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Do you have any traditions when you begin a shot?

I like to meet and talk with the model, explaining the direction

and be sure that everyone is ok. I try to not overthink

about each shoot to not get stressed about it, I always manage

on set so far to get what I need.

Out of all the places your career has taken you,

where was the most memorable?

I would say in the mountains of St Barth where we found a

natural swimming pool.

What’s the thing you like the most about being a

photographer? And the least?

I’m not a photographer that is going to capture a moment.

I like to plan everything, lighting, situation, mood, sometimes

pose if I have to. Having a team or a client excited about

the job is amazing. I can’t think about anything I don´t like

about my job to be honest.

Where do you look for new ideas and inspirations?

Fashion photographers like Txema Yeste, Mert and Marcus,

Meisel,... but I will say that my favorite photographer is Eugenio

Recuerdo, I am so impressed by all of his work. With

Social network there are also so many pages today where

you can stay updated about what happens day to day in

the fashion industry.

On an emotional level, what can photography

make you feel?

The feedbacks I get from my photography is what keeps me

motivated and so in love with my work. I am so excited to

share my new work with other people and relate.

What is the power of photography?

Photography should provoke emotions, dreams, difference,

and tell a story sometime.

Do you remember an almost impossible shoot to


Shooting a gold makeup in studio with flash was pretty hard

until I found a way few hours later...

Describe the conflict to do with commercial versus

artistic fashion photography:

For me commercial is less interesting. I don´t always like to

take pictures of people happy and smiling. Fashion is art

and has to be presented with your own vision.

How would you build a relationship with the subjects

you are photographing?

I usually get along well with models. I want them to be

happy with the results and show them as much as possible

during a photo shoot how it looks to get them even more

motivated (hopefully)

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