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It’s safe to say that you inherited a family business.

Have you ever considered doing anything else in

your life?

Honestly not really ... this is my hobby, and to have the

ability to make a living doing what I love I find myself to

be a lucky person.

Do you remember that particular moment when you

realised that you wanted to become a shoe designer?

Yes when I was working in my father’s shoe factory as

a boy on the assembly line stuffing boxes I thought how

great it would be to have one of my own creations in one

of the boxes.

Your father owned a shoe factory and you started

to design for him in your 20s. What can you tell us

about the relation between father and son running

a company together?

Actually my father got sick, and I took over the business

with my brother straight out of college. I considered it an

honor to follow in my father’s footsteps and expand his

vision of his company.

What is your biggest success and the most cherished

moment in your career?

I would have to say creating the Million Dollar sandal

for the 2002 Oscars - the next day everyone knew my


Kate Moss is the face of your current collection.

There is no doubt that she is the style icon and fashion

guru for many people. Is she your muse? Why

did you choose her over the younger generation

of models such as Cara Delevigne or Suki Waterhouse?

Actually Gisele is the new face our Fall 2014 campaign,

while Kate Moss was our face for Spring 2013, Fall

2013 & Spring 2014. Both girls were choosen for their

style both in front of camera as well as in their person

lives, with their fashionable appeal reaching across generations

much like the Stuart Weitzman brand.

Of all the shoes that you’ve designed, which has

given you the most satisfaction?

The iconic 5050 boot as it represents the DNA of the

brand by merging fashion and comfort.

How would you descirbe the Stuart Weizman woman?

Whimsical, modern & always comfortable.

What is your inspiration and considerations when

design-ing a perfect shoe?

When I create the various ideas that make up a collection,

I am thinking of the many diverse personalities of

women – the fashionista, celebrity, career woman, the

ultra chic and bride. By embracing each one individually,

I have been able to satisfy the desires of each.

What are the three types of shoes that every woman

should own?

Soft as butter boot, black modern pump and whatever

helps her feel sexy and beautiful.

Would you consider accesso-ries to be more important

than clothes?

Yes, as they are easily interchangable.

On holiday, what do you miss most about your


My daily interaction with employees and customers.

Have you ever tried to walk in a heel?

Yes and that is why I have dedicated my life to making

them as comfortable as possible.

Your shoes are sold in over 70 countries - you

must feel very proud about it! Are you plan-ning to

expand it?

Yes worldwide expansion continues especially with Asia

Pacific area.

What are your hopes and plans for the future?

What about bags? As far as I know you stopped

designing bags in 2010 and you decided to relaunch.

Handbags have been on my mind and hope to relaunch

a collection in 2015.

Are we going to see a men’s collection by Stuart

Weitzman one day?

I actually make footwear for myself at the factory, and

consider myself a great fit model so maybe some day.

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