Inside This Issue - Magnolia Manor

Inside This Issue - Magnolia Manor

The Path to an Ever Growing

Chaplaincy Program

It’s an exciting time for Spiritual Care here

at Magnolia Manor. While we delight in the fact

that we have successfully met the Spiritual needs

of our residents we are steadfast in continuing “to

raise the bar”. Our intention is to expand our

Spiritual Care program by having a chaplaincy

presence at each Magnolia Manor facility. This is

a goal we plan to accomplish by maintaining professionalism

in the chaplaincy role, professionalism

that requires training

and continuing education

for our Chaplains.

All people have

the right to receive the

full ministry of the gospel

of Jesus Christ. The

church is aware of its

responsibility to provide

adequate professional

ministry to those in particular

situations beyond

the local church. These

call for an ecumenical

ministry to persons of different


and faith groups. In

order to assure high

standards of competence

and keep faith with

ecumenical agreements concerning uniform

standards for ministry in specialized settings, the

Untied Methodist Endorsing Agency (UMEA)

shall have Disciplinary mandated functions for

appointments in extension ministries that require


Recently Dennis Stalvey, Assistant Vice

President for Spiritual Care for Magnolia Manor

and Whit Byram, Director of Spiritual Care for the

Manors on the Coast went before the UMEA

(United Methodist Endorsing Agency) in

Nashville, TN seeking ecclesiastical endorsement

to serve pastorally in a Retirement

Community Setting. “I am delighted the United

6 Magnolia Manor

Stopping to pose for a picture at the

2006 South GA Annual Conference is

(L) Whit Byram, Dir. of Spiritual Care for

the Manors on the Coast and (R) Dennis

Stalvey, Assistant Vice President for

Spiritual Care for MM.

Methodist Church has resources for our area of

extension ministry work. I am also encouraged

by the network of fellow ministers who are available

to offer support and assistance,” says

Stalvey. A network of fellow ministers who all

know the training process to receive the UMEA

endorsement…doesn’t happen over night!

Endorsement is the process established

by the church to ensure that people providing

ministry in these settings are

capable and appropriate

representatives of the

d e n o m i n a t i o n .

Endorsement provides an

additional means of relationship

between those people

in extension ministry and the

whole ministry of the church.

“Endorsement connects the

ministry setting to the church

and is an expression of both

my willingness along with

Magnolia Manor’s willingness

to enthusiastically

respond to this calling. I am

glad to be a part of God’s

work at Magnolia Manor and

look forward to serving others

as a member of the

overall quality care-giving team,” says Byram.

What is ecclesiastical endorsement?

Ecclesiastical endorsement is an affirmation

that a person is, or will be, performing a valid

extension ministry consistent with the covenantal

community of The Untied Methodist Church and

has presented evidence of having the special

education, experience, and skills necessary to

perform that ministry. Endorsement is given to a

specific setting. Should an individual move from

one setting to another, the endorsement will be

reviewed and, if approved, issued for the new


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