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July 2008 newsletter.qxp - Magnolia Manor

July 2008




This Issue:

Spiritual Care

Annual Conference

Resident Honors and


Thomas O. Marshall

Good Samaritan Award

Volume 29, No. 3

In This Issue:

On the Cover: Left to right: President & CEO

Mark Todd with Sr. Vice President of Church

Relations and Development Robert Beckum

and Magnolia Manor Chaplains: Whit Byram,

John Brodess, Joy Wilson, and Dennis

Stalvey. (not pictured: Cindy Bennett)

Mr. Cecil D. Abarr

Mr. Jeffrey B. Barker

Dr. Connie Blanchard

Dr. Hal N. Brady, III

Mr. Jimmie Buchanan

Mr. John P. Gill

Mr. Kermit Griner

Mrs. Ann L. Harris

Mr. Mark D. Johnson

Mrs. Eloise R. Paschal

Hon. J. Taylor Phillips

Mrs. Betty D. Pope

Mr. Robert Reinhardt

Mr. J. Blake Sullivan

Mrs. Edie S. Vinson

Mr. George Youmans

Mr. Wayne Johnson

Board of Trustees

Ex Officio Trustees

Rev. Don Adams

Dr. Brad Brady

Rev. Marcia J. Cochran

Rev. Ronnie Cullpepper

Dr. Hugh L. Davis

Rev. Marshall Howell

Bishop B. Michael Watson

Rev. Ronnie Wills

Emeritus Trustees

Rev. J. William Dupree

Mr. Will Peterson

Mr. J. Hinton Reeves

Dr. A. Jason Shirah

Dr. Henry King Stanford

Dr. James T. Trice, Jr.

Corporate Management

Mark R. Todd, President & CEO

Hill Fort, Sr. Vice President for Operations

Jerry Vick, Sr. Vice President for Finance

Rev. Robert Beckum, Sr. Vice President for Church

Relations and Development

Diane Wade, Sr. Vice President for Marketing

Campus Administration

Hill Fort, Americus

Rich DeLong, Richmond Hill

Lynn Leacroy, Macon

Barbara Mitchell, Buena Vista

Teresa Newell, Moultrie

Dianne Feine, St. Marys

Myra Hocutt, St. Simons Island

Mike Goyne, Columbus

Editorial Staff:

Michelle Laidler, Chief Journalist

Diane Wade, Publishing Supervisor

Robert Beckum, Publishing Supervisor

2001 South Lee Street, Americus, GA 31709

(229) 931-5927


2 Magnolia Manor

from the president’s desk

I put a lot of thought into the message

I wanted to send in this July 2008

issue of the newsletter and each thought

relayed back to our ministry. Most people

associate Magnolia Manor with retirement

living; however, most importantly

Magnolia Manor is a ministry. It is through

the United Methodist Ministry we are able

to serve our Lord as well as older adults

throughout Georgia who are in need of

retirement services.

In 1947, when Kate Witte bequested

392 acres designated to provide a home

for the elderly, no one knew the impact this vision would have on older

adults across Georgia. For over forty years, Magnolia Manor has ministered

to these older adults by providing spiritual services in addition

to physical and social services. Today, our Church Relations

Department’s five chaplains provide spiritual care to nearly 2,000 residents

through prayer, worship services and, as you read in the last issue,

weddings. One can only imagine the number of adults Magnolia

Manor chaplains have ministered to since 1963. I commend our

Chaplains for their continued devotion to serve others through the

Magnolia Manor ministry.

Other aspects of our ministry include the League of the Good

Samaritan, Servant Leadership, and Renaissance Living. I am equally

proud our Church Relations Department greatly invests in ministering

to those outside our communities as well. With Reverend Robert

Beckum elected to the General Conference in 2008, he was able to join

991 other delegates to unite, review structure, to set policies on ordination,

administration, property, judicial policies, and church membership,

as well as revise The Book of Discipline for the United Methodist

Ministry. Assistant Vice President for Church Relations Wade Barr

writes in this issue about Magnolia Manor being a resource to your

local church by helping develop older adult programs within the


So, after reading the July 2008 issue, I challenge you to invest

your own resources into serving older adults - in your family and within

your community. I assure you, just by reading this newsletter, you

will discover many ways you can contribute to enhancing the quality of

life of older adults through our United Methodist Ministry for Older

Adults. Your contribution, whether volunteering, educating, or donating,

will not only be truly rewarding to you, but it will also make a difference

in the lives of many older adults throughout South Georgia.

Mark R. Todd

y: Reverend Robert Beckum, Sr. Vice President for Church Relations and Development

The General Conference of the United

Methodist which met in Fort Worth Texas earlier

this year issued a challenging call to the

church to respond with faithful ministry to the

growing needs of older adults. General

Conference challenged every level of the

church to strengthen our United Methodist

"Connection" for a comprehensive and compassionate

response to seniors. This call

specifically challenged:

Annual Conferences: To provide leadership

and support for intentional ministry for older

persons in its local churches, and to support

financially, if needed, retired clergy and their

spouses who reside in long-term care settings;

Local Churches: To become better

informed concerning the needs of older adults

and to be more intentional in developing ministries

for older adults:

Retirement and Long-Term Care Facilities

Related to the Church: (Ministries Like

Magnolia Manor): (1) To develop a covenant

relationship with the church to reinforce a

sense of joint mission in services with older

adults (2) To encourage the provision of charitable

support and provide a channel for the

assistance of the whole church, and (3) To offer

ministries in a residential setting which emphasize

the spiritual, physical and social needs of

older adults.

I am proud to tell you Magnolia Manor is

already answering the General Conference call

to strengthen the United Methodist connection

in all three areas mentioned above. Magnolia

Manor is not only the leading provider for older

adult residential care in South Georgia, but

also the leading advocate for older adults

throughout the South Georgia Annual

Conference. Did you know? :

(1) Magnolia Manor is the largest extension

ministry in the South Georgia Annual

Conference caring for some 2000 older adults

every day---that's more than every other

agency in the conference combined and multiplied

by four.

(2) Each district of South Georgia's nine

districts has United Methodist members in a

Magnolia Manor facility; in fact every county in

the South Georgia Conference has one or

more citizens in a Magnolia Manor facility.

(3) Every week more than 650 Magnolia

Manor residents gather for worship on our

campuses across South Georgia.

(4) Magnolia Manor has more appointed

clergy on its staff than any other agency in the

South Georgia Annual Conference.

(5) The annual operational budget of

Magnolia Manor---what it costs to care for your

older adult loved ones---is five (5X) times the

size of the entire South Georgia Annual

Conference budget.

By the grace of God, the ministry of

Magnolia Manor has grown tremendously in

our forty-five year history. Our growth, however,

cannot compare to the growing numbers of

older adults who need the care we provide. We

see it as our calling, our responsibility and our

joyous privilege to LEAD the church's

response to the needs of older adults.

July 2008 3

League of the Good


by: Reverend Robert Beckum, Sr. Vice President for Church Relations and Development

Promises are at

the heart of human relationships.

They may start

out small. A parent's

pledge to take a child to

the park is met with the

child's question, "Do you

promise?" As the child

grows in size the size of

the promises he or she

makes also grows: "I promise to love, honor

and cherish….'til death us do part." Near the

end of life it might be the parent who asks a

promise of the child: "Promise me you will take

care of your mother when I am gone…promise

me." Making promises is one of the most

important actions in life. Some of the most

beautiful words in our language describe life

when promises are made and kept. Some of

the most painful words describe life when

promises are broken.

The League of the Good Samaritan is

about the sacred ritual of making and keeping

vital promises. When Magnolia Manor began

forty-five years ago the South Georgia Annual

Conference of the Methodist Church promised

older adults: "No one will ever have to leave

the care of Magnolia Manor due to their inability

to fully pay for the costs of care!" In fortyfive

years of ministry Magnolia Manor has kept

this promise no matter the cost.

What exactly is the cost? Last year we provided

$1,500,000 in financial assistance to our

residents in need through the League. Of that

amount $775,968 came from donations. The

remaining $724,032 (48.3%) of cost came

from the operating budget of Magnolia Manor.

This means the needs of many others had to

be neglected because our sacred promise is

to care for our residents based on their need

rather than on their ability to pay.

One of the greatest needs at Magnolia

Manor is for the League of the Good

Samaritan to be fully funded. If the League

were fully funded we could respond to the

needs of our most vulnerable residents without

taking away programs and services needed by

other residents. Even though we care for older

adults from every district and from every county

in South Georgia, in 2007 only 251 out of

642 United Methodist Churches in the Annual

Conference financially supported Magnolia

Manor's League of the Good Samaritan.

That's only 39%! We desperately need your

church's help. Let me encourage you to make

sure your congregation is a promise keeping

partner with Magnolia Manor.

Let me assure you your personal support is

also vital to our ministry. The overwhelming

portion of our donor support for the League

comes from individuals in whom God has created

a heart of compassion for older adults.

Each time you make a gift to the League of the

Good Samaritan you help secure the promise

that defines us as a ministry of the church and

the promise that binds us in love to residents

in need.

The commitment of God's people is critical

if we are to remain faithful to God's call in our

service for older adults. Please join us in one

of life's most sacred undertakings---keeping a


For more information about the League of the Good

Samaritan and ways you can minister to older adults,

contact Reverend Robert Beckum, Sr. Vice President for

Church Relations and Development, at (229) 931-5926

or rbeckum@magnoliamanor.com.

For more information on the League of the Good Samaritan,

visit our website at www.magnoliamanor.com

4 Magnolia Manor

With thanksgiving for all the

support of churches and individuals

in the South Georgia Annual

Conference, we gratefully acknowledge

these top ten churches of the

conference for their financial support

of Magnolia Manor's ministry

for senior adults.




1. St. Marys UMC

2. Americus First UMC

3. Vineville UMC -Macon

4. St. Luke UMC -Columbus

5. Forest Hills UMC -Macon

6. Albany First UMC

7. St. Simons Island UMC

8. Centenary UMC -Macon

9. Fort Valley First UMC

10. Tifton First UMC

Special RecognitionR


1. St. Luke UMC

2. St. Paul UMC

3. Midland UMC

4. Wynnton UMC

5. Striplin Terrace UMC

6. Pierce Chapel UMC

7. St. Mark UMC

8. Asbury UMC

9. Cuthbert UMC

10. Buena Vista UMC


1. Dublin First UMC

2. Pine Forest UMC

3. Maple Springs

4. Soperton Charge

5. Sandersville UMC

6. Uvalda

7. Evergreen

8. Buckhorn Charge

9. Lothair UMC

10. Tennille UMC


1. Pittman Park UMC

2. Fair Haven

3. Statesboro First UMC

4. Waynesboro

5. Metter UMC

6. Jesup First UMC

7. Buck Creek UMC

8. Langston UMC

9. Payne’s Chapel

10. Baxley First UMC


1. Albany First UMC

2. Bainbridge First UMC

3. Porterfield UMC

4. Colquitt UMC

5. Cairo

6. Thomasville First UMC

7. Morningside UMC -Albany

8. Friendship UMC-Donalsonville

9. Blakely

10. Newton

In addition, we gratefully

acknowledge the generous financial

support for Magnolia Manor by the

top ten churches for each district of

the South Georgia Annual






1. Americus First UMC

2. Lee Street

3. Leslie

4. Cordele First UMC

5. Eastman Charge

6. Perry UMC

7. Morningside UMC

8. Salem UMC

9. Vienna

10. Plains


1. Vineville UMC

2. Forest Hills UMC

3. Centenary UMC

4. Fort Valley UMC

5. Mulberry UMC

6. Warner Robins First UMC

7. Riverside UMC

8. Trinity UMC -Warner Robins

9. Martha Bowman UMC

10. Wesley UMC


1. Isle of Hope UMC

2. Wesley Monumental UMC

3. Richmond Hill UMC

4. Hinesville First UMC

5. Pembroke UMC

6. Trinity UMC -Savannah

7. Whitefield UMC

8. Bethesda UMC

9. Guyton UMC

10. Midway UMC -Savannah


1. Tifton First UMC

2. Park Avenue UMC

3. Moultrie First UMC

4. Valdosta First UMC

5. Wright’s Chapel

6. Norman Park

7. Nashville UMC

8. Chula Charge

9. Community UMC

10. Central UMC -Fitzgerald


1. St. Marys UMC

2. St. Simons Island UMC

3. College Place UMC

4. Kingsland First UMC

5. Brunswick First UMC

6. Trinity UMC -Waycross

7. Lakeside UMC

8. Waycross First UMC

9. Douglas First UMC

10. Taylors UMC

July 2008 5

Resident Among First

BSN Graduates

in the United States

"In my family, it was understood everyone went

to college. Since I had always been the sort of person

who wanted to help others, it only made sense I

should enter the field of nursing." Thus began the

career of Mildred Atkinson as one of the country's

first BSN's - a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of

Science degree in Nursing, which took five years to


Now, at the age of 96 and a resident of Magnolia

Manor of St. Simons, Mrs. Atkinson fondly recalls

her career in the field that has changed so dramatically

over the years. "There were a number of

schools of nursing, "explained Mrs. Atkinson, "but

only three were recognized as being accredited. My

oldest brother was a teacher in Ohio and a member

of his faculty had a relative who had chartered a

nursing school in New York. I contacted the school

and explained I had no money but I did have good

grades and an earnest desire to be a nurse. I was told

there was a program available where I could purchase

an insurance policy to cover the cost of the

education and then pay the amount back upon graduation.

So I left Indianapolis and headed to

Cambridge, New York to attend the Mary

McClelland School of Nursing, affiliated with

Skidmore College."

Mrs. Atkinson explained that the school affiliated

with other health care organizations to provide

for a comprehensive education: the Yale School of

Medicine offered programs in Pediatrics and

Communicable Disease; Butler Hospital of Rhode

Island provided the curriculum for Psychiatry; and

the East Harlem Health Center in New York City

gave the initial nursing class a comprehensive view

of the field of Public Health. It was here Mrs.

Atkinson found her niche. "I worked in lower

Harlem where apartments had a different family in

every room," she explained. "Living conditions

were very primitive." It was not uncommon to have

a Mom and Dad in one double bed and children in

another double bed in the same room. She recalled

one incident when a third child's birth was imminent,

the other children were excited not only about

the arrival of a new sibling, but also about the part

they played in gathering needed supplies for a home

delivery, such as newspapers and clean cloths.

When asked if she ever felt threatened or frightened

in the area in which she worked, she smiled and

shook her head adding, "Even the bums in the doorways

to the tenement buildings respected us

because we were in uniform, carrying a bag, and

they knew we were there to help others."

There were seven nursing students in this initial

class who lived in the hospital during their educational

program, worked in the hospital the summer

between their freshmen and sophomore years, and

then full time after the sophomore year. Mrs.

Atkinson doesn't recall any specific rules and regulations

regarding curfew because, as she laughed,

"There wasn't anywhere to go or anything to do! We

were, however, always highly regarded", she

recalled. She stated it was always easy to distinguish

the undergraduate BSN's from the diploma

nurses because "We had to wear black stockings

until we actually graduated!"

One regulation, however, was set in stone - students

were not allowed to be married and attend

Continued on page 25

6 Magnolia Manor



Reverend Dennis Stalvey

Reverend Cindy Bennett

Reverend Whit Byram

Reverend Joy Wilson

The vision statement of the South Georgia

Annual Conference says, "God envisions faithful,

fruitful and bold congregations and ministries

passionately growing mature disciples of Jesus

Christ who are living vessels of the Holy Spirit's

desire and miraculous power to redeem every soul

and circumstance." Magnolia Manor believes

spiritual care is the center of all we do. We are

committed to strengthening our connection with

the mission of the church and redeeming the souls

and circumstances of older adults.

We are blessed to have five full-time and one

part-time clergy persons who lead our ministry of

spiritual care through worshiping, teaching, witnessing,

and ministering pastoral care for residents

and staff.

Reverend Joy Wilson is the newest member of the

Magnolia Manor chaplaincy staff. She joined the

department this past June. Joy is a familiar and wellrespected

minister in Americus and has served the last

four years as the pastor of the Oglethorpe UMC. She

has also served the Pine Level and Ideal churches.

She brings extraordinary pastoral skills and a passion

for older adult ministry in many facets.

Currently, Reverend Dennis Stalvey oversees all

our chaplains including Reverend Whit Byram serving

our three coastal facilities (Richmond Hill, St. Simons

Island and St. Marys), Reverend Cindy Bennett serving

our three facilities in Columbus, and Reverend

John Brodess who serves our Americus retirement

services. The addition of Joy Wilson will augment our

service not only to the Americus campus but also to

the Macon, Moultrie and Marion County campuses.

July 2008 7


by: Michelle Laidler

St. Marys ResidentsR



In Local Production

It is no secret the residents of Magnolia

Manor of St. Marys believes in community

involvement. As a matter of fact, it is through

Magnolia Manor's signature program, the

Renaissance Living Initiative, residents are

able to use volunteering as a way to enrich

their own lives as well as the lives of others.

With residents volunteering for projects such

as Habitat for Humanity, making blankets for

needy families and the local boys home, and

preparing hygiene kits for worldwide disasters,

it is logical Magnolia Manor residents volunteer

to build props for Crooked Rivers': Livin',

Lovin' & Learnin' 2008 production.

As Executive Board Member of Crooked

Rivers and Administrator of Magnolia Manor of

St. Marys, Dianne Feine knew residents would

jump at the chance to contribute to such a

wonderful community arts program. Crooked

8 Magnolia Manor

Rivers: Livin', Lovin' & Learnin' is a community

performance theatre production of music,

stories, songs and dance in St. Marys. In need

of volunteers to assist with building trees for

the production, six Magnolia Manor of St.

Marys residents spent two days composing

the props. Once completed, Magnolia Manor

Administrator Dianne Feine arranged the

props in the theatre before production began.

"I feel fortunate to be a part of the Crooked

Rivers production", states Administrator

Dianne Feine. "In addition, I am grateful

Magnolia Manor residents are eager to

become involved in wonderful projects such as

this. Whether assisting those in need or

enriching the lives of those residing in St.

Marys through community arts programs such

as Crooked Rivers, Magnolia Manor of St.

Marys residents are always willing to help."


April 1, 2008 through June 30, 2008

With grateful appreciation to those who supported our ministry these months.



Ammie Glenn Abell

Mr. & Mrs. Charles


Mary & Dozier Abell

Mr. Leonard Abell

Odelle Gibbs Abell

Ms. Bonnie Sayles

R. A. Abell, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles


Mr. & Mrs. A. L.


Mrs. Myrtle Chambers

Beverly Adams

V. L. & Catherine


Shiloh UMC

Genie Adams

Mr. W. H. Adams

Mrs. Joye Mills

William H. Adams

Mr. W. H. Adams

Mable Allamong

Mrs. Evelyn Bickley

Frank & Daneyse


Mr. & Mrs. Rindall


Lucille Andrews

Ms. Juanita Bowen

Hazel Ansley

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Ansley,


Bob Ausley

Mrs. Ola Ausley

Maude Averette

Mr. & Mrs. William


Audrey Bailey

Mrs. Dick Haugabook


Gerald "Jerry"


Mr. & Mrs. Wade Barr

Mr. J. Preston Cobb

Robin & Frank Lowrey

Loveard & Dorothy

McMichael & Family

Kitty & Bill Williams

Ida C. Barber

Dr. George Barber

Betty Barr

Mr. Charles Barr, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Wade Barr

Mr. & Mrs. Charles

Barr, Jr.

Kathryn Barr

Mr. Charles Barr, Sr.

Robert Lee (Bud)


Charlene & Lee Hall

Ruth H. Battle

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph

Eason Sr.

Dot Beard

Mr. & Mrs. James


Agnes M. Beaty

Mr. & Mrs. Charles


Thelma B. Begley

Mr. & Mrs. William


Doris Bryan Bell

Mr. & Mrs. Johnny


Lillian Bell

Ms. Joanne Mayo

Mrs. Oscar Bell

Dr. Claude Rhyne

Margaret Bishop

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas


Grace L. Black

Mr. Garland Black

Eugene C. Black, Sr.

Mrs. Frances Black

Sarah Blackwell

Darton College




Mr. B. D. Slappey

Myrtle Blanton

Ms. Beth Joiner

The Mothers of Mr. &

Mrs. Bone

Mr. & Mrs. C. Taylor


Irene Boole

Dr. John Boole Jr.

Lettie Booth

Mrs. Ruby Thaden

Louise M. Booth

Ms. Carolyn Cromer

Margaret Boswell

Mrs. Bebe Moses

Lavea Boyd

Mrs. Evelyn Bickley

Eva Bradford

Mrs. Mary Earle

July 2008 9

R. L. Brand

Ed & Beverly Garden

Ruby Brantley

Harriett & Bill Bland

Derek & Charlene


Berta Bridges

Burt & Mary Newell


Eva Bridges

Joe & Diane Fletcher

James Bridges

Mrs. Pam Law

Mrs. Jewell Reeves

Mrs. Norma Wall

James & Shirley


Joe & Diane Fletcher

Susie R. Bridges

Mrs. Elizabeth Bridges

Donald Richard


Alice & Aubrey


John & B. Nell


Mr. & Mrs. Wade Barr

Mrs. Evelyn Bickley

Rev. & Mrs. Whit


Faith Sunday School

Class of Magnolia


Ms. Bobbie Jones

Merle Lee

Connie Brodess

Sunday School Class

Laurie Jesup & Julia


Mrs. Eloise Renzell

Mrs. Julia Slappey

Jerita & Dennis Stalvey

Rev. & Mrs. W.

Raymond Wilder

Irene Brown

Trena & Stewart


Ms. Jan Malsky

Rev. & Mrs. W.

Raymond Wilder

Elizabeth (Betty) S.


Mr. & Mrs. Jim Filbey

Myrtle Bullard

Mrs. Jackie Peterson

Sara McCollum


Mrs. Patsy Watson

Toni Burger

Jimmy & Audrey Clark

Dorothy Byus

Ronney, Jr., Sam,

Sydney, & Camille


Nan Cain

Mr. Winton Cain

Millie Clyde Callaway

Mrs. George Carson

Evelyn Camp

Mr. & Mrs. H. Leroy


Thomas William


The Weatherly Family

Tom Campbell

Mr. William Gregory II

Virginia Hall


Mrs. Jane Canington

Vivian M. Carden

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley


Richard Carey

Scott & Marilyn


Rev. & Mrs. W.

Raymond Wilder

Kitty & Bill Williams

Fred & Alma Carter

Mr. & Mrs. Charles


Mary Frances Carter

Ms. Dolores Selman

Nancy Walker Carter

Mr. & Mrs. G. Robert


Verlie Carter

Ms. Amanda Carter

Claire Chambless

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Guerry

Pete Chambless

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Guerry

A. W. 'Bill' & 'Boots'


Dr. Claude Rhyne

Judge Frank S.

Cheatham, Jr.

Bill & Dot Harper

Lavone Minix Clark

Mr. David Clark Jr.

Mary Clark

Mr. & Mrs. Frank


Wanda Clark

Mr. & Mrs. William


Anna Mae Clarkson

Dr. Martha Clarkson


Myrtice Cline

Mr. & Mrs. William


Mr. & Mrs. Lewis


Pliney Johnson Cobb

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Strobo

Daniel C. Coleman

Ms. Mary Coleman

Thomas Earl

Coleman, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Lanier


Mr. & Mrs. G. C.


Mr. & Mrs. Frank


10 Magnolia Manor

Rev. Claud Cook

Sally Clark & Daphne

W. Moody

Richard Eugene


Circle 2 - Warner

Robins 1st UMC

Frances Crawford

Mrs. Eleanor Heisler

Annie Lou Crenshaw

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred


Ralph M. Crouse

Mrs. Bea Crouse

Mildred Crump

Mr. & Mrs. Billy


George Culbreth

Dr. & Mrs. Derek


Vera Sanders Curry

Mr. Thomas Curry

Janie Davis

Mr. S. William Lehew


Mr. & Mrs. George

W. Davis

Mr. & Mrs. George


Sara Davis

Mrs. Joan Anderson

Sylvia Davis

Ms. Minnie Linyear

Thomas W. Davis, Sr.

Rev. & Mrs. Thomas

Davis Jr.

Mrs. W. P. Deal

Mrs. Rosa Roberts

W. P. Deal

Mrs. Rosa Roberts

Eueline S. Denmark

Mrs. Frances


J. Tom Dent

Mrs. Cordelia Holliday

Doris Deriso

Mrs. Betty Pope

Lillian Espy Dial

Mr. & Mrs. Reggie


Frank & Zenona


Mrs. Frances Kite

Ronald Dinella

Robin & Frank Lowrey

Janet Doepp

Mr. George Doepp

Lucia C. Domingos

Mrs. Lucia Chapman

Susie Dorsett

Mr. & Mrs. T. Howard


The Mothers of Mr. &

Mrs. Douglas

Mr. & Mrs. Robert

Douglas Sr.

Frankie S. Dozier

Mr. & Mrs. Charles


Jean Dozier

Mr. G. G. 'Spec' Dozier

Mrs. Katherine Dozier

Mrs. Patsy Watson

Nell Saunders Drake

Mr. & Mrs. J. Wallace


Lena Driver

Ms. Marie Israel

Alpha Bowles Duck

Mrs. Louise Jordan

George B. Duke, Sr.

Ms. Annie Tripp

Mattie Lou H.


Mrs. Pam Law

Brenda Dunn

Ardis & Wanda Bennett

Wilmer Durden

Ned & Sue DeJournett

Mr. W. Douglas Durden


Clara Dyer

Mr. & Mrs. Roy


Cara Dykes

Ms. Corene Dugger

Josie D. Eason

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph

Eason Sr.

Emma Gene Easterlin

Betty Bennett &


Mr. & Mrs. Reggie


R. O. Edenfield

Rev. & Mrs. John


Ralph Edwards

Mrs. Lola Stubbs

Winifred Edwards

Bishop & Mrs. Marion


Myrtle L. Ellerbee

Buddy, Kathy,

Brandon, & Will


Ruth Reid Emery

Rev. Jim & Marsha


Rev. Bill Erwin

Rev. & Mrs. V. L.

Daughtery Jr.

Mai Featherston Espy

Mr. & Mrs. Reggie


Buddy Evans

Ms. Mariel Evans

Konnor Farr

Crop Production Svcs.

July 2008 11

Bill Farris

G. L. & Mary Lyn


Jane Fenn

Mr. & Mrs. John


Ruby Foy

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley


Eunice Franklin

Mr. & Mrs. Marion


Lula Mae Gauthier

Mr. & Mrs. John


Melba Geoghagan

Rev. & Mrs. Mike


Ruth Cobb & Marilyn


Mr. & Mrs. Sam Lott

Mr. & Mrs. Thornwell

Parker II

Mrs. Becky Ray

Mrs. Frank Sheffield

Roy & Hilda Fennell

Mr. Roy Fennell

Macie Field

Mr. & Mrs. Reggie


Jack W. Fields

J. W. & Maureen


Danny Fillingame

Mr. Ed Massey Jr.

The Mother of Ruth


Ms. Ruth Flanders

Rose Fleisman

Mrs. Sally Schatz

Shirley F. Fore

Ms. Marie Belcher

Evelyn Duck Fort

Mrs. Louise Jordan

Georgia (Ervyl) Fort

Mrs. Opal Moran

Hazel Foxe

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew


Porterfield XYZ Club

12 Magnolia Manor

Nancy & Ralph


Ms. Nancy Bailey

Virginia "Mickey"


Lamar & Evelyn


Mr. & Mrs. H. B.


Mrs. Nell Hambrick

Ann M. Futch

Mr. & Mrs. David


Lillian & Billy Clark

Mr. J. Preston Cobb

Floyd & Grace


Dr. & Mrs. Robert E.


Bonnie & Jack

Machek, Sally Wishard

Mrs. Betty Robinson

Mrs. Sara Siniard

Mr. & Mrs. Bob


Ms. Jane Thompson

Williams Warehouse,


Rev. Janet Gallob's


Derek & Charlene


Lottie Grey Gaskins

Ms. Anne Bartholomew

Charlie Gibbs

Mr. & Mrs. Ray


Mr. & Mrs. T. A.


Mr. & Mrs. Frank


Harvey Giddens

Mr. & Mrs. Reggie


Carl & Maudie


Mr. & Mrs. Chuck


Alice Walker Gill

Ann & Bill Harris

Mrs. Betty Pope

Mr. & Mrs. Russell

Thomas Jr.

Jerry & Deloris Vick

Edie & Tim Vinson

Mary Muse Gillespie

Mr. Hal Todd

Sam Glasscock

Ms. Jane Thompson

Grace Gothe

Faith Sunday School

Class of Magnolia


Baby Ruth Graddick

Mrs. Claire Bedingfield

Mary Graham

Kenneth & Patricia


Ora Graham

Bill & Mary Claire


Hazel Greene

Mrs. Pete McMillon

Grace & Steve Pace

Annis Griffeth

R. H. Griffeth

Lucius Bedell Griffin

Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell


Mrs. Jack Griffin

Mitch & Toni Hunt

Marvilene Grimes

Mrs. Eleanor Walton

Rev. Warren Grimes

Mrs. Eleanor Walton

John Quincey


Mrs. Doris Batts

Mrs. Fred Groover

Randy & Norma Smith

Christine & Ed


Mr. & Mrs. Lee Guerry

Bill Gurley

Mr. William Peterson

Ruth Guy

Mr. & Mrs. Zack


Beatrice Hally

Mrs. Alice Grace

Elizabeth Hamilton

Ms. Juanita Doss

Thelma Gower


George L. & Ellen


Alma Harbuck

Mr. Kenneth Phillips

Carey Harbuck

Mrs. Mary Harbuck

Frances Harden

The Harry Harden


The Donald White


Mildred W. Harper

Mr. & Mrs. William


William A. & Elia M.


Miss Maria Harrell

Margaret Harris

Ms. Elizabeth Harris

Mary Lynn Harris

Mr. & Mrs. Steve


Mrs. Lynn Harris

Mrs. M. L. Campo

William Harter

Rev. & Mrs. Richard


Frances Harvey

Mrs. Peggy Wong

Lynn Harvey

Kathy & Donny


Sarah Harvey

Mr. & Mrs. Gerrold


Claudia Starling


Rev. & Mrs. James


Elizabeth Haugabook

Mrs. Dick Haugabook,


Claude Haugabook,


Mrs. Dick Haugabook,


Mr. & Mrs. Farley


Rev. & Mrs. David


Bob Helms

Rev. & Mrs. Whit


Robert Helms, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Leslie


Jimmie Lee Herndon

Mr. Arthur Herndon Jr.

Sallie & Perry Hester

Ms. Celia Farley-


Lottie Kelly High

Mrs. Jackie Mullis

Beth Highnote

Mrs. Mary Harbuck

Carolyn Hill

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth


John Frank Hodges

Ms. Jennifer Hodges

Charles Hogg

Mr. & Mrs. Walker

Carter Jr.

Mrs. William Anderson

Jim & Paula Geiger

Mary & Billy Hodges

and Charles & Oliver

Kiwanis Club of


Fred T. Hogg

Ms. Frances Scoggins

Lilly Holloway

Mr. & Mrs. Lovick


Milton Huie Holloway

Mrs. Velma Foster

Ruth H. Holmes

Nina & Dean Terrell

Ruth Horn

Mrs. Elizabeth Bridges

Eloise Horne

Mrs. Alton Joyner

Leila House

Mr. & Mrs. Marion


Lucy House

Mrs. Lenette


Annette Oliver


Mrs. Becky Ray

Elbert Howard

Mr. & Mrs. Reggie


Mr. & Mrs. Arthur


Elbert & Mary


Ms. Carol Riles

Thad Hudson

Merle Lee

Mr. & Mrs. Russell

Thomas Jr.

Dr. & Mrs. Robert


Elizabeth Hughes

Dr. & Mrs. Jim Fagan

Evelyn Hughes

Ms. Hester Price

July 2008 13

Marjo Hughes

Mr. Harold Hughes

Stella Hunt

Mr. & Mrs. Robert


Sue H. Hunt

Mr. & Mrs. Ray


Cordelia Persall


Rev. & Mrs. William


Celeste C. Hurley

Mr. & Mrs. Michael


Hazel Ingram

Mr. & Mrs. William


Hugh M. Inman

Bill & Dot Harper

Julia Collins Isbell

Mr. & Mrs. Shelby


Martha Itson

Elizabeth & Brad


J. D. & Nora Ivey

Mr. & Mrs. Chuck


Dorothy W. Jackson

Mr. Warren Jackson Sr.

Pete Johansen

Mrs. Becky Ray

Delia Johnson


Rosalie Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Hodges


Sara Cannon Joiner

Mr. & Mrs. W. Frank


Bea Jones

Rev. & Mrs. V. L.

Daughtery Jr.

Martha Jones

Rev. & Mrs. J. Robert


Miss Mary Crooks

Mary Jones

Dr. & Mrs. William


Roy & Kitty Fricks

Rev. Lee Jones

V. L. & Catherine


Sallie B. Joyner

Mrs. Alton Joyner

Lucille Scott Kea

Dr. & Mrs. Donald Kea

Pauline Reeves Kelly

Mr. & Mrs. J. Hinton


Mildred & B. Frank


Carol Smith and Wendy


John Keyer

Mr. & Mrs. Sam

Hunter Jr.

Rev. Frank Kirkland

Bill & Mary Claire


Mary Kitchens

Mr. & Mrs. William


The Mothers of Mr. &

Mrs. Kling

Mr. & Mrs. James

Kling Jr.

Mollie McDonald


Mrs. Bettie Skelton

Carolyn Lane

Mrs. Carol Wiggins

Frances Lansford

Mrs. Linda Martin

Annie Kate W.


Mr. Jimmy Lawhorn

Cara Mae Layfield

Bishop & Mrs. Marion


Cathy Leaf

Mrs. Cecil Usher

Lois D. Lee

Mr. Samuel Lee

Mrs. Sam Leonard

Alice & Charles


Dr. Malcolm Lester

Mrs. Cordelia Holliday

Norman Lewis

Dick & Iris Schmitt

Pat Lindgren

Mrs. Betty Franke

Walter C. Little

Mrs. Evelyn Little

Rubye R. Lovett

Mr. Jim Lovett

Marie Lynch

Mrs. Betty Franke

Elnita Lynn

Ms. Anne Bartholomew

Dr. Claude Rhyne

Lillie Adams Lyon

Mr. & Mrs. R. D.

McNeill III

Dr. James Gray


Derek & Charlene


The Mother of Mary


Ms. Mary Mackin

Alpha Maddox

Mrs. Gladys Pitts

14 Magnolia Manor

Ruth Haugabook


Mr. & Mrs. James


Effie Manning

Ms. Dorothy Hackney

Nelle Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley


Sally Martin

Gerald & Ethel Beck

Nettie Marx

Mrs. Dianne Pierce

Gladys Mathews

Ms. Susan Fuerniss

Rev. & Mrs. John &

Mat Mathis

Mr. & Mrs. Keith


Elizabeth Matthews

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel


Mary Lou Carvin


Mary Lucy & Frankie


Bill McCall

Ms. Kay Hipp

Brent McCarty, Jr.

Mr. Leonard Abell

Laverne Carter, Rick &

Joy Carter

Mrs. Betty Jones

Mrs. Pam Law

Loveard & Dorothy

McMichael & Family

Edna Pearl McCord

Mr. & Mrs. William


Diane McCoy

Mark & Dianne Feine

Annie L. McDade

Mr. & Mrs. Carter


Dr. & Mrs. J. A.


Mrs. Opal McDaniel

Dr. J. Z. McDaniel

Mrs. Opal McDaniel

Jeannie McDonald

Mrs. Myrtle Chambers

Jennie McDonald

Magnolia Manor

Friends of Vespers

Mrs. Billie (Rusty)


Ed & Bev Garden

Kittie McGarrah

Mr. & Mrs. William


Cathy Senn McLeod

Ms. Eugenia Senn

Irene McLeod

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas


Dan McMillan

Mr. & Mrs. Rindall


Harrold Edward


Tim & Edie Vinson

Louise McNeal

Sue Sellers & Helen


George & Sue McNeal

and Fred & Jan


Orlean Ansley McNeil

Mr. & Mrs. R. D.

McNeill III

Sally Summerford


Mrs. Joe Walker


Mae Mercer

Ms. Bonnie Baggarly

Mr. & Mrs. Orvin


Paul Mercer

Mrs. Betty Pope

Ruby Miles

Ms. Sylvia Haynes

Dr. Minor

Joe & Diane Fletcher

Dr. James Minor

Sonny & Mary Lynn


Russell & Angie


Dr. John Minor

Ms. Frances Scoggins

Doris P. Minton

Ms. Cathy Minton

Alice Moody

Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Hilda Wellons Moore

Jane Merritt Myers &


Mrs. Becky Ray

W. Harry Moore

Rev. & Mrs. Ramus


W. W. Moore

Ms. Anne


Carol B. Moore, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Carol


Frances Morgan

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Guerry

Joyce Bradbury


Bill & Dot Harper

Hazel P. Morrow

Ms. Jeanne Morrow

Annie Turpin Morton

Mrs. William Anderson

B. T. & Ann Johnson

Murph & Mary


Mr. & Mrs. Sam Lott

Ms. Lanier Oxford

Ms. Frances Scoggins

Gladys Moses

Mrs. Bebe Moses

July 2008 15

All Mothers

Mr. & Mrs. Harrell


Walter Cambridge


Bill & Dot Harper

Olyra Rainey

Burt & Mary Newell


Margie Roberts

Mr. & Mrs. Harry


Our Deceased


Graves UMC

Endowment Trust Fund

Eunice Mott

Carol, Mike, Tyler, &

Andrew Denham

Rindall & Mamie


Ms. Jane Thompson

Mrs. Betty Pope

Mr. & Mrs. Matt


Beaulah Mueller

Mr. & Mrs. Ron


Georgene Murphy

Mr. & Mrs. James


Henry & Anita


Ms. Kathy Saturday

Lou Murphy

Ms. Dana Harris

Gladys Murray

Mr. Matthew Murray


Matthew & Gladys


Mr. Matthew Murray


Eva Nall

Mrs. Laura Duke

Mary C. Nelson

Ms. Janet Scales

Mrs. Stephen Pace Sr.

Grace & Steve Pace

Henrietta Robertson


George L. & Ellen


Dr. Frank Parrott

Dr. & Mrs. Robert


Grace Patten

Mrs. Elizabeth


Martha Lewis


Mrs. Ruth Pearce

Cleo Jones Pierce

Mr. & Mrs. J. Wallace


James Wesley Potter

Ms. Jean Gibson

Ms. Betty Hart

Ms. Eva Morgan

O. L. & Dorothy Taylor

Dorothy B. Fuller


Mrs. Jo Ann Marsh

Mary H. Ramsey

Ms. Jayne Ramsey

Mrs. Richard R.

(Elsie) Ramsey

Mrs. Lynn Stowers

Mary Ray

Rev. & Mrs. Randall


W. H. Ray

Rev. & Mrs. Randall


Joseph R. Reese

Mrs. Maurice Reese

Rev. & Mrs. James


Mr. & Mrs. William


Emory & Vivion


Mr. & Mrs. Charles


Christine M. Riddle

Sonny & Mary Lynn


Alice Rider

Mr. & Mrs. Floyd


Lois Roberts

Rev. & Mrs. Larry


Mr. & Mrs. Art Tanner

Mrs. W. H. Roberts

Mrs. Rosa Roberts

W. H. Roberts

Mrs. Rosa Roberts

William T. Roberts

Mrs. Rosa Roberts

Carrie Robertson

George L. & Ellen


Lilian Robertson

Alton & Vickie Dykes

Winifrede Robinson

Ainslie Grange

Gloria Rockford

Ms. Jocelyn Laskowski

Alice Rollings

Charles & Eloise


Kate Roquemore

Mrs. Lenette


Eloise Rowe

Mrs. Lola Stubbs

Sarah Ruffin

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth


16 Magnolia Manor

Mary Rust

Mr. & Mrs. Everett


Pearl Sadler

Mr. & Mrs. Roy

Manoll III

Mr. & Mrs. Roy


Ellagene Rainey


Mrs. Bettie Skelton

Mrs. James

(Elizabeth) Sledge

Mrs. Edna Whittle

Jean & Jim Stimpson

Mrs. Lynda Sweat

Brenda Gail & Danny


Mr. & Mrs. Henry


R. Foy Smith

Mr. Jack Smith

Rubye Stephens

Mrs. T. E. Newell

Blanche Stewart

Shirley & Tommy


Elizabeth H. Stewart

Mrs. Betty Shattles

Pearl G. & William R.


Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sadler

Scott Sasser

Beverly Bryan & Gail


Jessie V. Seckinger

Dr. Ernest Seckinger,


Nora Kimberly


Mrs. Jane Canington

Ruth H. Siler

Mr. & Mrs. Ron


Margaret Horne


Ms. Blair Pennington

Mary Sims

Mrs. Frances Prince

Mae Singleton

Ms. Carole Singleton

Parents and Sisters

Mr. & Mrs. Steve


Estelle Smith

Mrs. Peggy Wong

Estelle Methvin Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Smith

Lou Elva Smith

Rindall & Mamie


Mrs. Barbara Mitchell

Nancy Smith

Mrs. Iris Tillman

Orelle Riley Smith

Rev. & Mrs. John


Bob Christian

Decorative Art, Inc.

Russell & Mary Cross

Mrs. Katherine Dozier

Mr. & Mrs. Donald


Don & Mary Dale Kea

Bob & Jean Lewis

Mrs. Miriam


Porterfield XYZ Club

Richmond Trinity


Mrs. Ruth Van Cise


Mrs. Celeste Smith

Drs. Spelts & Masters,


Richard Foy Smith

Mrs. Sarah Smith

The Brother of Anne


Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Eva & Oliver Spann

Mr. & Mrs. William

Stovall Jr.

Jerry Speakman

Alice & Aubrey


Rev. & Mrs. Dennis


Mae Spencer

Ms. Nancy Holdbrooks

E. B. Stapleton

Mrs. Kathleen


Mr. & Mrs. Pearce


Mr. & Mrs. E.


J. W. Starr, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. C. Truitt


Ralph Douglas


Mrs. Betty Shattles

Marie K. Storer

George L. & Ellen


Louise Strickland

Mr. W. Ernest Saunders


Mrs. Norris Summers

Tim & Edie Vinson

Naunie Summers

Mr. & Mrs. Charles


Norma Hyde


Dana & Billy Blair

Mr. & Mrs. Sam

Hunter Jr.

Annie L. Sutherland

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley


Ebbie H. Suttles

Ms. Sandra Collins

Mr. J.L. Suttles Jr.

Ossie Lee Swann

Mr. & Mrs. Ward


July 2008 17

Carrie Vaughn


Rev. & Mrs. William


June E. Syfrett

Major Dovie Syfrett Jr.

Mary Sykes

Mr. & Mrs. William


Patty Sykes

Mr. & Mrs. William


Robbie Tanner

Mr. & Mrs. Art Tanner

Mary Tatum

Mr. & Mrs. William


Mr. & Mrs. Lewis


Helen Taylor

Richland United

Methodist Women

Ola Taylor

Mr. Charles Taylor

Winnell S. Taylor

Ms. Margie Dillard

Grace Tissue

Rev. & Mrs. Mike


Mary Gillespie Todd

Mr. Hal Todd

Mary Whinery Todd

Mr. Hal Todd

Margaret Treadaway

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Smith

Ruth Trotman

Mr. & Mrs. Wade Barr

Loveard & Dorothy

McMichael & Family

Miss Nena Perry

Bill & Mary Claire


Rev. & Mrs. Dennis


Dr. & Mrs. Robert


Rev. & Mrs. W.

Raymond Wilder

Elizabeth S. Tucker

Mr. & Mrs. Larry


Louise Vaughn

Mr. & Mrs. Roy


The Mother of Mrs.

Gary Vaught

Ms. Dana Harris

Mamie Wade

Ms. Diane Wade

Rev. Connie Walker

Hawkinsville First


Damon Walker

Robin & Frank Lowrey

Sonny & Mary Lynn


Lillie Walker

Mr. & Mrs. Lovick


Ruby Walker

Mrs. Laura Duke

Mary Popwell Wall

Mrs. Becky Ray

The Mothers of Dr. &

Mrs. Waller

Dr. & Mrs. Robert


Dr. Tom Watson

Ms. Beth Joiner

Julia Watts

Mr. & Mrs. Larry


Vera Weathers

Lani & Diane Harrison

Cora Lee Webb

Dr. & Mrs. Frank Terry

Flora Webb

Ms. Shirley Ivey

Paul & Mary Jane


Mr. & Mrs. Steve Neal

Helen Weil

Mr. Alan Weil

Anna Weis

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah


Claire Simpson


Ms. Ann Westbrook

Elsie Wester

Mr. & Mrs. Reggie


Elsebeth Tesso

Mrs. Mariana H .


Angela Thaden

Mrs. Ruby Thaden

Zona Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip


Cecil Usher

Mrs. Cecil Usher

Marie Utz

Rev. Jim & Marsha


Bessie Vaughan

Ms. Diane Wade

Rev. Asbury Walton

Mr. & Mrs. Reggie


Jan & Marcus Tripp

Mr. & Mrs. Earl


Mr. & Mrs. George


Marthalyn L. Wetzel

Billy & Lyn Dozier

Myrtice Wheeler

Rev. & Mrs. Randall


Neal Wheeler

Rev. & Mrs. Randall


18 Magnolia Manor

Katherine Whidbee

Ms. Kay Sherwood

Mr. & Mrs. John


Burksie Whitaker

Mr. & Mrs. Hodges


Ruth Wilburn

Mrs. Alice Giddens

Christine H. Wilcox

Ms. Fan Wilcox

The Mothers of the


Rev. & Mrs. W.

Raymond Wilder

Nadine Wilkerson

Mr. & Mrs. H. Leroy


Alma Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Zack


Caroline Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Zack


Charles E. Williams

Dr. Patricia Williams

Mattie Williams

Mr. & Mrs. William


William M. Williams

Mark & Dianne Feine

Doris M. Wills

June & Dick Reese

Teri Wilson

Ms. Clarice Wall

Cassie & John


Ms. Marty Davies

Athalaine Wommack

Mrs. Mary Brasington

The Mothers of Mr. &

Mrs. Wood

Mr. & Mrs. Donald


Frances Wootten

Mrs. Ann Brim

Jessie Martin Wynn

Mrs. Carl Patrick

Cleo E. Young

Ms. Carole Singleton



Velma Adams

Ms. Janice Sheppard

Mildred Albritton

Walt, Cheryl, & Haley


Claudia Alsobrook

Dr. & Mrs. W. A.


Claudia Ammons

Mr. & Mrs. Troy


Sue Askerzada

Russell & Mary Cross

Ms. Marion Lummus

Rev. & Mrs. David


Ms. Mae Jones

Rev. John & B. Nell


Mr. & Mrs. Bob Terrell


Florine Bailey

Ms. Lynn Bailey

Mr. & Mrs. Wade


Maggie Barda

Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Wade Barr

Joy Club of

Montezuma UMC

Dot Beard

Mr. James Beard

Florine Beckum

Rev. & Mrs. J. Robert


Rev. Robert Beckum

Dr. & Mrs. James Trice


Ms. Betty Farr

Robert & Mary Pat


June & Glenn Paschal

The Father of Robert


Mr. & Mrs. Robert


Holly Belcher

Ms. Clarice Wall

Rev. Cindy Bennett

Box Springs UMC

Mr. & Mrs. Paul


Virginia Besley

Ms. Janet Besley

John & Connie


Mrs. Laura Duke

Rev. John Brodess &


Ms. Marion Lummus

Jewell Buckhalter

Ralph & Lorraine Cook

Mildred Bundrick

Mr. Dean Bundrick

Jimmy & Sandra


Alice May Campbell

Dr. & Mrs. W. A.


Jane Canington

Ms. Lisa Casilli

Grace Cannifax

Martha & Harry


Vivian M. Carden

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley


July 2008 19

Elma Carter

Ms. Mary Ann Cox

Audrey Clark

Ms. Becky Ridenour

Ruth Cobb

Mrs. Marilyn Cavender

Mr. & Mrs. W. Henry

Cobb II

John W. Coleman

Ms. Mary Coleman

LaVerne Comer

Mr. & Mrs. Reggie


Leigh Anne Comer

Mr. & Mrs. Reggie


Mr. & Mrs. Loy D.

Cowart, Jr.

Dr. & Mrs. Chip


Frances Crook

Mrs. Alice Wingard

Mary Crooks

Rev. & Mrs. J. Robert


Cheryl Crosby

Mrs. Amanda Fasnacht

Mary H. Cross

Mr. & Mrs. Russell


Pam Dominick

Allene & Ceegie


Bernice P. Dowdy

Jerry, Ginger, & Lindy


Emily Dodson Dozier

Billy & Lyn Dozier

Imogene P. Duke

Rev. & Mrs. James

Duke Jr.

Laura Duke

Ms. Polly Clark

Mr. & Mrs. Dave West

Micky Duke

Miss Mary Green

Ms. Jan Malsky

Rev. & Mrs. W.

Raymond Wilder

Frances Feagin

Mrs. Frances Black

The Mother of

Frances Feagin

Ms. Frances Feagin

Hilda Featherstone

Mr. Joe Featherstone

Dianne Feine

Captain & Mrs. Lamar


Nyla Franklin

Mr. & Mrs. Marion


Mary Comer

Russell & Mary Cross

Silvertones Choir

Carin Comer-


Mr. & Mrs. Reggie


Agnes Conway

Mr. & Mrs. Tom


Sarah Cook

Mrs. Nancy Carlan

Allie Mae Cornwell

Mr. & Mrs. Woody


Teeny Cowart

Tom & Linda Tout

Lee & Mickie Crowell

Lililan & Jack Fittons

Lee & Mickie

Crowell's 65th


Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Buena Crumpler

Emora & Nancy


Doris W. Daniel

Ms. Kate Noury

Mary Ellen Davis

Avalon Ladies Bible


Elizabeth Dew

Mrs. Julie Fairbrother

Ruby Durden

Ned & Sue DeJournett

Jean Edwards

Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Barbara Estes

Mr. James Estes

My Family

Ms. Patricia Sires

The Lynn Family

Dr. Claude Rhyne

Helen Farris

Ms. Jean Barr

Mr. & Mrs. William

Farris III

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Farris


Darlene Fross

Ms. Ruth Davis

Helen Mingledorff


Mr. & Mrs. George


Donna Gardenhire

Ms. Debbie McLemore

Eloise Gilmore

Magnolia Manor

Friends of Vespers

Betty Louise Goyne

Steve & Sarah Croft

Lyla Gray

Ned & Sue DeJournett

Mae Griffin

Mrs. Pearl Cook

20 Magnolia Manor

Leila Guillebeau

Mrs. Peggy Guillebeau

Lilian F. Guillett

Ms. Julia Toms

Louise Hudson


Mr. & Mrs. Jim


William (Bud) Hague

Mr. & Mrs. Brian


Mary Frances


Daniel, Cathy, &

Jessica Tuberville

Jeanne Har

Mrs. Robyn Dinkins

Carey Harbuck, Jr.

Mrs. Mary Harbuck

Alda Harper

Naomi & Pat Creamer

Merlyn Harris

Mrs. Jean Stoufer

Betty Harrison

Lani & Diane Harrison

Faye Hartley

Rev. Teresa Edwards

Frances Billings Heer

Ms. Carolyn Chistolini

Eleanor Heisler

Frances & Paul Hjort

Bob Helms

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Telega

Marthalene House

Mr. Lyman Smith

Betty Houston

Ms. Helen Smith

Martha Anne Hunter

Mr. & Mrs. Reggie


Mary J. Izlar

Mr. & Mrs. Charles


Sara Jarrell

Ms. Miriam Teal

Emmie C. Johnson

Karen, Thomas, & Tom

Johnson, Jr.

Bobbie E. Jones

Mrs. Lynn Bateman

Nita Jones

Ann & Walter Lanter

JoAnn Kelly

Ulmer & Dorothy


Vivian King

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth


Edwina Kitchens

Ms. Marion Lummus

Ray & Donja Tripp

Imogene Kitchens

Ms. Nancy Hunt

Lucy Kohler

Dick & Mary Jane


Christy Kunz

Ardis & Wanda


Mary B. Lamback

Sammy & Gini


Merle Lee

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond


Mr. & Mrs. Johnny


Ulmer & Dorothy


Emma Liebforth

Mr. & Mrs. Carter


Staff at Magnolia

Manor of Macon

Mr. & Mrs. James


The Staff of Magnolia

Manor on the Coast

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Fitton

Luetta Martens

Bill & Myrtle Liggin

Larry & Shirley Stiver

Luetta Martens' 90th


Howard & Alverta


Terry & Colleen Armey

The Staff of the

Mattie Marshall


Mr. & Mrs. Dwight

Bliss Jr.

Rev. Jim & Debbie


Julian & Janis Webb

Ann McInnis

Mrs. Nell Tuten

Faye McLemore

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth


Rebecca L. McNeil

Dr. Claude Rhyne

Jean McPhaul

Ms. Nancy McPhaul

Norman A. Minton

Ms. Cathy Minton

Our Mother

Gene & Marice


All the Mothers in

our family

Mr. & Mrs. William

Byram Jr.

Dee Myhand

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff


Helen Neilson

Harriet & Jake Herring

Mary Nicholls

Mrs. Louise Wangen

July 2008 21

Sylvia Odum

Ms. Mary Griswell

Margaret Oliver

Billy & Lyn Dozier

Edna Parker

Tommy & Dana


Rev. Pledger & Emily


Mrs. Yetta Price

Minnie Jewell Peak

Mr. & Mrs. W. H.


Mrs. Imogene


Rebecca Perry

Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Elaine Phillips

Mr. Keith Phillips

June W. Powell

Susan & Kirk Glenn

Nan & Jody Powell

Thelma Price

Mr. Robert Price

Ms. Brenda Wall

Frank, Meg, & Aldar


Dr. & Mrs. James Trice


Beverly Ragsdale

Mr. Charles Ragsdale

Jane Reeves

Ms. Ellita Ellington

Mary Lou Reid

Mrs. Willis Miller Jr.

Eloise Rentzell

Mr. & Mrs. Reggie


Phyllis Rhoads

Mr. & Mrs. Dan


Norman Ribeiro

Magnolia Manor

Friends of Vespers

Elizabeth Richardson

Ms. Frances Harris

Catherine Robinson

Dr. & Mrs. William


Doris F. Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. Wade Barr

Buddy & Jane Hobbs

Mrs. Anne Roberts

Mary Rooks

Mrs. Imogene


Carolyn Porter Ryon

Bill & Dot Harper

Mary Jane Sangster

Drayton UMW

Mothers of Epworth

Sunday School Class


Epworth Sunday

School Class

Virginia Ray Sewell

Mr. & Mrs. W. B.


Esteese Shearouse

Mrs. Sherry Moon

Jean Shofner

Ms. Marcie Nease

Ruth Smith

Ms. Jewel Akins

Willie O. Smith

Mrs. Nancy Smith

Maddie Snipes

Mr. & Mrs. Ken


Wyllene Spooner

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde


Henry King Stanford

Linda & Lowry


Bill & Virginia


Mrs. Teeny Cowart

Shirley Stiver

Ms. Luetta Martens

Mary Strohsahl

Mrs. Gladys Crabb

Martha Ann Studstill

Ms. Sherry Lyons

Norma Summers

Joe & Diane Fletcher

Annie L. Sutherland

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley


Brenda L. Thaxton

Mr. & Mrs. Charles


Dorothy L. Thomas

Mr. William Thomas

Charlie & Eloise


Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey


Verna C. Toms

Karen, Thomas, & Tom

Johnson, Jr.

Jeanette M. Trice

Dr. & Mrs. James Trice


Charlene Usry

Mrs. Erianne Thornton

Rosie Wade

Ms. Sara Johnson

Sharon Wall

Mr. & Mrs. Ken


Madelyn Warren

Rev. & Mrs. John


22 Magnolia Manor

Juanita Wilder

Emora & Nancy


Dr. & Mrs. David


Rev. & Mrs. Ray


Mr. & Mrs. Reggie


Rose Wildes

McKinnon & Patricia


Kitty McCall


Ms. Kay Hipp

Mr. & Mrs. Scott


Nancy Willis

Mr. & Mrs. Floyd


Nancy Wilson

Ms. Jennie Shultz

Mildred Wise

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Ford

Lucile W. Witt

Ray & Donja Tripp

Wylidean B. Wynne

Mr. & Mrs. James


Betty M. Yates

Mr. & Mrs. Donald


Rev. & Mrs. Gene


Lothair UMC

Melissa, Tom, &

Jeffery Zaruta

Ms. Mary DeLong

The following residents passed away

from April 1 to June 30, 2008

Zelma Adams

Delia M. Allen

Joan Anderson

Willie M. Andrews

Mattie P. Bell

Dale Bittinger

Elsie B. Bradley

Gordy Bridges

Margaret R. Brown

Charlotte Bulfer

Richard H. Carey

Louise K. Carter

Willie Coody

William C. Cozad

Larry Davis

Mary Elam

Myrtle L. Ellerbee

Ann M. Futch

Atholene Gill

Gladys S. Gilmer

Keister M. Glasscock

Grace Goethe

Louise H. Griner

Alma R. Harbuck

Frances Harden

Bob Helms

Ted Hoke

Ruth M. Hood

Thad Hudson

Merlon Lane

Roland LeBlanc

Rubin Mangham

Eugenia B.


Kevin McLoughlin

Louise McNeal

Oscar C. Menefee

Albert Merrill

Louise K. Miles

Lucile Milner

Esther D. Mitchell

Eunice Mott

David Mullis

Ira Neal

Artie V. Nobles

Elizabeth Noe

Milborn Ohearn

Lillian Radford

James O. Rolling

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July 2008 23

Tracking Progress


As you can see in the photos, tremendous

progress has been made in the construction of

the Macon expansion project of twenty-four

assisted living apartments for assisted care for

older adults. Pictured to the left is Sammy

Bledsoe, Vice President for Physical Plants

along with Macon employee Rosemary Ellison

discussing the placement of the diswasher in

the kitchen of the new building.

Donation to Benefit Ministerial Cottages

Reverend Wayne Racz, Executive

Director of the South Georgia United

Methodist Foundation, recently presented

a check in the amount of

$31,500 to Mr. Mark R. Todd,

President & CEO of Magnolia Manor.

The gift was a bequest from the

estate of Mrs. Myrtice Snow Parker

and is to be used to provide housing

for retired clergy of the South

Georgia Annual Conference.

Reverend Racz and Mr. Todd are

standing in front of one of six homes

for retired clergy on the Americus


24 Magnolia Manor

Resident Among 1st BSN Graduates

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school at the same time. "So, six weeks before we

graduated, our seven became six! I never did understand

why she didn't wait for just six more weeks,"

Mrs. Atkinson commented.

Upon graduation, Mrs. Atkinson did post graduate

work in Public Health. Although she spent part

of her career in school nursing, public health was

where she was most fulfilled. "I enjoyed the teaching

aspect. If you work in acute care, you get to

know the patient and then he/she leaves and you

never know what happens. "In public health," she

explained, "you can follow an individual through

various stages of his/her life providing care and

education needed to care for the entire family. I

have no regrets," she added emphatically.

She recalled one family who had been referred

to her from the hospital after the newest member of

the family was born. The mother and her newborn

had been home for approximately four days and

Mrs. Atkinson was visiting and noticed the baby

had not been bathed. When she inquired as to

whether or not she had been given instruction by the

nurses at the hospital on how to bathe the baby, the

new mother replied, "Yes, but we don't have a marble

slab" as that was how she had been instructed in

the hospital. Consequently, this young nurse learned

early the importance of assuring the client clearly

understood the information being presented.

When asked to what she attributes her longevity,

Mrs. Atkinson smiled and simply stated, "I guess

it has to be good genes - my Mom lived to be 100

and her Dad was 104 - and all things in moderation.

Written by Rhonda Morgan-Butts

Admissions Director

Magnolia Manor of St. Simons Island

Garden Club

Shares the Spring Spirit

The St. Marys Garden Club

made an inspiring visit to

Magnolia Manor on Monday,

April 21, 2008. Garden Club

members generously shared a

springtime celebration with Magnolia Manor residents. With the

weather nearing perfection, the Garden Club donated flowers and

flower pots to the Magnolia Manor campus in St. Marys. With thirteen

residents participating and the assistance of Garden Club members,

the day was spent designing twenty-four pots with beautiful

geraniums, fountain grass, ivy, marigolds, and petunias to be displayed

on each apartment patio.

"I feel extremely fortunate to be able to work on such a beautiful

campus. The Garden Club's contribution to our campus has

helped enhance what both employees and residents are already so

appreciative of, our surroundings", states Administrator Dianne

Feine. She continues by saying, "In addition, we are privileged to

live in a community like St. Marys where local clubs and organizations

take so much pride in beautification, whether working with a

public park or Magnolia Manor of St. Marys."

Written by: Michelle Laidler

July 2008 25

Magnolia Manor

A Resource for Your Local Church

by: Wade Barr, Assistant Vice President for Church Relations

The South Georgia Conference comprises

one of the fastest growing areas in the country

for older adults. Not only are Georgia's baby

boomers growing older but South Georgia is

becoming a Mecca for older adults moving into

our Conference. Is your Church ready for this

growth? Is your church accessible to its older

members? Is your sanctuary a "friendly" place

for your senior members and guests? Does

your church reach out to the older adults who

can no longer come to your sanctuary?

With older adults comprising 50% of the

membership in The United Methodist Church,

we must diligently seek to be even more effective

in our efforts to help the church be aware

of and take advantage of the valuable potential

within its elderly members - a long life of rich

experiences that can produce greater wisdom,

stronger faith, and deeper commitment to God

and the mission of God's church on earth.

Magnolia Manor can help you with these

issues and will be an advocate for you with

your older adult program. For over 40 years

Magnolia Manor has been a leader in caring

for older adults in The South Georgia

Conference through their centers across the


Wade Barr, Assistant Vice-President for

Church Relations, is completing his certification

in Older Adult Ministries through the

General Conference Council on Higher

Education. He has spent the past 30 years

working with older adults; He has served as

the administrator of Magnolia Manor nursing

and retirement centers and in the Ombudsman

program (OBRA) with the state of Georgia. He

is available to come to your church and help

you enhance your older adult ministry or just

Pictured to the left is Wade Barr, AVP for Church

Relations, Rev. Dr. Richard H. Gentzler, Jr., Doctor of

Ministry, Director for Center on Aging & Older Adult

Ministries, General Board of Disciplineship - The United

Methodist Church.

serve as a resource for programs in your local


A resource you may take advantage of now

is the older adult retreat for the South East

Jurisdiction. The Wisdom and Grace

Conference at Lake Junaluska will be held

August 11-14, 2008. The theme this year will

be Sing Unto the Lord a New Song: Crafting a

legacy for the next generation. There will be

many excellent workshops and a Professional

Track for those that work with Older Adults

titled Navigating the Transitions of Life. For

more information about the conference contact

Wade Barr at (229) 931-5920 or go to


26 Magnolia Manor

Magnolia Manor believes spiritual care is

at the center of our ministry for older adults.

Through our chaplains we seek to maintain

our residents' connection with their faith in

God, with their home church and with their

new faith community at Magnolia Manor.

This strong chaplaincy ministry is a unique

and distinctive feature of our care for seniors.

It is also the highest rate feature of

Magnolia Manor's care on all of our resident

satisfaction surveys. Last year the cost of

providing spiritual care for our residents

was $400,000 or $200 per resident for the

year. As with all non-profit ministries to

older adults, Magnolia Manor cannot fund a

program like this, no matter how important,

through resident revenue. Of course there

are no state or federal government reimbursements

for programs of spiritual care.

The support for the unique center of our

ministry for older adults can only come

through individuals, churches and groups

who believe chaplaincy ministry to be vital.



Strengthening the Connection

Through Spiritual Care

Your gift or your church's gift of $200 will

provide spiritual care for a resident for a


Moreover, your planned gift through your

will, by establishing an endowment, or utilizing

another planned giving tool can help

insure spiritual care and chaplaincy ministry

will always be at the center of Magnolia

Manor's approach to older adult care. Can

you imagine a more appealing legacy or a

more worthy goal for the compassionate use

of wealth than endowing a ministry of spiritual

care which will bless the lives of thousands

of seniors for years to come? Please

contact me to set a time to discuss how your

will or other act of planned giving can support

and secure Magnolia Manor's ministry

of spiritual care. For more information,

please contact Robert Beckum at rbeckum@magnoliamanor.com

or (229) 931-5926.

(Please complete and return this reply form.)

___Please send me information about supporting Magnolia Manor’s Ministry of Spiritual Care

through an endowment or through my will.

___Please contact me about a personal visit. The best time to call me is: ____________.

Name: __________________________________Telephone Number___________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

City: ____________________State: _____________Zip Code: ________________

Email address: ______________________________________________________

MAIL THIS FORM TO: Magnolia Manor Development Office, 2001 S. Lee Street, Americus, GA 31709

July 2008 27


28 Magnolia Manor

The celebration of milestones such as

birthdays, graduations, marriages, and

births, is an American tradition. However,

Magnolia Manor resident Cornelia Curry has

reached a milestone very few will ever reach.

On June 7, 2008 Ms. Curry turned 100 years

of age. In fact, of the 300 million people who

reside in the U.S., there are only 50,000

Centenarians, giving the United States the

greatest number of Centenarians in the

world. This, in large part, is attributed to the

increased emphasis on long-term care centers

as well as the peak in population

between the years of 1890-1905. Japan falls

second in this area with a mere 30,000


Ms. Curry is a native of Colquitt County.

She was raised on a family farm and was one

of seven siblings. Later marrying and having

two sons, Ms. Curry found work locally with

Friedlander’s Department Store and later

worked at the City Hall Deli. She loves to fish

and once had a house on Lake Talquin in

Florida. In honor of Ms. Curry’s milestone,

her son threw a birthday bash at Magnolia

Manor South in Moultrie and invited friends

and family. When asked what she attributes

her long life to, she responds, “honoring your

mother and your father.”

Countries all over the world recognize this

milestone in a multitude of ways. So,

whether receiving a letter from the President,

greetings from the Queen, or a silver cup from

the Prime Minister, reaching your 100th

birthday is reason alone to celebrate.

Resident Receives

Honors & Recognition

Prestigious Award

May 26, 2008 marked an important day for

Magnolia Manor resident Helen Glenn as she

was presented the American Patriot Award by

the Veterans Council of the Golden Isles.

Against her father’s wishes Helen Glenn

entered the service in 1942 as an officer candidate.

She commanded the 1st Signal Battalion,

the first all-woman battalion in the Army during

World War II. With only six recipients of this

award, Glenn says of those previously honored,

“I am really flattered

to even be nominated.”

“That is really an illustrious group”. She continues

by saying, “I am really flattered to even be

nominated.” However, Veterans Council

Chairman Mike Brown says the award is welldeserved.

Ms. Glenn is a resident of Magnolia Manor of

St. Simons Island.

Donate Online

If you wish, you may donate to

Magnolia Manor through our secure

website by following three easy steps:

Just go to www.magnoliamanor.com

Click on Giving

Click on Make a Gift

Magnolia Manor resident Helen Glenn displays

the award she was presented in May.

Read Online

If you wish, you may download the latest issue

of the donor newsletter through our secure

website by following three easy steps:

Just go to www.magnoliamanor.com

Click on Church Relations

Click on July 2008

July 2008 29

Thomas O. Marshall

Good Samaritan Award

The Magnolia Manor Board

of Trustees is honored to present

the 2008 Thomas O. Marshall, Jr.

Good Samaritan Award to

Charlie and Eloise Thompson.

Charlie and Eloise are faithful

disciples of Jesus Christ in marriage

and family, in their church

home and in the greater community

of St. Marys and Camden

County. In the many and varied

roles to which God has called

them on their life's journey, they

have responded with commitment,

courage, compassion and

exemplary character.

Charlie and Eloise have been

steadfast, generous supporters of

the ministry of Magnolia Manor.

At the same time, they have been

faithful in their support of

Christ's work in this congregation

and all other United

Methodist ministries in the area.

In practically every ministry

endeavor undertaken in Camden

County, the influence and participation

of Charlie and Eloise

Thompson are evident.

In addition to their philanthropic

support, Charlie and

Eloise have been articulate advocates

for the needs of senior

adults. With great competence

and even greater humility, they

have led every effort to broaden

the circle of loving care to the

senior adults of Coastal Georgia.

In the spirit of the Good

Samaritan, they have responded

to the needs of others with the

compassion and love of Christ.

Today, we thank them and we

know many Magnolia Manor residents

and their families thank

God for the lives of Charlie and

Eloise Thompson.

Pictured to the left is

Rev. Robert Beckum

with Charlie and

Eloise Thompson

after the award ceremony.

To the right

are the Thompsons

displaying their

Good Samaritan


History of the Good Samaritan Award

In 2002 Magnolia Manor established an award to

recognize individuals and churches whose time, energy

and resources have made a major impact across

the South Georgia Annual Conference in helping

those in need.

This award is named for the late Judge Thomas

O. Marshall, Jr., a long time Chairman of the Magnolia

Manor Board of Trustees and a former Chief Justice

of the Georgia Supreme Court. In his life, Judge

Marshall had the dynamic combination of great professional

competence and even greater personal compassion

for persons in need.

The Thomas O. Marshall, Jr. Good Samaritan

Award is given to individuals and congregations in

South Georgia who have exemplified the parable of

30 Magnolia Manor

the Good Samaritan in their compassion for and their

commitment to persons in need. The primary emphasis

of the award is to recognize those whose compassion

has aided older adults, though other focuses may

be recognized as well. Recipients are selected based

on continued, consistent service to others in the

form of deeds, advocacy and gifts. Each award recipient

receives an inscribed, original award and contributions

are made to Magnolia Manor's League of the

Good Samaritan in the honoree's name.

Each award is given in the spirit of "the Good

Samaritan"---one who responds in compassion to

human need, without thought of recompense, and

without the need for recognition or acknowledgement---except

by the same Lord who first told us the

story of the Good Samaritan.



2 0 0 8



Conference brings

Methodist Ministers and

Laypersons together to memorialize those who have died and recognize

those who are new, make appointments for the year, hold a

day of service, review new policies and budgets from General

Conference, and unite the Eagles. The Eagles are a group of

retired Methodist ministers from the South Georgia Conference.

They gather in an effort to stay connected to the United Methodist


Each year Magnolia Manor sponsors the Eagles’ luncheon.

The photo below shows Magnolia Manor President & CEO Mark

Todd accepting a $2,000 donation from the Eagles. Another

important event at the Conference is a Day of Service where attendees

provide service within the community. Magnolia Manor of

Columbus was one of the recipients of service this year.

Reverend V.L. Daughtery, Jr. Co-President

of the Eagles presiding at the luncheon.

Magnolia Manor

President & CEO

Mark Todd accepts

check from Eagles

Fellowship Treasurer

Grover Bell and wife


Dennis Stalvey awaits the crowd for his

Dipping Dots booth, which was a huge success

this year.

Bishop Watson looking on during activities

at Magnolia Manor of Columbus

July 2008 31

The John R. Batts Golf

Classic is held in memory

of the late John R. Batts.

Mr. Batts was a long time

member of Magnolia

Manor’s Board of Trustees

and an avid supporter of

the Magnolia Manor Golf

Challenge. Proceeds from

this tournament will benefit

the assisted living

expansion at Magnolia

Manor of Macon.

If you are interested in corporate

sponsorship or sponsoring

a hole, please contact Wade

Barr at (229) 931-5920.

Mark Your


Magnolia Manor

2001 South Lee St.

Americus GA 31709



U.S. Postage


Macon GA

Permit No. 417


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