2014 Nebraska Nurses Association Book of Reports



Book of Reports

House of Delegates

October 17 & 18, 2014

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2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


Board of Directors ............................................................................ 3

NNA Mission, Vision, and Core Issues . ............................................................ 3

House of Delegates Agenda .................................................................... 5

Proposed Standing Rules . ...................................................................... 7

Parliamentary Procedure ....................................................................... 9

Treasurer’s Report ............................................................................10

Nominations Report and 2014 Slate of Candidates ..................................................12

Legislative Platform 2015 . ......................................................................12

Reference Proposals . ..........................................................................13

Proposed Bylaws Changes . .................................................................... 31

Officer Reports

President ............................................................................... 39

Vice President ........................................................................... 42

Secretary ............................................................................... 42

District Presidents’ Reports

District 1 ................................................................................ 43

District 2 ................................................................................ 45

District 9 ................................................................................ 45

Committee Reports

Legislative Advocacy and Representation Committee (LARC) ...................................... 46

Nursing Professional Development Committee (NPDC) . ........................................... 47

Governance, Finance and Membership Committee (GFMC) . ....................................... 49

Continuing Education Approval Committee . .................................................... 50

Other Reports

Director of State Affairs . .................................................................... 51

Nebraska Nurses Foundation . ............................................................... 52

NNA-PAC ............................................................................... 53

Nebraska Center for Nursing ................................................................ 53

American Nurses Advocacy Institute (ANAI) . .................................................... 54

ANA Membership Assembly Reports . ......................................................... 55

Organizational Affiliates .................................................................... 59

District Map . ................................................................................ 62

Map of Holiday Inn Convention Center . ........................................................... 63

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2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

Cascade Premier

102 Grant Street, Aurora, NE 68818


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


Teresa Anderson – President

Winnie Dolph – Vice President

Connie Morrill – Secretary

MJ Petersen – Treasurer

Coleen Dygert – President, District 1

Kate Pepin – President, District 2

Cathy Smith – President, District 3

Michelle Santos – President, District 4

Kimberly Smith – President, District 5

Alice Kindschuh – President, District 6

Open – President, District 7

Cathy Clark Sybrant – President, District 9

Beth Furlong – Chair, Legislative Advocacy and Representation Committee (LARC)

Douglass Haas – Chair, Nursing Professional Development Committee (NPDC)

Lois Linden, Chair, Governance, Finance and Membership Committee (GFMC)


Melissa Florell, MSN, RN – Director of State Affairs

Anna Mackevicius – Contract Consultant

Lynnee’ Pattrin – Contract Consultant


Don Wesely, O’Hara Lindsay Government Relations


Mission of NNA:

Vision of NNA:

improved health for all

Core Values – NNA:


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

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2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

House of Delegates Agenda:

Saturday October 18th 2014

Opening Session

Call to Order

Credentials Report

Presentation of Agenda

Proposed Standing Rules

Parliamentarian Remarks


Address of the President

Action Items

Nominations Committee Report/Declaration of Election

Legislative Platform 2015 (LARC)


Vice President Report

Secretary Report

Treasurer’s Report and Budget

District Presidents’ reports

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 7

District 9

Committee reports

Legislative Advocacy and Representation (LARC)

Nursing Professional Development (NPDC)

Governance, Finance and Membership (GFMC)

Continuing Education Approval Committee

Other Reports

Director of State Affairs

Nebraska Nurses Foundation


Nebraska Center for Nursing

American Nurses Advocacy Institute

ANA Membership Assembly

Organizational Affiliates

New Business

Reference Proposals

Bylaws Amendments

Installation of new officers

Closing remarks




2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

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2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


Rule 1

Rule 2

Rule 3

Rule 4

Rule 5

Rule 6

Rule 7

Rule 8

To be admitted to the House of Delegates section, a Delegate is required to wear the

official delegate ribbon issued at registration.

To obtain the floor, a Delegate shall rise and address the Chair, (“Madame President”),

giving name, District, and upon recognition by the Chair, may speak.

Members of the House of Delegates may not speak in debate more than twice on the

same question on the same day, or longer than three minutes, without permission granted

by a two-thirds vote without debate.

All motions except those of a routine nature, shall be in writing and shall be sent to the

Chair immediately following presentation of the motion.

Business interrupted by a recess of the meeting shall be resumed at the next meeting at

the point where it was interrupted.

Any member of NNA who is not a Delegate may be granted the privilege of the floor, but

shall speak no more than once to a question.

The privilege of sitting with their Delegates, without vote, is extended to those District

executive secretaries who are not Delegates.

Proposals presented by a Delegate during the session of the House of Delegates must

receive majority vote of the House of Delegates to reach the floor, and a vote of threefourths

by the House of Delegates to be adopted.

Rule 9 Emergency Proposals may be submitted to the NNA Reference Committee before 5:00

p.m. preceding the first day of the Convention.

Rule 10 Voters unable to rise will be provided a voting card consistent with the ADA act.

Proposal – a report on a topic or issue of interest or concern to the association with

recommendations requiring action by the House of Delegates (commonly referred to as an

action report). Occasionally a proposal is submitted as an informational report, which is

presented to the House of Delegates for its information and does not require action. Proposals

are due in the NNA office by July 1, 2014 for consideration by the Reference Committee.

Emergency Proposal – A proposal whose subject matter could not have been known prior to

the deadline date for submission of proposals and cannot wait for action until the next meeting

of the House of Delegates. The deadline for Emergency Proposals is 5:00 p.m. the day prior to

the first session of the House of Delegates. Emergency proposals should be left at the Front

Desk of the Convention Hotel (Attention Reference Committee Chairperson).


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

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2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


(Reprinted for Your Information)


You wish to

Introduce new business

Kill the motion

Change or perfect the motion

Have the motion investigated

Defer action

Change regulations of debate

Stop debate

Lay question aside temporarily

Take care of emergency matters

Provide for intermission

Close meeting

Continue present meeting on another day

Reverse decision of chair

Enforce the rules

Avoid consideration of motion

Obtain information

Take up question not in order then

Separate two parts of a motion

Verify the vote of the assembly

Consider motion by sections, etc...

Then make this motion

Main motion

Postpone indefinitely


Commit or refer

Postpone to a certain time

Extend or limit debate

Previous question

Lay on the table

Question of privilege



Fix time to which to adjourn


Point of order

Object to consideration

Request for information

Suspend the rules

Division of question

Division of the assembly

Consider seriatim (paragraph)


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


MJ Petersen, EdD, MSN,RN


MJ Petersen Chairperson

2015 Proposed Budget for NNA

NEBRASKA NURSES ASSOCIATION 2012 Budget 2012 Actual 2012 Variance Budget 2013 2013 Actual 2013 Variance Budget 2014 Budget 2015

320 - C E REVENUE $ 21,000.00 12,450.00 (8,550.00) 10,200.00 12,000.00 1,800.00 10,000.00 10,000.00


331 - REGISTRATIONS $ 13,750.00 12,450.00 (1,300.00) 11,000.00 12,215.00 1,215.00 11,000.00 11,000.00

332 - EXHIBITS $ 6,600.00 5,700.00 (900.00) 5,100.00 4,950.00 (150.00) 5,100.00 5,100.00

334 - PATRON PARTY $ - - 1,500.00 945.00 (555.00)

335 - SILENT AUCTION $ 1,500.00 516.00 (984.00) 1,315.00 1,315.00 1,500.00 1,500.00

337 - SPONSORSHIPS $ - 2,250.00 2,250.00 - 4,000.00 4,000.00

338 - revenue other-change drive $ - 441.95 441.95

340 - DONATIONS-GENERAL $ - - - 20.00 20.00


360 - INTEREST $ 2,500.00 805.00 (1,695.00) 200.00 66.75 (133.25) 60.00 1,000.00

361 - DISTRICT 1 REVENUE $ - - - 609.80 609.80

363 - DISTRICT 3 REVENUE $ - - - 4,920.83 4,920.83

364 - DISTRICT 4 REVENUE $ - - - 1,248.98 1,248.98

366 - DISTRICT 6 REVENUE $ - - - 214.43 214.43

367 - DISTRICT 7 REVENUE $ - - - 426.66 426.66

369 - DISTRICT 9 REVENUE $ - - - 40.21 40.21

370 - AFFILIATE FEES $ 5,000.00 (5,000.00) 900.00 (900.00) 900.00 900.00

375 - SCHOLARSHIP INCOME $ 1,000.00 1,000.00 - - - 1,000.00

385 - MEMBERSHIP DUES $ 105,000.00 108,546.00 3,546.00 93,293.00 95,665.44 2,372.44 95,950.00 95,000.00

390 - MISCELLANEOUS INCOME $ - - - 2,365.59 2,365.59

415 - PUBLICATION - Subscription Revenue $ 100.00 220.00 120.00 100.00 120.00 20.00 120.00 120.00

420 - ADVERTISING INCOME $ 250.00 150.00 (100.00) 250.00 (250.00)

425 - ROYALTIES-CREDIT CARD $ 8,000.00 7,772.00 (228.00) - 1,052.75 1,052.75 1,000.00 1,000.00

426 - ROYALTIES-INSURANCE $ 300.00 622.00 322.00 - 388.10 388.10 255.00 200.00

427 - ROYALTIES-BOOK OF REPORTS $ 1,000.00 (1,000.00) 1,000.00 (1,000.00) 1,000.00 1,000.00

428 - ROYALTIES - OTHER $ 1,000.00 1,314.00 314.00 500.00 4,719.59 4,219.59 1,500.00 12,000.00

430 - LEGISLATIVE DAY $ 5,000.00 7,300.00 2,300.00 5,000.00 95.10 4,510.00 9,000.00 10,000.00

440 - HEROES & MENTORS DINNER $ - 6,700.00 6,700.00

450 - SERVICES FOR OTHERS $ - 1,000.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 - (1,000.00)

460 - WORKSHOPS $ - 2,380.00 2,380.00 2,380.00 - (2,380.00)


480 - FUNDS FROM RESERVE/DISTRICTS $ - - - - 35,000.00

495 - SALE OF ASSETS $ - - - -

TOTAL INCOME $ 172,000.00 164,475.00 (7,525.00) 132,423.00 163,936.08 31,513.08 172,385.00 149,820.00


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

2015 Proposed Budget for NNA

NEBRASKA NURSES ASSOCIATION 2012 Budget 2012 Actual 2012 Variance Budget 2013 2013 Actual 2013 Variance Budget 2014 Budget 2015

520 - ANA MEMBERSHIP ASSEMBLY $ - 7,848.00 (7,848.00) 1,000.00 1,000.00 1,500.00 2,000.00

525 - BOARD OF DIRECTORS $ 500.00 227.00 273.00 750.00 97.04 652.96 350.00 1,200.00

526 - BOARD OF DIRECTORS TRAVEL $ 1,000.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 404.85 595.15 500.00 1,200.00

528 - MIDWEST MULTI-STATE $ 250.00 250.00 - 10,977.28 (10,977.28) 500.00 500.00

530 - BUDGET & FINANCE $ 75.00 75.00 75.00 75.00 300.00 200.00

535 - BYLAWS COMMITTEE $ 300.00 16.00 284.00 75.00 75.00 300.00 200.00

540 - C.E. APPROVAL COMMITTEE $ 100.00 908.00 (808.00) - 638.67 (638.67) 600.00 600.00

550 - COMM ON ADVOC & REP $ 700.00 117.00 583.00 300.00 300.00

555 - COMM ON PRAC & PROFESSION $ 100.00 81.00 19.00 100.00 100.00

556 - NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE $ 100.00 13.00 87.00 50.00 50.00

570 - CONVENTION EXPENSES $ - 400.00 (400.00)

572 - FOOD, LODGING, AUDIO $ 10,000.00 11,514.00 (1,514.00) 9,000.00 12,862.71 (3,862.71) 11,500.00 13,000.00

573 - PATRON PARTY $ - - - 150.00 (150.00) 50.00

574 - PRINTING $ 400.00 1,119.00 (719.00) 900.00 476.20 423.80 500.00 500.00

575 - CONVENTION PLANNING $ 125.00 394.00 (269.00) 125.00 2,687.03 (2,562.03) 150.00 150.00

580 - NNA HOD $ 2,700.00 2,700.00 2,700.00 2,700.00 2,750.00 2,750.00

581 - ELECTION $ 500.00 500.00 - - 500.00

590 - FUNDRAISING EXPENSES $ - - 500.00 500.00 250.00 250.00

621 - BUSINESS INSURANCE $ 540.00 456.00 84.00 550.00 500.00 50.00 500.00 500.00

622 - DIRECTORS & OFFICERS $ 751.00 751.00 - 750.00 847.00 (97.00) 1,000.00 1,000.00

625 - TRAVEL EXPENSES $ 2,500.00 3,693.00 (1,193.00) 2,000.00 162.25 1,837.75 5,000.00 6,000.00


631 - LEGISLATIVE DAY $ 5,000.00 6,710.00 (1,710.00) 6,800.00 6,584.59 215.41 6,600.00 7,500.00

640 - HEREOS & MENTORS $ - 5,785.76 (5,785.76)

645 - ADVERTISING EXPENSE $ - 21.00 (21.00) 1,280.25 (1,280.25) 2,000.00

650 - MEMBERSHIP DUES EXPENSES $ - 15,500.00 15,500.00

651 - ANA DUES $ - 3,486.00 (3,486.00) 3,450.78 (3,450.78) 3,800.00

652 - DISTRICT DUES $ - 16,928.00 (16,928.00) 8,893.93 (8,893.93) 4,000.00 4,000.00

660 - DISTRICT FUNDS EXPENSE $ - - - - 17,000.00 2,500.00

661 - DISTRICT 1 EXPENSE $ - - - 405.00 (405.00)

663 - DISTRICT 3 EXPENSE $ - - - 3,659.08 (3,659.08)

664 - DISTRICT 4 EXPENSE $ - - - 983.71 (983.71)

666 - DISTRICT 6 EXPENSE $ - - - -

667 - DISTRICT 7 EXPENSE $ - - - 381.71 (381.71)

669 - DISTRICT 9 EXPENSE $ - - - 200.00 (200.00)

670 - NEBRASKA NURSE $ - - - -

671 - MISCELLANEOUS EXPENSES $ - 56.00 (56.00) 100.00 772.10 (672.10) 775.00 1,000.00

700 - NON-PROFIT INCORPORATION FEES $ - - - 60.00 (60.00) 60.00 60.00

715 - POSTAGE $ 1,000.00 656.00 344.00 1,000.00 347.27 652.73 1,500.00 1,500.00

718 - BANK FEES $ - 35.00 (35.00) 903.67 (903.67) 200.00 1,000.00

730 - PRINTING/BINDING $ - 300.00 (300.00) 326.39 (326.39) 500.00 500.00


741 - PROF FEES-AUDIT $ - 4,015.00 (4,015.00) 3,000.00 4,015.00 (1,015.00)

742 - PROF FEES - LEGAL $ - 336.00 (336.00) - -

743 - PROF FEES - LOBBYIST $ 20,000.00 20,000.00 - 20,000.00 20,000.04 (0.04) 20,000.00 20,000.00

744 - PROF FEES - OTHERS/CONSULTANTS $ - - 23,360.00 6,988.06 16,371.94 21,500.00 21,500.00

745 - PROF FEES - MANAGEMENT $ 90,000.00 88,030.00 1,970.00 25,000.00 15,000.00 10,000.00 36,750.00 38,036.00

750 - Rent $ 110.00 110.00 - -

755 - WEBSITE EXPENSE $ 4,000.00 932.00 3,068.00 4,000.00 7,500.00 (3,500.00) 5,250.00 5,250.00

Webinar Program $ - - 5,000.00

765 - SCHOLARSHIP EXPENSE $ - 1,000.00 (1,000.00) 1,000.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 1,000.00

770 - SUPPLIES $ - 34.00 (34.00) 20.54 (20.54) 1,200.00 1,200.00

775 - DUES & SUBSCRIPTIONS $ - 113.00 (113.00) -

780 - TELEPHONE $ 1,200.00 692.00 508.00 1,200.00 1,638.47 (438.47) 1,450.00

810 - WORKSHOPS EXPENSES $ - 3,266.00 (3,266.00) - $1,450.00

870 - PYA/PAYMENTS CAROL WILSON FUND $ - - 2,000.00 2,000.00 1,500.00

895 - REFERENCE PROPOSAL $ 7,000.00 7,000.00 1,500.00 1,500.00 750.00 750.00

$ - -

TOTAL EXPENSES $ 148,951.00 173,857.00 (24,906.00) 124,335.00 119,399.38 4,935.62 144,235.00 150,146.00

NET INCOME $ (32,431.00) 36,448.70


*will be withdrawn from Carol Wilson fund

and reflected on balance sheet but not in budget

Monies available for 2014 will be $151,320

2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


Officer Positions:

Committee Positions:

o Nominee-West Region-

Alice Kunz, MSN, RN

o Nominees-North Region-

Cathy Clark Sybrant, MSN, RN

Kathy Davis, RN

o Nominee-East Region-

Kari Wade, EdD, MSN, RN

o Nominee-At-large-

Rita Weber, MSN, RN

o Nominees-Nursing Practice- Shannon Jones, BSN, RN

Chad KinKennon, BS, RN

o Nominees-Nursing Faculty- June Collison, MSN/Ed, RN

Alice Kindschuch, DNP, MSN, RN

o Nominee-Prof. Education-

Jessica Zoerb, BSN, RN

o Nominee-Nursing Practice- Paula Molzen, RN

o Nominee-Nursing Faculty-

Nancy Shirley, PhD, MSN, RN

o Nominee-Rural -

Jenna Witt, MSN, RN

o Nominee-Urban -

Lois Linden, EdD, MS, RN

o Nominees-

Linda Blinston, MSN, RN

Diana Hines, MSN, RN

Joan Nelson, MS, RN

Lynnee’ Pattrin, MPA, BSN, RN-BC

Loretta Pierce, MSN, RN

Sara Seemann, MSN, RN

Rosalee Yeaworth, PhD, MSN, RN



Nursing is currently perceived as the most trusted profession in the United States. As nurses we

have a responsibility to educate the public and legislators on issues that may impact the health of

Nebraskans and our communities.

As nurses, we are one of the largest professions in the country, and a profession which plays a

critical role in the health and well-being of Nebraskans and our communities;


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

As nurses, we believe that all individuals have a right to basic healthcare; and, therefore, we support

legislation that promotes equal access to healthcare for all individuals;

As nurses, we believe that preventative measures can result in a better quality of life and reduce the

lifetime costs of healthcare. We support legislation that promotes prevention and wellness-related

activities and services;

As nurses, we are professionals; and, as such, we believe that we are responsible for maintaining

competency and practice standards that are current and evidenced-based;

Based on these underlying beliefs, the NNA adopts the Following Legislative Platform:

1. NNA will strongly support the essential role that Registered Nurses play in care delivery in

all settings. NNA will actively pursue any legislation that advocates for the well-being of the

nurse to ensure:

a. Safe work environments;

b. Adequate training and on-going competence;

c. Fair and transparent licensing;

d. Clear and well-defined scope of practice, maintaining those things that are unique to


e. Removal of barriers that negatively impact nursing’s scope of practice, for both RNs

and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs);

f. Economic stability and improved compensation for nurses.

2. NNA will support activities which are implemented to advance the goals outlined in the 2010

Institute of Medicine Report, “The Future of Nursing.”

3. NNA will influence safe, cost-effective, quality healthcare services through NNA participation

in local, county, state and federal decision-making bodies. NNA will do this by:

a. Participating in coalitions with healthcare providers and organizations whose goals are

to assure safe, quality care outcomes for all Nebraskans.

b. Monitoring/Promoting legislation to assure that the standards for safe, quality patient

care are not compromised.




NNA Governance Task Force (Districts Pilot): Recommendations for Action 2014


NNA Governance Task Force and Board of Directors



2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

Teresa Anderson, EdD, MSN, RNC-OB, NE-BC

5211 Underwood Avenue

Omaha, Nebraska 68132




It has become increasingly difficult for NNA to advance a strong slate of candidates or to identify

volunteers to be appointed to fill multiple committee and boards of directors at both the District

and state level. Membership recruitment and retention has not advanced, and it has been several

years since a membership committee has been appointed. Support for these various structures

has consumed dwindling resources that could have been used to support the events and programs

that enhance and provide the member value of the NNA. The state governance changes within the

2013 bylaws revisions set the framework for a new and streamlined NNA state governance structure

to meet some of these challenges.

It is also clear that rural districts, with limited human and fiscal resources, are struggling to seat

their boards and to provide events and programming; urban districts have minimal attendance or

involvement compared to their paid memberships. In 2013 the NNA House of Delegates approved

Nebraska Nurses Association (NNA) Governance Structure Revisions Reference Proposal

recommendations to commission a two-year pilot study a) retaining 2014 and 2015 District dues

funds at the state level and making Committees accountable to maintain both state and regional

member events and operations support, and b) suspending elections (current board members will

serve during the pilot, or replacements will be appointed) and required district meetings to minimize

the operational drain on the district’s limited resources.

In fulfillment of that approved resolution all NNA members were invited to volunteer to serve on

the NNA Governance Task Force which met on March 29, 2014 and June 7, 2014. NNA members

who volunteered and were in attendance at one or both sessions included: Teresa Anderson, NNA

President (Chair), MJ Petersen, Lois Linden, Jane O’Connor, Linda Blinston, Lin Hughes, Lynnee

Pattrin, Anna Mackevicius, Douglass Haas, Melissa Florell, Mary Andersen, Mavis Hatcliff, Kate

Pepin, Deb Ussery, Colleen Dygert, and Cathy Clark Sybrant.

The group reviewed best practices from other states and associations and thoughtfully considered

background materials and draft documents provided. The Task Force respectfully requests that the

Nebraska Nurses Association House of Delegates 2014 consider the following recommendations

with supporting documents.


WHEREAS, the NNA has an obligation to maintain the integrity of nursing practice and represent

the best interests of all professional nurses in the State of Nebraska, a strong infrastructure

for both state and grassroots operations and events which have value to members is needed,



2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

WHEREAS, the NNA, as a registered 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation in the State of Nebraska,

with an obligation to fulfill the full requirements of our bylaws, is struggling to meet these

expectations with the current structure, and

WHEREAS, current structures are not meeting the full needs of rural or urban district members,

therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Nebraska Nurses Association:

1. Reaffirm support for implementation of governance pilot recommendations between January

1, 2015 and December 31, 2015:

a. Continue to retain NNA District 2015 dues revenues at the state level and Committee

accountability to maintain both state and regional member events and operations


b. District elections of officers for 2015 election cycle will not be conducted. Current board

members will continue to serve during the pilot, or replacements will be appointed by

the NNA Board of Directors; and the election of District delegates for the 2015 HOD will

be supported at the state level with names of nominees recruited by self-nomination,

and if qualified as a member in good standing, effective January 1, 2015, placed on the

state electronic ballot for voting by district member peers (e.g. District 2 delegates will

be elected by District 2 members).

c. District meetings will remain optional to minimize the drain on districts’ limited resources.

2. Continue the activities of the NNA Governance Task Force with 2015 activities to include:

a. Investigation of best practices for transition from a House of Delegates with District

delegates to a Membership Assembly with “one-member, one vote” apportionment,

and make recommendations/proposal to the 2015 NNA House of Delegates regarding

this process.

b. Identification of structures and processes for Mutual Interest Groups, defined as, virtual

or other, networking collaborative groups, designed to provide a framework for members

with common interests to come together for a defined purpose and outcomes within a

mutually agreed upon time frame by the group and the NNA Board of Directors.

c. Development of structures and processes for Mutual Interest Groups (MIGs) to be

accountable to the NNA Board of Directors and/or Committees and to receive financial

support from the association for approved activities and initiatives.

3. Adopt the following regions as the geographic focus areas for membership recruitment

and retention activities, and state and regional events. These regions will not be part of the

NNA membership dues structure and members cannot elect to belong to a region; member

inclusion will be based upon registered home address of each member.

a. Region 1 – Nebraska western border to NE HWY 83

b. Region 2 – NE HWY 83 to NE Hwy 281

c. Region 3 – NE HWY 281 to NE HWY 77

d. Region 4 – NE HWY 77 to the Nebraska eastern border


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

A Tradition

of Excellence

in Health

Care for your

Entire Family.

Indian Hills Healthcare Community

would like to thank Nebraska nurses

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2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

4. Approve the creation of four (4) Regional Membership Liaison positions, designed to support

direct member recruitment and retention. See Appendix A

REPORT: Activities of the Task Force, Committees, Liaisons, and Events will be reported monthly

to the NNA Board of Directors, and will be provided to all members through ongoing postings on

the NNA members-only webpage.

PROPOSED BUDGET: All portions of member dues previously paid on a monthly basis to the

districts will be retained at the state level. State budgeted funds consistent with previous levels of

support for the outlined events, will be provided; based on the actual expenses of events during

the pilot period. Any excess revenues from the events will be returned to the NNA treasury for

the duration of the pilot study. If, at the conclusion of the study, the NNA HOD votes to retain

districts, revenue funds from events conducted during the pilot will be apportioned back to districts

previously associated with the events.

PAST HOUSE ACTION(S): Reference Proposal approval in 2013. Nebraska Nurses Association

(NNA) Governance Structure Revisions. See Appendix B.

Appendix A

Nebraska Nurses Association

Regional Membership Liaison

Position Description


The purpose of this role is to provide direct support to members of the Nebraska Nurses Association,

and to support NNA staff with recruitment and retention of members. This individual serves as a


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

welcome ambassador, mentor, communication conduit, and resource for an assigned group of



The “Liaison” shall provide the following services relating to the activities of the NNA:

materials, bi-annual email, and convention/voting reminder. Initiates contact with individuals

whose memberships have lapsed in the past five (5) years.

retention activities prior to the event/activity. Seeks approval for non-budgeted expenses

over $250 prior to committing to the service.


four regions extending from the north border of Nebraska to the south border of Nebraska

and identified from west to east across the state:

o Region 1 - Nebraska western border to NE HWY 83

o Region 2 – NE HWY 83 to NE Hwy 281

o Region 3 – NE HWY 281 to NE HWY 77

o Region 4 – NE HWY 77 to the Nebraska eastern border

in three (3) years to create a staggered term of service.

of the Governance, Finance, and Membership Committee.

supported through monthly team and 1:1 calls with the Director of State Affairs. A

representative from ANA Membership Services will be invited to attend the monthly team


expectations of the role to include - market saturation, member contacts, number of new

members, percentage of retained members, and achievement of presentation/media/event

targets. All Liaisons will receive a free membership to the ANA/NNA annually (reimbursed at

the end of each successful year in the role); printed business cards, a stipend for travel, and

reimbursement of pre-approved expenses related to the role.

such as complimentary convention registration, complimentary hotel accommodations at

convention, with tiers of expectations linked to complimentary benefits and services as

available within budget constraints and approved by the NNA Board of Directors.


to fulfill the responsibilities of the role.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

“chat” with assigned members and to routinely update postings.

NNA membership and networking with assigned members.

and values.


Any information obtained by The “Liaison” during the course of his/her work for NNA that would

be reasonably considered confidential or proprietary, such as technical, business, program,

membership marketing, financial, and promotional plan and information, shall always be considered

Confidential Information, even if it is not identified as confidential or proprietary. The “Liaison” will

hold such information in the strictest confidence and will protect it with the same degree of care he/

she would exercise to protect his/her own Confidential Information. Proprietary Information will not

be used for any reason other than to perform the duties expressed in this Agreement.

The “Liaison” agrees that all materials produced or inventions created for NNA pursuant to this

agreement shall be considered works for hire and shall be the sole property of NNA. To the extent

such materials are works for hire, the “Liaison” hereby assigns all right, title, and interest in and to

such materials to NNA and acknowledges that the payments made to him/her constitute good and

sufficient consideration for this assignment.

The “Liaison” will cooperate with the Nebraska Nurses Association to turn over all files, documents,

etc. to NNA in an orderly manner should termination of this Agreement be necessary. The “Liaison”

shall not request NNA to pay for any property already purchased, i.e. office equipment, etc., and

agrees, upon termination of employment, to return in working condition any equipment or materials

issued for use to conduct NNA related business.


The “Liaison” shall not be deemed an employee of NNA and will complete duties as a volunteer.

The “Liaison” shall be solely responsible to all expenses incurred, unless prior written approval from

the President, NNA Board of Directors, or designee, as outlined above.

The “Liaison” will be solely responsible for any liabilities arising out his/her actions, unless such

actions are within the scope of the contract and approved by NNA.

Appendix B:

Governance Pilot Proposal

(Approved 2013 House of Delegates – reference only)


Nebraska Nurses Association (NNA) Governance Structure Revisions


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

We are pleased to

support the

Nebraska Nurses


Annual Convention


Michael N. Eppel, M.D., FACG

David D. Lee, M.D.

Denise L. Speich, ARNP

J. Reggie Thomas, D.O.

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2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


NNA Board of Directors and Transition Team Task Force


Teresa Anderson, EdD, MSN, RNC-OB, NE-BC

5211 Underwood Avenue

Omaha, Nebraska 68132




It has become increasingly difficult for NNA to advance a strong slate of candidates or to identify

volunteers to be appointed to fill multiple committee and boards of directors at both the District and

state level. Continuing education offerings have become commonplace and at minimal or no charge

in many healthcare facilities. As a result, the need for independent study modules, historically the

main responsibility of the NNA Commission on Practice and Professional Development, are no

longer relevant. This Commission has struggled over recent years to find its point of value and

concrete work has been limited by this group. These struggles and the involvement of the NNA in

the Midwest Multi-State Division (MSD) pilot which will merge the continuing education approval

unit functions into a single operating body at the MSD level. The merger offers an opportunity

for different leadership and involvement of the Continuing Education Approval Committee. The

Commission on Legislative Advocacy and Representation has struggled to build a strong grassroots

network of members to support the NNA Legislative platform, and election of members to all

commissions from U.S. Congressional Districts does not seem relevant to these grassroots needs.

Membership recruitment and retention has not advanced, and it has been several years since a

membership committee has been appointed. Support for these various structures has consumed

dwindling resources that could have been used to support the events and programs that enhance

and provide the member value of the NNA. The governance changes proposed within the 2013

bylaws revisions set the framework for a new and streamlined NNA state governance structure to

meet some of these challenges. The names of the Commissions will be renamed to Committees

(standing committees) to align their decision authority with their intended roles and responsibilities

as defined by the current version of Robert’s Rules of Order Revised.

It is also clear that rural districts, with limited human and fiscal resources, are struggling to seat

their boards and to provide events and programming; urban districts have minimal attendance or

involvement compared to their paid memberships. This proposal will commission a two-year pilot

study to a) retain 2014 and 2015 District dues funds at the state level and make the Committees

accountable to maintain both state and regional member events and operations support, and b)

suspend elections (current board members will serve during the pilot, or replacements will be

appointed) and district meetings to minimize the operational drain on the district’s limited resources.

Member and non-member surveys conducted in 2012 revealed that the priority member values

for NNA were professional development and legislative advocacy. Strengthening these elements,

while exploring a revised structure to support professional nurses in Nebraska, will provide the best

approach to an informed and organized transition of the association at the grassroots level.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


WHEREAS, the NNA has an obligation to maintain the integrity of nursing practice and represent

the best interests of all professional nurses in the State of Nebraska, a strong infrastructure

for both state and grassroots operations and events which have value to members is needed,


WHEREAS, the NNA, as a registered 501(c) non-profit corporation in the State of Nebraska,

with an obligation to fulfill the full requirements of our bylaws, is struggling to meet these

expectations with the current structure, and

WHEREAS, current structures are not meeting the full needs of rural or urban district members,

therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Nebraska Nurses Association:

1. Suspend the governance meetings and elections of Districts for 2014 and 2015

a. Dues for January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2015 will remain at the state level.

b. Currently serving District Board members will retain their positions through the

suspension period to:

i. Represent District voice on the NNA BOD

ii. Be in position to resume Districts as needed, pending pilot results, and

iii. Maintain a communication network to monitor the status of the pilot

2. Maintain existing events that have occurred in the past two years by adding event planning

and support responsibility to the Committees and/or Director of State Affairs, Contracted

Services, Task Forces, or MSD, as applicable including but not limited to

a. Nursing Professional Development Committee (NPDC) will facilitate:

i. Convention

ii. District 7 Student Brunch

iii. District 3 Celebrate Nursing program and Poster presentation with Sigma Theta

Tau International (STTI), and

iv. Miscellaneous CE programs

b. Legislative Advocacy and Representation Committee (LARC) will facilitate:

i. NNA Legislative Day, and the

ii. District 2 Legislative Reception (every other year)

c. Governance, Membership, and Finance Committee (GMFC) will facilitate:

i. District 2 Positive Image of Nursing Breakfast

ii. District 3 Fall Fling and two $500 scholarships to nursing students

iii. District 4 Billboard

iv. District 5 and District 9 Nurses Week Events, and

v. Nebraska Nurses Heroes and Mentors Dinner (every other year)

3. Focus activity toward the following goals:

a. Year 1 Goals – 2014

i. Implement the revised memberships, roles and responsibilities of the three

Committees – Nursing Professional Development Committee, Legislative Advocacy


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

and Representation Committee, and Governance, Membership, and Finance


ii. Maintain existing events during pilot through Commission accountability for

assigned events.

iii. Form a Task Force consisting of the NNA Board of Directors, District elected

officers, and other ad hoc members, as needed, to define a pilot process for a

governance structure, such as Mutual Interest Groups or another model, to replace


iv. Retain all 2013-2014 elected or appointed members to Committees or District

Boards to facilitate the transition of Committee structure and support events. Those

unwilling or unable to extend their term of office will be replaced via appointments

by the appropriate Board of Directors (state or district) or attrition will reduce group

size, as outlined in the NNA Bylaws.

v. Establish evaluation criteria for the newly formed Committees

b. Year 2 Goals – 2015:

i. Perform an analysis of the newly formed Committees to determine ongoing


successes and needs for revisions.

Evaluate the success of centralized planning and implementation of NNA existing

events and make recommendations for next steps.

iii. Implement Mutual Interest Group pilot (or other alternative governance structure)

with defined financial model, measurements of success, and periodic reporting

mechanism to provide information to NNA BOD, District BODs, NNA Book of

Reports/HOD, other key stakeholders (e.g. MSD and ANA), and the general


4. Present results of the two-year program to the 2015 NNA House of Delegates with

recommendations for ongoing structures, processes, and outcome measures.

REPORT: Activities of the Task Force, Committees, and events will be reported monthly to the

NNA Board of Directors, and will be provided to all members through ongoing postings on the NNA

members-only webpage.

PROPOSED BUDGET: All portions of member dues previously paid on a monthly basis to the

districts will be retained at the state level. State budgeted funds consistent with previous levels of

support for the outlined events, will be provided, based on the actual expenses of events during

the pilot period. Any excess revenues from the events will be returned to the NNA treasury for

the duration of the pilot study. If, at the conclusion of the study, the NNA HOD votes to retain

districts, revenue funds from events conducted during the pilot will be apportioned back to districts

previously associated with the events.



2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

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Trails & Rails


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Continuum of Care for Older Adults


Teresa Anderson, NNA President

Deb Welk and Marilyn Valerio, NNA Members


Debra Welk, BSN, RN-BC

9005 Raven Oaks Dr

Omaha, Nebraska 68152




2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


Older adults in the United States are aging with a desire to live in their own home, or in the place

that they call home which has the least restrictive environment. The increasing prevalence of

chronic conditions as the individual ages poses challenges in managing health care services and

maintaining wellness for the older adults.

Partnership for Solutions reported that for individuals 65 and older, 62 percent had two or

more chronic conditions (2002a,b,c,d,e) which may include arthritis, congestive heart disease,

hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementias,

and eye diseases. At 80 years of age or older, 70% experience two or more chronic conditions.

Aligning the appropriate living arrangements with the needed health care services for the older adult

with chronic conditions has become a complex challenge for caregivers and health care providers.

Navigating the health care continuum for older adults and providing support in care transitions is

essential in preventing re-admissions to acute care within thirty days of discharge.

Assisted living and nursing facilities comprise the greater portion of licensed congregate living for

older adults in Nebraska. The State of Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services currently

licenses 514 nursing and assisted living facilities that provide vital health care services to more than

20,000 vulnerable Nebraskans every day. Services at the various levels of care are provided by

private pay, Medicaid, Medicare, or other third party payors depending on the qualifications of the

older adult.

Assisted Living regulations are governed by each state across the country. The American Assisted

Living Nurses Association published the “Scope and Standards of Assisted Living Nursing Practice

for Registered Nurses” (2006) which provides guidance for the practice and conduct of the assisted

living nurse.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

The Nebraska assisted living regulations require that the older adult/resident’s condition be stable,

predictable and safe in an environment where their independence is maintained while providing

some assistance with daily activities. The older adult “directs their own care” and services are

outlined on a resident services agreement. A Registered Nurse Consultant is required to review

medication policies and procedures and to provide or oversee the training of medication aides who

typically serve as the direct care providers. Twenty-four hour licensed nursing care is not required

by regulations. The assisted living organizations plan operations and health care staffing within the

company’s defined model of care, which may vary from provider to provider. Some assisted living

organizations do employ part time and full time Registered Nurses who serve in the RN Consultant

role for residents, families and staff.

Nursing facilities are regulated by federal and state regulations. Twenty-four hour licensed nursing

care is required in the nursing facility. The nursing facility services are consistent from one provider

to another, although the culture of the organizations may vary.

In July 2013, representatives of the Nebraska Assisted Living Association and LeadingAge Nebraska

met to discuss forming a Future of Assisted Living Collaborative to begin discussing assisted living

in Nebraska and exploring the need for possible changes, with a special focus on the role of the

nurse in the assisted living setting. Representatives from the Nebraska Nurses Association (NNA)

and the Nebraska Action Coalition (NAC), and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human

Services Division of Public Health also participated. Following a facilitated discussion of the issues

from various perspectives, the group decided to form a Steering Committee for the purpose of

further research and identification of key focus areas.

The Steering Committee identified the following priorities:

explore the possible need for education

practices and exploration of whether the role should be expanded in the future

On May 9, 2014, the original Collaborative group reconvened to hear the Steering Committee’s

report and identify a plan for moving forward. All agreed the next step was to expand the group

to include a wider variety of stakeholders and to meet on November 18, 2014 to continue the

discussion and planning.


WHEREAS, the NNA has an obligation to maintain the integrity of nursing practice and public

safety in the State of Nebraska, and the means to publish educational resources in a costeffective

and efficient manner, and

WHEREAS, NNA has access to direct contact information for all registered and licensed

practical nurses in the State of Nebraska and


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

WHEREAS, nurses in the State of Nebraska are working with older adults across the

continuum from ambulatory care, emergency department, acute care, Nursing Improving Care

of Healthsystem Elders (NICHE), geriatric assessment centers, assisted living, palliative care,

hospice care, nursing facilities, and Program of All-Inclusive Care (PACE), and

WHEREAS, a Registered Nurse functions within the scope of the practice of nursing, and the

skill sets used by the Registered Nurse may vary by the health care delivery setting, such as

assisted living, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Nebraska Nurses Association:

1. Collaborate with other interested stakeholders to describe the levels of care for older

adults and the continuum of care in Nebraska and publish findings in a White Paper


2. Based on White Paper findings, educate nurses and other stakeholders on the levels

of care for older adults including evidence-based practices and recommendations for

building relationships with local referral sources to support navigation and successful

care transitions for older adults through the continuum of care, and

3. Participate in the Future of Assisted Living Collaborative to discuss assisted living in

Nebraska and explore the need for possible changes to the regulations with a special

focus on the scope of practice for the Registered Nurse and the skills sets used by the

Registered Nurse in the assisted living setting, and

4. Approve budget funding to support the development and distribution of a White Paper

on 1) the levels of care for older adults, 2) education necessary for provision of transitions

of care through the continuum, and, 3) recommendations for the Registered Nurse to

provide care to residents within the assisted living setting.


BUDGET: Funding for the proposal to be determined by the NNA Board of Directors pending 2015

budget availability.

REPORT: Findings of the White Paper to be published in the Nebraska Nurse along with education

materials related to the levels of care for older adults; recommendations for the provision of and

transition through the continuum of care for older adults; and recommendations for the Registered

Nurse’s role in the assisted living setting.




Partnership for Solutions. 2002a. “Alzheimer’s Disease: The Impact of Multiple Chronic Conditions.”

Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, MD.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

Partnership for Solutions. 2002b. “Multiple Chronic Conditions: Complications in Care and

Treatment.” Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, MD.

Partnership for Solutions. 2002c. “Physician Concerns: Care for People with Chronic Conditions.”

Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, MD.

Partnership for Solutions. 2002d. “Public Concerns: Caring for People with Chronic Conditions...”

Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, MD.

Partnership for Solutions. 2002e. “Chronic Conditions: Making the Case for Ongoing Care.” Johns

Hopkins University. Baltimore, MD.

Scope and Standards of Assisted Living Nursing Practice for Registered Nurses. 2006. American

Assisted Living Nurses Association. Napa, CA.


What is the Difference Between a Nursing Facility and an Assisted Living? 2014. Nebraska Health

Care Association and Nebraska Assisted Living Association web site.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


Submitter: NNA Board of Directors and Governance/Finance/Membership Committee

Script will propose that the Governance, Finance, and Membership Committee be authorized to

correct article and section designations, punctuation, and cross-references and to make each

other technical and conforming changes as may be necessary to reflect the intent of the Society in

connection with the adopted amendments.

Please note: Proposed deletions are indicated with strikethrough font and additions are indicated

with italicized and underlined font.

*indicates related amendments to Amendment 1(includes 3, 4, 5, and 7)

Current Language

Amendment 1:

Section 2. Composition

Following the even-numbered

election year, the Board of

Directors shall consist of the

NNA president, immediate

past president, vice president,

secretary, treasurer, three

chairs representing the three

standing committees and the

presidents of the constituent



Proposed Language

Section 2. Composition

Following the even-numbered

election year, tThe Board of

Directors shall consist of the

NNA president, presidentelect,

immediate past

president, vice president,

secretary, treasurer, three

chairs representing the three

standing committees and the

presidents of the constituent


Following the odd-numbered

election year, the Board of

Directors shall consist of the

NNA president, presidentelect,

vice president,

secretary, treasurer, three

chairs representing the

three committees and the

presidents of the constituent



To accommodate the

proposed extension of the

president-elect to a two year

term providing for increased

experience and involvement

with NNA prior to taking on

the role of President.

With the expansion of the

term of president-elect, the

elimination of the immediate

past-president office would

maintain a consistent number

of board members.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

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*401(k) *Health, Dental, Vision

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2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

Amendment 2:

Section 5. Responsibilities

The Board of Directors shall:

c. 2. adoption of the budget,

submission of all books


c. 3. to a certified public

accountant for audit, and

presentation of an annual

financial statement to the

membership and the NNA

House of Delegates;

Amendment 3:*

Section 6. Term of Office

a. The vice-president

and treasurer shall

be elected in evennumbered

years. The

president-elect and

secretary shall be

elected in odd years.

The offices of vicepresident,


and secretary require

a two-year term. The

office of presidentelect

is a one-year

term, followed

immediately by a twoyear

term as president.

After this 2-year term

as president, this

person shall serve

as immediate pastpresident

for one year.

c. 2. adoption of the budget,

submission of all books

biennially every 2-5 years,

at the end of service of a

treasurer or at the discretion

of the BOD, to a certified

public accountant for audit;

c. 3. to a certified public

accountant for audit, and

presentation of an annual

financial statement to the

membership and the NNA

House of Delegates;

a. The vice-president

president-elect and treasurer

shall be elected in evennumbered

years. The

president-elect vice-president

and secretary shall be elected

in odd years. The offices of

vice-president, treasurer, and

secretary require a two-year

term. The office of presidentelect

is a onetwo-year term,

followed immediately by a

two-year term as president.

After this 2-year term as

president, this person shall

serve as immediate pastpresident

for one year.

b. The president may serve

only one term in the office of


2. It wouldn’t be as costly or

time consuming as a biennial

audit but also would be

cleaner for anyone assuming

the new role of Treasurer. The

BOD discretion would permit

audits for any other issue.

3. editing for clarity

A 2-year term as presidentelect

and 2-year term

as president provides

for continuity in the role,

consistency in the board

membership, and meets the

term limits of two consecutive

terms in office. The presidentelect

would be able to assist

the president.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

134 South 13th Street, Suite 800

Lincoln, NE 68508

(402) 438-2500

Nancy R. Wynner,

Attorney at Law

Experience and

expertise in

administrative license

matters including:

Defense Against Disciplinary Action

License Reinstatement




2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

Section 9. Duties of Officers

Amendment 4:*

b. president-elect of NNA


2. assume other duties

as assigned by the

Board of Directors.

Amendment 5:*

c. The immediate pastpresident

of NNA

shall assume duties

as requested by the


Amendment 6:

d. The vice-president of

NNA shall:

2. assume other duties

as assigned by the

Board of Directors.

2. serve as a non-voting

member of all three


3. assume other duties

as assigned by the

Board of Directors.

c. The immediate pastpresident

of NNA

shall assume duties

as requested by the


d. The vice-president of

NNA shall:

2. promote events

through a variety of

means in collaboration

with the director.

3. assume other duties

as assigned by the

Board of Directors.

Add a responsibility to

the president-elect role to

increase understanding of

and involvement in committee


Renumber the previous 2. to

be 3.

The two-year term of

president-elect followed by

a two-year term as president

meets the stipulation for a

maximum of four consecutive

years and a more realistic

commitment from candidates.

Add a responsibility to

the vice-president role to

increase engagement with the


Renumber the previous 2. to

be 3.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

Current Language

Amendment 7:*

g. Elections for

president-elect and

secretary, are held

in odd numbered

years. Elections for

vice-president and

treasurer are held in

even numbered years.


Proposed Language

Conforming amendment to

Amendment 3.

g. Elections for presidentelect

vice-president and

secretary are held in odd

numbered years. Elections for

vice-president president-elect

and treasurer are held in even

numbered years.

Proviso to Amendment 3.

For the 2015 election, the

president-elect will be a

one-year term as presidentelect

followed by a two-year

term as president. For the

2016 election and future even

numbered year elections, the

president-elect will be a twoyear

term as president-elect

followed by a two-year term

as president.


This item is changed to be

consistent with Section 6

item a.

2015 would be a transition

year followed by the new

president-elect/president term

to keep the president term

consistent to begin in the even

numbered years.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


Teresa L. Anderson, EdD, MSN, RNC-OB, NE-BC

Strategic objectives identified for action during 2014 and activities to meet those goals:

2014 Goals include:

1. Progress toward financial independence with increased membership and profitable nondues

revenue streams.

a. Membership has increased from 774 members in 2012, 803 members in 2013, to 809

members in 2014. Membership growth has not met the required goal of 50 net new

members recruited/retained annually, which is required to meet our projected 2015

needs. Please join/renew and recruit a friend or two.

b. Governance, Finance, and Membership Committee Membership Sub-committee

formed and actively pursuing enhanced recruitment strategies with students, new

graduate nurses, and social media users.

c. NNA is an active member of the Midwest Multi-State Division Membership Task Force

with monthly new member surveys, quarterly member surveys and monthly graceperiod

member postcards and follow-up calls initiated.

d. Contract signed with UMB Bank for a NNA credit card affinity program, which will net

$50 to the NNA for every card account initiated by NNA members, plus value point

incentives from participating card purchases.

2. District memberships standardized at $27 for all districts, and payroll deduction members

converted to ePay or annual renewal.

3. Continue to define MSD operations and programs to enhance SNA member benefit, economic

efficiencies realized through economies of scale, and standardization of processes.

a. Participation in the MSD phone system hub enhancing service with voice messaging

and call center support.

b. Rental car discount rate of $59/day for NNA business travel.

c. Contracted financial support at $50.00/hour averaging 6 hours per month.

d. Policy and procedure development and sharing.

e. Support for upgrade of Affiniscape platform to YourMembership® platform with

enhanced communication and member management functions.

f. Ongoing development of a MSD Approver and Provider CE Accreditation Unit for shared

operations and revenues within the MSD. A financial agreement among the MSD states

has been reached and Nebraska should start to see implementation in January 2014 or


4. Implement NNA governance changes approved at the 2013 ANA Membership Assembly

and 2013 NNA House of Delegates.

a. Implementation of three committees – Legislative Advocacy and Representation, Nursing

Professional Development, and Governance, Finance, and Membership – replacing

former commissions, committees. Committee memberships filled, chairs elected from

the members, and goals for 2014 identified, in accordance with 2013 bylaw revisions.

b. 2014 District Governance Task Force formed in accordance with reference proposal

objectives. The Task Force met on March 29, 2014 in Grand Island and June 7th in

Norfolk with 10 members and 14 members, attending respectively. Recommendations


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

Psychiatric Nurse


Prescriptive Authority


Mental Health Center of Denver is a nonprofit community mental health

center, and is the nation’s leader in progressive community-based mental

health. Work as part of a multidisciplinary team to provide various mental

health services to a diverse population. We offer counseling, housing,

education, and vocational services for adults, children and families. We

build upon each consumer’s strengths and resiliency to help them toward


*Bilingual applicants are encouraged to apply.

Full-Time, 13-Week Traveler,

Float Pool & Per Diem Opportunities

Northwest Medical Center is a community healthcare

provider; a 300-bed facility with comprehensive

inpatient and outpatient services including emergency

care, heart and stroke care, weight-loss surgery and

spine & joint programs among our 35-plus specialties.

We are a quality healthcare provider recognized for

Heart Failure Accreditation, Chest Pain Center, Breast

Imaging Center of Excellence and Gold Seal Designation

for Total Knee & Hip Replacement; Spine Surgery; and

Primary Stroke Center.

Oro Valley Hospital has been nationally recognized for

its quality care including designation as a Chest Pain

Center, NICHE, PEDS “Pediatric Prepared,” Primary

Stroke Center, STEMI (Heart Attack) Receiving Center

and Trauma Level IV. That coupled with a beautiful

hospital in a scenic location makes Oro Valley Hospital

an exceptional place to work.

Experienced Nurses Needed

For more information or to apply please visit

www.OroValleyHospital.com or


An Equal Opportunity Employer.

For more information about Mental Health Center of Denver

and our forward-focused wellness culture please

visit our website at www.mhcd.org.

To apply: Complete the online application or email your

resume to resumes@mhcd.org. Fax: (303) 758-5793.

Experienced RNS Wanted for:



Sign-on Bonus: $5,000!


Relocation & Housing Numerous Educational



Competitive Wages Quarterly Incentives

Apply online today at www.ConverseHospital.com

Memorial Hospital of Converse County is an equal opportunity employer.



2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

for regional event planning, state membership consolidation, and regional membership

liaison positions developed by this group. Revisions to NNA executive board

responsibilities to align with updated governance structure also under consideration.

The report of the Task Force will be presented at the NNA Convention and House of

Delegates on October 17 – 18, 2014.

i. Delegates from all NNA Districts self-nominated this year through the NNA website

at www.nebraskanurses.org. Eligible nominees placed on the NNA Ballot for

election by electronic between July 15 – September 15, 2014.

5. Define and enhance value for members in all regions of the state.

a. A statewide toll-free number was created for NNA and the PO Box was moved to

Kearney to improve efficiency for the Director of State Affairs.

b. Support for events throughout the state continues with trips to Districts 2, 3, 6, 7, and 9

at the end of April 2014; and to District 5 in Scottsbluff On May 6-7th.

c. Outreach to schools of nursing included presentations at Union College, Midland

College, Creighton University, Mid-Plains Community College, Central Community

College, UNMC – Omaha, and Nurse Residents at the Nebraska Medical Center.

d. NNA sponsored a booth at the NSSNA Convention in Norfolk and a large number of

students participated in the Legislative Day.

e. Rural nurses survey was completed and results will be used to plan additional activities

in this area.

f. Enhanced email communication and website capabilities made online registrations,

and access to member information easier.

6. Enhance grassroots support for legislative advocacy through an active Legislative Advocacy

and Representation Committee, nursing network, and lobbying efforts.

a. Legislative districts have been added to the NNA member database and email

communication by legislative district is possible.

b. Strong LARC leadership and member engagement has resulted in effective review,

prioritization, monitoring, and advocacy for selected bills.

c. Strong collaborative work with the NNP association, under the direction of their lobbying

team led to successful passage of nurse practitioner independent practice legislation

that unfortunately was vetoed by the governor.

d. Numerous nursing written and verbal testimony presentations on our priority bills.

7. Extend member recognition programs.

Bonnie Barnes of the Daisy Foundation, hosted a record crowd with over 70 Positive

Image of Nursing honorees and Daisy award winners in attendance.

b. All members received a holiday greeting and report of progress to their homes along

with a NNA refrigerator clip magnet with updated NNA contact information.

c. NNA Board of Directors and Committee members received personal thank you gift and

message from the president.

d. Door prizes and raffle prizes have been rewarded at most events. Free and reduced

price memberships have also been awarded when requested.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve this critical association for not only one term, but two. In

all honesty, there have been moments of discouragement, but they are balanced by the sustained

commitment of the amazing NNA Board of Directors, committee, volunteers, and members reaching


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

out to each other. We are in the midst of the “storm” but IF we can meet membership goals and

sustain our momentum to improve efficiency and effectiveness, the clouds will lift to a bright future

for the voice of professional nursing in Nebraska. We thank our dedicated affiliates – the Nebraska

Nurse Practitioners and Emergency Nurses AssociationNebraska for partnering with us and we

invite others to join us.

2015 President Goals:

1. Continue the development of the 3-year financial plan, including the consolidation of accounts

to fewer banks, exploration of NNF opportunities, and possible return of operational support

to within the state.

2. Implement the recommendations of the Governance Task Force (District Pilot) as approved,

monitor measures of success, and prepare a report and bylaws revisions to the House of


3. Enhance grassroots membership recruitment and retention support and meet annual

member recruitment goals.

4. Develop a leadership development and succession planning process to prepare future

leaders for the NNA Board of Directors and Committees.

5. Identify member preferences for professional development and balance onsite regional

events with virtual concurrent events.

6. Seat and implement a Task Force to define a model for Mutual Interest Groups, develop

a recommendation and/or bylaws for inclusion of this structure in the NNA governance



Winnie Dolph, MSN, RN

The past two years have seen many positive changes for the Nebraska Nurses Association. It has

been a pleasure to work with Terry, the Board, and the Committees to see these positive changes

come to fruition. Thank you to all of the members of NNA for your support and lately your thoughts

and prayers. I am getting stronger day-by-day.


Connie Morrill, BSN, RN

The NNA Board of Directors met monthly with the exception of December and April, which were

canceled due to scheduling conflicts and no pressing business. Among the approved motions

considered by the Board were the following items:

Amended Budget.

of funds. (Later referred to the Finance sub-committee of the Governance, Finance, and

Membership Committee)

involvement in the MSD pilot including CE Approver and Provider Unit, Membership Task

Force and contract savings opportunities.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

not able to attend and Nancy Waltman, alternate, moved to become representative so new

alternate needed. All members were invited to apply as representative.

schedule and seek approval of events at state and regional level.

to advocacy. Beth Furlong, Linda Stones, and Melissa Florell to support this work with

completion in Fall 2014.

June 7, 2014 in Norfolk. Task force work resulted in Reference Proposal recommendations.

platform) training, ANA EEC Conference, and ANA ED Training. Melissa also supported to

attend ANA Membership Assembly and MSD face-to-face meeting in June 2014.

approved to have Silent Auction and Change Drive proceeds designated for NNF and Patron

Party designated for NNA-PAC.

One Reach One.”

Visa Card” to members. This replaces the Bank of America program that was discontinued

by the company at the end of 2012. NNA will get $50 per new card subscriber for this fullservice

credit card.

participants in 2015 to attend the American Nurses Advocacy Institute. Approved Melissa

and one other applicant to attend in 2014 from non-budgeted funds.

(volunteer) job description for presentation to the 2014 NNA House of Delegates.

House of Delegates.

responsibilities, terms of office and election processes to be presented to the 2014 NNA

House of Delegates.

Douglass Haas to develop a detailed technology plan for NNA. Report on plan anticipated

at August 2014 meeting.


Coleen Dygert, President

District 1 has been attending meetings with District 4. We are appreciating the networking and

education this collaboration has presented to us. We continue to provide evidence-based nursing

care by competent, compassionate nurses. We work every day for patients and families in all

settings of nursing practice.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


~ The privilege of caring for America’s heroes ~

Join our Team in one of these Career Opportunities:

RN, LPN, Nurse Aide

and Medication Aide

The State of Nebraska offers a competitive benefits

package for Employees!

Apply online at


or at the following locations:

Norfolk Veterans’ Home

Grand Island Veterans’ Home

600 East Benjamin Avenue 2300 West Capital Avenue

Norfolk, NE 68701 Grand Island, NE 68803

Eastern Nebraska Veterans’ Home Western Nebraska Veterans’ Home

12505 South 40th Street 1102 West 42nd

Bellevue, NE 68123 Scottsbluff, NE 69361

For questions or accommodations call:


AA/EOE/V Hearing Impaired/

TDD calls only: 402-471-4693


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


Kate Pepin, PhD, MSN, RN – President

Health Education About LGBT Elders (HEALE)

A continuing education presentation was held on April 17th at the Education Service Unit

(ESU) #3 in La Vista. The Health Education About LGBT Elders curriculum was presented by Ms.

Cecilia Hardecker, an alumnus of the University of Nebraska College of Nursing. Ms. Hardecker

is the Director of Geriatric Education at the Howard Brown Health Center in Chicago, Illinois.

The workshop provided cultural awareness and care modalities for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and

transgender elders. Six contact hours were awarded for nurses and social workers in attendance.

A ‘Train the Trainer’ session was held the following day.

Celebrate Nursing Breakfast

26th April – More than seventy honorees were applauded by the peers who nominated them for

Excellence in Nursing at the annual Celebrate Nursing Breakfast held at the Georgetowne Club

in Omaha. There were two keynote speakers this year – Bonnie and Mark Barnes, co-founders of

the Daisy Foundation. Recipients of the Daisy Awards from the surrounding area were recognized

as well. Peer support and camaraderie resounded throughout the morning. The event was a very

special prelude to Nurses’ Week.

Political Reception

The Nebraska Nurses Association (NNA) hosted the 2014 Nurses’ Political Reception at the UNO

Thompson Alumni Center on the evening of August 26th from 6pm to 8pm. Located at 60th and

Dodge Streets, the Alumni Center is a point of easy access in Omaha. Individual and corporate/

business sponsors were solicited. All sponsors were featured on the invitations and publicity for the

event. Included during the evening were a hors d’oeuvre reception and cash bar. Politicians, nurses,

nursing students and interested attendees discussed issues and concerns pertinent to nursing and

the legislative process.


Cathy Clark, APRN, MSN-President

This has been a great year of growth for our organization and I have visited with numerous nurses

about our great organization. Terry Anderson came to our area and we had a wonderful time visiting

facilities and nurses throughout the northern part of our state. There are just a lot of great nurses

and it is great to visit with them and to hear their ideas.

I have visited with nurses about having a central event and there is much interest so this is in the

planning stage. It is just great to get nurses together and two hospitals have shown an interest in

being co-sponsors of the events. Our ideas including having nurses call into the “Party Line” at the

radio station and give their elevator speech about our great organization. People do listen to the


We are looking forward to convention and hope to see you all there.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association



Beth Furlong, PhD, JD, RN, LARC Chair


This Report will discuss the legislative outcomes during the 2014 Unicameral Session. The two

priority bills for LARC and NNA were LB 916, the Nurse Practitioner Bill and LB 887, Medicaid

Expansion. Regrettably, neither became law. While LB 916 passed the legislative votes three times,

it was vetoed by the Governor after the Unicameral Session had ended, thus, preventing any action.

During the Session, a filibuster terminated the progress of LB 887.

On the positive side, LB 132, a Skin Cancer Prevention Act and LB 254 did pass. The latter bill

incorporated LB 505 which will assist patients and families with a member who has autism; the bill

also incorporated LB 397 which will assist patients and families with a member who needs payment

for amino acid formulas.

There were several other bills, either supported or monitored by LARC that did not progress. The

above bills were the major ones.


As in the previous year, LARC members met weekly by telephone conference during most of January

and February; the LARC members divided the hundreds of bills that needed review, analyzed each,

and the respective LARC member was responsible for making recommendations to LARC if NNA

should support, oppose, or monitor the particular bill. Commission members and NNA members

participated in the advocacy process in the following ways—1)writing testimony, 2)verbally giving

testimony, 3)lobbying senators, 4)educating others on bills, 5)seeking others to lobby, etc.

NNA lobbyist, Don Wesley, worked closely with the Nebraska Nurse Practitioner Association on

strategies for LB 916 and with a Coalition organization for LB 887; he kept LARC informed of lobby

strategies from both groups.


The 2015 Legislative Platform was updated by the Committee; it will be discussed and voted on at

the 2014 Fall Convention.

Don Wesley will be meeting with the NE Nurse Practitioner Association and discussing strategies

for next year when the nurse practitioner legislation will, again, be introduced. In a similar way, he

will continue with the Coalition organization for a bill for Medicaid Expansion.

Members of LARC will be educating candidates on the above issues and developing relationships

with the candidates seeking the 17 state senator positions in the November Election. Members will

be developing relationships with Governor candidates.

As every year, NNA members who wish to participate in legislative advocacy are encouraged to

contact the Committee and/or NNA leaders.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

Special Thanks

Many thanks to Don Wesley for all of his ‘behind the scenes’ work, development of relationships with

all state senators, education of them, advocacy with them, being a ‘point’ person with coalitions,

etc. The assistance of Melissa Florell is strongly valued for a variety of interventions that need to get

done, and she does them with grace. It was positive to work with nurse practitioners this Session

and we look forward to it in 2015. Appreciation goes to the LARC members who expended time and

energy to further the profession of nursing in one state; thank you much!



Douglass Haas, BSN, RN, CCRN – Chair

Commission Members: June Eilers, Douglass Haas, Carole Lainof, Francie McNeil, Elaine Pohren,

Kari Rodehorst, Faye Weckle, Jessica Zoerb

What a wonderful year of growth and adventure this committee has been witness to. This group

has made a giant technology leap forward with a new conferencing system due to the limitation of

the current phone system. We have quickly become experts with online file management, meetings

facilitated by webcam instead of telephone handset, and have also ventured further into the World

Wide Web with the creation and pilot of a Professional Nursing Blog. I want to thank the members of

this committee for being so positive and understanding through these changes. They have jumped

on the technology bandwagon with enthusiasm and came up with some great ideas along the way!

Celebrations for this group include two successful events. First being the Health Education About

LGBT Elders (HEALE) event. This event was initially planned by NNA District 2 for 2013 but due to

a lack of response of registrations it was determined to re-introduce the event in 2014. This event

provided local area nurses and other health professionals education regarding the psychosocial

needs of LGBT elders in the healthcare delivery system. Second was the NNA Celebrate Nursing!

Breakfast and Positive Image of Nursing Awards. This event provides a venue for agencies,

health systems, and individuals in the District 2 area to recognize nurses for their achievements,

commitment and dedication to the profession.

The NPDC will be performing the credentialing of delegates at convention – this will be our second

year with this task. We will also be facilitating the award and scholarship selection process. Last

year I wrote about this committee having difficulty finding its voice. I now can report that the NPDC

is starting to find its purpose within the NNA and I foresee many great things coming from this

committee in the future!


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

Independent, Assisted Living & Advanced Assisted Living


Choose Clark Jeary Retirement Community for one-level living

with beautiful views and fun and friendly people




2014 Nebraska Nurses Association



Lois Linden, EdD, RN, GFMC Chair (Urban)

Committee Members:

Cathy Smith, Staff Nurse

Paula Molzen, Staff Nurse

Barb Wenz, Rural

Jenna Witt, Rural

Carol Kampschneider, Nursing Management

Nancy Shirley, Nursing Education

Lynnee Pattrin, Urban

MJ Petersen, Treasurer

Terry Anderson, President-Ex Officio

Mavis Hatcliff, Appointed Past NNAOfficer

Melissa Florell, Director, Non-voting

Open, NSSNA President/Designee, Non-voting

Don Wesley, Lobbyist, Non-voting

Anna Mackevicius, Staff, Non-voting


Recruitment Strategies:

student to NNA member

Retention strategies:





Candidates for NNA positions were recruited, validated as eligible to serve and placed on the ballot.


Bylaw changes submitted to the Board of Directors included changes in the timing of the Audit and

in the officer positions of President-elect, Vice President, and Past President. See Proposed Bylaw


Special Thanks—The GFM Committee organized into subcommittees for a number of the duties

and would like to give special recognition for the following NNA members for sharing their expertise

and time as subcommittee members in helping to achieve such significant goals of this committee:

Lina Bostwick, Vivienne Friday, Kristin Geist, Diana Syfie, Deb Ussery, and Rita Weber.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


Judi Dunn, MS, RN

Judi Dunn, MS, RN, Nurse Peer Review Leader

Committee Members:

Sharon Hayek, MS, RN

Marcia Kube, Ed.D., RN, CEN

Deb Richey, MSN, RNC

Judy Timmons, MSN, APRN-CNS, RN-BC

Denise Waibel – Rycek, MSN, RN

Karen Waite, BSN, RN

Jeanette Walsh, BSN, RN

Cinda Zimmer, MSN, RN

Approved Provider Units:

Boys Town National Research Hospital

Bryan Medical Center

Central Community College

Clarkson College Professional Development

Columbus Community College

Faith Regional University

Great Plains Regional Medical Center

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital

Mary Lanning HealthCare

NE Heart Nursing Professional Development Team

NE Methodist College Professional Development

Regional West Health Services

SE Community College Continuing Education Division

The Nebraska Medical Center

Nebraska-Western Iowa Healthcare System

York General Health Care Services

During the period of November 2013 – June 2014 CEAC members reviewed the following Approved

Provider Unit Renewal Applications:

York General Healthcare Services – approved

The Nebraska Medical Center – approved with distinction

Southeast Community College – approved

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital – approved

NE Heart Nursing Professional Development - approved

Mary Lanning Healthcare - approved

Children’s Hospital and Medical Center - approved


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

Regional West Medical Center – approved

Nebraska-Western Iowa Healthcare System - approved

CEAC was notified that the Alegent Creighton Health Approved Provider Unit was to move under

the Accredited Provider status of Creighton University Continuing Education as of February 1, 2014

as they transitioned into the Catholic Health Initiatives System.

In addition, CEAC members reviewed Annual Reports from 23 Provider Units and conducted several

site visits for mentoring purposes this year.

Approver Unit:

The NNA CEAC submitted the NNA Approver Unit 2013 Annual Report to ANCC in February 2014.

Details of the report were published in the NNA Nebraska Nurse Newsletter, June 2014 issue.

2014 Approver Unit Goals

CEAC members approved the following goals:

1. Provide on-going training to CEAC Members regarding new ANCC criteria evaluation system.

2. Provide education to Primary Nurse Planners to ANCC/NNA criteria.

3. Compile data from CEAC member reviews of Provider Units to determine areas of weakness,

and inconsistencies that appear most often with Provider unit application to address steps

for improvement.

4. Continue monitoring and mentoring of Provider Units to ensure quality and adherence to


5. Participate fully in the planning and implementation of the Continuing Education Unit of the

Mid-West Multistate Division of NNA.


Melissa Florell, MSN, RN

I have been honored to spend the last year serving the Nebraska Nurses Association as Director of

State Affairs. The year has been exciting and challenging. The healthcare landscape continues to

shift rapidly, and we have worked to prepare our association to meet the needs of member nurses.

As Director of State Affairs, my core responsibilities this year have been to upgrade the association

website, support the advocacy efforts of the association and the recruitment and retention of


In order to give NNA members increased networking opportunities, December was spent upgrading

the web platform. NNA’s website: www.nebraskanurses.org now has and updated look and greatly

improved capabilities. In the coming months, features and content will continue to be added. These

features include GoToWebinar and a new advocacy outreach platform. NNA has also established

FaceBook and Twitter accounts this year, enabling the leadership team to quickly and efficiently

share news and resources with our friends and followers.

This year was a busy year for the Legislative Advocacy and Representation Committee. The group

worked hard to support priority bills as they moved through the Legislature. In my role as Director

I did my best to support their work. The LARC advocated for more than 25 bills using written


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

and verbal testimony. A key achievement was the 43-0 vote in support of replacing the integrated

Practice agreement with Transition to Practice for Nurse Practitioners. I was honored to serve as

MC for Nurses Day at the Legislature and to address the group about the importance of state level

advocacy and constructing effective legislative testimony. It was an invigorating experience to be in

the room with over 400 nurses interested in serving as advocates for our profession.

The overarching purpose for the first two core responsibilities tie to the third - increasing the value

of membership for our current members and bringing new members into the Nebraska Nurses

Association. Increasing membership is not a task that can be effectively achieved by one person.

This is a task that must be shared amongst each and every one of us. We must help registered

nurses in Nebraska understand that our right and ability to practice nursing to the full scope of our

education and licensure is a privilege that must be vigilantly fought for and protected. This year we

have worked with ANA to offer 10% discounts for new members. There have also been acquisition

mailings sent to former members and new graduates. In the coming months there will be outreach

to prospective members. I highly value my membership in NNA/ANA and look forward to continuing

to share the importance of membership and advocacy with others.


Teresa L. Anderson, EdD, MSN, RNC-OB, NE-BC

Chair, NNF Board of Directors

The funds of the Nebraska Nurses Foundation (NNF) are managed under a contractual arrangement

with the Nebraska Community Foundation (NCF) in accordance with legal requirements and the

provisions of the NNF bylaws. The purposes of the NNF are: to increase the professional development

of nurses by providing continuing education, and award grants to non-profit educational institutions;

to provide scholarships and fellowships for those entering, or furthering, their education in nursing;

and to engage in studies, surveys, and research essential to the health of the people of Nebraska.

bank (down from $9,387.01 at year’s end 2012) and $13,480.56 as Long-term investments

(up $1,339.76 from end of year 2012).

The Nebraska Nurses Foundation met on October 17th 2013. It was agreed to pursue a Task Force

to investigate donation strategies. A call for volunteers did not yield results so this was delegated

to the Governance, Finance, and Membership Committee of the NNA for recommendations.

Recommendations by this group include:

events to benefit NNF Scholarships. Scholarship proposal and criteria presented to the NNF

Board for approval.

assure that this arrangement is meeting the needs of the organization.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

At the time of this report, the NNF Board is scheduled to meet on July 22, 2014 to review the

scholarship criteria identified by the NNA Governance, Finance, and Membership Committee.

The outcome of that review will be provided verbally at the House of Delegates 2014.


Linda Stones, MS, BSN, RN, CCRN

MJ Peterson, EdD, MSN, RN

The NNA PAC has been inactive for several years. This year the goal is to start to reorganize the

NNA PAC and refocus the initiatives. Gathering historical information on the past NNA PAC activity

and uncovering the previous structure has been the biggest undertaking this year. Thanks to some

nurses who were previously involved and a box of information that was recently discovered, we are

starting to piece information together about the NNA PAC and the previous structure. Our hope is

to refocus the activities of the NNA PAC from endorsing candidates to more activities of engaging

nurses at the Legislative district level. Our hope is to fund raise to assist nurses in attending key

political activities so that nurses presence is felt and concerns are part of dialogues.

The NNA PAC held a fundraiser at the 2014 Nurses Day at the Legislature by selling buttons. This

money will be used to fund additional activities of the NNA PAC. MJ Peterson is the NNA PAC

Treasurer. Anyone interested in being involved in the NNA PAC, please contact Linda Stones at


The NNA PAC has a balance of $5785.03. There has been one transaction during 2014 in the

amount of $208.35 raised at legislative day. In 2013 there was a deposit made in the amount of

$945.00 from proceeds of Patron Party.


The Nebraska Center for Nursing is a group of Governor-appointed individuals who are legislatively

mandated to 1) develop a statewide strategy to alleviate the nursing workforce shortage in the

state 2) convene nursing and non-nursing groups to evaluate data, 3) recommend and implement

systemic changes to meet the nursing needs of our state, and 4) promote nursing, and support

reward and recognition activities. The Nebraska Center for Nursing Executive Board consists of

Liane Connelly (Chair), Linda Stones (Vice Chair), and Alice Kindschuh, Secretary. The primary

work of the board this past year was the annual report of the status of the Nursing workforce.

Reports are completed each year; with the LPN or RN as focus depending on licensing renewal

schedules. Reports and Information are available on the Center’s website which can be accessed

at this address: http://www.center4nursing.com/index.shtml.

The Board has been working on updating the website and developing a social media link in a way

to disseminate information. The 2013 RN Annual Report can be found at the following web address:


Highlights of the report include 24,887 nurses completed licensure renewal in 2012. Of those who


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

completed the renewal in 2013, 7.8% of those applications were submitted in a paper versus on line

format, which unfortunately delays the ability to analyze the data. There were 1133 males who were

licensed. This is a 132% increase from 2000, in which there were only 489 males licensed. However,

the total percent of males licensed in Nebraska is about 5.6% which is significantly lower than the

national percentage of 9.1%. The average age of RNs in Nebraska was 44 which is down from 44.7

in 2008. In Nebraska 94.4% of the RNs are non-minorities, as compared to the general Nebraska

population of 81.4%. Minorities continue to be under represented in the nursing field.

Please visit our website for more information from our workforce reports. Questions can

be directed to the contact us section of our website.



Linda Stones, MS, BSN, RN, CRRN

Registered Nurses make up the largest single group of health professionals (3.1 million). Not only do

Registered Nurses have the ability to be an incredible force by sheer numbers, but policy makers

also rely upon nurses’ expertise. In Gallup’s annual honesty and ethics survey Registered Nurses

are viewed as the most trusted profession. This distinction, nurses have held for over a decade.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) created the American Nurses Advocacy Institute. It is a

year-long mentored program created for the purpose of developing nurses into political leaders.

The ANAI fellows, are individuals who are members of ANA and are endorsed by the State Nurses

Association. The Institute kicks off wth a 2 day event in Washington DC and includes 3 phone

conference calls throughout the following year. Information shared with the fellows includes how to

conduct a political environmental scan, messaging tips for media as well as meeting with elected

officials and building collaboration and consensus with other key stakeholders. The fellows also

spend a half day at the US Capital lobbing on national nursing issues.

In the Fall of 2013, NNA endorsed me to attend the 2013 ANAI and partially assisted with the

expenses to attend the event. During this past year I was able to attend the two day event. In

Washington, I met with a Nurse who serves as an elected official in her home state, and we lobbied

on the Capital Hill on topics related to Safe Patient Handling as well as allowing other providers,

such as Nurse Practitioners, to write orders for Home Health Care. As of this report submission, I

have 1 additional phone mentoring to complete.

Information obtained as a result of being a ANAI fellow, is being shared in my role as a member of

the NNA Legislative Advocacy and Representation Committee (LARC) and my project is to bring

back to life the NNA PAC. I also will be contributing information on a project to develop educational

training on political advocacy to nurses and students in Nebraska.

Any questions can be forwarded to Linda Stones at lstonesne@gmail.com


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


Teresa L. Anderson, EdD, MSN, RNC-OB, NE

NNA Membership Assembly Representative

NNA President, Teresa (Terry) Anderson, Melissa Florell, NNA Director of State Affairs, and Nancy

Waltman, appointed representative, traveled to Washington, DC for the 2014 ANA Membership

Assembly. The assembly offered a variety of activities including a musical team-building exercise

(Melissa plays a “mean” violin), words of wisdom from ANA Hall of Fame inductees, and in depth

exploration of three issues facing nursing today.

Hall of Fame honoree Mary Ellen Patton (mother of past ANA President Rebecca Patton) brought

the assembly to their feet with her call to “throw $5 in the pot and let’s take over the doctors.”

While not as revolutionary, the new ANA vision statement “Nurses creating a healthy nation: a

world of possibilities” encourages us to look beyond our traditional ways of educating, practicing,

communicating, and collaborating. The issues forums exploring - the scope of RN practice,

integration of palliative and hospice care into comprehensive care planning, and best practices of

high performing interprofessional teams – will require our collective skills as well as an innovation and

leadership courage to move them forward. The complete text of the issues forum recommendations

approved by the assembly include:

o Support interprofessional education, practice, and research to promote the full scope

of RN practice.

o Encourage nursing research to compare full practice APRN authority states, transition

to APRN practice states, and restricted APRN states.

o Educate the public, policy makers, and other heath professionals about emerging roles

and overlapping responsibilities.l

o Support elimination of the requirements for APRNs to have practice agreements with

physicians. (Introduced and presented by our own Nancy Waltman!)

o Promote and support payment models to improve access to palliative and hospice care

including nursing care provided by both RNs and APRNs.

o Advocate for the comprehensive integration of palliative and hospice care education

into basic and advanced nursing education and professional development programs.

o Support the development and expansion of models of nursing care that include

advanced care planning for early identification and support of patient preferences for

palliative and/or hospice services.

o Educate nurses about the application and impact of evolving patient-centered, teambased

care models on patient outcomes.

o Identify metrics that evaluate the impact of high performing, interdisciplinary healthcare

teams on patient outcomes.

ANA has made great progress in fulfilling the 2011-2013 strategic plan, as summarized by ANA CEO

Marla Weston. Dr. Weston began her remarks with a quote from Gaston Bachelard, reminding us

that “things are not what they are; they are what they become.” ANA has become a stronger and

more responsive organization for state constituent and organizational affiliate members.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

development infrastructure, and organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Emersion Course, enhanced Enterprise Executive Course, and stronger affiliate support

have resulted in four new nursing organization affiliates joining ANA – NOADN, AANN,

Forensic Nurses, and APNA. The ANA partnership with NSNA has been strengthened and

the two organizations are working toward a seamless transition of the 60,000 members of

the NSNA into ANA membership after graduation.

to a like period last year. The innovative work of high growth pilots in seven markets is

showing great promise with the full results of the pilot and approval of recommendations

expected at the 2015 Membership Assembly.

development, and advocacy support as well as key practice resources in care coordination,

a mindfulness series, code of ethics, and safe patient handling.

has resulted in conversion of all ANA technology to the cloud, alignments in contracts and

best practices that have allowed ANA to pass cost savings on states for phone systems,

web design, and election support.

These accomplishments and the development of the 2014-2016 ANA Strategic Plan position the

association to further this growth and enhanced member value. The strategic goals of the new plan



development and by ensuring full use of the knowledge and skills of RNs and APRNs.

the membership value proposition and increasing ANA’s capacity to delivery customized


mutual partnerships.

Visit the ANA website often to monitor the progress of this work, available on the member’s only


There has never been a better or more critical time for EVERY nurse to join the American Nurses

Association and the Nebraska Nurses Association. There is an imperative for a unified and strong

voice for nursing to take the head of the table to lead care coordination and the right reforms in

healthcare. Every nurse needs the power and knowledge of the ANA/NNA to monitor and advocate

for professional nursing practice to the fullest extent of education and licensure. Every nurse needs to

take advantage of the full benefits provided by joint membership including cost reduced leadership

development opportunities, specialty certification support, and real-time information and solutions

for the issues facing nurses at all levels – safe staffing, ethical practice, a lack of understanding and

integration of palliative care, cross-border license jurisdiction, and much more!


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

The ANA will move ahead with the newly-elected Board of Directors under the leadership and

guidance of President Pam Cipriano and CEO Marla Weston. That journey is sure to be exciting

and worthwhile.


Nancy Waltman, PhD, APRN-NP

NNA Membership Assembly Representative

Thank you for allowing me to represent you at the ANA Membership Assembly. Terry Anderson and

I both took very seriously our responsibility: a) to represent Nebraska nurses at the Assembly; and

b) to vote for the most qualified candidates to lead the ANA organization in the years to come.

We need to extend a special thank you to our past ANA president, Karen Daley, and to the CEO

of ANA, Marla Weston. Even though there have been tremendous changes in our national health

care system and in health care economics. ANA is a stronger organization today than in past years.

While recruiting membership in ANA is always a concern, this year our membership has grown by

an impressive 10%. The restructuring of the ANA organization has resulted in considerable cost

savings. For example, restructuring the national convention from a large House of Delegates to a

smaller Membership Assembly resulted in an annual cost savings to ANA of over $400,000.

As we were preparing to vote for ANA officers for the next 4 years, we discussed some of the

qualifications that we would be looking for in candidates. We wanted candidates who would consider

Nebraska values and the needs of nurses in small states like Nebraska as well as the needs of nurses

in more populated areas. We wanted candidates who were articulate and knowledgeable leaders

who would be heard when decisions were made related to health care reform. We recognized the

need for more young nurses in ANA, and we wanted to vote for candidates who could market to

young nurses.

We attended every candidate forum and tried to interview every candidate with our short list of

prepared questions. A candidate for Director-At-Large, Board of Directors, Recent Graduate could

not be present because his wife was in labor with their first child. Terry gave her card to his campaign

manager and he immediately texted to set up a call. We figured, she needed him more and deferred

our visit with him! So you see, we did take our voting privilege very seriously!!!

Here is a brief outline of the newly elected ANA officers:

President: Pamela Cipriano, PhD, RN, FAAN: Virginia. Dr. Cipriano has serve in elected or appointed

positions in national nursing and health related organizations continuously since being elected as

President of the National Student Nurses Association in 1978. She is articulate, experienced, and

well-prepared for her office.

Vice President: Cindy Balkstra, MS, ACNS-BC: Georgia. She has been a member of the ANA Board

of Directors, and is past president of the Georgia Nurse’s association.

Secretary: Pat Travis, PhD, RN, CCRP: Maryland: She has been a member of the ANA Board of

Directors, and is past president of the Maryland Nurse’s association.


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

Life Care Center of Elkhorn

Longevity of our staff speaks directly to that comfort.

We have Nurses and Assistants here for 20 years!

We thank our nurses for their dedicated service

Come Join Us!

RNs & LPNs

Call Carolyn at 402-289-2572

or apply in person at

LCC Elkhorn

20275 Hopper St., Elkhorn, NE 68022

e-mail: carolyn_burg@lcca.com

If you’ve got a heart for caring and a passion

for excellence, we’re looking for you.

Good Samaritan Hospital

Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center


Saint Francis

Medical Center

A drug screen and background check are required.

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer


Nebraska Heart Hospital

St. Mary’s

Community Hospital

2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

Treasurer: Gingy Harshey-Meade, MSN, NEA-BC. Ohio: She is currently CEO of the Ohio Nurses


Board of Directors, Director-At-Large, Recent Graduate: Jesse Kennedy, RN. Oregon: He is a recent

graduate who has been president of the National Student Nurses Association from 2013 to April,



Organizational Affiliate of NNA

LaDonna Hart, MSN, APRN-NP, FNP-C (NNP President)

NNP Liaison Representative: Julie Sundermeier, DNP, APRN-NP

1) Membership

2) Legislative

existing nurse practitioner regulations and increase access to the patient-centered care

provided by NPs throughout the state. Priority legislation-removal of IPA.

by NNA, other nursing groups and stakeholders during the 2014 legislative session and

look forward to the opportunity to work with these outstanding organizations in the coming

legislative season

2014 Nurses’ Political Reception on Tuesday, August 26, 2014.

3) Public Relations

to promote the role of the nurse practitioner throughout the state.


Conference held in Kearney, NE on Wednesday, September 17, 2014.

4) Education

Advancing the Good Life, Annual NNP conference dates February 19-21st, Holiday Inn


5) Nominations

committee positions


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

My inspiration

Chandra Muske, RN OCN

Nursing is what I love,

and my passion.

Caring for

patients at

Mary Lanning

is my inspiration.

Your care. Our inspiration.

Your care. Our in

715 N. St. Joseph Avenue I Hastings NE 68901



2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

On-behalf of the NNP organization, it is with special thanks to NNA for their continued leadership and

advocacy activities through which the advancement of the nursing profession and the improvement

of health for those who reside in Nebraska are realized.

NNP is also working toward increased awareness of NPs and our role in the current health care

shortage. Our new Public Relations (PR) Chairperson is Kathy Havlicek-Cook, DNP, APRN-NP.

Her co-chairs are Mary Scherling, MSN, APRN-NP, and Kelley Hasenauer, DNP, APRN-NP, FNP-

BC. They replace Tara Whitmire, DNP, APRN-NP, CHFN who moved from PR Chair to Legislative

Chair. The PR committee is instrumental in educating the public about NPs and their roles within

the community. The PR committee will be working with other NNP committees to brainstorm and

formulate ideas on how we can further educate the public about NPs.

NNP had its 22nd Annual Conference February 14-16th, 2013 in Kearney, NE. We had 206 NPs

and graduate students attend the conference. There were a wide variety of speakers and topics

presented at this years’ conference. Attendees enjoyed networking and learning with their

colleagues. We celebrated NNP Goes Red for Women and helped raise money for the American

Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign. The next NNP conference is scheduled for

February 20-22nd, 2013 at the Cornhusker Marriott in Lincoln, NE.

The fourth annual Pharmacological Conference for Advanced Practice Nurses will be held live in

Omaha with teleconferencing to UNMC campuses in Kearney, Lincoln, Norfolk, and Scottsbluff.

NNP will hold its Fall meeting of membership at this conference.

To learn more about NNP, visit our website at nebraskanp.org. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Search for NNP: Nebraska Nurse Practitioners and click “Like”.


Sue Deyke, MSN, RN, CEN, President

Submitted by Anna May, President Elect

members in over 35 countries around the world. Originally aimed at teaching and networking, the

organization has evolved into an authority, advocate, lobbyist, and voice for emergency nursing.

The Nebraska State Council currently has over 280 members. Through the use of the NE telehealth

network, members throughout the state connect to meet, share, educate, and collaborate on issues

and topics vital to the practice of emergency care. NE ENA promotes continuing education through

annual conferences and by offering Trauma Nurse Core Course (TNCC) and Emergency Nurse Pediatric

Course (ENPC) throughout the state on an ongoing basis, increasing skills and knowledge needed

in crisis situations. NE ENA also supports professional specialty certification by sponsoring Certified

Emergency Nurse (CEN) and Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse (CPEN) review courses each year.

In keeping with national ENA’s vision of “Safe Practice, Safe Care”, Nebraska ENA’s focus on injury

prevention has gained national recognition. The Nebraska State Council has earned the State

Achievement Award for three consecutive years showcasing community-based as well as statewide



2014 Nebraska Nurses Association


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

Holiday Inn Convention Center


2014 Nebraska Nurses Association

Join Our Successful Team

25-Bed Acute Care Inpatient Unit Surgical Services

Emergency Services Labor & Delivery

Injection/Infusion Outpatient Department

Cardiac Rehabilitation Diabetic Educator

Special Observation Unit Home Health & Hospice

Infection Control Employee Health

Patient/Staff Educators Trauma Coordination

Utilization Review Swing Bed Wound Care

Specialty Clinics Rural Health Clinics



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