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Artistic director: Andrea Bozic

T +31 (0)6 – 41 24 75 27

E andboz@yahoo.co.uk

I www.willmsworks.net

A union of old and

Andrea Bozic

new media

Andrea Bozic produces interdisciplinary and multimedia shows that balance on the border

between podium art and media art. They are compositions made from fragments of movement,

music, video, film and (sometimes) text. She usually works with video artist Julia Willms and

composer Robert Pravda.

She is fascinated by presence, embodiment, fiction and narrative, and what happens to these

elements when a space is configured with technology: how does our media-obsessed living

environment affect how it feels to live in this world?

In her projects, Andrea Bozic has developed several strategies for addressing these questions:

It’s Me But I’m No Longer There was an installation for two active spectators, but without a protagonist;

Ways To Multiply Yourself was a production for a far removed body that was being observed

by two cameras; Still Life With Man And Woman was an existential thriller, a film set within a live

performance. The new production Nothing Can Surprise Us (June 2008) follows on from the use

of film material as a ‘script’ for a show, whereby two art forms unite to produce an interdisciplinary

theatre discipline.


Over the last few years, Andrea Bozic has worked throughout Europe at festivals, conferences

and an on exchange platforms. Her last production Still Life With Man And Woman, a co-production

with Theater Gasthuis (Amsterdam) and the Plateaux Festival, Mousonturm (Frankfurt), was

further performed in Belgium, Germany and Hungary and continues touring to other European

countries. Ways To Multiply Yourself was performed in Germany and Croatia. Pulse Line, a dance

film made in collaboration with Julia Willms, was shown in Israel, Greece and South Africa.

Still Life With Man And Woman

Photo: Andrea Bozic

The Dutch on tour Dance


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