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Nearly every woman loves shoes – that’s a fact – and to own a

shoe pair designed by the fabulous Stuart Weitzman is a dream for all shoe lovers


Stuart Weitzman is the designer of the world-renowned shoe company that bears

his name. ‘The grand master of shoe design ‘ gave the FMD a special interview, in

which he speaks about the relationship with his father, the recent campaign, trends

for 2015 and his plans for the future.

The designer, who was born in 1932, started in his twenties to design shoes for his

father, Seymour Weitzman, who owned the shoe factory “Seymour Shoes”. Seymour

Weitzman past away in 1965 and Stuart and his older brother Warren took

over the family business. In 1972 the brothers sold the business to a company in

Spain but Stuart continued to design shoes for the company. In 1994 Stuart Weitzman

bought the business back, leaving the manufacturing process in Spain. This is

the summarized history of the today´s brand “Stuart Weitzman”.

What makes a Stuart Weitzman shoe special? The answer to this question is easy!

Each pair of shoes is a marvel of design, engineering and craftsmanship. The materials

utilized are unique and sometimes deviate from recent standards of design. Just

to name a few: cork, vinyl and even 24-karat gold, thus we found one more reason

to buy and love products of this high-end shoe company, beside the exclusive design

of course. More than one hundred hand movements go into every pair and it

takes 6-7 weeks to fabricate a pair. You can imagine and see what composes the

quality and the price of this high-class brand.

Every year, Weitzman designs a new and high-class pair of “million-dollar shoes” -

containing his most exclusive designs. The current collection is presented by no one

less than Gisele Bündchen. The Brazilian beauty replaces Kate Moss as the New

Face of Stuart Weitzman for this season. In an interview with the WWD Weitzman

said: “Gisele is such a seasoned professional, she exemplifies the Stuart Weitzman

woman with her zest of life, love and family.”

Stuart Weitzman’s shoes are available in over 70 countries across the world which

shows the high demand and popularity of his classy label.

We’re very pleased and thankful to Mr. Weitzman for the interview he gave us!

Enjoy this legendary grand master.

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