Integration of Trade Services for Dislocated Workers - Texas ...

Integration of Trade Services for Dislocated Workers - Texas ...

Integration of Trade Services for Dislocated Workers: A Comprehensive Guide





At the completion of the employee orientation, enter the dislocated

worker’s Rapid Response registration information in The

Workforce Information System of Texas (TWIST). This creates a

TWIST “Intake – Common” record in which Workforce Center

staff can add intake information at the Specialized Services Intake

Level as it is received. The additional information helps expedite

the eligibility for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Dislocated

Worker services as well as the co-enrollment process with the

Trade program.

The first service is automatically recorded in TWIST’s Service

Tracking based on the Rapid Response registration. This simplifies

the data entry process.




Petition information is entered into TWIST by state office TWC

staff. Upon the entry of the petition information, a TAA Program

Detail record is created in TWIST. Board and Workforce Center

staff may perform a petition inquiry from TWIST Group Actions

by performing a search by petition number or company name.






Boards may use WIA Dislocated Worker funds to support the

design and delivery of services to dislocated workers, including

those who are Trade-certified. The Trade program is a complement

to Dislocated Worker services, not a replacement for it.

Note: All Trade-certified workers are also eligible dislocated


Dislocated Worker services begin when:

• a Trade Act petition is filed; or

• a layoff notice is received.

TWC’s Rapid Reemployment service identifies UI claimants who

are likely to exhaust benefits.

WIA funding allocated to the Boards for Dislocated Worker

services includes funding for:

• Rapid Response—orientation, workshops, etc.;

Part C: Pre-Trade Certification May 2006 Page C-7

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