Weaving a California Tradition Lesson - Trussville City Schools


Weaving a California Tradition Lesson - Trussville City Schools

Question of the Day 1

Think of a nonfiction book

you have read. Why do

you think the author wrote


READ ALOUD-t228 “Native Ways”

• What is an awl used for?

• Why might a family have had dozens of


• How did basketweaving reflect native

American beliefs?

• How did Native Americans use the

materials around them?

• How do you think young people learned

the skills described here?

Question of the Day 2

Why is the annual gathering of

the California basketweavers

important to California


Question of the Day 3

What is something that you

think is worth preserving?


Question of the Day 5

How does the controlled burning

of plants such as deergrass and

redbud help keep the land


Weaving a California Tradition

• What are the author’s feelings toward Carly’s

family? How do you know this?

• How do you think a basket may be like a


• Why do the basketweavers from different areas

use different plants to make baskets?

• What is the author’s purpose for telling about the

laws against setting fires?

• Do you think Carly and her family ever substitue

a common plant for a traditionally used plant that

is now hard to find? Why or why not?


• How does cutting, trimming, and thinning

help plants?

• Why do you think the author spends so

much time describing how Carly and her

family gather and prepare materials for


• What is one way Carly and her family pass

along the tradition of basketweaving?


• How did Carly’s Anunt Gladys help her

make a sumaya?

• Why was deciding to make a sumaya a big

step for Carly?

• Why was the sumaya harder to make than

the cradleboard?

• Why do you think Carly worked so hard to

have her sumaya ready for the

Basketweavers Gathering?

• Why might weaving four baskets in a year

be difficult to complete?


• How does Mandy help carry on the

traditions of her people?

• What is the first step in making a clapper


• What other Native American crafts are

featured at the Basketweavers Gathering?

• What does the variety of baskets tell you

about how Native American Californians

used baskets?

• What do you think the author’s opinion is

of Carly and the other basketweavers?


Thinking Critically

• How has the law against setting fires affected

the California Indian basketweavers?

• How are the basketmaking materials prepared

for weaving after they have been gathered?

• Carly Tex is learning how to make the traditional

baskets of her tribe. What have you learned

about traditions that are important to your



Thinking Critically

• What is the author’s perspective on

Native American culture and

traditions? How do you know?

• Summarize the events that take place

a the California Indian Basketweavers

Gathering. Use details and

information from the story to support

your answer.


Author’s Purpose and Perspectivet290

• Nonfiction text is written primarily to inform


• The author of a nonfiction text may also

write to persuade readers to do or believe


• Clues such as the author’s choice of

words can help reveal an author’s



Author’s Purpose

• How does the author feel

about the tradition of

basketweaving? Pg 240

• Does the author believe that

collecting materials for making

baskets has a good effect on

the Tex family? Use details

from the text to support your

answer. Pg 245

• Why do you think the author

says that Carly uses math

skills and needs to be patient

as she makes her sumaya?

Pg 249

Author’s Perspective


Vocabulary- reinforce t265

• Why does each California tribe have its own unique style

of baskets?

• What can happen when insects infest plants?

• At what intervals did California native peoples burn

grasses in the past?

• Why do you think splitting roots requires a delicate


• Why do strands used in weaving need to be flexible?

• What bond do California Native Americn weavers share?

• What annual event is held to inspire people to learn


• How do Carly Tex and her family preserve Western

Mono culture?

Vocabulary- extend word meanings

• What is something delicate you might see on a walk


• What person has inspired you to do or try something?

• What are some examples of flexible materials?

• What kinds of pests might infest an abandoned building?

• What things happen at regular intervals in the night sky?

• What is something unique about your class or school?

• What is one way that people in the modern world

preserve food?

• What is one bond shared by students all over the world?

Vocabulary- review

• Are people usually impressed by ordinary things or by

unique things?

• When ants infest your kitchen, are they nimble enough to

avoid a trap?

• Would recess still occur at regular intervals if the school

bell ceased to ring?

• Why can a rattlesnake be described as both fierce and


• What kinds of bonds exist between people from the

same culture?

• What special event might inspire you to get a slick new


• Would you cease handling a delicate family treasure in

order to preserve it? Why or why not?


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Lesson Pretest Word sort Word







2 times


Write a paragraph.

Choose a topic to

write about and

write a paragraph

using at least 10 of

your spelling words.

Remember that a

story has

connecting ideas.

Underline each

spelling word or

write it in a different


t 69



in ABC



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