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Can you tell us how a professional shooting is organized?

Who is picking the pictures for the Magazine?

Well, I like working with people I already know. There are

always hair and make-up artists and a stylist at least. I like

to pick a model most of the time even if I am hired for the

job, because results depend on me, and to deliver a quality

work, I have to be able to control every step of it. I do my

selection 99% of the time and send them to the client for

approval before editing.

We know it’s not easy to name favorite models, but

if you could select three models for a shooting, who

would it be?

Well 3 models I’ve already worked with would be of course

Gintare Sudziute, Martina Dimitrova, and Yara Khmidan.

The ones I’d love to work with would be Luma Grothe and

Sasha Luss.

What are the bad sides of the fashion industry?

I would say it’s not worse than any other industry, artists that

are difficult to work with, commenting on everyone and everything...

but personally I try to stay out of all this.

If you could give an advice for New Faces and rising

models, what would it be?

Try to push their booker to make them test with local photographers

that are published, contact photographers, even

with mood boards or a concept that you’d like, use the social

network, watch work of successful models to see how

they act, pose...

The perfect model – a myth? What makes a model

perfect at a shooting?

Someone that gives you unexpected options, that has features

that could work on any lighting situations, and that is

happy and excited to be on set with you.

Do you remember what your first camera was?

A Canon 5D Mark II

Did someone influence you to become a photographer?

Not at all, it just happened.

How has your style evolved in the last years?

When I started photography, I was trying to do way too

much, makeup, lighting, styling... The more i grew as a photographer

I learned that the most simple thing is to shoot. To

define your style is the most important part as a photographer

I’d say. A client would hire you to have your style for

his brand. But it is really important to stay inspired by others

and try to push yourself and always try new things.

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