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Artistic director: Adelheid Roosen

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Female Economy

Be touched by the


beauty of the stranger

Based on the assumption that everything in life is an illusion, Female Economy Foundation (FEF)

is trying to inspire a new economic way of thinking via Art: ‘Come near, just come to me’, Hélène

Cixous. Adelheid Roosen, artistic director of FEF, is fascinated by the Arab culture and deeply

involved in the backgrounds of Islamic women and men living in Western Europe. ‘To really

meet and be touched by the beauty of the stranger.’

FEF is dedicated to producing international drama that focuses on cultural issues, hoping to create

a celebration of differences within society. Roosen uses personal accounts to create intimate

portraits of migrant life and rituals, which she then cleverly weaves into probing monologues,

embellished by dancing dervishes and music played on traditional instruments.

De Gesluierde Monologen/Veiled Monologues is a vigorous, startling and poetic portrait of intimacy,

sensuality and love. A cast of four women from Islamic backgrounds perform these hilarious,

shocking and moving monologues.

Is.Man unveils the secretive world and complex motivations that underlie the tradition of

honour killings in some Muslim societies.


FEF productions have been performed on various stages. Diverse audiences in theatres and

cultural centres, Dutch Parliament, the police department and social authorities, were either

deeply moved, enthusiastic, embarrassed or appalled.

De Gesluierde Monologen/Veiled Monologues (2003) has been performed in various European

cities, and in Turkey and the USA. English, Turkish and French translations (Gesluierde Monologen/

Veiled Monologues only) and German subtitles are available. Text and accompanying interview

were published in ‘Theatre’, on behalf of the Yale School of Drama.

Is.Man (2005) has been performed in the Netherlands, Belgium and New York and at festivals

in Amman and Istanbul in 2008.

Veiled Monologues

Photo: Joris van Bennekom

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