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In this release of tecnocom news we are

eager to present important new equipment

that is the result of intensive research, of

innovative solutions to provide our

customers with machinery capable of

increasing productivity, fl exibility and

practicality in production and on-site work.

We have created three innovative systems:

• A new TTE tilting table (export tilting

table) characterized by an innovative

structure with sheet metal smoothed by

automatic machine for a perfect product

and with the possibility of transporting

it in standard containers to reduce

transportation costs.

• A mould for producing garages with

hydraulic movement which allows for as

many as 48 possible variations in size.

• A self-reacting mould for producing

TT fl oor elements which allow for the

production of elements with a minimum

width 1.70 m to a maximum of 3.80 mt.

ARABTEC – Cooperation with

the fi rm Arabtec continues

tecnocom consolidates its „partnership“ with the fi rm Arabtec Construction LLC,

which began last year with the supply of vertical batteries in double package (10 + 10

pockets), with a new order for additional equipment consisting of tilting tables for

producing panels for the construction of apartments and residential complexes.

The group Arabtec

Construction LLC has

its offi ces in Abu-Dhabi, but

carries out complex projects

in the entire GCC region.

After acquiring from

tecnocom three vertical

batteries in double package

(10 + 10 pockets) and a

single vertical battery

(10 pockets) for producing

180 mm thick concrete

panels in order to implement

and complete a large order

in Saudi Arabia consisting

in the construction of 5,000

villas and surround them

with a kilometric fence

consisting of concrete

panels, it continued its

collaboration with tecnocom

by acquiring additional equipment

consisting of thirty-six

(36) TTE tilting tables of the

latest generation (TTE –

Export Tilting table)

characterized by a simple

and modular structure.

As regards the design of

the TTE, the tecnocom

designers were very careful

to ensure that the surface

of the elements produced in

ready mixed concrete was

perfectly smooth.

The steel surface was then

polished using an automatic

polishing machine.

This makes it possible to

produce perfect wall panels

for the construction of

apartments and residential

complexes, or massive thick

and insulated slabs.

To facilitate and reduce

transportation costs, the

tilting table can be divided

into two parts if necessary,

and then easily transported

in standard containers.

This additional supply will

strengthen the partnership

between tecnocom and the

Arabtec Construction LLC

group that has focused on

tecnocom technology to

achieve some of its major


New generation tilting tables during assembly at the

construction site in Dubai.

Vertical batteries in production area in Saudi Arabia.




GRIESMANN – New garage mould by tecnocom

The company Griesmann of Dinkelscherben in Germany has selected tecnocom

technology for the supply of an innovative mould for the production of garage

elements of variable length, width and height.

The company has a history

of 50 years. In 1964,

with 3 persons, Mr. Rudolf

Griesmann started the production

of prefabricated

elements in a farm in Oberschönenberg

near Dinkelscherben,

the specialization

in the production of threedimensional

garages and

cells was an immediate

success, leading to an

increase in range of products

and number of employees

as well as new and more

spacious facilities.

In 1994 a second location

was opened in Bretnig near

Dresden dedicated to the

most modern production

techniques and inspired by

the principles of environmental


It is in this second facility in

Saxony that the tecnocom

production mould was


The characteristics of the mould are:


348 cm

298 cm 248 cm


698 cm

648 cm

598 cm

578 cm 558 cm 538 cm 518 cm 498 cm


295 cm

270 cm


10 cm

Project details

The mould supplied to the

fi rm GRIESMANN required

a great deal of design effort,

since extreme variability was

required, both in the size of

the fi nished product (3 widths,

8 lengths and two heights)

and the modular design of

the product: it is in fact

possible to obtain a fi nal

product composed of a single

element, with two elements

and with three elements,

in addition to various sizes

in the opening that houses

the tilting entrance. By

calculating all the possible

variations we can have 48

possible sizes (3 x 8 x 2

heights) combined with three

possible frontal openings and

two possible confi gurations

of the rear closure, all for

a total of 288 different


Another important feature is

the fact that the inside of the

garage walls are perfectly

parallel and smooth.

The narrowing system of the

inner core and translation

of the external walls are

hydraulically controlled by a

control located on the edge

of the mould.

The mould is also equipped

with vibration and high

pressure steam heating.

The mould is complete with

an upper counter-mould.

OBERNDORFER – Chooses tecnocom for the second supply

After purchasing the fi rst mould delivered to the Oberndorfer company’s main offi ce in

Gunskirchen in 2013, in March this year a second mould was delivered to one of two

locations in Carinthia and precisely Völkermarkt.

The second supply is

completely identical to

the fi rst, except for the length:

in the fi rst supply it measured

50 meters, while in the

second 40 meters.

The mould for the beams and

columns has the following

characteristics: The Mould

is 40.00 meters long (10 m

x 4), the maximum height is

210 cm and the width of the

min. element is about 10 cm /

max. 100 cm.

The equipment consists of

two mobile sides and a base.

The sides are made of 12

mm thick cast steel.

The pad is made of wood

and is to be charged to the


The vertical beams have

6 holes for the passage of

a possible heating system

charged to the customer.

The side rails are moved by

motors that make it possible

to open and close the sides.

The sides move independently,

that is each side

segment, whether 10 m or

15 m, moves independently

from the other segments.

The width of the mould is of

3,200 mm if an element of

with a width of 1000 mm is


The supply includes the

electrical control with

electrical cabinet and radio


The electrical system is such

that the individual sides can

be moved independently.




PRECAST INDIA – 1st European self-reacting mould

for TT sold in India

The „Precast India Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.“ is a joint project between one of the most

famous civil contractors in Pune, the Bhate Raje Construction Company Pvt. Ltd., and

the leading real estate developers Panchshil.

At the end of October

2013 we installed and

successfully tested a new TT

slab mould.

It is with particular pride

that we make this announcement,

being the fi rst

European mould of its kind to

be sold in such an emerging

and important market as the

one in India.

The particularity of this

self-reacting mould, with 400

tons of power, for producing

pre-stressed slabs, is that it

has a signifi cant number of

possible confi gurations.

In fact, the height of the

bottoms of the base, their

width and the total and

partial width of the two wings

of the slab element, can be

adjusted depending on the

technical specifi cations

required by the individual

design, in a precise and fast

manner, up to a maximum

of 3800 mm.

The panels are used for

millions of contracts for the

projects World Trade Centre

in Pune, Pune Infosys

Multilevel Carpark, Ritz

Carlton Hotel, Cummins

International Technical

Centre India, Business Bay,


All this has been possible,

by analyzing and discussing

with Precast India

Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd,

so that all of their various

demands were integrated

on a single mould, which,

however, was simple to


Major new company in Kazakhstan: Too „Kostanay-MBI“

The company TOO „KOSTANAY-MBI“ has chosen tecnocom technology and that of

the Progress Group of which tecnocom is a part, the Ebawe, the progress Maschinen

& Automation and Echo Engineering for the new plant in Kostanay.

The company LLP


chosen the technology of the

Progress Group to build a

new factory in the industrial

development area of Kostanay

to produce panels for

ceiling, stairs, interior panels

for private homes, schools

and commercial structures.

This system, for which

tecnocom has provided a

double package vertical

battery (10+10), a battery

for producing chimney fl ues

and two batteries for stairs, is

designed to accelerate and

reduce the cost of construction

of houses and other

commercial buildings.

The production capacity of

the plant provided by the

Progress Group is 70,000

square meters per year of

facade panels and 90,000

square meters a year of

massive internal concrete




EXEED PRECAST – The leading company of precast

elements in the UAE

The company Exeed Precast is strengthened with the tecnocom supply of a battery for

producing concrete panels for the construction of apartments and residential complexes.

The company Exeed

Precast LLC is a

subsidiary of Exeed Industries

LLC, which is owned

by the National Holding. The

company Exeed Precast was

enhanced to be the leading

manufacturer of precast concrete

components and hollow

core slabs in the UAE.

Located in ICAD 2 over

an area of 220,000 sq.

m, the factory Exeed

Precast contains fully

automated equipment with

the latest technology for a

daily production capacity

of 500 m³.

Exeed Precast LLC has

chosen the Italian company

tecnocom as competent

partner for the supply of

a vertical double battery

package (8 + 8 pockets) for

producing concrete panels

with a thickness of 100 mm

and 150 mm.

Since, for their use, the

panels must have perfect

surface quality on both

sides, the tecnocom vertical

batteries have proved the

ideal solution.

The vertical battery is equipped with a hydraulic system to

open and close the dies and to seal the whole package during


The concrete panels in

fact, are in contact, on both

sides, with the sheet metal

of the casting.

In addition, the vertical

batteries achieve high productivity

in a limited space:

the plants supplied enable

the production of 16 panels

per shift with a maximum

element size of 6,500 x 3,800

mm. The vertical battery is

equipped with a hydraulic

system for opening and

closing the dies, and is

equipped with 54 high-frequency


The offset arrangement of

the vibrators in the lower

part of the equipment makes

it possible to obtain a

uniform compaction.

The vertical battery is also

equipped with a heating


In the next few months we will be present at the following exhibitions:



Bologna - Italia

www.saie.bolognafi ere.it



Bozen - Italia

www.fi erabolzano.it/interpoma/de/

Saudi Build


Riyadh - Saudi Arabia


bauma China


Shanghai - China


The BIG 5 Show


Dubai - U.A.E.


We look forward to your visit!

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