The DataMaster DMT - Conference Planning and Management

The DataMaster DMT - Conference Planning and Management

The DataMaster DMT

Division of Criminal


James A. Bleskacek

April 2011

The DataMaster DMT

The DataMaster DMT


The DataMaster DMT

1 st instrument placed in Harrison County

on June 23 rd , 2010

Last of Stage 1 deployed November 2010

– 145 DMTs placed

The DataMaster DMT

2 nd Stage began February 2011

As of March 9 th , 2011 – all but 1 DMT

deployed (Adair Co)

TraCS -

The DataMaster DMT

Struggled to get TraCS to work properly

1 st major issue was a validation issue where the

results were deleted once validated – fixed

2 nd major issue was the graph not going back

into the MOWI form and the DMT giving an error

– fixed Feb 21 st , 2011

The DataMaster DMT

DMT Upgrade

The DataMaster DMT

In order for the DMTs to communicate with

the lab, the Operating System of the DMT

needed to be replaced.

Along with this we looked at aligning the

chopper wheel to reduce the amount of

damaged motors causing a grinding noise.

The DataMaster DMT

As of April 7 th


– 144/160 have been

Done at the lab – takes about 3-4 hours to


The DataMaster DMT

The following agencies still need this work


Please call 515-559-7098 or 515-559-

7050 to schedule an appointment

The DataMaster DMT

Police Departments

Cedar Rapids PD

Mar-Mac PD

Postville PD

The DataMaster DMT

Sheriff’s Offices














The DataMaster DMT

The upgrade allows the lab to communicate with

the DMT. Please make sure a live, hard-wired

Ethernet cable is always plugged into the DMT.

If you are getting emails from me that I cannot

connect to your DMT, most likely a firewall issue.

Have your IT person call me at 515-559-7050

and I will work with them.

The DataMaster DMT

As of April 5 th – approximately 98/144

agencies have successfully connected

their DMT to the internet.

By June, if your DMT is not online – we

start loosing data and cannot recover it

The DataMaster DMT

Secure FTP on port 2222 to site / 515-559-7050

The DataMaster DMT


The DataMaster DMT

Dry gas tanks – We have been able to purchase

these for the end user through the generosity of

GTSB. Being a state agency, we can purchase

these tanks for a fraction of what PDs/SOs can.

We will continue to request yearly funding for

these through GTSB and with their continued

support, we will continue to supply them to the

end user.

The DataMaster DMT

By the DCI purchasing the tanks we can

manage –

Pricing, Quality Control, NIST Traceability,

Paper work

The DataMaster DMT

Dry Gas Tanks – The tanks are kept at the

evidence room for dissemination to


You can also drop off your empty tanks at

the evidence room and we will recycle

them accordingly.

The DataMaster DMT

There are also spare tanks at each of the ISP


I cannot stress enough that it is your agency’s

responsibility to go to the Posts to get them.

It is not the responsibility of the troopers to

deliver them to you.

The DataMaster DMT

Mouthpieces, paper and toner are the

responsibility of the end user.

The printer in most cases is a Dell 1720

printer and toner can be bought from any

source you choose or have available.

The DataMaster DMT

What is needed - A surcharge for OWI so that

the offenders are the ones paying for the


The surcharge would pay for supplies

(mouthpieces, dry gas tanks, toner, parts, new

technology, etc)

Alabama – over 1.2 million dollars a year to

support their Breath Alcohol program

The DataMaster DMT

What we learned before and

after deployment of the DMT

The DataMaster DMT

Not all Dry Gas Tanks are the same,

differences between manufacturers and

steel and aluminum tanks respond


Intoximeters C and U tanks, Guth, ILMO

The DataMaster DMT

Sample Cells and Dry Gas Chambers

needed to be replaced

1 st batch of 50 DMTs need a fiber washer

added to the 5-way piston to prevent it

from locking in place (part of the upgrade)

The DataMaster DMT

A loose cable must be plugged in. (NOT)

There is a second printer cable that

officers are plugging into the back of the

DMT, once plugged in – printer stops

working and DMT usually locks up.

The DataMaster DMT

There should be an Ethernet cable, light

colored USB cable leading to printer, black

USB cable for keyboard, power cord and

light colored serial cable leading to the A/B

switchbox connected to the back of the


The DataMaster DMT


The DataMaster DMT

The breath alcohol website is nearing


You will be able to find; county stats,

officer training records, breath test results,

certification reports, calibration testing

data, SOPs, signed letters from the

Commissioner, etc

The DataMaster DMT

In the future, the plan is to do online

recertification of officers on the DMT

through the website. Log on, read

updates, take a test, pass, and your

records are automatically updated on the


The DataMaster DMT

Current prototype is;

Being funded by IowaAccess, built by Iowa


The DataMaster DMT

The Future

The DataMaster DMT

Please Be Patient!! A few DMTs have had

nagging issues and it may take several

attempts to figure out the problem.

For Mike and I, this is a learning process

and we are trying our best with limited


The DataMaster DMT

Chopper Motor making a grind noise

Keyboard not responding

PBT Check not consistent

Standard out of range message

Out of Service message (monthly check)

The DataMaster DMT

Duplicate Breath Testing instead of Replicate


Network printing capability

DMT reading the implied consent form in

multiple languages

Dual Detector Technology

The DataMaster DMT

Jim Bleskacek (515) 559 – 7050

Mike Tate (515) 559 – 7098

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