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Artistic director: Wies Bloemen

Agency: Frontaal Theaterbureau

T +31 (0) 20 – 692 96 03

E mirjam@frontaal.nl

I www.frontaal.com, www.aya.nl

Contemporary dance

Danstheater AYA

freed from its ivory tower

Danstheater AYA has been creating successful ground-breaking dance theatre productions

for young people since 1996. The company is firmly rooted in today’s reality and has freed

contemporary dance from its ivory tower. AYA knows how to reach audiences via a language

that is popular on the young scene: dance.

Danstheater AYA communicates with the audience via recalcitrant dance theatre with humour.

The youth productions always deal with ‘major issues’ such as being in love, feeling rejected,

death, violence or fear; issues with an impact on life and therefore also on art. The dancers’

personal experiences make the dance appealing to young audiences.


Nowadays, AYA is one of the leading producers of serious youth dance theatre in the Netherlands.

But the company can also claim international success. They regularly perform in Belgium,

Germany, Sweden and North-America, as well as putting on productions with international

partners. Shows that have toured abroad include Bronstsluier/Rutted Veil, Angst/Fear, Drijfzand/



Photo: Ben van Duin

The Dutch on tour Youth dance


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