Foreign Direct Investment: - Asia New Zealand Foundation

Foreign Direct Investment: - Asia New Zealand Foundation

Foreign Direct Investment New Zealand and Asia


UNCTAD has produced FDI profiles for 142 individual countries, including New Zealand, which identify

the destinations and sources of outward and inward FDI. However, these profiles cover investments made

between 1994 and 2006, 9 so are somewhat out of date. In this report they have been used simply to

compare New Zealand’s FDI in Asia with that of similar developed economies. In particular the researchers

have made comparisons with Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, whose FDI profiles

were last published in 2004.

Both UNCTAD and OECD have online, up-to-date datasets that present information on inward and outward

FDI by country and regional groupings. These datasets are accessible to the public and enable useful

FDI comparisons across countries. However, there is no specific information on the activities, sectors or

businesses in which the investments have been made.

Applying the research

Using the data available from Statistics New Zealand, UNCTAD and OECD, the researchers were able to:

• measure the investment flows between and stocks in New Zealand and Asia

• identify the number of New Zealand businesses investing in Asia

• identify the number of Asian businesses investing in New Zealand

• compare New Zealand’s FDI in Asia with its total FDI in other countries and with other countries’

FDI in Asia

• measure the level of trade between Asia and New Zealand.

9 Depending upon when the profile was published. For New Zealand, FDI was identified from 1994 to 2004.

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