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What kind of projects have you been working on


I just did some beauty advertorials for Chanel, a fashion

advertorial for Louis Vuitton and a cover story for Elle with

the great May Andersen. Also another cover story with the

beautiful Elsa Hosk.

What’s the thing you like the most about being a

fashion stylist? And the least?

I love the fact that my work is a challenge every time and I

get really excited to work. I enjoy every moment of my work,

even when it’s hard, you learn from the mistakes.

What was one of the biggest challenges you had to

overcome as a stylist?

We did a fashion shoot with the beautiful Mariana Idzkowska

on Pont Alexandre III in Paris during a night through the

morning. What we forgot to calculate, was that there is club

under Pont Alexander and it was a friday summer night,

there was hundreds of people watching us and it was very

interesting to keep them out of every frame.

© Samuli Karala

Is the job as glamourous as people imagine?

It’s a definition question in my opinion, I think it’s glamorous

when you are able to work with something you love no

matter what. But as a freelance fashion stylist and creative

director you need to work hard.

How do you cooperate with the makeup artist?

I am always including the make-up artist and hair stylist in a

very early stage, as soon I have a model confirmed, mood

board for style and mood is done, I send it to the team and

get the comments and add it to the whole idea. Sometimes

we need to just let all ideas grow on set and it might take

some time but it’s worth it for sure. :) My make up artists

might hate me on set and love me as soon first frame is


What is your life motto?

If you want to live free, make yourself free.

How do you prepare for a new fashion shoot?

Play some good music, and have some nice red wine while

I am cooking something nice.

If you don’t have any experience of contacts, but

want to start working as a stylist on fashion shoots,

what ould you do?

Go back home and get myself contacts and experience. I

have spent 5 years on education and I feel every day that

this is the beams of my style house.

© Samuli Karala

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