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Utvecklingsstudier: Fortsättningskurs

Ändrad 2012-11-20

Delkurs 1: Utvecklingsproblematikens historia - teoretisk fördjupningskurs (7,5


Loomba, Ania (2005) Kolonialism/Postkolonialism, En introduktion till ett

Forskningsfält, TankeKraft Förlag, Stockholm.

Lister, Ruth (2004) Poverty, Polity Press, Cambridge.

Potter, Rob; Conway, Dennis; Evans, Ruth and Lloyd-Evans, Sally (2012)

Key Concepts in Development Geography, Sage Publications Ltd. London,

Enligt lärarens anvisning

Sachs, Jeffrey (2005) The End of Poverty, How we can make it happen in

our lifetime, Penguin Books, London.

Artiklar och annan av läraren vald/rekommenderad litteratur

Totalt sidantal 1 095 s

250 s

189 s

180 s

368 s

ca 100 s

Delkurs 2: Globaliseringsprocessen (7,5 högskolepoäng)

McMichael, Philip (2008) Development and Social Change

- A Global Perspective, Fourth Edition, Sage, London-Thousand Oaks. 308 s

Potter, Rob; Conway, Dennis; Evans, Ruth and Lloyd-Evans, Sally (2012)

Key Concepts in Development Geography, Sage Publications Ltd. London,

Enligt lärarens anvisning

108 s

Scholte, Jan Aart (2005) Globalization. A critical introduction,

Second edition, Palgrave MacMillan, London.

300 s

Artiklar och annan av läraren vald/rekommenderad litteratur

ca 200 s

Totalt sidantal 916 s

Delkurs 3: Jordbruksutveckling (7,5 högskolepoäng)

Eicher, C. and J. Staatz (eds.) (1998) International Agriculture

Development. Third Edition. The John Hopkins University Press,


355 pages

IFAD (2010) New realities, new challenges: new opportunities for

tomorrow’s generation. Rural poverty report 2011. International

Fund for Agriculture Development, Rome.

163 pages


(447 pages)

Davison, J. (1988) “Land and women’s agricultural production: the context”, in Davison (ed.)

Agriculture, women, and land: the African experience. Westview Press, Boulder. [32


Bannon, I. & Coreia, M.C. (eds.) (2009) The other half of gender: men’s issues in

development. The World Bank, Washington. [36 pages]

Cohn, A.; Cook, J.; Fernández, M.; Reider, R. and Steward, C. (eds.) (2006) Agroecology and

the Struggle for Food Sovereignty in the Americas. International Institute for

Environment and Development (IIED), Yale School of Forestry and Environmental

Studies (Yale F&ES), and IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic and

Social Policy (CEESP). Russell Press, Nottingham. [9 pages]

Altieri, M. (1989) “Agroecology: a new research and development paradigm for world

agriculture”, in Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 27, 37-46. [9 pages]

Ashley, C. and Maxwell, S. (2001) “Rethinking rural development”, in Development Policy

Review 19 (4): 395-425. [30 pages]

Bebbington, A. (1993) “Modernization from below: an alternative indigenous development?”

in Economic Geography 69 (3) Environment and Development, part 1: 274-292. [18


Coldwell, I. (2010) “Masculinities in the Rural and the Agricultural: A Literature Review”, en

Sociologia Ruralis 50 (2): 171-197. [26 pages]

Djurfeldt G., Holmén H. and Jirström, M. (2006) “Addressing Food Crisis in Africa: What

can sub‐Saharan Africa learn from Asian experiences in addressing its food crisis?”

Division for Rural development, Swedish International Development Cooperation

Agency (SIDA). [67 pages]

Ellis, F. and Biggs, S. (2001) “Evolving themes in rural development”, in Development Policy

Review 19 (4): 437-448. [11 pages]

Holmén, H. (2006) “Myths about agriculture: obstacles to solving the African food crisis”, in

The European journal of development research 18 (3): 453-480. [27 pages]

Kay, C. (2009) “Development strategies and rural development: exploring synergies,

eradicating poverty”, in The Journal of Peasant Studies 36 (1): 103-137. [34 pages]

Marsden, T. (2004) “The quest for ecological modernisation: re-spacing rural development

and agri-food studies”, in Sociologia ruralis 44 (2): 129-146. [27 pages]

Oglethorpe & Gelman (2008) “AIDS, women, land and natural resources in Africa: current

challenges”, in Gender & Development 16 (1): 85-100. [15 pages]

Ormerod, S.J.; Marshall, E.J.P.; Kerby, G. and Rushton, S.P. (2003) “Meeting the ecological

challenges of agricultural change: editors’ introduction” in Journal of Applied Ecology

(40): 939–946. [17 pages]

Page, S. and Slater, R. (2003) “Small producer participation in global food systems: policy

opportunities and constrains”, in Development Policy Review 21 (5-6): 641-654. [13


Salkeld (2008) “The value of gender analyses in humanitarian livelihoods programming: a

case study from Nias Island, Indonesia”, in Gender & Development, 16:1, 117-131.

[15 pages]

Scoones (2009) “Livelihoods perspectives and rural development”, in Journal of Peasant

Studies 36 (1): 171-196. [15 pages]

Torrez, F. (2011) “La Via Campesina: Peasant-led agrarian reform and food sovereignty”, in

Development 54 (1): 49–54. [5 pages]

Twomlow, S.; O’Neill, D.; Sims, B.; Ellis-Jones, J. and Jafry, T. (2002) “An Engineering

Perspective on Sustainable Smallholder Farming in Developing Countries”, in

Biosystems Engineering 81(3): 355-362. [7 pages]

Ward, W.A. and Hite, J.C. (1998) “Theory in rural development: an introduction and

overview”, in Growth and Change 29 (3): 245-258. [13 pages]

Wittman, H. (2009) “Reworking the metabolic rift: La Vıa Campesina, agrarian citizenship,

and food sovereignty” in The Journal of Peasant Studies 36 (4): 805-826. [21 pages]

Totalt sidantal 965 s

Delkurs 4: Projektarbete (7,5 högskolepoäng)

Litteratur i anslutning till ämne för projektarbetet väljs i samråd med handledare.

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