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Fashion is constantly evolving; therefore it is essential to be up-to-date with any emerging

trend. Fashion Stylists themselves need to look great every second of the day to gain people’s

trust in a world in which image is everything.

Kawa H Pour is not a just a Fashion Stylist - he is even more, bringing conception into

reality. He is creating a world of realistic dreams and we are dipping into those dreams,

wishing to never reemerge from these spheres.

We are embraced by his personality, the abandonment for his job and his excellent eye

for eminent fashion style!

LoveFMD had a little chat with the next big Fashion Stylist of our decade and we are

cheerful to have the opportunity to open up the curtains of the fashion world of Kawa H

Pour. Enjoy the interview with him and we are sure you will appreciate this charming Master

of Style!

“If you want

to live free,

make yourself


© Adam Browning

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