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April 1 – June 30, 2012

ABP Loyalty




Exclusive offers for ABP members only

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This spring, turn to UFA

for all your livestock needs.

Through our partnership with Alberta Beef Producers, we are committed to supplying

the Alberta rancher with the highest quality products and services. From feed and minerals

to gates and panels, UFA has everything you need to continue producing the safest,

most nutritious beef products with the highest quality standards in the world.

From April 1 to June 30, 2012, you can take advantage of these great offers that are

exclusive to ABP members only. Simply show your ABP membership card at the time

of purchase within any UFA Farm and Ranch Supply store.

WIN an exclusive ABP prize package

to the 2012 Canadian Finals Rodeo.

Enter for your chance to win one of 10 pairs of tickets and

packages to the Canadian Finals Rodeo in November, 2012.

To enter simply stop by any UFA Farm and Ranch Supply store

and make an in-store purchase before August 31, 2012.

2 ABP Loyalty Program Savings Guide

UFA launches Cattle College across Alberta

The UFA Cattle College series of seminars were

created specifically for ranchers. Centered around

various industry hot topics, experts from across

Alberta – and the rest of Canada – spoke to the

importance of nutrition, animal health, forage, feed

and range and pasture management.

One of the highlights of UFA Cattle College was

the introduction of UFA’s new, state-of-the-art

bovine simulator. The simulator enables agricultural

students and members of the beef industry to gain

practical experience and knowledge through a real

world application. It is the only simulator of its kind

that is capable of duplicating complications caused

by calving.

“As an organization, we have gathered industry

professionals, including veterinarians, to disseminate

existing and new information that’s available

through research, studies and practical hands-on

work,” said Jeffery Bilow, UFA Market Strategy

Manager, Livestock.

UFA set up the seminars with ranchers, producers

and youth in mind. UFA’s intent is to provide

opportunities for our customers to learn new

techniques and processes as well as provide a

refresher on current efficient beef production practices.

“We want to help encourage an integrated approach

to beef production,” said Bilow. “The simple

fact is Alberta's beef producers spend countless

hours working in their operations (i.e. calving,

feeding) to the point where they don’t always

have the time to work on strategies and tactics to

improve their operations in this rapidly changing

production environment,” says Bilow. For UFA and

their customers, “It’s about developing strategies

together to improve their operations.” UFA

understands that it’s important to our customers

and producers to maximize efficiency wherever

possible and to truly understand the cost structure

each operator faces. We want to give Alberta's beef

producers the opportunity to gain the knowledge

and insights that are available in order to help them

capture as much value, as possible, for their cattle.

The inaugural Cattle College seminars were a

success across Alberta and due to popular demand

UFA will continue with the series this fall with

an emphasis on nutrition and animal health as

Ranchers prepare their animals for the winter.

Watch for these free classes coming to a town near

you this fall.

ABP Loyalty Program Savings Guide


Help calves reach their full potential

with Creep Feeders.

Creep Feeding can play a pivotal role in providing

supplemental nutrition to help a calf to grow to

its genetic potential. Creep feeding also allows

pasture to be conserved as well as helping calves

grow to a more uniform size and have less

shrinkage at weaning time. Calf weaning weights

can be increased by an average of 40 lbs. by

using creep feeding.

Creep Feeding can also provide economic

advantages if:

• It is part of a forage management program

to conserve pasture

• There is need to increase the pasture

stocking rate

• It is a part of a pre-weaning program

(2 or 3 weeks prior to weaning)

Information provided by The Beef Cow-Calf

Manual from the Government of Alberta.

For a limited time only,

purchase a

New Behlen

Creep Feeder

and receive two reels of

Ralgro Implants FREE.*


New Behlen Creep Feeder now available at UFA, see in-store for details.

*One reel contains 24 implants. On average, a weaned calf gains an additional 23 lbs. when implanted with Ralgro vs. non-implanted weaned

calves. Using the two reels on 48 calves, a producer could gain over 1,100 lbs. by implanting with Ralgro (23 lbs. x 48 implants = 1,104 lbs).

4 ABP Loyalty Program Savings Guide

From reproduction to growth potential,

nutrition is vital for a healthy herd.

A cow’s reproductive capabilities are heavily

hindered by inadequate nutrition. Additionally,

the nutrition level pre and post calving affects

the conception rate of the subsequent breeding

seasons. Thin cows after calving will have

reduced conception rates.

Trace mineral nutrition is essential for the

reproduction of the microbes in the rumen and

for the health, growth, immune functions and

milk production of beef cattle.

It is important to note that all minerals are not

the same in terms of availability to the animal.

Generally the sulfates are more available than the

oxide forms of trace minerals. Price is also a good

reflection of the quality of the mineral.

Talk to the specialists at UFA to ensure your herds

nutritional needs are being met.

Temporary Fencing: The fast, effective way

to manage your forage.

When you need to manage your forage right

away, save on capital investment and time by

using temporary fence concepts to cross fence

your pasture. With a portable fence system, you

can customize your rotational grazing program

and manage your water supply more effectively.

UFA carries Gallagher and Power Wizard

Electric fencing products to help ensure you are

maximizing the available forage per acre. From

energizers, tread-in posts and a variety of wires

and tapes, let our experts help you find a solution

that best suits your operation.

Proper maintenance is key to effective

fencing. For safety, be sure to consult

this checklist when maintaining your

electric fence:

• Always turn the electric fence energizer

off before servicing the fence, or use

cutout switches

• Use only one electric fence energizer at a time

• Check the voltage daily

• Place warning signs at least every 300 ft.

along an electric fence

• When testing an electric fence with a

voltmeter, wear rubber gloves and rubber

soled shoes to minimize any electrical shocks

• Wet, sweaty hands and feet intensify

electrical shocks

• Never grasp an electric fence with a

closed hand

• Look for broken wires, broken insulators,

loose wires and any object that may have

fallen across the fence

• Thoroughly check the fence after rainy or

stormy weather

• Keep all electrified wires tight and free of

fallen trees and debris

• Remove all vegetation that could come in

contact with the fence

• Control vegetation with herbicides or

by mowing

• Maintain your fence regularly

Information provided by The Beef Cow-Calf

Manual from the Government of Alberta.

ABP Loyalty Program Savings Guide



Prairie Panels and Gates


• 1 5 ⁄8” x 15 gauge verticals

and rails,

5’5” high x 6 rails

• Notched, saddle-weld

construction joints

maximize the strength

of the individual rails

• Integrated hook-ups

for easy handling –

no separate posts

and panels


• Capped ends reduce

animal injury and

prevent water damage

• 1 5 ⁄8” x 15 gauge verticals

and 18 gauge rails


10 %

Clews Two

Rope Oiler

• Low maintenance,

reliable and

made in Alberta

• 5 year guarantee

on rope

• 45 litre tank with

gravity flow

• 2 7 ⁄8” pipe


10 %

6 ABP Loyalty Program Savings Guide

Feeding & Watering


Stock Tank

• Extra heavy poly construction with high

UV rating

• Some tanks have a square 4" x 4"

support built into the rim

• High-density poly tank designed

for durability

• Will not rust or corrode

• UV inhibitor protects against

sunlight damage


Stock Tank

• Crush-proof rim

• Heavy corrugation for extra strength

and long life

• Double-locked seam bottoms

Flat Back


• 8, 12 or 20 quarts

• Flat back makes it

easy to hang or carry

• Tough polyethylene


resists cracking

• Various colours

to choose from


10 %


10 %


10 %

ABP Loyalty Program Savings Guide



ALL regular priced

in-store clothing –

SAVE 10%

Comfort is key to staying productive.

UFA has the best brands designed

to keep you warm and dry while

working outside.

• Workwear

• Outerwear

• Socks

• And MORE


10 %

Partnered for success and committed

to quality.

UFA provides Alberta Farmers and Ranchers with the highest quality products and services all year round.

For up to date information, news, products and promotions be sure to visit UFA.com/beef

And keep an eye out for these upcoming events:

• Going to Grass Seasonal Checklist: Mid-April • Hay & Forage Tips: Mid-May

For more information, contact:

Jeffery Bilow

Market Strategy Manager, Livestock


Jeff Rucci

Product Strategy Manager, Livestock


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