Politicd roces ne r, finish - Southington Library and Museum


Politicd roces ne r, finish - Southington Library and Museum

The Observer, Thursday, November 3, 1988

Country Villa.-takes on a new.. look•

Pasta and scaf xl loversand Cotmt.,y

restaurant cl/ents are In for a surprise ff

they visit the refurbished Country Villa

Restaurant on€ Street.

Marty Talley. Mohammed *Mo" Jalll

and Louis Matarazzo Joined together to

upgrade the traditional family establishment

into a comfortable but elegant dining


Reopening Sept. I. the business

marks its 49th year for the Matarszzo

family. Louis sa/d.

The site. near J. F. Kennedy Junlo

High School. once a trotting park.

Matarazzo's father. Frank Matarszzo.

opened his business in 1939. At that t/me.

only Italisn food was served.

Threeyears ago. Ma toyedwith

the Idea of giving up the business. It was

at that time that he met Talley and Jalll.

Talley. a veteran restauranteur, had

ideas for the place.

"He wanted a new atmosphere, windows

to br/ghten it, a casual relaxing,

comfortable inter/or

he sold.

dalfl met Matarazzo at a shoreline

restaurant called Luc/anno's, where Jalll

was a chef.

"this guy really loves to cook," Matarazzo


Jal/l studied codtmcntal cooking in

Geneva. Switzerland in 1970. He worked

for the Anm-lcan Colony Hotel chain for

five years.3"nen he went to Jerusalem.

where he cooked at a five-star hotel.

In 1976, he and his uncle came to the

U.S. Jshl became a French- style chef at

the Hungry Linn Inn In Clinton.

He continued to pre,p re continental

cuisine and was featured at several compet/tions

and demonstrations at the Tavem

on the Green in New York. he sa/d.

"There is no menu in town llke ours,"

",Et -ythingis fresh." Jalll added. "We

prepare fresh tuna. salmon in seasor,.

and catch of the day. We use fresh veal.

I bread it myself."

Jalll opened the rofHgerator to exhibit

sence of a microwave and frozen food is


"Some people don't like to wait for an

order, and we do our best, but each meal

is individually prepared for our cl/ents."

Jalil said.

"We l make anyth for anybody."

Matarazzo said. "If they want no salt. or

no sugar or even something not on the

menu. we'll do it for them because wc aim

to please here."

Talley sa/d that in the six weeks

Country Villa has been open. SOme

couples have dined there five times.

"We use a New York-style beeper system.

Each waitress has a beeper and

knows as soon t an order is ready." he


Matarazzo d his son, Frank. 21.

wants to follow the family tradition. Now

ajun/or at Johnson and Wales .College, he

is "majoring in culinary arts and is an

honor student," Matarazzo said.

"He works side bY side with Mo on

weekends and vacations. He is

number-one assistant." Matarazzo said.

The restaurant now features appe -

and oversized

"We bread our own clams. We cook all

orders fresh and we use fresh vegetables.

chairs." Matarazzo said. All soups and stock are homemade." he ers and entrees..and s,pecializes in pasta.

"It cost a lot in do what we cud, but we said. steaks, veal. chicken and seafood. Soon

still want people to feel comfortable h_e e," Looking around the kitchen, the ab- Sunday brunch will be added, Talley Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and rangemenL are scheduled on Monday.





Zoning Commission

Tuesday granted a zone

change for a stretch of


Turnpike. The change

from residential to restdentisl-office

/RO} will

allow the converalon of

homes in the area for

office use.

By,9, 5"2 vote, the

cornmi k Ion Ipprtnvedthe--applicatio,n


Route 322 Assocl tea. a

nership of accountant

Ralph Ingrlselll and attoruey

Kevin Hecht.

Earlier this year. the

PZC denied an apptlcation

to change the zone

to business.

The change In zone

will allow houses between

1248 and 1314


Turnpike (state Route,

322) to be renovated for

office use. Now that the

zone change is ap-

relocate his accocLnting

offices from Cheshire to

1280-82 Merlden-Waterbury


property that the partnership


Commissioner Andrew

Dean LaPorta,

whovoted in favorofthe

zone change, ss/d the

area was more suitable

for RO zoning than fer

business or strict reside


Board member

Eliz|ibeth Kopec opthe

measure, citin

the area as one

.w .l.ch provides afford-

.a It hbusi , while felloW

co fimissinner

Da d Mastrtann/found

dis ',vbr Hth the applleat/on

l use of the

zone's pse prox/m/ty

to esta61 ed res|denttal



Robert Oshana and

Louis. PeSo said that

the, . p .ei had aU ady

debated the issue and

had dec/ded that that

area f Route 322 was

well duited for RO developm

nt. Both quesllaned

whether the deterlorated

condition of

the 80- tol00-year-old

homes in the ne/ghbor- '

hood was tlkely to draw

potential h6me buyers

to the area.

"It's not the best site

in the world.* Per/llo

said, "but l-belleve this

Is the best use."

nev B 3

X om see to t m mtmm, mammmea a.m m a t n .

said. Thursday and Friday from 5 uhifl II p.m.

Luncheon menus are served Monday Saturday. the restaurant is open from

through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 11 a.m. through 11 p.m.. and Sunday

Dinner is offered Tuesday and from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Parties, bY ar-

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