Integration of Trade Services for Dislocated Workers - Texas ...

Integration of Trade Services for Dislocated Workers - Texas ...

Integration of Trade Services for the Dislocated Worker: A Comprehensive Guide


Core Services

Core services begin at the Rapid Response orientation. Do not wait

for the completion of the petition investigation before you start

serving the potentially Trade-certified worker, because the petition

investigation may take up to 40 days for DOL to complete. You

must immediately initiate the activities below to help the


• Complete Explanation of Services form, which outlines the

potential program services and benefits as well as documents

the review of the Board’s demand occupations and their ability

to meet the 80 percent wage retention goal on completion of


• Complete waiver of training form, which protects future Trade

benefits associated with TRA and HCTC.

• Perform an assessment of knowledge, skills, and abilities.

• Identify availability of suitable employment.

• Ensure customer completed an application for TRA (BS-100)

by calling a Tele-Center or UI field specialist. This is a separate

application from the application for UI benefits.

Note: See Appendix F-400 for sample forms.



of Services


The Explanation of Services form identifies the potential Trade

program services and benefits and acts as the bona fide application

for training. The dislocated worker signs this form, and staff

retains it permanently in a local file.


Waiver of

the Training


To be eligible to receive TRA payments, a Trade-certified

worker must be enrolled in Trade-approved training or have a

waiver of the training requirement. A waiver can be valid for up

to six months, with monthly reviews to ensure that the reason for

issuing the waiver is still valid. If the initial waiver is completed

outside the Workforce Center, it will be limited to 30 days. The

Trade-certified worker must come to the Workforce Center for an

additional waiver.

Page C-10 May 2006 Part C: Pre-Trade Certification

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