A foliar application to minimize harvest loss due to pod shatter - UAP


A foliar application to minimize harvest loss due to pod shatter - UAP

How to apply?

Rate of use: 1.0 L/ha

Apply in 150-300 L/ha as a medium quality spray.

Use 300 L/ha water volume on dense crops or for maximum effect.

Mixing: Fill spray tank three quarters full with water and commence

agitation. Add the required quantity of POD-STIK. Continue agitation

while topping up the tank and during spraying.

Immediately after application rinse the sprayer thoroughly with water

and All Clear ® tank cleaner to remove any POD-STIK from the sides of

the tank, pump and spray lines and nozzles.

When to apply?

A foliar application to minimize

harvest loss due to pod shatter

Apply Pod-Stik between GS 80 (Pods

green and bendy) until GS 89 (fully

ripe - nearly all pods ripe, seeds

black and hard).

Pods are still pliable and can be bent

into a U or V shape without splitting.

What the grower’s are saying

Don Boles, Three Hills, AB – “The results were excellent”

Troy Monea, Wetaskiwin, AB – “It’s going to protect your yield


Rick Strankman, Altaria, AB – “I would most definitely recommend

Pod-Stik to other producers”

789 Donnybrook Drive,

Dorchester, ON

N0L 1G5


West: 1-800-561-5444

Ontario & Maritimes: 1-800-265-5444

Quebec: 1-800-361-9369

Pod-Stik is a trademark of Loveland Products Inc.

All Clear is a registered trademark of AmegA Science (North America) Ltd.

What is Pod-Stik?

POD-STIK is a unique polymer blend specifically developed to

dramatically reduce seed shatter from canola pods which can split

before and during harvest.

It does not slow down drying and has no adverse effects on maturity

or quality of seed produced.

POD-STIK has an effective new management tool for harvesting

canola and peas.

POD-STIK can be tank mixed with glyphosate (Sharpshooter Plus) or

paraquat if desiccating your crops.

How does it work?

Makes a compact and pliable net over the pod

Does not effect crop maturity

Reduces cracked pods

Produces “Stronger pods”

Minimizes seed losses










Pod-Stik Grower Trials

Western Canada 2008





Volunteer Canola 30 Days after Harvest

Dry, Brittle, Split Pods

With Pod-Stik: Intact Pods—Reduced


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