Commutation vs. expectations in concrete construction and dressing ...

Commutation vs. expectations in concrete construction and dressing ...

Commutation vs. expectations

in concrete construction and dressing

up concrete

Think pink

Hope Lodge Kansas City

Pink Concrete Day in America

• Anchor the cure in concrete

• 50 states/ fifty pink pours

Sustainability , Sensibility & Decorative

Concrete Floors

• Mike Murray

• Decorative Concrete Supply

• ACI, ASCC & ICRI member

• Serving on 9 ACI committees and holding 5

ACI certifications including ACI

• Flatwork & Field Grade I

• Pervious Concrete certification

• ICRI Moisture testing certification

It makes sense to use the best products available

With out a doubt its concrete

Today's learning objectives

• Why should we talk

• Do we look forward to bid process or dread it

• Should we deviate from plans and specs

• If we do where will the project head

• Gray or colored commutation is the key

• Expectations yours or the owner

• Address before the job and not after

Talk before hand

‣Keep the lawyers out of our work

‣Solve problems and issues

‣Its best before they arise

‣But be ready to have someone look over your

shoulder but have a plan when they do

Was there any talking going on before this job

Big or small all projects should have


What do you see here?

? Does the concrete still do its job

ASTM F 1839

Moisture test on floor often overlooked or forgotten until its too late.

ASTM F 2170

Tests the humidity in the slab

PH of concrete

When moisture tests are done PH levels should also be checked

ICRI ( international concrete repair institute ) offers a certification

program for these tests.

Decorative Concrete

1. Its uniqueness is it can mimic other materials

2. While creating finishes that are totally


3. Reduces materials to finish the job

4. That it takes a structural material turns it into

architectural feature

What makes concrete a sustainable

building material

1. The main material “limestone” is abundant

2. Concrete provides durable long lasting structure

3. Provide a thermal mass so concrete is energy


4. Provides a reflectivity that reduces the “heat

island” effect

5. Offers minimal waste after it has served its

original design it can be recycled as backfill or

road base

6. Can be serviced locally by local help

Can exceed LEED requirements

Interior and exterior

concrete provides the best choice

Decorative floors & benefits

1. Ability to customize

2. Long term cost savings

3. Health benefits

4. Durability and Aesthetics

5. Ability to easily customize

6. More abrasion resistance

They provide a safe environment for

Your children’s air is safer to



Better lighting

Grand kids are the only thing better than concrete

She is 10 years old and can shoot par

She did clear the water

When we won our flight at the PINK RIBBON CLASSIC she gave the prize

money back

Almost anything can be accomplished

when we talk and are on the same

• School logos

page on concrete

Using Concrete

• We have to think smart

• We have to put the advantages first

• # 1 owners and GCs should know a contractors


• # 2 lets use it to our advantage

• # 3 let ownership know the advantage ahead of


• # 4 use skilled contractors “ ask them about their


Sustainable vs. Green

• There is a difference

• Sustainable in nutshell means life/cycle costs

• Green using less energy with a lot of un-wanted


• The good news is many of these products such as

• Fly ash

• Slag

• Silica Fume

• Can act as a cement replacement


• 30 plus years out of your floor or paving

• Both fly-ash and slag can contribute but they

may “will slow the early construction phase”

• Look long term when these are used

• Especially on polished, stained and sealed,

epoxy & cementitious overlays ( most

specified polished floors should not contain


Concrete floor

Someone did not plan ahead

I have pop quiz question

• What will not work with sustainability and


• Its like oil and water

The answer

• The cheapest price or the cheapest materials

• Both the word and pretext have no meaning

with the word sustainable and concrete floors

or hardscapes

Sustainable floors

• Means delivering on our promise

• Lower maintenance

• Less labor

• Lower lighting costs

• Less hazardous materials in landfills

• Lower VOCs used in installation

• Less materials that when they are out of service

life are not added to landfills or dumped in

roadside ditches

We can add unique designs to concrete floors

Custom options for floors

Concrete floors

• Means doing it right the 1 st time

• Placing, curing & finishing

• Weather plays a key role in our success so if

weather is issue pick up the phone


This can be hard to explain its not evaporation retarder

Today's floors are different

Stains and designs make concrete look


Concrete floors


They have already been placed

and finished

Hard and abrasion resistance

LEED friendly

Used by local suppliers and


Can be used both interior and



• They do require a cure time

• They cant be opened for

service until cured

• They are sensitive to

weather during early stages

of both placement and


Concrete floors

Decorative overlay

Vinyl floors

• Which looks better

Sustainable concrete floors

• These can also be designed with less joints

• Use of either steel fibers or macropolymeric

• less joints mean

• less dust

• less clean up

• less labor

Concrete provides a hard durable

abrasion system

Contractors and installation

• Contractors need to explain

1. Hydration

2. Cure times

3. Understand fly-ash & slag mixes

4. Moisture does not leave over night

5. Make sure everyone knows the time frame

6. Make sure that others are prepared for

possible problems

Some days there will be problems and delays

Rule thumb when ice fishing don’t park too close

General contractors don’t see things

the same way we do

Concrete is the smart choice

Concrete table

• Its not just gray anymore it

can become the focal point

of projects

Polished 30 year old floor

University of Arkansas

Concrete floors

• Lower SRI

• Lower light costs

• We cant make the mistake that they are

maintenance free

• Don’t dodge the question but put a plan in


• It’s a no/brainer on which

system is easier to clean

What a polished floor can do to a




What steps to look for and how to do

1. Carefully plan out the mix-design before



2. Provide mock-ups (TWO)

3. Final polish should be 800-3000

4. Joint spacing and curing methods finishing

and protection ( review division 3) if not

there go to division 9

5. Edges and walls will take “much” more time

1. Mix-designs & curing

• Do not spec air entrained concrete, avoid high

W/C ratios

• Avoid calcium chloride

• For polished floors consider slag instead of flyash

( if fly-ash has to be used 15-20% maximum)



• Be sure floor is specified a minimum of F/40 for

flatness FL/35

• Specified compressive strength 3500-5000 PSI

This floor presents a problem

Mix designs & curing

6. Use curing compounds that are water-based

and dissipating if possible “ in spite of what

some may say cure!!!”

7. Cure & Seals will effect ability of both

hardener’s/densifier to properly work as they

need to penetrate into the concrete

8. Water curing will work best if you can it will

also reduce curl at the joints

9. 28 day cure time is recommended

Recommended F-Numbers for Various Floor Profile Categories

Floor Profile Category


(using bullfloat)


(Using highway straightedge)

Random Traffic Floors

Specified Overall Minimum Local Value





F F F L F F F L F min

19 13 13 10 19

25 17 13 10 25

Good 38 25 19 13 38

Flat 50 33 25 17 50

Very Flat 75 50 38 25 75

Superflat 100 66 50 33 100

Ultraflat 150 100 75 50 150

Approximate Equivalence of F F Numbers and Straightedge Measurements


Gap Under 10’-0” Straightedge

12 1/2”

20 5/16”

25 1/4”

32 3/16”

50 1/8”

pH Scale

Common pH Values

The pH Scale is

Logarithmic, not Linear

•Each 1-point change in pH

is 10x more basic or acidic

then the previous.

• ie – The pH of Pine Sol is

4.0, which is 10,000-times

more acid than concrete.

concrete conclusions

• No one floor will be exactly the same “mock-ups”

• Pictures present a different look than concrete “ so do

color charts and images” BEWARE OF IMAGES!

• Plus is they offer the best in sustainable systems with


• Contractor experience can provide the best product

concrete floors improve indoor air quality & reduce

carbon footprint improve energy efficiency

The very best part is we can get more

work in cities

• We need to use concrete in every aspect of

new construction

• Concrete can exceed public works needs

• It will last longer and most likely be cheaper

• We need to educate to look at life/cycle costs

• Why can we kick Asphalt's butt we get harder

and stay longer

Concrete vs. pavers

5 years in Lenexa Kansas 5 years in Lenexa Kansas

Concrete is designed to withstand

conditions it will be exposed to

Air entrainment and low

water/cement ratios decorative


Fiber optics

Concrete can out perform other


• We need to use experienced trained


• Take a closer look at mix-designs

• Be extremely careful in subgrade preparation

• They should be compacted to a uniform

bearing capacity

• Buried lines need minimum of 2” cover

Plate compaction


Gives cities a easy way to provide new look

Works well with landscaping designs


miss spelled words????

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