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“In 10 years I would Like to

have a big family with a

husband and children!”

How was the atmosphere during the Spring/Summer

2015 fashion week?

I was very happy to see lots of familiar faces again so

the atmosphere was very enthusiastic and exciting!

Milan isn’t just famous for their fashion, it’s also one

of the best cities for parties. Have you been invited

to some after show parties? If yes, which ones and

how was it to be there?

No, I actually have never been out in Milan.

You have been at Fashion Weeks in Berlin, HC in

Paris, New York, Milan and so on. What was your

personal highlight during the time?

I love the feeling of being with my family that I have in

Berlin and Paris, because I’ve been there so often now

and I know everyone so well.

Is there such a thing as a friendship in the business

of fashion? Do you have a model friend with whom

you travel around together and help each other to

survive such a stressful period as the fashion week


Of course! I have some awesome friends like Esther Heesch,

Josephine van Delden or Franzi Mūller. With them everything

is much more fun and easier.

There were rumors that you wanted to quit modeling

because you don’t enjoy it that much. But Karl

Lagerfeld is always booking you for his shows and

you are considered as a favorite of Steven Meisel.

Is this one of the reasons why you keep going on?

I wanted to finish school first and would like to go to

university at some point, but I enjoy modelling very

much and of course I am very blessed to be liked and

booked by those big names!

It’s not a secret that social media, such as Instagram,

is as important as building up professional

portfolios these days. Forbes magazine has put a

couple of youngster models including Karlie Kloss

and Cara Delevingne on the highest paid models

list this year. They are well-known for sharing their

private life on social services to gain more fans and

contracts. How do you feel about social media?

I loooove Instagram! I love to share some parts of my

life, but am aware of the fact that you shouldn’t post

everything. Some privacy is important.

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