Integration of Trade Services for Dislocated Workers - Texas ...

Integration of Trade Services for Dislocated Workers - Texas ...

Integration of Trade Services for Dislocated Workers: A Comprehensive Guide

Example: A TAA customer receives a waiver of training while she is awaiting

approval for training. Once she receives approval, the waiver is revoked in

TWIST effective the day before the enrolled-in training date. The revocation of

the waiver will not have an adverse impact on the customer’s TRA benefits;

therefore, a recommendation of waiver revocation does not need to be submitted

to the state office.

Denied Waivers

Boards must ensure that Texas Workforce Center staff follows the procedures

below when a waiver is recommended for denial or a revoked waiver will affect a

TAA customer’s TRA benefits:

• Sign and date a Waiver of Training Form.

• Ensure that the TAA customer has signed the form.

• Fax the form to the State Trade Unit at (512) 936-0331.


State office staff may contact Texas Workforce Center staff to verify the reason

for the denial or revocation and clarify any issues. If state office staff concurs

with the denial or revocation:

• state office staff will enter the waiver denial or revocation into TWIST;

• the TAA State Coordinator will notify the TAA customer in writing of the

denial or revocation; and

• the TAA customer will be provided with information on the right to appeal the

denial and how to appeal if they wish to do so.

It is recommended that Texas Workforce Center staff enters a record of each

communication with the TAA customer and service provided in TWIST

Counselor Notes in order to aid the state office in the review process.

45-day Extension

Under certain extenuating circumstances, Boards may grant a 45-day extension

past the eight- or sixteen-week deadline in order for the TAA customer to receive

a timely waiver of training or enter TAA-approved training [see Training and

Employment Guidance Letters 11-02 and 11-02, Change 1]. The following are

acceptable extenuating circumstances:

• A TAA customer has been enrolled in a training program that is suddenly


• A TAA customer becomes ill or injured and cannot enroll in training.

• Other circumstances where Texas Workforce Center staff can justify and

document that the extension is warranted.

Boards must ensure that the extenuating circumstances are clearly documented by

Texas Workforce Center staff in TWIST Counselor Notes. Otherwise, a 45-day

extension cannot be allowed for TRA benefits.




Page F-3.6 WD Letter 29-05 Appendix F-300

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