make a wish ... - United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Chicago

make a wish ... - United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Chicago

make a wish ...

United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Chicago

Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2008

if you could make a wish, what would it be?

if you’re like most of us, you’d wish for health.

you’d wish for happiness.

you’d wish to keep your loved ones safe,

with a bright future ahead.

the people who seek support from UCP come to us with wishes much like yours.

they want a vibrant life of freedom and independence.

they want to enjoy time with friends and family.

they want a sense of accomplishment.

they want a future full of hope.

when you support ucp of greater chicago,

you give an adult with disabilities a chance to live independently.

you give a child an accessible home in the care of loving parents.

you give students the technologies they need to learn, and to show what they know.

you give a family a wheelchair ramp, and a lifeline to the community.

you give the gift of hope, and when you do ...

you make wishes come true.

Dear friends,

It all started with a wish. Back in 1951, a group of parents wished for a better life for their children with disabilities

— and UCP of Greater Chicago was born.

Today, parents, children, teens and adults — across Illinois and beyond — rely on UCP to help them meet the

challenge of a life without limits. We meet the challenge through a host of programs and services made possible

by the generosity of our steadfast supporters. What we have accomplished together this year is truly astonishing.

Assistive Technology Exchange Network (ATEN) has given 3,836 computers from nearly 1,981 individual and

corporate donors to 164 schools serving 77 Illinois communities. To increase capacity and handle equipment

that cannot be refurbished, ATEN has joined forces with Universal Conservation Partnership. Using sophisticated

equipment, Universal separates components and distributes them to recyclers offering top dollar. Altogether,

ATEN recycled 407 tons of e-waste last year that would otherwise have gone into landfills.

Infinitec Assistive Technology Coalition has partnered with CS&C Learning to give 20 Illinois agencies $300,000

in mini-grants. These funds will pay for software to help schoolchildren with disabilities become more productive


Kansas Infinitec Coalition has expanded its services to cover 90 percent of the state’s school districts and awarded

13 scholarships for assistive technology specialists to train in Chicago.

A new initiative called InfiniTEXT makes digitized textbooks available to elementary and high school students

whose disabilities prevent them from accessing printed materials.

Infinitec Media Services has received its sixth national Telly award for a recent video on gamma knife treatment for

brain tumors. The video has brought $22,000 in revenues to UCP.

UCP’s Adult Programs has created numerous volunteer opportunities for its clients, in partnership with Cicero

Town Hall and retailers in the Harrison Street Business Alliance. Along the way, participants have learned new skills,

forged new relationships and won a place as valued members of their community.

What began with a wish has come full circle. With your help, UCP is making wishes come true.

David Pepper, Chairman of the Board

CEO, Pepper Construction Group

Emily L. Barr, President of the Board

President & General Manager, ABC7 Chicago

“as any parent of a toddler will tell

you, time alone is rare. but when

the toddler has special needs, it’s

almost non-existent. our evening away

gave us a chance to recharge

and rejuvenate.”

ucp makes wishes come true for …

Children and Families

what do families wish for?

Children wish for a chance to

play, talk with friends, and live

in a loving home.

Parents wish to see their children

learn and grow, rise to their

challenges and find happiness.

UCP helps parents of children with disabilities turn their wishes

into reality, through programs and services designed to nurture

young lives.

Infinitec North Early Education Center blends progressive

childcare practices and inclusive special education services with

innovative assistive technology resources in partnership with

Jewish Children’s Bureau.

ToyLend/CompuPlay introduces parents and caregivers to

technologies that help infants and young children with disabilities

develop fine motor, language, literacy and recreation skills.

Assistive Technology Exchange Network (ATEN) distributes

thousands of refurbished computers donated by corporations

and individuals to children with disabilities.

Our Respitality Program gives parents and caregivers a muchneeded,

much-appreciated chance for rest and renewal.

And each year, toys and clothes distributed through the Holiday

Fund make wishes come true for more than 2,400 children and

adults with disabilities.


a special

phifer has


it’s a gift for her son bill.

Born with significant disabilities, Bill might

have led an isolated life at home. Instead, when

he was just 6 years old, Lorraine enrolled him

in UCP’s children’s services. He participated

happily until he turned 21 and aged out of the

program. Two years later, UCP opened its first

adult services center, and Bill again had a place

to go and people to see.

For the next 26 years, he woke up each morning

and asked his mother, “More school today?”

And, although his speech is impaired, his voice

was crystal clear as he came through the doors

at UCP and announced, “I’m here!”

This year, Bill’s voice has been absent. Poor

health prevents him from going out, and

Lorraine cares for him at home. “I give him the

best care possible,” she says, “but it’s not the

same as seeing people you’ve known for years

— the other clients, the staff. He is overjoyed

when he’s there.”

We don’t know if Bill will be able to come

back to UCP. But, along with his mother,

we’re making a special wish to hear his voice

and see his face at our door.

ucp makes wishes come true for …


what do adults with

disabilities wish for?

UCP answers those wishes with programs and services that start

when many others stop — as children reach adulthood.

They wish for independence and a

sense of accomplishment.

They wish for good times shared

with good friends.

They wish for a sense of belonging

with others beyond their family.

Our Adult Day Program helps people with multiple and

significant challenges connect to the world around them through

job training, skill-building for daily tasks, access to assistive

technology, and opportunities for recreation and socializing.

Home-based Services help people with developmental disabilities

thrive in their own communities, homes or small-group settings.

In providing these services, UCP acts as a facilitator for Illinois’

Home-based Support Program.

And Employment and Training programs offer career and

placement assistance. Through resume preparation, job-search

strategies and personalized career plans, UCP helps turn today’s

wishes into a brighter future.

gerardo, now 25, lives with cerebral palsy and spina bifida so severe he cannot hold

his body upright. as he grew too large for his mother to carry him, he was confined

to the ground level of his house. he could no longer reach his bedroom or even the

his home is

bath on the second floor. but now, with an inclined platform lift,

accessible for him. perhaps best of all, he has his own room again.

ucp grants wishes for ...

Accessibility and Mobility

what do people with limited

mobility wish for?

They may wish for what most of

us take for granted — going up

a flight of stairs or reaching the

kitchen cabinets.

They may wish for something

as basic as taking care of their

personal needs independently.

They wish to remove the barriers

standing in the way of their freedom.

Ramp Up helps people with disabilities live more independently,

connect with friends and neighbors, and share a richer family life.

Beyond wheelchair ramps, Ramp Up services include comprehensive

home modifications — from accessible bathrooms and transfertrack

systems to wider doorways and corridors — many could not

afford on their own.

For additional help, UCP’s Durable Medical Exchange offers a “wish

list” of equipment on a searchable Web site. People with permanent

or temporary disabilities can secure hospital beds, wheelchairs,

pediatric therapy equipment, canes and walkers, all free of charge.

As quickly as these programs have grown, the need has grown

faster. Those awaiting help may be marginalized, excluded from

activities beyond their front step, or beyond reach inside their own

house. Some could be institutionalized, at great emotional and

economic cost to themselves, their family and their community.

But with help, despite their limited mobility, they can reach what

they wish for most — to go where they wish, do what they want

and live as they please … because no one should ever be a few

steps away from independence.

“after attending our first regional training, our assistive technology team

had a new sense of direction and empowerment. we had limitless resources at

our fingertips. in one year, infinitec has trained more than 100 professionals

in my co-op alone. think about how many students each of them helps

educate. now that’s

‘infinite potential through technology’ ”

angie mendez, east central kansas

special education cooperative

ucp makes wishes come true for …

Professional Development

what do people who teach

and care for people with

disabilities wish for?

They wish to see eyes light up with

the joy of learning.

They wish to hear excited voices

sharing what they know.

They wish to expand their own

horizons with new understanding

and fresh perspectives.

UCP helps make wishes into everyday miracles, with professional

development programs designed to inform, involve and inspire.

Early Intervention Training reaches 8,000 providers across Illinois

each year. Through the EI Training Web site, UCP provides online

videos, sends frequent updates on training options and handles

an average of 100,000 requests monthly.

Information, Training and Education Services deliver state-of-theart

multimedia education programs for professionals, families,

and children and adults with disabilities. Programs are available

through seminars, manuals, audio and video discs, and online.

Infinitec Assistive Technology Coalition helps children with

disabilities succeed in mainstream classrooms. This year, more

than 1.2 million students in nearly 2,600 schools across Illinois

and Kansas got their wish for greater inclusion and independence

through Infinitec programs.

“we upgraded our computer systems and donated

the equipment to ATEN. the company received a tax

deduction, the systems did not go into a landfill,

and, best of all, the items were refurbished and

given to individuals with disabilities.”

rob crandall, inventory manager, unilever

Memorials & Bequests


Special Events



Revenue FY 2008

Government Grants $3,151,167 36.48%

Contributions $2,815,697 32.60%

Fees for Services $2,009,616 23.26%

Special Events $490,223 5.68%

Interest & Investments $119,861 1.39%

Miscellaneous $27,700 0.32%

Memorials & Bequests $23,675 0.27%

Grand Total $8,637,939 100%



Government Grants


Interest & Investments


Fees for





Expenses FY 2008

Program Services $7,767,586 89.53%

Fund Development $522,061 6.02%

Administration $386,247 4.45%

Grand Total $8,675,894 100%

Program Services




Fund Development


Summary of Results FY 2007 vs. FY 2008

2 0 0 8 2 0 0 7 c h a n g e

Revenue & Support $8,637,939 $8,422,249 $215,690


Program Services $7,767,586 89.53% $6,929,967 87.65% $837,619

Administrative $386,247 4.45% $434,441 5.49% $(48,194)

Fund Development $522,061 6.02% $542,083 6.86% $(20,022)

Total $8,675,894 100% $7,906,491 100% $769,403

explanation of results

• Revenues increased by $215,690, or 2.65%, over last year.

• Expenses increased by $769,403, or 9.73%, over last year. It is important to note that the

use of resources directly related to programs increased by $837,619, or 12.09%, whereas

administrative and fund development expenses decreased from the prior year. As a result,

89.53% of every dollar spent went directly to programs.

• The overall results for the year ended June 30, 2008, show a loss from operations of

$37,955, including depreciation expenses of $725,547; however, cash flow from operations,

adjusted for depreciation and other non-cash items, was a positive $771,352 for the year.

Women’s Board Member

Suzi Bramson Brooks,

with her husband, Chuck,

celebrates her 40 th Gambol.

Phil Utigard (far left), Dan Sreenan,

Paul Darby and Lou Jacobsohn

made a formidable foursome at

UCP’s Chip in Fore Hope.

Raffle grand prize winner

Robert Glavin (left) with

Linda Post, passes the bucks

to UCP’s Paul Dulle.

Great Chefs Tasting Party ®

Co-chairman and emcee Steve

Dolinsky, ABC7’s food reporter

(left), savors a successful event

with Co-chairman Tom Kenny,

Executive Chef of Mike Ditka’s

Restaurant, and Paul Dulle

of UCP.

2007 Women’s Board President

Deborah Lahey and UCP

President & CEO Paul Dulle

toast Gambol’s 40 th anniversary.


Chip in Fore Hope Event

Chairman John Fitzpatrick

(left) brought enthusiastic

new supporters to UCP.

Chef David DiGregorio

dishes with a colleague

from Osteria Via Stato

at the Great Chefs

Tasting Party ® .

Women’s Board members flank Ronald McDonald,

guest of the event’s corporate chair, McDonald’s

USA Executive Vice President and COO Jan Fields.

2007-2008 Honor Roll of Donors

Corporations, Foundations

and Organizations

$25,000 and over

Burke Beverage, Inc. (Kevin Burke)

Credit Suisse

Department of Economic Opportunity

Department of Veteran Affairs

Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc.

Salute, Inc.

Tellabs Corporation

Herbert C. Wenske Foundation

$15,000 – $24,999

Dr. Scholl Foundation

$10,000 – $14,999

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

The Hannah and Frank Grossman


McDonald’s Corporation (Jan Fields)

New Century Bank (J. Garland Smith)

$5,000 – $9,999


Aon Corporation

Argonne National Laboratory

The George & June Block Family


Chicago Mercantile Exchange

East Balt Commissary, Inc.

George M. Eisenberg Foundation

For Charities

Fair Oak Farms (Michael Thompson)

The Fogelson Foundation

Golden State Foods

Golub & Company

The HAVI Global Group Solutions, LP

Russel Reynolds Associates

Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard PC (T.J. Saye)

Solomon Cordwell Buenz

Walgreens (Kathleen Walgreen)

Walsh Construction

$2,500 – $4,999

The Abbott Laboratories Fund

ABC7 Chicago (Emily Barr)

Aileen S. Andrew Foundation

The Allyn Foundation, Inc.

Arbor Park School District

Baldwin Richardson Foods

DLA Piper (Steven Napolitano)

The Friends of Nathan Foundation

Gilson, Labus & Silverman

(Steven Gilson)

Home Run Inn Foundation

(Joseph Perrino)

Knights of Columbus No. 11091

Magnus Charitable Trust (Maria Magnus)

McCain Foods USA, Inc.

Power Construction Company, LLC

Reyes Holding, LLC

The Sheba Foundation

Stone Bridge Management, LLC

Thorn River Foundation

Turano Baking Company

US Bank

Wells Fargo Bank, NA

Wells Fargo Foundation

Whole Foods

William Blair & Company

$1,000 – $2,499

Allstate Giving Campaign

Best Buy Children’s Foundation

Blum-Kovler Foundation


Calamos Real Estate

Chicago’s Restaurant Guide

CSA Associates, Inc.

DickinsonGroup, LLC

Environmental Systems Design, Inc.

GE Foundation

Horizon Advisors, LLC

The Theodore & Gertrude Horwich


Jocarno Fund

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Sheldon L. & Pearl R. Leibowitz


Mesa Development

The Northern Trust Company, Inc.

Plum Design, Inc.

R Place

Arch W. Shaw Foundation

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Inc.

Employees’ Giving Program

Sikich LLP

Speer Financial, Inc.

Stage Development Company, LLC

Unity in Chicago

Verizon Foundation

WW Grainger, Inc.

$500 – $999

Ariel Capital Management, Inc.


Computer Associates International, Inc.

Daley and George, Ltd.

The Habitat Company


Littler Mendelson Foundation, Inc.

National Plastic Seals, Inc.

Olivia Bea Ross Foundation

Quality Croutons, Inc.

Strategic Staffing Solutions, Inc.

$250 – $499


Kominiarek Bresler Harvick

& Gudmunson

Lettuce Entertain You

Paul J. Skryd, Ltd.

Peters & Lyons, Ltd.

Polk Bros Foundation

$1 – $249

A.J. Smith Federal Savings Bank

Abbey Studios, Inc.

Abbott Laboratories Employee

Giving Campaign

Accurate Door South

All Guard Auto Alarm

Archer Veterinary Clinic

Barone’s of Crestwood

Boss Formalwear

Bristol Development

Captions and Subtitile Services

D.C. Ryan & Associates

De Re Tire & Auto, Inc.

Dewabs, Inc.

Diagnostics, Inc.

Douglas Allan Hair Salon

Edelstein Foundation

The Sidney Epstein & Sondra Berman

Epstein Foundation

Heart of Chicago Association

The Hlavin Agency

Jedynka Club

Jewel Food Stores

Kennedy & Associates

Kizaric Properties, LLC

Lifecircle Women’s Health, SC

Meinke Discount Mufflers

Midlothian Firefighters Association

Monsanto Fund

Moreno’s Discount Liquors

Noral Distributors, Inc.

Old Orland Insurance Agency, Inc.

One Stop Insurance Agency

Palos Electric Company

Penny Lane Schools Ltd.

Silver Lake Golf Club, Incorporated

Sloan Valve Company

Sun-Times News Group

The Tender Trap, Ltd.

Triple R Child Care, Inc.

Vacha’s Forest Flowers

VFW Bartonville Auxiliary 3883

VFW Bellwood Memorial-Pull Tabs, Inc.

VFW Iroquois County Post 7450

VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post 2859

VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post 7712 -

Niles Memorial

VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post 9284

VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post 9773 -

Hometown Murray

VFW Ladies Auxillary Post 5079

VFW Post 10778 - Western Springs


VFW Post 1128 - Roy W. Nelson

VFW Post 1604 - Chicago’s Very Own

VFW Post 1891 - John R. Beck

VFW Post 235 - Louis D. David

The Wieland Family Foundation

Women of the Evangelical

Church of America

Y925, LLC


$15,000 – $19,999

The Estate of Morton J. Hauslinger

$10,000 – $14,999

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Mr. and Mrs. John Lahey

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Ryan

$5,000 – $9,999

Ms. Emily L. Barr and Mr. Scott Kane

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Drew

Mr. Lee Flaherty

Ms. Amy Hannon

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Hughes

Mrs. Betty Levinson

Dr. Karen L. Maloney

Mr. and Mrs. James Oberman

Mr. Vincent Spaeth

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tribbett

Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Utigard

$2,500 – $4,999

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Behrman

Mrs. Marti A. DeGraaf and

Mr. Jonathan T. Mack

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Desmond

Mr. Patrick Donley

Dr. and Mrs. Harun Durudogan

Mr. and Mrs. James V. Garvey

Mr. Kal Hassan

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Heilmann

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Z. Koryczan

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lancaster

Mr. and Mrs. David Pepper

Mr. Jon Northway and

Mrs. Paula Richardson

The Estate of Arthur Rubloff

Mr. Herschel L. Seder

Mr. and Mrs. Chris P. Stefanos

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Thompson

$1,000 – $2,499

Mrs. Catherine J. Avena

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Barnes

Mr. Charles E. Brooks and

Mrs. Suzan Bramson Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffri Chardell

Ms. Peggy A. Childs

Mr. Michael Daley

Mr. Jeremy Davis

Mrs. Phyllis A. Diamond

Ms. Alice E. Dolan

Mr. Neil E. Drohan

The Honorable and

Mrs. David A. Erickson

Mr. John Fitzpatrick

Mr. Philip Garoon

Mrs. Louise Hart

Ms. Debra A. Jennings-Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. William Kunkel

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Levine

Mr. Bruce Liimatainen

Mrs. Pamela A. Marr

Mr. and Mrs. John M. McCarthy

Dr. and Mrs. David J. McElligott

Mr. David McGranahan

Mr. Samir Mirza

Ms. Susan M. O’Donovan

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pacana

Mrs. Lorraine D. Phifer

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Picone

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery R. Rech

Ms. Patrice A. Riebel

Ms. Susan Rojek

Ms. Ellen R. Rose

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Schadler

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell L. Slotnick

Ms. Madonna Spence

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sweeney

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice B. Tennant

Mr. Ken Hauff and

Mrs. Cricket Trutter Hauff

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. Hao C.H. Zhang

$500 – $999

Mr. and Mrs. James Biesadecki

Mr. Timothy Bixler

Mr. Jeff A. Brody

Mr. Duane Brueggemann

Mr. Todd A. Buchner

Mr. and Mrs. Vince Bufalino

Mr. Patrick D. Burke

Ms. Irene M. Catanese

Mr. Steve Clements

Mr. and Mrs. Kim Cook

Mr. Patrick A. Cronin

Ms. Sarah Dulle

Mr. John Durbrow and

Ms. Karen Steingraber

Mr. and Mrs. Marv Dyson

Mrs. Mary Eugene

Mr. and Mrs. Tomas Farrell

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Feinberg

Ms. Kathy Fergemann

Mr. Gregory Ferguson

Dr. and Mrs. Michael T. Flavin

Mr. and Mrs. John George

Mr. Mike Giambrone and

Ms. Sheila Mussolino

Mrs. Sandy Golub

Ms. Grace R. Greenberg

Mr. Christian Halscheid

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Hochberg

Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Hughes

Mr. Andrew Hutson

Mr. Craig Kappel

Ms. Therese Keating

Mr. Larry Kosanovich

Mr. Joel A. Litman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael McMahon

Ms. Pamela A. McNichols

Mr. Dave Meyer

Ms. Megan Milich

Ms. Heather Miller

Ms. Stephanie Nuspl

Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Connor

Ms. Emily Paris

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Pepper

Mr. Marion Porento

Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Jacques Porret

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Procunier

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Roeck

Mr. and Mrs. William Rubenstein

Mr. Nick Trikolas

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Vahl

Mr. Michael T. Van Cleve

Ms. Darby Zwagerman

$250 – $499

Mr. Matthew Beitzel

Ms. Joelin Berbert

Mr. Paul Berghoff

Mr. Steven Bock

Ms. Rosemary Bovawood

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Brooks

Mr. Scott Burack

Ms. Erin Carpenter

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Cichon

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Coates

Ms. Mona Dajani

Ms. Dorothy DeCarlo

Ms. Kelly Dolan

Mr. Todd A. Erickson

Ms. Dora E. Eskridge

Mr. Tom Evans

Mr. Lozell Fishback

Mr. Ralph Freye

Mrs. Corrine R. Gasner

Mr. Edward A. Ghislandi

Mr. John Giambarbaree

Mr. and Mrs. Zoran Gracer

Mr. Philipe Hall

Mrs. Marian Hernandez

Mr. Reagan Hogerty

Ms. Rosie James

Mr. Brian L. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Kelley

Mr. Scott P. Kieser

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Kistner

Ms. Ashley Lawther

Ms. Meagan LeGear

Mr. David V. Lissner and

Mrs. Terri Silverstone

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Loos

Ms. Denise Maggio

Mr. Keith O. Marks

Mr. Robert D. McClure

Mr. Michael McConnell

Mr. William Miller

Mr. Barton J. Neri

Ms. Robin Nolan

Mr. Kevin O’Dwyer

Ms. Marina Olomon

Ms. Gineen O’Neil

Mr. James R. Osterhout

Ms. Linda L. Owens

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Paton

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Peterson

Mrs. Karen Phelan

Mr. Alex Piagnarelli

Ms. Odessa Pickett

Ms. Amy Pogore

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Polich

Mr. Alan M. Polikoff

Mr. Steve Reaven

Ms. Holly Reed

Mr. Reggie Reed

Mr. Kevin Reher

Mrs. Mary C. Rogulich

Mr. Steven P. Rosenmutter

Mr. T.J. Saye

Mr. Jacob T. Schmitz

Ms. Pattie Sheehan

Mr. J. Garland Smith

Ms. Patricia Steen

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sterbis

Mr. Robb Stone

Ms. Cherie Verhines

Ms. Barbara Wagner

Dr. Thomas J. Wodniak

Mr. Chris Young

Mr. Joe Zuercher

$1 – $249

Mr. Gary Achepohl

Ms. Mary Adams

Ms. Tonetha Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Adcock

Mr. Dominick Adducci

Ms. Nancy A. Agajeenian

Mr. Bradley Agdern

Ms. Victoria Aigner

Ms. Melodie Ainslie

Mr. Robert J. Alberts

Dr. Marlene Alejos

Ms. Deborah Alexander

Mr. Greg Alkhas

Ms. Joyce Allen

Ms. Beverly S. Anderson

Mr. Bob Anderson

Ms. Maryann Anderson

Mr. Alan R. Andrea

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Andriano

Ms. Karen L. Annichiarico

Mr. Harold Ansell

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew O. Apolon

Mrs. Lee Applegate-Perez

Ms. Tina Arena

Mr. and Mrs. Warren G. Armstrong

Mr. and Mrs. Neil G. Aronson

Ms. Patricia J. Arthurs

Ms. Frances Arvia

Mrs. Betty A. Asaro

Ms. Kate Aseltyne

Mr. Charlie Attlan

Mr. William August

Mr. Chris Augustine

Mr. Joseph Aurelio

Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Axelrod

Mr. Ali M. Azim

Ms. Beth Babcock

Ms. Laura Bachman

Ms. Kate Bacon

Mrs. Mary T. Bagniewski

Mrs. William Baier

Ms. Tammi L. Baier

Mr. and Mrs. James Bailey

Ms. Anna Bajzek

Ms. Madelyn Baker

Ms. Pamela Baker

Mr. Shay Baldwin

Mrs. Melanie M. Balzer

Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Bannon

Mrs. Jan E. Baranek

Mrs. Gwynne Barba

Ms. Mary L. Bareither

Ms. Carolyn Barr

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Barrett

Dr. and Mrs. Erwin P. Barrington

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bartos

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Bartusiak

Mrs. Mary Barzyk

Mr. Wayne Basch

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Baumgart

Ms. Janet L. Bean

Mr. Jay R. Beaulieu

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Becker

Ms. Linda M. Bedier

Ms. MaryBeth Beechen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Behm

Ms. Marcella Behrman

Mr. Mark Behrman

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Benesch

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Benker

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew V. Bennett

Mr. Mike Benoit

Ms. Delores Bergen

Ms. Mary F. Berger

Mr. Arnold S. Berk

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Berlage

Ms. Laura Berliner

Mr. Kenneth M. Bernatek

Ms. Beverly Bernzen

Mrs. Marian J. Betley

Mr. Punil Bhula

Ms. Jo Ella Biang

Mr. Bernard Biegel

Ms. Winifred Biernacki

Ms. Debra Bikar

Mr. James W. Bird

Mr. Randy Birten

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Blackwell

Ms. Shana Blair

Ms. Patricia M. Blazek

Ms. Adrienne Bobbe

Mr. John R. Bobko

Mr. Darren Bock

Ms. Kathy Boedecker

Mr. Phil Bogolub

Mr. and Mrs. David Bohr

Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Bolger

Mr. and Mrs. Denio R. Bolzan

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bonistalli

Ms. Lucretia E. Bonner

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bonomo, Jr.

Mr. Clarence Booth

Mr. John Bordes

Mr. Joseph A. Borgmann

Ms. Sandra Bottner

Ms. Pat Bouchard-Case

Ms. Joanne Bowen

Mr. and Mrs. Roland D. Bowker

Mr. and Mrs. Loren T. Bowns

Ms. Kathryn S. Boyle

Mrs. Ruth Bradford

Ms. Jackie Bragen

Ms. Helen Brandau

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Brandt

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Bratney

Mr. Ryan Braun

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bremer

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Brennan

Ms. Anne F. Brescia

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Brescia

Ms. Amy Bresky

Mr. and Mrs. Mikel S. Briggs

Mr. Peter M. Brink

Mrs. Mary J. Brockhaus

Mr. William Brogan

Dr. and Mrs. Jay Bronner

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brown

Ms. Nancy Brown

Mr. Richard Brown

Mr. Robert Brown

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Brown

Mr. Jeff Bruce

Ms. and Mrs. Marianne C. Bruck

Mr. Adam Bruettig

Ms. Barbara Brunetti

Mr. Mark Buchanan

Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Buck

Mr. and Mrs. William Buckley

Mrs. Jacqueline C. Budwitis

Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Buffington Jr.

Mr. Kevin Burns

Ms. Margaret Burns

Mr. Mike Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Burns

Mr. Ken Burr

Mr. Dennis Butenhoff

Ms. Lynette Bylina

Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Byrne

Ms. Roz Byrne

Ms. Kimbery Caldwell

Ms. Nancy Callaghan

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Camalick

Ms. Amy P. Campanelli

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Campbell

Ms. Jean Y. Campbell

Mr. James Cannon

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Cappello

Mr. and Mrs. Gasper Cardinale

Ms. Caryn Carlson

Ms. Casey Carrabine

Ms. Cecile C. Carsello

Ms. Laura Carston

Ms. Cheryl L. Carter

Ms. Rochelle Carter

Ms. Cathy Casey

Ms. Katie Casey

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cassata

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Caswell

Mr. Mike Cavanaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Ceebin

Ms. Jacklyn Celano

Mrs. Margaret Centeno

Mr. Marc Cervantes

Mr. John J. Chandler

Mr. Martin Chavez

Mr. James Chiapetta

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Childs

Mrs. Diane B. Chin

Mrs. Mary W. Chin

Mr. George Ching

Ms. Lynne Chinino

Mr. Robert S. Chirinko and

Ms. Barbara G. Cohen

Mr. Nick V. Chiusolo

Mrs. Cynthia Chmura

Mrs. Marlene Christ

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Christiano

Ms. Cheryl Christofilos

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Chyson

Ms. Michelle Ciabattari

Ms. Nancy Ciancio

Ms. Lois C. Cichowicz

Ms. Kathleen Cieslak

Mr. Joseph Cioffi

Ms. Patricia Clancy

Ms. Susan Clauser

Ms. Elaine C. Clemens

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Clifford

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Cline

Mr. Patrick Coffey

Mr. Fred Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Cohen

Mr. Robert F. Coit

Mr. and Mrs. Ciro Coletta

Mr. Chris Collins

Mr. Fred Coluzzi

Ms. Terri L. Comerford

Ms. Nancy J. Conley Burke

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Connell

Mr. Terry Connelly

Mr. James Contorno

Ms. Denise Conway

Mrs. Catherine Cook

Mr. Hugh Cook

Mr. Keith Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Coran

Mrs. Aileen Cornbleet

Ms. Norma Corona

Ms. Arlene E. Cosentino

Ms. Janet B. Costanzo

Ms. Diane Cotter

Ms. Sonja Cotton

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Coughlin

Rep. Elizabeth A. Coulson and

Mr. William Coulson

Mr. Matt Couri

Ms. Marie A. Covers

Mr. and Mrs. George Cowan

Ms. Pamela Cozzi

Mr. Hunter Craig

Mrs. Jacquelyn S. Craven

Ms. Carolyn Creed

Mrs. Marianne J. Cronin

Mr. and Mrs. Hector W. Cruz

Mr. Frank Cuccio

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Cuevas

Mrs. Mary K. Cullen

Mr. George Cullina

Mr. Chad Curtis

Ms. Marie Curtis

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Cuvala

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cymerman

Ms. Emma L. Dabney

Mrs. Janet L. Dabrowski

Mr. James D. Dace

Mr. Andrian R. Dacy and

Ms. Dina Rukeyser

Ms. Susannah M. Dailey

Mr. Brian Dainton

Mr. and Mrs. John D’Ambrosio

Ms. Margery S. Damm

Mr. Josh Damon

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dandurand

Ms. Valerie Danek

Ms. Nonie Danna

Mr. and Mrs. Lino A. Darchun

Ms. Kathleen A. Darling

Mr. James F. Davis, II

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis

Ms. Kathleen T. Davis

Ms. Linda M. De Lorenzo

Mr. and Mrs. Robert De Vogelaere

Ms. Linda G. Dean

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Mrs. Stephanie DeCarlo

Ms. Delores E. Decker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Dederick

Ms. Gabriel Delbene

Mr. Paul Demott

Ms. Patricia A. Demsko

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dennis

Mr. Peter Dennis

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Dereu

Mr. Jeremy L. Dershow

Mr. Sean Devine

Ms. Ann Dickett

Mrs. Arlene Dill

Ms. Michele K. Dillon

Mr. Rich DiStefano

Mr. Don Dixon

Ms. Karen Dixon

Mr. and Mrs. John Dlutowski

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Dobill

Ms. Barbara A. Dolan

Mrs. Hermia H. Dolgoff

Ms. Frances L. Domanskis

Ms. Ruby J. Donahue

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Donovan

Ms. Mary Doran

Ms. Joan B. Dorn

Mr. Jeffrey W. Douthit

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Downey

Mr. Byrne Doyle

Mr. Michael R. Doyle

Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Dreebin

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Drent

Mr. Mathaue Dubert

Ms. Catherine A. Dulle

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy R. Dulle

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Dunn

Ms. Julia Dunson

Ms. Kelly Durkin

Mr. Sean Durkin

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Durland

Dr. and Mrs. Yilmaz Durudogan

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Dvorak

Ms. Lisa Dyer

Mr. David M. Dykstra

Mr. Mitchell E. Dziak

Mrs. Barbara Dziewinski

Ms. Helen C. Eames

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Earner

Mr. Richard Earnisse

Mr. Mark Eckerle

Mr. Yannis Economou

Ms. Joyce E. Eddy

Mr. Charles B. Edelstein

Ms. Juliet J. Eiber

Ms. Susan Eichendorf

Ms. Amy L. Einfeld

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Elliott

Ms. Rocca Elliott

Mrs. Patricia Ellis

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Emmering

Mr. Brian Eng

Mr. Jim Englert

Ms. Eileen English

Mrs. Susan S. Epich

Mr. and Mrs. Art Evans

Ms. Lettie M. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Everette

Ms. Lynn Evers

Mrs. Betty Fabry

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fahey

Ms. Wendy Farmer

Ms. Audrey Farrell

Ms. Jill L. Farrell

Mrs. Diane Faxel

Mrs. Judith Faxel

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Feldman

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry K. Fellows

Ms. Linda Ferguson

Mr. John M. Ferrara

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Ferraro

Ms. Christine A. Feuerstein

Mr. and Mrs. Ottavio Finaldi

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Finn

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fischer

Mr. Ed Fischer

Mr. and Mrs. James Fischer

Mr. Kurt Fischer

Mr. Raymond Fish

Mr. Scott M. Fisher

Mr. Daniel Fitzgerald

Mr. Kevin B. Fitzgerald

Mr. Pat Fitzgerald

Mr. Jimmy Flaherty

Mr. John D. Flaherty

Mrs. Nancy A. Flanagan

Mrs. Sherry G. Fleming

Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Flynn

Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Follett

Ms. Gertrude A. Ford

Mrs. Roberta K. Forde

Mr. and Mrs. John Formentini

Mrs. Helen Forster

Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred J. Forster

Ms. Margaret E. Fortney

Mr. David Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Fotopoulos

Mr. Dwayne K. Fox

Ms. Carol Fracek

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frankenstein

Ms. Miriam Franklin

Ms. Beverly A. Frankovich

Mr. John Frasor

Mr. Patrick Fravel

Ms. Tiffany Frederick

Ms. Shirley Freely

Mr. Alan Freeman

Ms. Ida Freidin

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Frelichowski

Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. French

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Frentzel

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Fried

Mrs. Joanne B. Friedland

Ms. Marie Fritton

Ms. Beth Frye

Mrs. Robert R. Fuesel

Ms. Holly J. Fulp

Mrs. Suzanne T. Fumi

Ms. Linda Furlan

Mrs. Thomas L. Furman

Mrs. Marilyn J. Gabrysiak

Ms. Stephanie M. Gabrysiak

Dr. Deborah Gaebler-Spira

Mr. and Mrs. David Gaichas

Mr. Michael Galbreath

Ms. Roswitha P. Galinski

Ms. Dawsie Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gallagher

Mrs. Rita S. Gallagher

Mr. John L. Gannon

Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Gannon

Mr. Andrew Gantenbein

Ms. Kathleen Garcia

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gardner

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gaskey

Ms. Nina D. Gaspich

Mr. Dave Gauger

Ms. Mary L. Gebka

Ms. Mary K. Gerardi

Mr. Rich Gerhard

Ms. Lisa Gibbs

Ms. Ernestine Gibson

Mrs. Margaret A. Giermak

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Gilbert

Ms. Peggy Gilligan

Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Gilson

Mrs. Lucy Gimble

Mr. and Mrs. David Giordano

Mrs. Sally Girardi

Mr. Robert Girolimon

Mrs. Joanne L. Glatz

Ms. Evelyn L. Glazier

Dr. and Ms. Ira O. Glick

Ms. Susan Glick

Mr. Grant D. Gochnauer

Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Goldberg

Mr. and Mrs. James Golding

Mr. Gerald M. Goldman

Ms. Joyce Golob

Ms. Mary S. Gomulka

Mr. Jordan Goodman

Ms. Bernadette M. Gorecki

Ms. Suzan M. Gorham

Mrs. Nancy Gorman

Mr. Terry L. Graber

Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Grady

Ms. Susan H. Grandys

Ms. Caroline Graves

Mr. J.H. Gray

Mrs. William R. Gray

Mr. Sean Gray

Ms. Shelly Gray

Ms. Grace Grayson

Mr. Ronald Graziano

Mr. Allen P. Green

Mrs. Susan L. Greskoviak

Mr. Greg Grill

Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Grill

Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Grisko

Dr. Robert Gropler and

Mrs. Donna Farmer

Mr. Michael Gross

Ms. Rena Grossi

Mr. Donald J. Grossman

Ms. Betty J. Gruber

Mr. and Mrs. George G. Grudnowski

Mr. Faustino Guerrero

Ms. Susan Guldan

Mr. Steve Guranovich

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Gutfreund

Mr. Alfred J. Gutman

Ms. Alice J. Gzela

Ms. Nancy A. Hacker

Ms. Sarah Hackett

Mr. Edward Haffey

Mrs. Joyce C. Hahn

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hallberg

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Haller

Mr. John J. Halloran

Dr. Ann Hameeduddin

Mr. David Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hammerschlag

Mr. and Mrs. James Hannigan

Mrs. Abby L. Hans

Ms. Marion C. Hansen

Mrs. Nancy A. Harmening

Ms. Deborah Harp

Ms. Damiene J. Harr

Mr. Chris Harris

Mr. George Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harris

Mr. Timothy J. Harris

Ms. Janet Hart

Ms. Marylou Hartley

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hartman

Ms. Linda Hartman

Ms. Barbara D. Hartnett

Ms. Christine A. Hassel

Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Hatch

Ms. Dorothy Hauser

Ms. Karen Hayes

Mr. Kenneth Hayes

Mr. Phil Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. George Healey

Ms. Elizabeth Hedrick

Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Heidtbrink

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Heim

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Heimsoth

Mr. Christopher Hein

Mr. Dan Heintz

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Heldmann

Dr. Cynthia Henderson and

Mr. Prentiss Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Hendrickson

Ms. Susan Hennessy

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henson

Ms. Terri Heraty

Mr. and Mrs. John Herman

Ms. Teresita H. Hernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Hestad

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hickey

Ms. Helen M. Hickey-Wanshek

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Higgins

Ms. Patricia A. Hilbring

Mrs. Kim Hnatio

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoagland

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hoelzel

Mr. Don Hoffman

Ms. Helen Hoffman

Mr. Mark Hoffman

Mr. Mark A. Hoffmeister

Mr. Dave Hohulin

Ms. Mona L. Hook

Ms. Joyce Hooks

Mr. David Hough

Ms. Sylvia Hourihane

Ms. Marion M. Hoyda

Mr. F. B. Hubachek, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. George Huffman

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Hull

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Hummer

Ms. Lisa A. Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Huntsha

Dr. David Iaccino

Mrs. Barbara E. Iacobelli

Mr. John R. Iacono

Ms. Gloria Ibarra

Mr. Robert Imig

Ms. Johanna Ingo

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Jachowicz

Mr. Darrell Jackson

Ms. Elizabeth Jackson

Ms. Mary Jacob

Mr. Fruman Jacobson

Mr. Howard J. Jacobson

Ms. Sheila A. Jannotta

Ms. Kristin A. Jasieniecki

Mr. James Jelinek

Mr. and Mrs. Dale J. Jensen

Ms. Deborah Jensen

Mr. Michael Jentel

Mrs. Jean S. Jerabek

Ms. Alice M. Johnson

Ms. Arlene M. Johnson

Ms. Carla L. Johnson

Ms. Carol B. Johnson

Ms. Cathy L. Johnson

Mr. Gerald Johnson

Ms. Mary C. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Johnson

Mr. David Jones

Mr. Jeff R. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Jorgensen

Ms. Roberta Jorik

Mrs. Irene M. Joseph

Ms. Joyce D. Josepher

Ms. Pearl Jovanovich

Ms. Donna Judd

Mrs. Anne P. Jula

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Jurek

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jurlow

Ms. Heather Kabnick

Ms. Patricia A. Kaczor

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Kadish

Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Kagan

Mrs. Carole J. Kagan

Mrs. Bonnie J. Kakareka

Mr. Dave Kalas

Mr. Mike Kalas

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Kamp

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Kamradt

Ms. Sweta Kapadia

Mr. Milton A. Kapicka

Mrs. Mary T. Kapolnek

Mr. Anshul Kapoor

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Karlo

Ms. Elizabeth W. Karnick

Mr. Brian Kase

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley N. Kase

Mrs. Lana S. Kaske

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kasper

Mr. and Mrs. Aggelos Katsaggelos

Mr. Colin M. Kay

Ms. Jean M. Kay

Mrs. Geraldine M. Keane

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keegan

Ms. Mary R. Keeling

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Keevil

Ms. Valerie Kehoe

Ms. Jennifer Keller

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kelley

Dr. and Mrs. Gerhard Kelter

Ms. Loren Kemp

Ms. Doris Kennedy

Ms. Dorothy Kennedy

Ms. Deborah Kentner

Ms. Joan Kerkla

Ms. Frances Kern

Ms. Mary Pat Kerrigan

Ms. Sharon Keslin

Mr. Mark Killian

Mr. Alan P. Kimmel

Mr. Don Kindstrane

Mrs. Caryl J. King

Mr. and Mrs. Edward King

Ms. Joan A. King

Mr. and Mr. Richard P. Kiphart

Ms. Betty L. Kiszkan

Ms. Karyn Kitley

Mr. Kurt Kliewonit

Ms. Linda M. Kling

Mrs. Carol E. Klockowski

Mrs. Mary A. Klug

Mrs. Therese Kmetty

Ms. Denise Knafelz

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Knowski

Mr. Mike Knutel

Mr. Michael Koch

Mr. Gerry Koci

Ms. Elizabeth Kociolek

Ms. Evelyn L. Koczur

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koepel

Mr. Michael Kohlmaier

Ms. Maybrith I. Kohn

Mr. and Mrs. James Kohout

Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Kolb, II

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil F. Kolb

Mrs. Judie A. Konezney

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Koob

Mr. Ali Koohang

Mrs. Kristine K. Kopcinski

Mrs. Nancy L. Koran

Ms. Joyce Koranda

Mrs. Pamela Kosmos

Ms. Linda M. Koss

Mr. Manolis Kostantindis

Mr. Peter Kotun

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kovacevich

Ms. Leona T. Kovacic

Ms. Kathy Kovanich

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Kozlowski

Ms. Patricia L. Kraai

Ms. Darlene Krawczyk

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Krawczyk

Mr. and Mrs. William Kretzer

Ms. Margaret Krichbaum

Mrs. Helen Kritikros

Ms. Sharon Kroopkin

Ms. Tina M. Krueger

Ms. Pamela Ksepka

Mr. David W. Kubiak

Ms. Katharine Kuester

Ms. Helen M. Kuhl

Mrs. Arlene E. Kuiken

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Kulik

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kumicich

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kustak

Ms. Cynthia Kutschke

Ms. Jean M. Kuyawa

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Kvedaras

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Kwasigroch

Ms. Ethel Kyles

Mr. Daryl Lab

Mr. George Lacien

Ms. Katherine Ladislas

Ms. Janice Laging

Ms. Margaret D. Lamont

Ms. Carolyn A. Lane

Ms. Lorelei Lane

Mr. and Mrs. Al Langenbahn

Ms. Kate Langley

Ms. Gayle H. Lantz

Mr. Richard Laporte

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Larson

Mr. David Larson

Mrs. Judith Larson

Mr. Tom Lass

Ms. Lisa Latal

Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Latzke

Mr. Timothy Lavelle

Mrs. Kathleen J. Lawlor

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lawrisuk

Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon Lazar

Ms. Mary J. Lazzari

Mr. and Mrs. John Le Noble

Ms. Ruth Lebeau

Mr. John R. Lebert

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie LeBrun

Mr. Peter Ledebuhr

Mr. Soo U. Lee

Ms. Terri Leek

Mr. Ken Lejkowski

Mr. David Lencioni

Mr. Mike Lenhart

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Lentfer

Ms. Lynn Lepper

Mr. Joe Letke

Ms. Vicki Leuck

Ms. Judith A. Levin

Ms. Alisa Levine

Mrs. Patricia A. Levine

Mr. and Mrs. Irving Leviton

Mr. Robert Lewandowski

Ms. Sandra M. Leyva

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Liberatore

Ms. Joyce Lichauco

Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Lind

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Lindstrom

Mrs. Karen Lingle

Mr. and Mrs. James Lipinski

Ms. Alissa Lipson

Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Lipton

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Liszeo

Mrs. Alma Little

Ms. Janine Lockman

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Loebbaka

Mr. Richard I. Loewenstein

Mr. Daniel Loftus

Mr. Tom Logsdon

Mr. William Logsdon

Ms. Susan E. Lohan

Dr. and Mrs. David A. Loiterman

Mr. Thomas J. Lonergan

Ms. Marlene T. Long

Ms. Christina Loos

Ms. Linda Loparco

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lopez

Mr. Kevin Lougahi

Mrs. Linda C. Lozier

Mr. Dennis Ludden

Ms. Carol S. Lueth

Ms. Stephanie Lukich

Ms. Mary Luna

Ms. Mary Lunn

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Lutchen

Mr. Cary Lyne

Ms. Joanne Lyons

Mr. Michael J. Lyons

Ms. Carol A. Mabus

Mr. Jonathan Mack

Mrs. Barbara J. Mackey

Mr. Nancy J. MacMullen

Ms. Karen Madden

Ms. Barbara Magaha

Ms. Barbara Magliola

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mahan

Mr. Brian Mahler

Ms. Kathleen Mahlum

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mair

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Maita

Ms. Lori Majchrowicz

Ms. Patricia Majka

Mrs. Linda Malone

Mr. John J. Malyszka

Mr. and Mrs. David Manchester

Mr. John Mantsch

Mrs. Martha D. Marin

Ms. Ruth L. Marinello

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Marold

Ms. Andrea Marquez

Mr. Daniel Marquez

Ms. Linda Marr

Mr. Mario Marr

Mr. Joshua Marso

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Martin

Ms. Loretta G. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Martino

Ms. Helen L. Maruszak

Mrs. Rita T. Mashechko

Ms. Lorene Mason

Ms. Kimberly A. Massell

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Mate

Ms. Elisabeth Matesky

Ms. Margarite K. Mathis

Ms. Rosemary Mathis

Mrs. Martha Matrisciano

Mrs. Lynne Matsumoto

Mrs. Erlyne E. Matusewicz

Mr. Walter O. Maul, Jr.

Ms. Eleni Mavrakis

Ms. Nicole Mayer

Ms. Earline Mayo

Ms. Kathleen W. Mc Alvany

Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. McAlpine

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. McAndrews

Mrs. Sallie A. McBride

Mrs. Frances M. McCabe

Mr. Jason McCabe

Ms. Janice R. McCafferty

Mr. Michael A. McCann

Mr. Michael McCarihan

Mr. Tom McCarthy

Mr. and Mrs. John McCarty

Ms. Nancy McConnell

Mr. Ed McCormick

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. McCoy

Mr. John McCroskey

Mr. Anthony McDowell

Ms. Donna McElheney

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. McElroy

Ms. Elizabeth McGee

Mr. Jerome McGowan

Ms. Noreen McGowan

Ms. Mary McGrath

Mrs. Dave McKee

Mr. Patrick McKenzie

Mrs. Catherine J. McMahon

Mrs. Leah J. McMaken

Ms. Sharon E. McNamara

Mr. and Mrs. Martin McNeela

Ms. Judith K. McNeil

Mr. Sean McWalter

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne H. Meagher

Mr. and Mrs. David Meccia

Ms. Cynthia C. Menker

Mr. Gregory Menn

Mr. Mickie Meyer

Mrs. Anna Mae Michaels

Mr. Dale Michalak

Ms. Susan I. Mierendorf

Ms. Aldona Milauckas

Ms. Barbara J. Miller

Mrs. Dolores S. Miller

Mrs. Patricia L. Miller

Mrs. Stella T. Miller

Ms. Susan Miller

Ms. Jacqueline A. Milton

Ms. Arlene Minas

Ms. Nichole Mirocha

Mr. Peter J. Miscinski

Ms. Ellen Mitchell

Ms. Gail Mitchell

Mr. Brian Mittelstaedt

Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Moe

Mr. Robert Mohs

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Molfese

Mr. Dennis J. Molloy

Dr. and Mrs. Hyman M. Molotsky

Ms. Liz Molton

Mr. Andrew Monaco

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Monaco, Jr.

Ms. Joanne Monroe

Ms. Hellen Montgomery

Ms. Julia W. Montgomery

Mr. B. Monzures

Mrs. Patricia Moody

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moore

Ms. Mary Ann Morales

Ms. Marilyn R. Moran

Mr. Mark Morehouse

Ms. Marilyn Morgan

Mr. Allen Morgen

Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Morris

Ms. Elizabeth Morse

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Moskovitz

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mrugacz

Ms. Virginia Mucci

Ms. Terri Muckian

Mr. John Mueller

Ms. Margaret E. Mugica

Mr. Gerald Mulcahy

Mr. William P. Mullane, Jr.

Mr. Tom Mulrenin

Mr. and Mrs. James Mulvaney

Ms. Leslie Mulvihill

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Murphy

Ms. Courtney Murtaugh

Ms. Carin Murtha

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mustari

Mr. Peter Nagel

Ms. Jeanne Napolitano

Mr. Jim Nappo

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Naso

Mr. Lionel Nathan

Ms. Nancy L. Nauheimer

Ms. Mary A. Neary

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Nelson

Mrs. Janet L. Nelson

Ms. Marcia E. Nelson

Ms. Carol Nesteikis

Mr. David R. Neubauer

Mrs. Dolores M. Neumann

Mr. Greg Neumarke

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Nevin

Mr. Robb Newinski

Mr. and Mrs. Augustine Nicastro

Ms. Judith Niedermaier

Mr. Joseph A. Nigro, Jr.

Mrs. June C. Ninnemann

Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Noles

Mr. Adam Nordin

Ms. Lillian E. Novak

Mrs. Paulette Novakovich

Mr. Robert Novelle

Ms. Lois Nutley

Ms. Carol Obergfel

Ms. Maureen O’Brien

Mrs. Mary O’Connor

Ms. Patricia M. O’Connor

Ms. Loretta O’Daniel

Ms. Loretta M. O’Donnell

Ms. Rebecca Oehmen

Ms. Mary O’Gorman

Mr. and Mrs. Fred O’Kasick

Mrs. Marilyn O’Keefe

Mrs. Nijole V. Oker

Ms. Patricia L. Oleck

Ms. Marilyn E. Olson

Ms. Sheila A. Olson

Ms. Mary T. O’Malley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O’Malley

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Omanson

Ms. Gineen O’Nell

Ms. Susan Oostman

Mr. Robert Opferman

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. O’Reilly

Mrs. Diane L. Orlowski

Ms. Jackie O’Rourke

Ms. Betty J. Ortaggio

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Osborne

Ms. JoEllyn Ostapkowicz

Ms. Charlene Otero

Ms. Josette Otten

Ms. Laurie K. Owen

Mrs. Sally Ozinga

Mr. Jonathan Paetsch

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Palmer

Ms. Theresa Paluch

Ms. Mary Papan

Mrs. Catherine Parker

Ms. Ethel Parker

Ms. Valerie Paro

Ms. Francine Parr

Mr. Anthony Parzgnat

Mr. Travis Pascavis

Ms. Donna Pastiak

Ms. Angela Pastorek

Mr. Sandeep Patel

Mr. and Mrs. Shilpesh Patel

Ms. Eleanor K. Patterson

Ms. Melissa Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. George Paulson

Mr. Alexei Pavlovitch

Mr. and Mrs. Dino Pavoni

Ms. Anna Pawlak

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Payonk

Mr. Richard J. Pazdzioch

Ms. Cary Pearlman

Ms. Diane Pehr

Ms. Catherine M. Pekoz

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Pepper

Ms. Jeanne B. Pepper

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Perez

Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Persino

Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Peters

Mr. Cleo B. Petersen

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Peterson

Mrs. Michelle A. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Pfeifer

Ms. Amelia R. Phelps

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Phillips

Mr. Anthony M. Picchiotti

Mr. John Picken

Ms. Debra A. Piechalak

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell A. Piekut

Ms. Janice Pielet

Ms. Grace W. Pierce

Mrs. Marie A. Pierce

Ms. Cynara C. Pierzina

Mr. John B. Pilant

Dr. Burton G. Pinchuk

Ms. Sherry Pine

Mr. and Mrs. James Pinkston

Ms. Cheryl M. Pinotti

Mr. Jeremy Pitt

Mr. Krsto Pivas

Ms. Denise A. Plamondon

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Plucienik

Mr. Mark S. Plucinski

Mr. David Polayes

Mrs. Anne Polito

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Poll

Ms. Kimberly M. Pollard

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Polson

Mr. Jeffrey Ponko

Ms. Patricia C. Pope

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Poppie

Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Porta

Mr. Doug Porter

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Posdal

Mrs. Betty J. Post

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Post

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Potempa

Ms. Shirley Pressler

Ms. Julia G. Prey

Mr. H. Kelly Priess III

Ms. Gail Prindle

Ms. Barbara Pringle

Mrs. Denise Prohaska

Mr. and Mrs. Garry Prouty

Ms. Sally Przybyla

Ms. Nadine Przychodni

Ms. Lisa Psyroukis

Ms. Helen Pulice

Ms. Mary M. Purazzo

Mrs. Frances H. Pyka

Mrs. Adele J. Quattrocchi

Ms. Melissa Quednau

Mrs. Susan Quinn-Suchor

Ms. Debra Quiter

Ms. Susan Rada

Mrs. Margaret Raday

Ms. Diane M. Raddatz

Mr. Shawn Radtke

Mr. Robert Rafool

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ranquist

Ms. Laurie E. Rapinchuk

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rashinski

Mr. Norbert Rediger

Mr. Bryan Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Reed

Mr. John A. Reed

Ms. Lillian Reed

Mrs. Sandra L. Reich

Mr. and Mrs. Robin Reilly

Mr. Yuri Reissenweber

Mrs. Deborah Rekosh

Mr. Donald W. Reusche

Ms. Janet A. Rice

Mr. Michael G. Richards

Mr. Robert A. Richards

Mr. James R. Riedel

Mr. Randy Rimnac

Ms. Kathleen Rippe

Mr. Bob Rischard

Mr. Ury Robert

Ms. Charlotte A. Roberts

Ms. Deborah Rochel

Mrs. Albina Rodriguez

Dr. and Mrs. Dale Rodriguez

Mr. Richard Rodriguez

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Rogoski

Mrs. Brian M. Roll

Ms. Joan M. Romaniak

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Rose

Ms. Maureen C. Rosner

Ms. Barbi Rossi

Ms. Diane Rostenkowsk

Ms. Samantha Roth

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Rothgery

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Rouse

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Rowell

Mrs. Carolyn P. Roy

Ms. Kristin Rozmus

Ms. Sheryl Rubel

Mr. and Mrs. Roy P. Rusthoven

Ms. Helen M. Ruth

Ms. Dorothy Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ryan

Ms. Gail V. Ryba

Ms. Sandra Rybolt

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rydell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sabin

Mr. Chris Sakelaris

Mr. and Mrs. Annivar Salgado

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Salo

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Salpietro

Ms. Barbara A. Santangelo

Mr. M.C. Santini

Ms. Sara J. Santoyo

Mr. Mark A. Sava

Mr. Gene Savaria

Mrs. Julia B. Sayre

Mr. and Mrs. James Scanlan

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Scanlon

Mr. Gene Scaramella

Mr. John Scaramella

Mrs. Mary Schacht

Mr. Alfred Schectman

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Scheuer

Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Schied

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schied

Ms. Etta Schiller

Mrs. Jill E. Schlindwein

Mr. John Schmidt

Mr. Edward P. Schmitt

Ms. Katherine J. Schneegas

Ms. Dawn M. Schneider

Ms. Laura Schneider

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scholefield

Mr. Mark Schoonveld

Ms. Gail O. Schultz

Mrs. Dian Schulz

Mrs. Virginia E. Schumacher

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schumer

Mrs. Sharon L. Schussler

Ms. Joan M. Schwarz

Mr. Patrick A. Schwarz

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Scott

Ms. Barbara Scully

Ms. Sarah Searcy

Mrs. Virginia Searles

Mrs. Daune M. Sebastian

Ms. Rita J. Secor

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Segal

Mr. Sunil Sekhri

Mr. Timothy Semlow

Ms. Sharon L. Sendzimer

Ms. Jennifer Sepe

Mr. Marc J. Sernatinger

Ms. Lisa Sestak

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Sevik

Ms. Sue Shadof

Mr. Saumil Shah

Ms. Maureen A. Shannon

Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Shapiro

Ms. Enid K. Shapiro

Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Shapiro

Ms. Susan Sheahan

Mr. Kenneth V. Shenbarger

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shepard

Mr. William J. Shields

Mrs. Rose L. Shure

Mr. Steve Shyn

Ms. Betty J. Siadak

Mr. Sidney Sideman

Mr. Robert Sierens

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sigler

Ms. Doreen Silagyi

Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Silver

Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Simmons

Ms. Donna Simon

Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Simon

Ms. Tomann Sims

Ms. Concetta M. Singer

Mr. Scott Sisil

Ms. Juliana M. Siska

Ms. Kathleen Skahill

Mr. Peter Skoglund

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Skoniecke

Ms. Kelly M. Skony

Mr. Phillip Skubal

Mr. Daniel Slavin

Mrs. Edward Slee

Ms. Yelena Slipchenko

Ms. Marie Slowik

Ms. Beverly J. Smith

Ms. Karen Smith

Ms. Marie Smith

Dr. Mehlin B. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent D. Smith

Mr. Jerome B. Smoler

Ms. Rosemarie Sobczak

Mrs. Patricia Socha

Mr. Mark Socha

Ms. Angela Sodano

Ms. Ruth A. Solverson

Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus J. Soprych

Mr. and Mrs. Guadalupe Soto

Ms. Julie Soule

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Sparkowski

Ms. Diana Speckman

Ms. Elizabeth Spence

Mr. John Spence

Ms. Liz Spence

Mr. Larry Spencer

Mr. and Mrs. Roland I. Spencer

Ms. Mary Spengler

Mr. Barry N. Sperti

Ms. Marisa Spiegel

Mrs. Dorothy C. Spillane

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Spira

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Spratt

Ms. Rosaria Srednick

Ms. Michelle St. Aubin

Mr. Timothy Stabrawa

Ms. Celeste Stack

Ms. Janis Stafford

Ms. Teresa J. Stahulak

Ms. Louise Stalf

Ms. Diane Stalmack

Mr. Wayne Stanley

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Stanton

Mr. Kevin Staples

Mrs. Ronald J. Stapleton

Ms. Merrie D. Star

Ms. Mary E. Stark

Ms. Mary Stefanatos

Mrs. Gail M. Stefani

Mr. and Mrs. George Steimer

Ms. Louise Steinbach

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Steindler

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Stelter

Ms. Sheila Stephaniuk

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sterenstein

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle R. Stern

Ms. Kathleen Stewart

Ms. Claudia Stiltner

Mr. Robert Stoffle

Ms. Sharalyn Stokes

Mr. J. D. Stoklosa

Ms. Barbara M. Stone

Mr. Charles Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Stone

Ms. Mattie M. Stover

Ms. Connie Strand

Mr. Ted Strand

Ms. Ann Strangeman

Mrs. Kathryn A. Straniero

Mrs. Megan J. Strohacker

Ms. Margi Strombeck

Ms. Donna Stronczek

Ms. Mary Strong

Ms. Maureen Strube

Mr. John S. Strubel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Strugala

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sublewski

Ms. Carol F. Sullivan

Ms. Christa Sullivan

Mr. Mario Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Summerlin

Ms. Denise Summers

Ms. Heather A. Summers

Mr. and Mrs. Terry C. Sunke

Ms. Gretchen Sunko

Mrs. Susan L. Suria

Mr. Paul Sutphin

Ms. Elizabeth Sutton

Mr. Mark Sweeney

Mr. Richard S. Swoiskin

Mr. Jeff Synowic

Ms. Karen S. Szpajer

Mrs. Marianne Taepke

Ms. Courtniel Takata-Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Bobette Takiff

Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln S. Tamraz

Ms. Audrey Tancos

Ms. Sally Tannenbaum

Ms. Rene Tanquilut

Ms. Diana Tarandy

Mrs. Kim Targosz

Mr. Sam Tarre

Mr. Robert Tassone

Mr. Harvey H. Taylor, Jr.

Ms. Patricia Tellano

Mr. John Templeman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tervanis

Ms. Elaine L. Tesher

Mr. Donald D. Thayer

Ms. Lucille Thoma

Ms. Cheryl Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Thomas

Mr. T. F. Thomas

Ms. Elizabeth Thomey

Ms. Lois Thompson

Mr. Richard Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Thornton

Ms. Loretta Thurm

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Tighe

Ms. Karen Tilton

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tilton

Mr. Arthur Tinaglia

Mr. David S. Tips

Ms. Dana L. Titus

Ms. Marianne Tomim

Mr. David F. Tracy

Mr. Jay Traverso

Mr. Lynn Tremont

Mr. Michael A. Triggs

Mrs. Laima M. Trinkunas

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Trtanj

The Family of John T. Trutter

Mr. Jeffrey Tsan

Ms. Eileen F. Tucker

Mr. Josefa Tulacz

Mrs. Eileen M. Tumpane

Ms. Frances M. Tunney

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Tuohy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Turk

Mr. Sean R. Turner

Mrs. Jane F. Twohig

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Tzakis

Mr. Andy Uhm

Ms. Kathy Uhrich

Ms. Theresa V. Unger

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Unterberg

Ms. Jenice Upshaw

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Usher

Ms. Emilie Utigard

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vacca

Mrs. Rita H. Vahle

Ms. Cynthia K. Valenciano

Mr. Michael J. Valentinas

Ms. Barbara Van Assche

Mr. and Mrs. James Vanryn

Mr. Hugo Vargas

Ms. Susan Vasquez

Ms. Hattie M. Vaughn

Mr. Julio R. Vicencio

Ms. Sonia Villareal

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Virtel

Mr. Kenneth Viskocil

Mr. John Vitello

Ms. Susan J. Vitkus

Mr. Richard R. Vivolo

Ms. Kari D. Volpe

Ms. Jacqueline M. Vossler

Mrs. Edna P. Vysinka

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Wachel

Ms. Christine Wagner

Mrs. Nancy Wakeham

Mr. John Walker

Ms. Kendall Walker

Mr. William G. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Walla

Ms. Kristen Wallas

Ms. Angela Walsh

Ms. Dawn Walsh

Ms. Nancy J. Walsh

Ms. Alice C. Walter

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Walter

Ms. Eunice Walter

Mr. and Mrs. James Walter

Mrs. Michelle Walters

Ms. Anna M. Waner

Ms. Laura Warchol

Ms. Pearlie Ward

Ms. Blanche Warden

Mr. Robert T. Warfield

Ms. Merle D. Warshausky

Ms. Celeste M. Washington

Ms. Mildred R. Waskow

Ms. Kate Wasson

Ms. Laura L. Wassong

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Watrobka

Ms. Rita L. Watson

Ms. Susan N. Watts

Ms. Susan Waugh-Henderson

Mr. Dan Wayne

Mr. and Mrs. James Weaver

Mr. John W. Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Weber

Mr. and Mrs. James Weger

Ms. Mary Jo Weiland

Ms. Catherine M. Weiler

Mr. Peter Weiss

Ms. Sherry Y. Weiss

Mrs. Linda Welsh

Ms. Barbara Werniak

Ms. Pat Weseloh

Ms. Peg Westfall

Ms. Donna M. Westlund

Mr. Corey Whisher

Mr. Arie White

Mr. Mike White

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. White

Mr. Ian Whiting

Mr. Chris Whitten

Mr. Rodger Widmer

Mr. Carl Wigginton

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O. Wijangco

Ms. Patricia Wilfinger

Mr. Barnie D. Williams

Mr. Jim Williams

Ms. Lisa Williams

Ms. Tasha Williams

Ms. Anna E. Wilma

Mrs. Betty S. Wilsak

Ms. Valerie Wilson Reed

Ms. Bethany Wilson

Ms. Gertrude A. Wimmer

Mrs. Karen Winchester

Mr. and Mrs. Brad P. Wind

Ms. Christine L. Winship

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wisniewski

Ms. Brenda Witherspoon

Ms. Mary Woicik

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wolkenheim

Ms. Susan D. Woodrow

Ms. Ann Wright

Ms. Jennifer Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Wsol

Mr. Xe-Qi Xu

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Yaeger

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Yaeger

Mr. Andrew Yang

Ms. Anita L. Yanik

Ms. Anna Liza Ylagan

Mrs. Georgia M. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Young

Ms. Karen Young

Mr. Raymond F. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Zaban

Mr. Douglas Zak

Ms. Kathleen S. Zale

Ms. Leona Zalewski

Mrs. Joni M. Zalud

Ms. Lila Zegar

Ms. Margaret Zegley

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Zitman

Dr. and Mrs. Irving H. Zitman

Mrs. Therese Zitzka

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Zivin

Mr. Dave Zordani

Ms. Linda Zugenbuehler

In memory of

Mark Adani

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Rothgery

Suzanne Shapiro Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Shapiro

Warren Argo

Ms. Victoria Aigner

Andree Benitz

Ms. Helen Deithloff

Courtland Booker

Ms. Peggy A. Childs

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Linda Boyk

Mr. Ken Hauff and

Mrs. Cricket Trutter Hauff

Geraldine Brown

Ms. Peggy A. Childs

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Chin Choang

Ms. Peggy A. Childs

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Fr. Ed Collins, OMI

Ms. Peggy A. Childs

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Ms. Susan O’Donovan

Ann Czayo

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Ms. Susan M. O’Donovan

Mr. and Mrs. Hao C.H. Zhang

Edward Davidczyk

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Dereu

Eric Elam

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Ms. Denise Maggio

Ms. Susan M. O’Donovan

Dennis Lake

Mr. and Mrs. Robin Reily

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Thornton

Martene Lowe

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Coran

Michelle Miedema

Ms. Shirley Freely

Ms. Carol Obergfel

Raymond Sanzenbacher

Mr. John Templeman

Patricia Schacht

Ms. Peggy A. Childs

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Mrs. Mary Schacht

Mike Shapiro

Mr. Philip Garoon

John Trutter

Ms. Peggy A. Childs

Mr. Frank Cuccio

Mr. Ken Hauff and

Mrs. Cricket Trutter Hauff

Mr. William P. Mullane, Jr.

Edward Brennan

Bernice Lavin

Jerome and Susan Sandweg

David Shute

Maedell Utigard

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Georgette Badal

Evelyn Berns

Mary Kay Crouch

Jane Henning

Rodney Joslin

Marie Nafus

Leon Pinkelton

Ms. Peggy A. Childs

In honor of

Julie Chavez

Mr. Robert Lewandowski

Peggy Childs

Mr. and Mrs. Hao C.H. Zhang

Jimmy Crivolio

Mrs. Sally Girardi

Carol Davidczyk

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Dereu

Paul and Suzi Dulle

Ms. Peggy A. Childs

Paul Dulle

Ms. Nancy A. Agajeenian

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Andriano

Ms. Emily L. Barr and Mr. Scott Kane

Mr. Charles E. Brooks and

Mrs. Suzan Bramson Brooks

Mr. Richard Brown

Mr. Ken Burr

Ms. Katie Casey

Ms. Peggy A. Childs

Mrs. Diane B. Chin

Mr. and Mrs. James Christ

Dickinson Group

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Drew

Ms. Catherine A. Dulle

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy R. Dulle

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Ms. Sarah Dulle

Dr. and Mrs. Harun Durudogan

Ms. Lisa Dyer

Mr. and Mrs. Ottavio Finaldi

Mr. John Fitzpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. James V. Garvey

Mrs. Lucy Gimble

Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Goldberg

Mr. Jordan Goodman

Mr. Greg Grill

Mr. and Mrs. John Herman

Mr. Dave Hohulin

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Hughes

Ms. Deborah Jensen

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Z. Koryczan

Mr. and Mrs. John Lahey

Ms. Carolyn A. Lane

Mrs. Karen Lingle

Ms. Denise Maggio

Ms. Heather Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Molfese

Ms. Susan M. O’Donovan

Ms. Cary Pearlman

Mr. and Mrs. David Pepper

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Picone

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ranquist

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Annivar Salgado

Mr. Herschel L. Seder

Mr. J. Garland Smith

Ms. Janis Stafford

Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Stone

Mr. Mark Sweeney

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tribbett

Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Utigard

Ms. Susan D. Woodrow

Ms. Margaret Zegley

Mr. and Mrs. Hao C. H. Zhang

Bryton Eddy

Mr. Jeff Synowic

Caitlin Egelhof

Ms. Patricia A. Demsko

Greg Grill

Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Grill

Michael Grossi

Ms. Rena Grossi

Debbie Jenson

Mr. and Mrs. Hao C. H. Zhang

Jeanne Kaplan

Ms. Amy Bresky

Debbie Lahey

CSA Associates, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Kim Cook

Betty Levinson’s 100th Birthday

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Feldman

David Lissner and Terri Silverstone

Dr. and Ms. Ira O. Glick

Isaac Makos

Ms. Elizabeth Morse

Ricky Manning, Jr. of the Chicago Bears

Ms. Pamela Ksepka

Elizabeth Mattas

National Plastic Seals, Inc.

Bar Mitzvah

Ms. Elizabeth Morse

Anna Monaco

Mr. Andrew Monaco

Beth Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Coran

Betty Murphy’s 75th Birthday

Ms. Rocca Elliott

Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Gilson

Susan O’Donovan

Ms. Catherine Avena

Ronald Ramirez

Mrs. Rita H. Vahle

Douglas and Olive Stewart’s

50th Wedding Anniversary

Ms. Lois Thompson

Michael Whitmore & Jenny Kearn

Ms. Roz Byrne

John Wiesniewski

Mr. Joshua Marso

Craig Williams and Associates

Ms. Alisa Levine

Starr Belanger

Clayton Bendigkeit

Graham Berry

Peggy Childs and Family

Joshua DiGiacoma

Angel Engbloom

Heather Farrar

Grace Goebbert

Sandi Haugh

Brad and Virginie Helmus

Sam Huhta

Michael and Elaine Jordan

Juli Kennelly

Terri Kolman and Family

Michael and Debbie Krzus

Kim Markus

Christina Mock

Jacob Monocchio

Bennett Montgomery-Fate

Madeline Pasterik

Karen Pfaff

Cindee Potillechio

Ethan Sample

Cameron Stalker

James Stelter

Erik Sudds

Kyle Wittmuss

Ms. Grace R. Greenberg

Gift-in-Kind Donors

Ability Engineering

Abt Electronics and Appliances

Adobo Grill

Advance Mechanical

Air Canada Cargo

American Airlines

American Licorice


Arlington Heights Police Department

Artim Industrial


Atwood Cafe

Aurelio’s Pizzeria Franchise, Ltd.

Mrs. Catherine J. Avena

Bacardi & Grey Goose

Mr. Tim Baker

Ms. Emily L. Barr and Mr. Scott Kane

Mr. Emil Baukert

Biro of Chicago

Mr. Timothy Bixler

Blue Island Development Corporation

Mr. Bill Bolte

Brookwood School District

Budlong School


Mr. Scott Burack

Ms. Mary Byrne

Capannari Ice Cream


Ms. Erin Carpenter

Cascade Control

Chaet, Kaplan & Biam Firm

Chefwear, Inc.

Chicago Bulls

Chicago Surplus Computers

China Grill Chicago

The Chopping Block

Mr. Christian Halscheid

Mr. Steve Clements


Clover Insurance

Ms. Kathy Clover


Computer Connection

Computer Solutions Plus

Computer Trouble Shooters

Computer View

Concierge Car Services, LLC

Conitive Arts

Consolidated Containers

Mr. Todd Covert

Crater & Freighters

Mr. Christopher Damacco

David Burke’s Primehouse

Mr. Owen Davis

DC Vast

The Denim Lounge

Deerfield School District

Mrs. Marti A. DeGraaf and

Mr. Jonathan T. Mack

Ms. Diane Deskin

Mr. Michael Devito

Diageo North America

Mrs. Phyllis A. Diamond


DLA Piper

Mr. Edward Don

Mr. Daniel D. Drew

Dukes Hotel

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Mr. Dave Eiznhhamer

Emerson School

Mr. Brian Ent


Essex Electro Engineer


Mrs. Janice Fields and Mr. Doug


Fiji Waters

First Suburban National Bank

Mr. Harold Fisher

Mr. John Fitzpatrick

Dr. and Mrs. Michael T. Flavin


Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

and Wine Bar


The Flower Firm


Fraiche Kitchen

Francesca’s Restaurants

Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation

The French Pastry School


G2 Promotional Marketing

Mr. James Garvey

Gary Poppins Popcorn

Gavin School District

Gibsons Bar and Steakhouse

Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Gilson

Give Me Some Sugar


Mr. Elliot Goldman

Gombert Elementary School

Goose Island Brewery

Grace United Methodist Church

Granger Middle School

Griffith Laboratories

GSI Technology, LLC

Gurnee Woodland School

Mr. Joe Hahn

Mr. Tom Haney

Hard Rock Hotel

Ms. Edna Harris

Hartford Insurance Company

The HAVI Global Group Solutions

Hazel Green Elementary

Heffernan Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Heilmann

Mr. Marcus Heinrich

Hiawatha School

The Hilton Chicago and Towers

Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront

Hilton Glasgow

Hinsdale Flower Shop

Hinsdale Police Department

Holy Family Parish

Holy Redeemer

Howard Frum Jewelry

Hu Freidy Manufacturing

Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Hughes

Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House

IARCA Gallery

Idlewild Country Club


Illinois Sports Facility Authority

Immanuel School

Indian Plains High School

Insurance Noodle


Jenner & Block, LLP

Jewish Child & Family Services


Mr. Jeff Karstrand

Mr. Richard Kasvin

kate spade

Katherine Anne Confections

Kehoe Designs

Ken Arlen Orchestra

Ms. Sandra Klemp

KLO Professional

Ms. Phyllis Knapp

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Z. Koryczan

Mr. Kyle Kurz

La Madia

Laborers Pension Fund

Mr. and Mrs. John Lahey

Lamarch Company

Lao Beijing Chinese Restaurant

Lettuce Entertain You

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Levine

Mr. David V. Lissner and

Mrs. Terri Silverstone

Lounge at Sonoma, A Renaissance

Resort and Spa

Loyola University

Lynfred Winery

Maine East High School

Maine South School

Man Investment

The Marketing Store

Marriott International, Inc.

Mass Mutal


Ms. Karen Mayers

Tom McCluskey Photography

McDonald’s Corporation

Mr. David McGranahan

Ms. Nikita McKenzie


The Melting Pot Restaurant

Mendocino Wine Company

The Meritage Resort at Napa


Metropolitan Limousine, Inc.

Meyer Tool & Manufacturing

Mr. Gene Meyers

Midtown Tennis Club - Chicago

Midwest Store Fixtures

Mike Ditka’s Restaurant

Mike Ditka’s Restaurant, Oak Brook

Millenium Knickerbocker

Millennium Marking Co.

Miller Brewing Company

Moraine Valley Community College

Mostardi Platt Environmental


Mullin TBG


Mr. Steven V. Napolitano

New Horizon

Northbrook School District 27

Northern Seminary

Northwest Millwork

Nourish Personal Chef and Catering

O & K

Ms. Susan M. O’Donovan

Orland Park Recreation

Orlando Nickelodeon Suites by

Holiday Inn

Osteria Via Stato

Owen Elementary

Palladian Development

Palos Golf

Mrs. Joanne Parente-Gilson

Park 52

Pathway Center

Mr. and Mrs. David Pepper

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Picone

Planet Toyota

Portraits by Sayles

Prairie Material

Prosecco Ristorante

Querrey & Harrow, Ltd

Regina Dominican High School

Ms. Roxane Renaud-Lozich

Mr. Scott Rhoades

ristorante we

The Ritz-Carlton Club

River Edge Hospital

Riverside Brookfield High School

RL Restaurant

Rolling Meadows Park District

Mr. Bill Roseland

Rosemary’s Garden

Royal Management Corporation


Russel Reynolds Associates


Saloon Steakhouse

Samson Roll Formed

Ms. Cindy Sargon

Mr. Neal Scheider

The Saloon Steakhouse

Schoolyard Tavern & Grill

Science Development Laboratory

Scullen Middle School

Service Payment Plan

Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers

Shirey Cadillac


Sidebar Grille

Siemens Medical

Ms. Karen Silverberg

SKKR and Associates/Weber

Skokie School District

Smith Hanley Association

Mr. J. Garland Smith

Social Security Administration

Sofitel Hotel

South Suburban College


Ms. Faith Steinberg

Mr. Chris Stepanek

Stuart-Rodgers Photographers, Ltd.

Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique

Mr. Josh Suh

Sunrich International

Swank Motion Pictures


Tavern On Rush

Terry’s Toffee

Mr. Thomas Hillman

Thornton Township High School

Thornwood High School


Tinley Park Park District

Towne & Country Colonial

Trabert & Hoeffer


Trattoria No. 10

Triangle Printers

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tribbett

Truefit & Hill - Water Tower

Dr. Charles Turk

UIC Athletics


University of St. Francis

Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Utigard

Ms. Joan Versen

Village of Arlington Heights

Village of Orland Park

Village of Tinley Park


Voyageur Asset Management

W.H. Leary

Wattle Creek Winery

Waubonsie Valley School


Woodfield Chevrolet and Hummer

Woodland Park Burr Ridge

ucp of greater chicago as of june 30, 2008

The Boards

Board of Directors

Honorary Directors

Women’s Board

ToyLend Board

David Pepper

Chairman of the Board

Steve Napolitano

Chairman Emeritus

Emily L. Barr


Paul Dulle

Michael Thompson

Co-Chairmen of the

Operations Committee

Phil Utigard

Vice Chairman

James Garvey

Vice President

Christopher L. Picone

Vice President

Deb Lahey


Martin Heilmann


Life Directors

Pat Brickhouse

Keith Cooper

Phyllis A. Diamond

Evelyn Echols

Thomas E. Emmering, D.D.S.

Roger Hughes

James Lancaster

Betty Levinson

Herschel Seder

Howard L. Stone

Senator M. Maggie Crotty

Rep. Elizabeth Coulson


Bernetta Braun-Tennant

Lisa Brown Tribbett

Jerry J. Burgdoerfer

Kevin R. Burke

Daniel D. Drew

Laura Durudogan

Janice L. Fields

John C. Fitzpatrick

Michael T. Flavin, Ph.D.

Steve Gilson

Alan Goldberg

Jordan Goodman

Tom Heimsoth

Lester Z. Koryczan

Karen Maloney, M.D.

Denise Oberman

Maureen Partynski

Joseph Perrino

Patrice A. Riebel

Shirley W. Ryan

T.J. Saye

Garland Smith

James D. Upchurch

Kathleen B. Walgreen III

Thomas J. Wodniak, D.D.S.

Laura Durudogan


Deborah Lahey


Joanne Parente Gilson

Vice President

Irene Catanese


Robin Boushie

Suzi Bramson Brooks

Lisa Brown Tribbett

Katie Casey

Emily Chardell

Mary Ann Childers

Jocelyn Cornbleet

Marje Corrington

Marti DeGraaf

Phyllis Diamond

Betty Levinson

Judith Niedermaier

Camille Olson

Paula Richardson

Linda Robin

Mary Rubloff

Michele Thompson

Ramp Up Board Members

Christopher Picone


James Garvey

Vice President

Nancy Agajeenian

Maureen Partynski

Michelle Schadler

Jordan Goodman


Stephanie Lukich Roldan

Vice President

Judith Susan Rocha


Andres Hernandez

Board Member-at-Large

Susan Cahill

Christopher Huertus

Susan Kuranishi

Christopher Lake

Ellen Rose

UCP Leadership Team

Paul J. Dulle, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Peggy Childs

Executive Vice President

Mei Hong Zhang

Chief Financial Officer

Richard Brown

Senior Director of

Direct Services

Ted Burke

Senior Director of

Early Intervention Training

Susan O’Donovan

Senior Director of Development

547 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 225

Chicago, IL 60661

312-765-0419 fax 312-765-0503

Infinitec Southwest

Arthur & Mary Rubloff Building

7550 West 183rd Street

Tinley Park, IL 60477

708-444-8460 fax 708-429-3981

Infinitec West

Arthur & Mary Rubloff Building

826 South Addison Avenue

Villa Park, IL 60181

630-705-1321 fax 630-705-1323

Infinitec North

Arthur & Mary Rubloff Building

776 Red Oak Lane

Highland Park, IL 60035

847-831-2692 fax 847-831-2731

John T. Trutter Center

3145 South 55th Avenue

Cicero, IL 60804

708-863-1186 fax 708-863-1189

UCP Services

Children and Families

Infinitec North Early Education Center


Assistive Technology Exchange Network (ATEN)

Respitality Program

Holiday Fund


Adult Day Program

Home-based Services

Employment and Training

Accessibility and Mobility

Ramp Up

Durable Medical Exchange

Professional Development

Early Intervention Training

Information, Training and Education Services

Infinitec Assistive Technology Coalition

Julius & Betty Levinson Center

332 West Harrison Street

Oak Park, IL 60304

708-383-8887 fax 708-383-9025

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