Vice

President for Spiritual Care for Magnolia Manor

and Whit Byram, Director of Spiritual Care for the

Manors on the Coast went before the UMEA

(United Methodist Endorsing Agency) in

Nashville, TN seeking ecclesiastical endorsement

to serve pastorally in a Retirement

Community Setting. “I am delighted the United

6 Magnolia Manor

Stopping to pose for a picture at the

2006 South GA Annual Conference is

(L) Whit Byram, Dir. of Spiritual Care for

the Manors on the Coast and (R) Dennis

Stalvey, Assistant Vice President for

Spiritual Care for MM.

Methodist Church has resources for our area of

extension ministry work. I am also encouraged

by the network of fellow ministers who are available

to offer support and assistance,” says

Stalvey. A network of fellow ministers who all

know the training process to receive the UMEA

endorsement…doesn’t happen over night!

Endorsement is the process established

by the church to ensure that people providing

ministry in these settings are

capable and appropriate

representatives of the

d e n o m i n a t i o n .

Endorsement provides an

additional means of relationship

between those people

in extension ministry and the

whole ministry of the church.

“Endorsement connects the

ministry setting to the church

and is an expression of both

my willingness along with

Magnolia Manor’s willingness

to enthusiastically

respond to this calling. I am

glad to be a part of God’s

work at Magnolia Manor and

look forward to serving others

as a member of the

overall quality care-giving team,” says Byram.

What is ecclesiastical endorsement?

Ecclesiastical endorsement is an affirmation

that a person is, or will be, performing a valid

extension ministry consistent with the covenantal

community of The Untied Methodist Church and

has presented evidence of having the special

education, experience, and skills necessary to

perform that ministry. Endorsement is given to a

specific setting. Should an individual move from

one setting to another, the endorsement will be

reviewed and, if approved, issued for the new


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The League of the Good Samaritan

by: Rev. Robert Beckum, Vice President for Church Relations

Christmas: A Story Told


Older Adults and Angels

When Luke wrote the first story of Christmas, he deliberately told the story of

God’s redeeming love through older adults and angels. Those advanced in age like Zacharias and

Elizabeth or Simeon and Anna embody the hopes, dreams and fears of all humanity. Angels proclaim

that God is responding to humanity’s deepest hopes and greatest fears in the birth of Jesus.

Interestingly enough the angels’ message always begins the same way: “Do not be afraid…”

At each Magnolia Manor campus, Christmas is still the story of God’s redeeming love told

through angels and older adults. Older adults still have many fears: the fear of being cast aside, the

fear of having out lived their usefulness and the fear of their financial resources being exhausted. The

“angels” who support the League of the Good Samaritan retell the Christmas message with those

important words: “Do not be afraid…” The collective gifts of Magnolia Manors’ donors (angels) proclaim

good news to older adults: you will not be cast aside, God still has need of you, and no one will

ever have to leave their Magnolia Manor home because their financial resources are exhausted.

Soon you will receive a letter inviting you to once again become a donor- angel for older adults

with your gift to the League of the Good Samaritan. The numbers and the needs of older adults

increase every year; so, please make a special gift once again this holiday season that will enable

Magnolia Manor to continue caring for the most vulnerable of God’s saints. Your gift of love will fill

the hearts of many residents with hope this Christmas.

Our residents and staff want to visibly acknowledge your gracious donation. Please write the

name of a loved one you wish to honor or remember on the angel enclosed in your letter and return

it with your gift. Also, let us know if you desire to have your angel displayed at a specific Magnolia

Manor campus (Americus, Coast, Macon, Macon County, Marion County, St. Marys, St. Simons,

South). These angels, displayed throughout our facilities will serve to proclaim God’s message of

love and brighten the spirits of all who see them during this holiday season.

Thank you for continuing to play the role of an angel in the Christmas story at Magnolia Manor

with your gifts to the League of the Good Samaritan.

“Macon Campaign” continued from page 4

families across Middle Georgia. A vital partnership between United Methodists of the Macon District

and Magnolia Manor has always made this ministry possible. Now we are asking individuals and

churches to prayerfully consider making a gift of love to this campaign that will make assisted care

for seniors a reality on our Macon campus. If you would consider such a gift this fall, your gift will

enable Magnolia Manor to claim a challenge grant from a charitable foundation offering a $250,000

grant towards this project. Gifts may be made over a three year period, including 2006, 2007 and

2008. In order to claim this challenge grant, however, we must have all gifts and pledges of local support

in hand by December 31, 2006. This challenge grant means that all our gifts can have an even

greater impact on compassionate services available to older adults in Macon.

For more information on our Macon project or to find out how you can help support this great

venturecontact Carolyn Gibson, Campaign Secretary: 478-743-3868(

or Robert Beckum, Vice President for Church Relations and Development at Magnolia Manor 229-

931-5926 (

Autumn 2006 7

Above: King Clarence

Evans and Queen Edna

Sims quickly find their

seats so the dancing

can commence

“UMEA Endorsement” Continued from page 6.

necessary to perform that ministry. Endorsement is given to a specific setting. Should an individual

move from one setting to another, the endorsement will be reviewed and, if approved, issued

for the new setting. From application to endorsement, the process normally takes two to four


Requirements for Ecclesiastical Endorsement

People seeking endorsement to a specific setting must meet the following criteria:

1. associate member deacon, commissioned on probationary track for deacon/elder or full

member of an annual conference;

2. graduation from an accredited college and seminary;

3. additional requirements are specified by setting.

Areas examined will include:

Moral and emotional stability (ability to effectively face crisis and adversity)

Self-evaluation (ability to objectively evaluate present ministry)

Theory of Christian ministry (ability to express clearly)

Motivation (exhibits desire for endorsement to chaplaincy or pastoral counseling)

Continuing education (willingness to obtain education, experience, and certification as

they apply)

Sense of humor (ability to laugh at themselves and others appropriately)

Cooperativeness/diversity (ability and willingness to work effectively in

diverse settings)

Balance (ability to keep family and work in balance)

Institutional vs. congregational ministry (understands the difference, especially how

institutions may affect their ministry)

Pastor (has someone who provides personal pastoral care)

Both Chaplain Stalvey and Chaplain Byram were interviewed and both were granted the

endorsement in May of this year. Receiving the United Methodist Endorsing Agency endorsement

is another shinning example of how important it is for Magnolia Manor residents to

receive the best of Spiritual care!

8 Magnolia Manor

Hail to the King and Queen

Starlit Evening was the theme of the 4 th Annual Prom for residents

on Unit 4 at the Nursing Center on the Americus campus.

Residents, family members and staff enjoyed an evening full of delectable

food prepared by the Nursing Center’s dietary staff under the guidance

of Dietary Manager, Kelly Alexander.

Both staff and residents were dressed in elegant evening attire

and everyone danced “the night away” with music that would have even

soothed the soul of Ella Fitzgerald. Although there was fun to be had all

evening, the crowning of the King and Queen was definitely the pinnacle

of the night. Administrator, Hill Fort, and DON, Debbie Lawhorn, had the

honor of crowning the “royal couple.” Hail to the King, Clarence Evans,

and hail to the Queen, Edna Sims. CNA, Carolyn Posey, and RN, Cheryl

Tharp, were the dynamic duo who put together this very special evening.

Mrs. Posey says that they are already planning for next year’s prom and

she promises it will be even bigger and better.

...These boots where made for walkin’,

that’s just what they’ll do...

...O.k., so no one really

wore boots, but there was

plenty of walk‘in going on at

the 2006 Alzheimer’s Memory

Walk. The walk was held at

Darton College, in Albany, on

September 30 th . While the

walk was a good source of

exercise for the 250-plus people

who walked…the real reason

for the walk itself went far

and beyond a nice Saturday

morning stroll. For the last

several months, over 40

teams have worked furiously

to raise money for the

Alzheimer’s Association.

Seventy-eight percent of the

money raised will stay at the

Albany Regional Office, which

provides service to 35

Southwest Georgia counties.

Services provided include a

help line, promoting awareness

of Alzheimer’s disease,

money for sitters and programs

such as Caregiver’s Time Out

and so much more.

Last year walkers raised $65,000, this

year, as of September 30 th , team members

Above: Left to right, Rachel

and Sue Askerzada, Ray and

Junita Wilder all on “Wilder’s

Walkers” team.

Above: Clive Rainey, Noah

Gregory and Ron and Joyce

Gregory all on the Magnolia

Manor Forget-Me-Nots team.

raised a whopping, $69,557!

The members on the Magnolia

Manor Forget-Me-Nots team

were even more excited to

have earned the coveted title

of, “the team that raised the

most money”. After just under

four months, the twenty-two

team members of the Magnolia

Manor Forget-Me-Nots raised

over ten thousand dollars. In

addition, three out of the top

seven fundraisers were on the

Magnolia Manor Forget-Me-

Nots team. However,

amongst all their successes,

top honors still go to a woman

who doesn’t mind taking your

money for a worthy cause, her

name is Mrs. Juanita Wilder.

Mrs. Juanita raised the most

money out of any individual


Yes, there was some

pretty healthy competition

going on between the teams to

see who could raise the most

money, but the real winners are

family members who have

loved ones with Alzheimer’s. Way to go teams!!

Left: Just a small hand full

the Magnolia Manor Forget-

Me-Nots team member

gether together to take a

team picture before the

“big” three mile walk

begins. The Magnolia

Manor Forget-Me-Nots

Team raised the most

amount of money this year!

Autumn 2006 9


On the Americus campus, it doesn’t matter if you’re a

peaking of Resident, meet two more!

volunteer, employee or a resident of

Magnolia Manor; chances are you know

Rev. John Sedwick “Wic” Wetzel. That’s

because in the last twenty-plus years

“Mr. Wic” has been associated with the

Manor as a volunteer, an employee and

now a resident of Magnolia Manor. As a

young man, Rev. Wetzel, dedicated

most of his adult life serving the Lord.

He and his wife, Marthalyn, with their

two children, Lyn Dozier and John (Jay)

Wetzel Jr., lived in many different areas of

the state during his tenure as a United

Methodist Minister in the South Georgia

Conference. In 1982, he and his wife

retired and moved to Americus, where

their daughter, Lyn, had settled with her


Retirement quickly bored “Mr. Wic” and

during that same year he started working

part-time as a maintenance man for a

retirement community called, none other

than Magnolia Manor. In 1983, Magnolia

Manor hired him as the part-time Assistant

Chaplain, which he did for the next eleven

years. After his wife, Marthalyn, died in 1995, “Mr. Wic”

While people may not actually call her the “doll

lady,” Magnolia Manor resident on the Americus campus,

Tommie Lowery, is definitely known as the “doll

lady”. And for good reason! - making doll clothes by

hand has been Mrs. Tommie’s hobby

for the last sixteen years. “When I

sold my house and moved to the

Manor I wanted something to keep me

busy…and I don’t like to watch much

T.V. so, I decided I would start making

clothes for all the dolls I had collected

throughout the years”.

Mrs. Tommie makes clothes

for all kinds of dolls ranging in size

from three feet tall to six inches tall!

It’s not just simple dresses or shirts

and trousers she makes for the dolls,

she also hand makes socks, stockings,

slips, underwear, hats, shoes and

other accessories

“It’s easier to make clothes for the bigger dolls because

the smaller dolls are more tedious.” But, the tedious

moved into one of Magnolia Manor’s Ministerial cottages

where he cared for not only his

yard but his neighbors as well. In

2002, he moved into the Retirement

Center where he charmed and

delighted everyone around him. He

resided at the Retirement Center for

three years before moving into the

Nursing Center and continuing to

share his entertaining stories. Now,

for the last eight months he has captivated

and amused, both staff and

residents of the Mattie H. Marshall

Center, with his whit and charm. The

Center is home to thirty residents who

have Alzheimer’s and other related

dementias. Rev. Wetzel has said that it

didn’t matter whether he was a volunteer,

employee or living as a resident;

Magnolia Manor has met so much to

him. With his gift of gab, he never met

a stranger and always left a sea of

smiles in his wake. It is only fitting to

share this Man-of-God’s story with others

as he has been a unique volunteer

and a special part of Magnolia Manor

through the years.

work of making the clothes hasn’t stopped her one bit,

in a span of sixteen years Mrs. Tommie has made

clothes for over three hundred dolls…or so she thinks.

She says she stopped counting a few years back!

Making clothes for dolls actually

came quite naturally to Mrs.

Tommie. “When my two daughters

were coming up they would

pick out dresses from the Sears

Rowbuck catalog and I would

make it for them. I didn’t bother to

buy the pattern; I’d just rely on my

talents the Lord blessed me with,”

a talent that she has so graciously

shared with others throughout the

years. Although Mrs. Tommie

sells her dolls for a very modest

fee she doesn’t make any money

Mrs. Tommie embraces one of

off of them. “I don’t do it for money;

for them as well. her favorites dolls, Pamela-Lee I do it for a hobby”. A hobby that

even her church benefits from, ten percent of each sale

she makes she tithes back to her the church.

10 Magnolia Manor



ssisted iving eek

According to the Assisted Living Federation

of America there are about thirty-six thousand

assisted living facilities in the U.S. with approximately

1 million older adults living in these communities.

With substantial numbers like this,

“assisted living” is one of the fastest growing sectors

in senior living. During the week of

September 10 th through September 15 th , assisted

living communities all across the country celebrate

National Assisted Living Week.

Magnolia Manor of Americus kicked off the

celebration with a proclamation presented by

Mayor Barry Blount. A group of Magnolia Manor

men accompanied by Mrs. Shirley Brady provided

a musical program that was excellent and could

easily compete with any Methodist choir. Ms.

Ethel Waters and her dietary staff, like always, provided

a spread that was “fit for a King” and enjoyed

by all who attended.

Activity Director for the Retirement Center,

B.J. Wright, and her staff had several special activities

planned throughout the week for both staff

and residents to take part in. The ice cream social

was “spoon licking good” and good “food for

thought” was offered during the wellness activities.

Rumor has it that it was the variety show presented

by Manor employees that really had the crowd

bent over with laughter. A truly competitive staff

volleyball game and cookout wrapped up an unforgettably

good time during National Assisted Living

Week. Thanks to all who volunteered to help or

participate in making this another successful celebration


Left from right: Frankie Saulter, Jeni Hixon and Rev.

John Bodress sing as The Hee HAW Gang. Rachel

Smith and her husband Arthur were the dynamic duo,

Sonny and Cher Ethel Waters sang, "Sweet Georgia Brown" as the legendary, Ethel Waters.

In August, President and CEO of Magnolia Manor, Mark Todd, along with other Administrators on the

Americus campus got a visit from one of Georgia’s leaders, Representative Sharon M. Cooper. Rep. Cooper

is currently serving her fifth term as the State Representative for the 41 st District of Georgia. Among other

various degrees Rep. Cooper earned her MSN in Nursing from the Medical College of Georgia. She later

became a nurse and administrator before writing one of her two books, Psychiatric Nursing. Rep. Cooper is

also the Chairman of the Health and Human Services committee. With a resume like that, not to mention

Cooper’s current position in the Senate, it wasn’t too surprising that she has interest in Magnolia Manor and

other older adult and nursing communities. Before taking a brief tour of the campus, Mr. Todd proposed a

challenge for Georgia legislators to find a way to “fix” and improve the overall physical look of buildings.

Hopefully, if this were accomplished the public would have a new perception of what Georgia Healthcare is

all about! Mr. Todd and others are anxious to see if the legislators will rise to the challenge!

Autumn 2006 11

A visit from the

State Capital

Clinton J. Bearden

Eileen M. Beckwith

Geneva F. Beckwith

John W. Bentley

Annie Benton

Elsa V. Bjorck

Mospell Carter

Bernice W. Christensen

Emma L. Cross

Leola P. Deriso

Carlton H. Donaldson

Nina F. Durham

Van E. Estes

Mariah L. Gary

Leon P. Gilmore

Lewis Green

Estelle C. Hardy

Carolyn Holt

The following residents passed away

from July 1 to September 30, 2006

Angela Hourdequin

Lawrence E. Houston

Henry B. Ingram

Eunice Jacobs

Johnnie M. James

Mary L. Johns

Samuel Jolley

Frances D. Kane

Emily R. Kent

Robert Laster

Thomas Leggett

Birdie V. Long

Alpha Maddox

Jean Matthews

Sallie L. McLeod

Warren E. Miller

Willie M. Miller

Blanche W. Moore

Ruth R. Myers

Lois T. Nance

Matthew Nettles

Mary F. Phillips

Coell “Shorty” Reed

Vernon R. Reddish

Carol L. Ritchie

Mary V. Rush

Elaine Scherr

Julia P. Scifres

Eura B. Sheffield

Elizabeth Stephenson

Robert Stewart

Dorothy Thomas

Louise Vaughan

Eunice E. White

12 Magnolia Manor


Not every saint has a halo, not every angel has wings

With grateful appreciation, we acknowledge Magnolia Manor’s angels:

Those who have given in memory or in honor of special people from July 1, 2005 to September 30, 2006.

Gifts received after that will appear in the next issue.


Charles Agee

Porterfield XYZ Club

Mary Alice

Mrs. Betty Pope

Nora Moreland Allen

Ms. Joan Champion

Ms. Jean Griffin

Allen & Faye Turner

Gladys W. Bliss

Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Bliss,


Ruby Boarden

Mr. George Yonko

Margaret Bolton

Mrs. Jennette Jennings

Ben Bolton

Max & Wanda Sellers

Ms. Beth Joiner

Rev. Dr. Charles Nathan


Rev. Lawrence Lemons

Bill Burke

Loveard & Dorothy


Nan Cain

Mr. Winton Cain

Gail & Ervan Ariail

Marion Corley

Jolene & Art Tanner

Bonnie & Jerrell Tanner

Turner & Helen Culbreth

Mr. & Mrs. John


Muriel Cupp

Dr. & Mrs. Frank Terry

Dr. Kurt J. Altschul

Dick & Mary Jane Carey

Julian Anderson

Mrs. Ann Davis

Bobby Aultman

Ms. Louise Dykes

Ted Baldwin

Mr. & Mrs. Charles


Dr. & Mrs. Henry


Bob & Norma Wall

Earl & Beth Williams

Rev. Paul Barrett

Rev. & Mrs. Reginald


Martha Sewell


Mrs. Marthaleen House

Aubrey W. Bateman

Dwight & Ann Bliss

Genieve Beckwith

Miss Martha Arnold

Reggie & Mary Comer

Emily Dozier & Family

Mr. & Mrs. John Gill

Ms. 'Baby' Ruth


Ms. Luetta Martens

Mrs. Alice Wingard

C. V. Blan

Mrs. Martha Spence

Mothers of Mr. & Mrs.

Taylor Bone

Mr. & Mrs. C. Taylor


Clyde Bowen

Harrold & Linda Bowen

Walker Bowen

Mrs. Jean Sendelbach

Lora T. Bowers

Ms. Joyce Tillman

Barbara R. Bressler

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Smith

Boyd Bridges

Ms. 'Baby' Ruth


Mrs. Thelma McMichael

Becky & David


Addie P. Brigham

Mrs. Agnes Moseley

Walter H. Brown

Nancy & Griffin Bell

Dorothy P. Brown

Mr. John Grant

Fannie Buchanan

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Smith

Charlotte Bullock

Porterfield XYZ Club

Sara McCollum Buntin

Tish Callin

Charles & Eloise


Frank E. Carlton

Dr. & Mrs. Keith Dimond

George Carson

Gail & Ervan Ariail

Ms. Laverne Carter

Ms. Amelia Cohen

Millie & Ferd Cohen

Ms. 'Baby' Ruth


Mrs. Marthaleen House

Mrs. Lenette


Jerrell & Bonnie Tanner

Norma & Bob Wall

Earl & Beth Williams

Frederick Cason

Ms. Jacqueline Cason

Ruby Chavers

Ms. Catherine Hubbard

Alston Cherry

Mr. Charles Cherry

Justin Clark Moore

Robert & Lena Clark

Ralph E. Coleman

Reggie & Mary Comer

Kathy Jo Cooper

Mrs. June Wester

Eddy Copeland

Lunus Daniel

Dot & Dozier Blackstock

Louise Darden

Floyd & Grace


Jerrell & Bonnie Tanner

Helen Davis

Martha & Hal


Mrs. Marthaleen House

Murph & Mary Ledbetter

Ms. Katherine Morris

Janie Davis

Mr. S. William Lehew, III

Thomas W. Davis, Sr.

John & B. Nell Bagwell

Mr. & Mrs. Blake Bass

Mr. Horace Bass

Robert & Wendy

Carraway, Thomas &


Rev. & Mrs. V. L.

Daughtery, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Miller Davis

Hugh & Becky Davis

Faith Sunday School

Class of Magnolia


Bill & Opal Herndon

Mr. & Mrs. A.G. Huff,


Mr. & Mrs. Eugene


Mr. & Mrs. Robert


Ms. Marion Lummus

Autumn 2006 13

Ms. Luetta Martens

Derek & Charlene


Morningside UMC

Walter & Kim Muller,

Patrick & Chris

Mr. & Mrs. David Orgel

Rev. & Mrs. J. Brooks


Ms. Mary Ridley

David & Becky Sands,

Nic & Jon

Rev. & Mrs. Dennis


Mr. & Mrs. Jack Talley

Mr. Jack Talley & Family

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Waller

Mr. Lester Watson

Ruth Watson

Rev. & Mrs. W.

Raymond Wilder

Mr. & Mrs. Clem Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas


Mr. Herman Zipperer

Emma DeFrancisco

Ed & Beverly Garden

Virginia Murr DeLay

Mrs. Evelyn Bickley

Ms. 'Baby' Ruth


Plez and Dee Hardin &


Leola Deriso

Millie & Ferd Cohen

Ms. Amelia Cohen

Dr. & Mrs. Henry


Larry DesJardines

Ms. Nancy Hamilton

James Dewar, Sr.

Arthur & Jimmie


Col. & Mrs. Richard May

Johnny Dixon

Jimmie & Joyce


Ms. 'Baby' Ruth


Mrs. Lenette


Jean Grace Dozier

Mr. G. G. 'Spec' Dozier

Susan & Luke Flatt

Dr. Mary Heritage

Ms. Beth Joiner

Regions Bank

Vi & Louis Dozier

Mrs. Jackie Peterson

Margina Gates Dunlap

Mrs. Doris Batts

Rev. & Mrs. J. Robert


Mrs. Cordelia Holliday

Sue Sims Dunn

Vivian & Joe Whitley

Estelle Durden

Ms. Beth English

Mrs. Bettye Gates

Mrs. Thelma Price

Ms. Emilie Roberts

Dr. Bon Durham

Mr. Claude Rhyne

Nina Fuller Durham

Ms. Nancy Andison

Jimmie & Joyce


Mr. J. Preston Cobb

Ruth Cobb & Marilyn


Mrs. Martha Dykes

Betty B. Filbey

Mrs. Marthaleen House

Mrs. Annie Turpin


Gwynne & Bill Morton

Mrs. Suzanne Nichols

Betty Deriso Pope

Alice & Walter Rylander

Mr. & Mrs. Michael


Dr. & Mrs. Henry


Mrs. Frances Tharpe

Bob Easterlin

Reggie & Mary Comer

Mr. & Mrs. J. Milton


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Miller

Rev. & Mrs. George F.


Rev. & Mrs. Henry


Kathryn E. Esterline

Dr. & Mrs. Ernest

Seckinger, Sr.

Van Estes

Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Mrs. Lucy Hood

Jennifer Slocumb Ewing

Dr. & Mrs. E. W.

Holloway, Jr.

Paul Fink

Ms. Hester Price

Mother's Birthday

Ms. Ruth Flanders

Nelson & Ralph Foster

Sandra & Velma Foster

Atwood McGowan

Freeman, MD

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Waller

Faye & Allen Turner

Mrs. Flora Duncan


Mary Lucy & Frankie


Beverly Fruiticher

Marie J. Sears

Harriett Gammage

Bo & Jean Cartledge

Kathryn & Charles


Dr. Tom Gandy

Col. & Mrs. Richard May

Charles Gibbs

Mrs. Elaine Huneycutt

Hazel Greene

Mr. & Mrs. J. Milton


Gail & Ervan Ariail

Mr. & Mrs. Duncan


Harrold & Linda Bowen

Virginia S. Griffin

Mr. Ronnie Griffin

Mr. & Mrs. Edmond


Mr. & Mrs. William Gay

Edna Hamm

Magnolia Manor Friends

of Vespers

Julia Harbuck

Ms. 'Baby' Ruth


Sara Griffith Hardegree

Lee & Merilyn Guerry

Ms. Hester Price

Judge Harper

Mr. & Mrs. Charles


George Harris

Harrold & Linda Bowen

Carter Harrison

Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Marie L. Hartless

Ms. Gail Bullington

John W. Harvin, Jr.

Mrs. Betty Harvin

Elinor Hathaway

Mr. & Mrs. Duncan


Harrold & Linda Bowen

Earl & Beth Williams

Aubrey L. Haymons

Mr. Robert Haymons

Charles Heard

Bill & Mary Claire


The Parents of Mr. &

Mrs. Gene Henderson

Mr. & Mrs. Gene


Sallie & Perry Hester

Ms. Celia Farley-


Beth Harbuck Highnote

Jimmie & Joyce


Beth Highnote

Mrs. Marthaleen House

Mrs. Betty Jones

Rev. Lawrence Houston

Mrs. Doris Batts

Gene & Jane Cariker

Rev. & Mrs. V. L.

Daughtery Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Tommy


14 Magnolia Manor

Rev. & Mrs. James


Allene & Ceegie


Rev. & Mrs. W.

Raymond Wilder

Mary Howard

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Olin

David Howington

Mrs. Lessie Amoss

Estelle Crunkleton &


Dr. & Mrs. William

Dasher Jr.

Mr. Thomas Fontaine,


Magnolia Manor Friends

of Vespers

Ms. Emilie Roberts

Elizabeth Huggins

Mr. & Mrs. William


Marjo Hughes

Mr. Harold Hughes

Sue Hunt

Mr. & Mrs. Ray


Charles Hurt

Ms. Nell Hurt

Gwynne & Bill Morton

H. B. Ingram

Ruth Cobb & Marilyn

Cobb Cavender

Mrs. Imogene


Mrs. Betty Robinson

Upper Room Class

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Waller

Rev. & Mrs. W.

Raymond Wilder

Annie Jackson

Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Jackson

Dorothy W. Jackson

Mr. Warren Jackson, Sr.

Louise Jessup

Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Jackson

Mary Louise Johns

Ms. Becky Brazel

Mrs. Elizabeth Clark

Ruth Cobb & Marilyn


Mrs. Betty Cuellar

Mrs. Anna Doherty

Ruth & Durward Hayes

Ms. Martha Holland

Ms. Marie Israel

Ms. Jacquelyn Johns

Eula Mae Johnson

Mrs. Doris Batts

Emma Scott Johnson

The Brown Hodges


Ben F. Johnson, Jr.

Nancy & Griffin Bell

Martha Jones

Miss Mary Crooks

Frank L. Jones, Jr.

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Waller

Gladys Jordan

Mr. Earl Jordan

Nell Josey

Mr. William Cram

Margaret Eloise Kegley

Beta Rho Chapter Alpha

Delta Kappa

Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Brown

Bumpus H-D Shop

William & Hazel Burger

Forget-Me-Not Club

Dr. & Mrs. F. Dempsey


Mr. & Mrs. Jack Holley

Mike & Martha Ann


Ms. Peggy McIntosh

Marilyn McKinney

Mary & J. W. Starr

Ms. Mary Stewart

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Stroud

Ms. Debbie Sutton

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Welch

West End UMC Wesley


Mary Kendall

Dianne & Mike Wisham

J. L. & Carolyn Kennedy

Ms. Doris Miller

Reita Kent

Ms. Frances Crawford

Ms. Virginia Glass

Mrs. Zackie Hammack

Mrs. Lola Stubbs

Mrs. Susan Thompson

Charles Kimbrell

Nancy & Griffin Bell

The Mother of Paula


Mr. John Grant

Clara Sue Kinney

Mr. Harry Kinney, Jr.

Francis Lansford

Mrs. Linda Martin

Cora Law

Donna & Danny


Iris Lawhorn

Ed & Bev Garden

Doris Henderson Lewis

Mrs. Doris Batts

Mr. Dothan Boothe

Ms. Cherie Boston

Bush, Crowley, Leverett,

& Leggett, LLP

Ms. Mary Holleman

Mrs. Elizabeth Laney

Mr. & Mrs. W. Holley

Long, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Moore

Mr. Ted Senters

Birdie Long

Aline Grace Circle

Donna Barger & David


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Clay

Mr. & Mrs. M. A. Denton

Eloise & Mary E. Green

Idelle Long

Mrs. Ann Davis

James & Ruth Maffett

Ms. Marilyn Maffett

Jim Maguire

Mrs. Bertha Maguire

Sarah Mask

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey


Mrs. John "Mat" Mathis

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Hagen

Jack Mathis

Mrs. Rethel Ricks

Jeanette McClellan

V.L. & Catherine


Mattie Will McCloud

Mr. & Mrs. J. Milton


Myrtis McKinley

Ms. Betty Whaley

Mick McKinnon

Mrs. Betsy McKinnon


Ms. Len McKinnon

Mr. & Mrs. Jack


Sallie McLeod

Kathleen Gardner

Sunday School Class

Sara Murphy Mercer

Lee & Merilyn Guerry

Bobby Mitchell

Mrs. Barbara Mitchell

Tommie Ann Moorer

Mike & Mildred McAfee

Frances Morgan

Ms. Hester Price

Curtis Ray Morris

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lee

Mr. & Mrs. Billie Mifflin

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby

Strange, Sr.

Bonnie & Jerrell Tanner

Ms. Louise Warren

Raymond D. Moye

Ms. Laverne Carter

Mr. & Mrs. Lester


Mr. & Mrs. Ron


Virginia Murr

Earl & Beth Williams

Louise Myers

Ms. 'Baby' Ruth


Ruth Myers

Donna & Danny


Joyce & Jimmy


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Clay

Mrs. Sue Cornwell

Autumn 2006 15

John & Mikki Ferguson

Ms. 'Baby' Ruth


George & Eugenia


Sharon & Tom Mitcham

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Waller

Lois T. Nance

Ms. Jo Burton

Mr. Wayne Mills

Mike Mullins & Jim


Rev. & Mrs. J. Brooks


S. T. Napper

Ms. Hester Price

Mary C. Nelson

Ms. Janet Scales

Vivian Norris

Don & Flo Roszelle

Our Loved Ones

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wolff

Roy L. Parker III

Aubrey & Alice


Mrs. Joan Anderson

Gail & Ervan Ariail

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Austin

Dr. George Bagley, IV

John & B. Nell Bagwell

Dr. Sue Bailes

Mr. & Mrs. Wade Barr

Rev. & Mrs. J. Robert


Mrs. Bert Beisel

Dana & Billy Blair

Ann & Dwight Bliss

Harrold & Linda Bowen

Arcey & Irene Brown

Jimmie & Joyce


Gene W. Butler

Jean & Cliff Carswell

Ms. Laverne Carter

Lillian & Billy Clark

Mr. J. Preston Cobb

Ruth Cobb, Marilyn, &


Ms. Amelia Cohen

Millie & Ferd Cohen

Mrs. Anne Colston

Reggie & Mary Comer

Mrs. Sue Cornwell

Mr. & Mrs. J. Milton


Mr. & Mrs. T. M. Furlow,


Mr. & Mrs. Carlus Gay,


Ms. 'Baby' Ruth


Mr. & Mrs. Buddy Guth

Plez and Dee Hardin &


Allene & C. G.


Mr. & Mrs. Dick

Haugabook, Sr.

Jim & Nancy Herron

Mr. Charles Hogg

Mrs. Marthaleen House

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hudson

Mr. & Mrs. Brent


Mr. & Mrs. W. Frank


Mr. & Mrs. Hulme


Melvin & Wilma Kinslow

Mrs. Jeanette Knowlton

Vickie & Sam Lott

Roy Parker III CONTIN-


Robin & Frank Lowrey

Mrs. Corneille Lucado

Mrs. Imogene


Loveard & Dorothy


Jack & Marion Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Miller

Mrs. Annie Turpin


Mr. James Osborne

Ms. Lanier Oxford

Gene & Blanche Palmer

Betty Pope

Mrs. Becky Ray

Mrs. Judy Reece

Bill & Mary Claire


Kay & Charles Reeves

Mrs. Melba Reeves

Mrs. Lenette


Alice & Walter Rylander

Charles & Vangie


Mrs. Elsie Schell

Lang & Kathy Sheffield

Bill & Gay Sheppard

Mr. & Mrs. John Shiver


Mrs. Marion 'Pete' Silver

Ms. Barbara Simpson

Mr. & Mrs. Charles


Buzzy & Harriet Smith

Mrs. Evelyn Stewart

Bill & Patricia Stovall

Mrs. Ayleen Sumner

Synovus Trust Company

Russell & Andrea


Mrs. Eudora Turpin

Gus & Rosa Vining

Tim & Edie Vinson

Mrs. Hilda Walker

Hazel & Robert Waller

Rev. & Mrs. W.

Raymond Wilder

Kitty & Bill Williams

Mr. & Mrs. David


Earl & Beth Williams

Phyllis Parks

Wally & Marylynne


Mrs. John Partin

Mrs. Marthaleen House

Kathryn Passieu

Ardis & Wanda Bennett

Ray & Donna O'Banion

Mr. & Mrs. Dave


Charles & Eloise


Nellie Pate

Ann & Max Herndon

Nancy Payne

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Feine

The Mother of Evelyn


Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Mrs. Lucy Hood

Roberta Pepper

Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Nell B. Perry


Ethel Phillips

Mr. & Mrs. John Gill

Mrs. Betty Robinson

Marsha Phillips

Mr. & Mrs. Harry


Martha Poole

Miss Martha Arnold

Reggie & Mary Comer

Ms. Frances Crook

Mrs. Alice Wingard

Dr. Sam Poole

Carolyn & Charlie Hollis

Joe Dan Proctor

George L. & Ellen


J. D. Rainey, Sr.

Gwynne & Bill Morton

David Lee Reeves

Mr. & Mrs. Charles


Ralph Reynolds

Mr. & Mrs. Wade Barr

Rev. & Mrs. J. Robert


Pete Rhyne

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Rhyne

Scott Rhyne

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Rhyne

Mr. Ricks

Mrs. Rethel Ricks

Gerald Rimes

Ms. Anna Lee Kight

Lois Roberts

Jolene & Art Tanner

Mary Rush

Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Pearl Goodman &

William R. Sadler

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Manoll

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sadler

Tom Sanders

Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Charles Schulz

Edie & Tim Vinson

Donald Schwartz

Mrs. Doris Batts

Julia Scifres

Janice & Jay Cliett

John & Joan Cordell

John & Mikki Ferguson

Ms. 'Baby' Ruth


Mr. & Mrs. Buddy Guth

Kathleen Gardner

Sunday School Class

16 Magnolia Manor

Sylvia Tabor Shealy

Nina & Dean Terrell

Rev. Harold H.


Mrs. Harold Sheppard

Jean Sloan

Ms. Rhonda McQuitty

Chuck Speight

Ms. Athlene White

Grover "Gene" Stalvey

Aubrey & Alice


John & B. Nell Bagwell

Mr. & Mrs. Wade Barr

Rev. & Mrs. J. Robert


John & Connie Brodess

Reggie & Mary Comer

Faith Sunday School

Class of Magnolia


Dr. & Mrs. Harold Jarrell

Mr. & Mrs. John Jarrell

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Jarrell,


Derek & Charlene


Union UMC

Hazel & Robert Waller

Rev. & Mrs. W.

Raymond Wilder

Dr. Loy L. Strawn, Jr

Mr. & Mrs. James

Buchanan, Jr.

Mrs. Doris Batts

Dr. & Mrs. E. W.

Holloway, Jr.

Peter Supp

Mrs. Sarah Sherman

Ossie Lee Bobbitt


Mr. & Mrs. Buddy Horne

Laura Sweat

Ms. Frances Pitts

James Edgar Swiger

Miss Martha Arnold

Mr. & Mrs. Ulmer


Sara Gilbert Tabor

Nina & Dean Terrell

Billy Tanner

Ms. Hester Price

Rev. Samuel V. Taylor

V.L. & Catherine


Winnell S. Taylor

Ms. Margie Dillard

Eva Terry

Dr. & Mrs. Frank Terry

Dorothy Thomas

Ms. Mary DeLong

Mona Stembridge

Mr. John Thomas, III

Dot Thomas

Mrs. Lucy Hood

Roy Thompson

Mrs. Marion 'Pete' Silver

Maxie Trapnell

Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Trapnell

Bob Truitt

Ms. Beth Joiner

Wynelle Tucker

Jane & Jack Lynch

Frank Tunison

Pledger & Emily Parker

Gladys Fallis Tweedy

Ms. Mildred Cowart

Mrs. Bess Crittenden

Lonnie & Lynda Sweat

Jolene Roberts Tanner

Ms. Jane Willson

Carl Vann

Bo & Jean Cartledge

Vergil, Leona, & Wendy


Mrs. Melissa Flowers

Thelma S. Varnadoe

Mr. George Cofer, Jr.

Lee & Merilyn Guerry

Leah Vick

Mr. & Mrs. Wade Barr

Rev. & Mrs. J. Robert


Jimmie & Joyce


Magnolia Manor

Business Office

Ms. Frances Scoggins

George & Wilma


W. E. Vinson

Hazel & Robert Waller

Arthur Volley

Ruth Cobb & Marilyn


Ms. Marion Lummus

Henry S. Walker

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Lee

Mrs. Meville Walker

Geraldine M. Wall

Mr. Gene Wall

Helen M. Walls

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Walls

Cora Webb

Dr. & Mrs. Frank Terry

Herb White

Mrs. Lucy Hood

Ben Whitfield

Mrs. Katherine Bass

Ruby Wiggins

Richard & Janice


Virginia Wilkes

Mr. John Wilkes

Winkie Williams

Mr. & Mrs. William


Charles E. Williams

Dr. Patricia Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Wills. Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Wills,


Teri Wilson

Ms. Clarice Wall

Dorothy B. Wilson

Col. Keith Wilson

Mary Wohlwender

Dr. & Mrs. Henry


Gussie Young

Ms. Ruth Spencer


Methodist Marian Abbott

Mrs. Lorane Minis

Dr. Aubrey Alsobrook

Dr. & Mrs. James Trice


Rev. Burch & Florine


Joe & Mary Lane James

Mary Pat Beckum

Dr. & Mrs. Rick Lanford

Mary Pat & Robert


Mrs. Marianne Marbury

Rev. Robert Beckum

South Georgia

Conference School of

Christian Mission

St. Mark United

Methodist Church

Judge Griffin B. Bell

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Steed

Peggy Benford

Avalon Ladies Bible


Dr. Randall Benner

June & Dick Reese

Rev. John Brodess

The Family of Thomas

W. Davis, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Byram

Dr. & Mrs. James Trice


Mr. & Mrs. Joe Caldwell

Mrs. Henry Jones

Valvie Cameron

Miss Patricia Moxley

Mr. & Mrs. Earl (Buddy)


Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Laverne Carter

Mrs. Helen Durden

Bruce Chase

Ms. Luetta Martens

Autumn 2006 17

Cam, Jill, & Cameron

Grace Cochran

Lee Street UMC Senior

Adult Sunday School


Al Colston

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Miller

Macelle Cone

Mrs. Joyce Pyles

Rev. 'Buddy' Edwin


Dr. & Mrs. George


Birth of Mary Leland


Derek & Charlene


Wright & Joyce Crosby

Kim & Andy Thompson

Inez Daniel

Dot & Dozier Blackstock

Rev. V. L. & Catherine


Wrights Chapel UMC

Polly Douglas

Ms. Bonnie Rackley

Katherine Dozier

Augusta & Henry


Mrs. Bon Durham

Mr. Claude Rhyne

Helen Farris

Mrs. Laura Duke

Mary Faurote

Lee & Merilyn Guerry

Our Assisted Living


Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Bettye Gates

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur

Williams Jr.

Dee Glover

Brandy Patrick

Rev. Nathan Godley

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew


Rev. Shane Green &


Mr. & Mrs. Uley Morgan

Frankie Hancock, Bill &


Adult Bible Class-Lee

Street UMC

Rosa Harvey

Mr. Jeffrey Tullis

Joe Harvin

Mrs. Betty Harvin

Estel Heath

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Scott


Charlie Hogg

Barnes, Farr, Newsmith

P. C.

Harrold & Linda Bowen

Jimmie & Joyce


Ruth Cobb, Marilyn, &


Epworth Sunday School


Mr. William Manry Jr.

Gwynne & Bill Morton

Mrs. Roy Parker III

Mrs. Becky Ray

Frances Holland

Covenant Sunday

School Class

Vera Holston

Mrs. Mary Comer

Lucy Hood

Ms. Linda Holley

Ms. Susan McGahee

Karen & Dale Hoylman

Mrs. Ellie Telega

Celeste C. Hurley

Mr. & Mrs. Michael


My Youngest Son In Iraq

Mrs. Margaret Dyer

Magnolia Manor IT Staff


Beth Joiner

Augusta & Henry


Nita Jones

Orvin & Carole Bergman

Raymond (Sonny) Jones

Gus & Rosa Vining

Harold Lane

Dr. & Mrs. Rick Lanford

Elizabeth Lemons

V.L. & Catherine


Charlie Lloyd

Ms. Marion Lummus

Rev. David & Mellie


Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Edith Lummus

Ms. Marion Lummus

Alpha Maddox

Mrs. Gail Laye

Dr. Derek McAleer

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Cox

Vivian McLendon

Action Group I UMW

Dr. Laman Moates

Doug & Judy Joyner

Sharon Murphy

Augusta & Henry


Netta Niblack

Mr. & Mrs. Ray


Louise Orr

Magnolia Manor Friends

of Vespers

Harvey Parks

Nina & Dean Terrell

Jack Pease

Lee Street UMC Senior

Adult Sunday School


Dr. & Mrs. James T.


Jim & Mavis Trice

Marsha Phillips

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Hansen

Walter Mae Pollock

Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Bliss


June Powell

Drayton UMW

Pearlie Pyles

Mrs. Bettye Gates

Mrs. Joyce Pyles

Dr. Lee Redding

June & Dick Reese

Raphael & Helen Miller

Rizzi's 50th Wedding


Mrs. Teeny Cowart

The Rev. & Mrs. Larry B.


Jim & Mavis Trice

Rev. Nancy Scarbrough

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew


Mr. & Mrs. George


Ms. Frances Scoggins

The Kitchen Staff on

Section Three

Tom & Pam Davis

Mary Shelby


Betty Sweet Simmons

Laurie & Ferd Kay

Bascom D. Slappey

Dr. & Mrs. Donald


Rachel Smith

Ms. Luetta Martens

Marguerite Spann

Mr. Robert Spann

Rev. Matt Stewart, Julia

& Atalie

Lee Street UMC Senior

Adult Sunday School


Mrs. Jack Straus

Ms. Sara Harris

18 Magnolia Manor

Pension Act Helps IRA Gifts

Gary Reynolds, Assitant Vice President for Development

It has been billed as one of the most sweeping changes in pension law in many years. Yet,

it also has significant possibilities for charitable gifts as well. On August 3 of this year the United

States Senate passed a pension reform bill that included a package of charitable giving incentives

and safeguard measures. The House of Representatives had passed the bill on July 28, so

it was forwarded to the President in August. President Bush signed the bill into law on August 17.

The IRA charitable rollover provision, a powerful charitable giving incentive, is potentially

very important to Magnolia Manor and to other charitable organizations. Included in the pension

reform bill was the IRA rollover provision that provides an exclusion from gross income for certain

distributions for charitable purposes of up to $100,000 from traditional individual retirement

accounts (IRAs) or Roth IRAs, which would otherwise be included in income. The provision,

effective only for tax years 2006 and 2007, allows the donor to avoid tax on the IRA distribution.

Because the tax savings are already sizeable, the gift does not qualify for an additional charitable

income tax deduction.

This IRA rollover provision that allows individuals age 70 ½ and older to make charitable

donations up to $100,000 for each of the next two years from an IRA without having to count the

donation as taxable income. Any portion of the gift which exceeds $100,000 would be subject to

income tax. A resulting charitable deduction would allow the donor to recoup a portion of the taxes


Admittedly, this change pertains to a relative small portion of Magnolia Manor supporters.

However, for those individuals and families, it can be a very significant opportunity to have a major

impact on our ministry while at the same time avoiding income tax on distributions from IRA

accounts which have been over funded. Those who qualify should contact their financial advisors

soon in order to take the best possible advantage of this change.

(Please complete and return this reply form.)

Dear Friends of Magnolia Manor:

___ Please send me free literature about creating an endowment fund with Magnolia Manor.

___ Please contact me about a personal visit. The best time to call me is:_________________.

___ I have provided for Magnolia Manor in my will or other estate-planning document.



City:_______________________ State:______ Zip:____________ Phone:__________________

Mail this form to: Magnolia Manor 2001 S. Lee Street Americus, GA 31709

Autumn 2006 19

Steven R. Tanner

Mr. & Mrs. Art Tanner

Tina Todd

Dr. & Mrs. Rick Lanford

Martha Trupia

Ms. Carol Foster

Rebecca Turner

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Autry

Mr. Neal Rumble

MM Coast Veterans

Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Rosie Lee Wade

Ms. Sara Johnson

Dottie Williams

William Paschal & Judy


Marie Williams

Dr. & Mrs. C. E. Steele

Jimmy & Carol Wilson

Loveard & Dorothy


Sara Womack

Mrs. Mary Comer

Reidsville UMC

Rev. & Mrs. James


Annie Wages


May Walker

Mrs. William Simmons

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Waller

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Hollis


Linda Warnock

George L. & Ellen


Patsy Watson

Augusta & Henry


Juanita Wilder

Mary & Reggie Comer

Magnolia Manor

2001 S Lee St

Americus GA 31709-4797

Non-Profit Organization

U.S. Postage Paid

Macon GA

Permit No. 417

20 Magnolia Manor

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