Integration of Trade Services for Dislocated Workers - Texas ...

Integration of Trade Services for Dislocated Workers - Texas ...

Integration of Trade Services for Dislocated Workers: A Comprehensive Guide

Glossary of Terms and Definitions (continued)

Number of Hours

Worked Per Week


The usual number of hours of work scheduled per week, including

overtime, in whole hour increments (no fractions of hours).

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. Entity created on

September 2, 1974, when the “Employee Retirement Income Security

Act (ERISA) of 1974” was enacted. A defined benefit pension plan that

does not have enough money to pay benefits may be terminated if the

employer responsible for the plan faces severe financial difficulty, such

as bankruptcy, and is unable to maintain the plan. The PBGC then pays

pension benefits under the terms of the plan, subject to legal limits, to

plan participants and beneficiaries.

Petition Status



State Qualified

Health Plan



The status of a Trade petition throughout the U.S Department of Labor

(DOL) investigation process. The status is identified by these terms:

• Petition filed

• Investigation terminated

• Certified

• Not certified

Rapid Reemployment Services. Previously WPRS.

Standardized Occupational Components for Research and Analysis of

Trends in Employment System is a tool to assist Boards in performing a

regional labor market analysis. It allows Boards that are conducting WIA

planning to generate lists of targeted industries and targeted occupations.

It is also excellent for researching regional Texas labor markets and

identifying occupational training possibilities or to justify new program

submission and approval. The analytical tools and regional narrative

reports within SOCRATES follow the planning guidelines issued for

targeted industries and occupations and approved by TWC.

Health plans that have been qualified by the Texas Department of

Insurance (DOI) as meeting the requirements set forth in the Trade

Adjustment Reform Act of 2002. A list of these plans will be submitted

to the Treasury Department by DOI.

With respect to a Trade-certified worker, work of a substantially equal or

higher skill level than the worker’s past employment, with wages of not

less than 80 percent of the worker’s average weekly wage. The

availability of suitable employment is used to determine whether or not

the participant is eligible for trade-funded training.

Supportive Services Services such as transportation, child care, dependent care, and housing

that are necessary to enable a participant to participate in activities

authorized under WIA.

TA Bulletin

A Technical Assistance Bulletin distributed to Boards by TWC.

Part A: Glossary May 2006 Page A-3

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