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and and and ^ il ^ I ' E ' DO VAN DYKE & JAMES 6ARNER IN THE ART Cf LO¥E TYRONE THEATRE • St. Petersburg, Fla. • Tyrone Theotre Co. I Continued from preceding page> Santa Claro—New Moonlight Theatre, 650 seats, in Moonlite Shopping Center, United California Theotres. Santa Rosa—20th Century West, in Coddingtown Regional Center, William Blair.* Stanton— Stonton Theatre, 860 seats, in Stanton Plaza Shopping Center, Associated Independent Theatres. Thousand Oaks—Melody Theatre, 650 seats, in Parks Oaks Shopping Center, Holiday Theatres. COLORADO Colorado Springs—Cinema 70, 850 sects, Westlond Theatres.* Denver— Avado-Plaza, 703 seats, in Arvado Plaza Shopping Center, Vera Cockrill' CONNECTICUT Bloomfield— 2,000-seat theatre, R. Vincent Gerardo & Associates. Formington—Cinema 6, 1,200 seats, adjacent to Fan-nington Drive-tn, E. M. Loew's Theatres. Manchester— 1 ,000-seat theatre, in Manchester Shopping Parkade, Berme Menschell & United Artists Theatres. Milford—Cinema, 1,500 seats, in Connecticut Post Shopping Center, Generol Cinema Corp.* Montville— 1 ,000-seat theotre, odjocent to Norwich- New London Drive-In, E. M. Loew's Theatres. Plainville— 1 ,200-5eat theotre, opposite Plainville Drivein, Perakos Theatres. Westport—Cinema II, 400 seats, adjacent to Fine Arts Theotre, Nutmeg Theatres. DELAWARE Rehoboth Beach—Midwoy Palace, 1 ,200 seats, in Midway Shopping Center, Midway Realty Corp.' DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Woshington—Cinema, 826 seots, KB Theatres.* Janus I ond Janus II, Martin Field and Harold Slate." Woshington— Dodge Park, in Dodge Pork Shopping Center, PR Theotres. FLORIDA Cocoa Beach— 900-seat theatre, in First Federal Plaza, Charles Netter and Robert Veenemon. Cocoa Beach— 900-seat theatre, in Atlanta Shopping Center, Charles Netter and Robert Veenemon. Cocoo— Pines, 950 seats, in Pine Ridge Shopping Center, Kent Theatres.* Cocoa—Merntt Theatre, 900 seats, on Merritt Island, F, Glusman and J. Lurle.* Jacksonville—Cinerama, in southside shopping center, Meiselmon Theatres. Jacksonville Beach— Royal Palm, Meiselmon Theatres.* Gainesville— 1,100-seat theatre, in J.M. Fields Shopping Plaza, Wometco Enterprises. Hollywood—Twin theatre, opposite Hollywood Mall, Florida State Theatres.* Miami— ,000-seat 1 theatre, in Boy Harbor Islands, Maurice and Phil Revitz, Leonard Solomon and Sol Fronkel New Smyrna Beach—Smyrna Theatre, 500 seats, Ted ond Dot Bell. Plantation— Plantation, 1,000 seats, Lenard Ventures.* St. Petersburg—Tyrone, ,000 seats, in Tyrone Shopping Center, Tyrone Theatre Co.* 1 St. Petersburg— Loew's 1,200 seats, in Central Shopping Center, Loew's Theotres. Sarasoto— 1 ,075-seat twin theatre, in Azar Shopping Plaza, Florida State Theatres. Winter Park—Pork East and Pork West, 1,500 seats, in J. M. Fields Shopping Plaza, Wometco Enterprises.* GEORGIA Atlanta—Georgia Theatre, 875 seats, Martin Theatres.* Atlanta— West Gate Theatre, 1 ,000 seats, in Westgate Shopping Center, Martin Theatres.* Atlanta— East Gote Theatre, 900 seats, in Plaza Shopping Center, Martin Theatres.* Atlanto— East Gate Theatre, 900 seats, in Plaza Shopping Center, Martin Theatres. * Atlonta—North DeKalb Theatre, 850 seats, in North DeKolb Shopping Center, Storey Theatres. Atlanta—Village Theatre, in Briorcliff Shopping Center, Martin Theatres.* Augusta— Daniel Village Theatre, 800 seats, in Daniel Village Shopping Center, Georgia Theatre Co.* Augusto— 900-seat theatre, in Notional Hills Shopping Center, American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. Brunswick— 1 ,000-seat theatre in Lanier Plozo Shop- Ding Center, Georgia Theatre Co. Columbus— Beverly, 650 seats, in Columbus Square Shopping Center, Martin Theatres.* Mocon— 900-seat theatre, in Westgate Shopping Center, Georgia Theatres Co.* Statesboro— 900-seat theatre adjacent to Georgia Southern College, Weis Theatres. Belleville— 800-seat ILLINOIS theatre adjacent to Skyview Drivein, Bloomer Amusement Carbondale— 725-seat theatre Co. in East Gate Shopping Center, Fox Midwest Theatres. Chompoign—Co-Ed No. 2, addition to Co-Ed Theatre, Kerosotos Theatres. Two new theotres, Brotmon and Sherman. Chicago— J ,500-seat theotre in Cermok Plozo, Genoral Cinema Corp. Chicogo—1 ,500-seat theatre in Elmhurst Shopping Center, General Cinema Corp. Chicago— 2,500-seat twin theatre, in Ford City Shopping Center, General Belvedere Moll, General Corp. Waukegan— Cinema, 1 ,000 Cinema Cinema seats, Corp. in Bloomington— Theatre INDIANA in Williamsburg Plozo Shopping Center, Guy Lycos, developer, Indionopolis—-Cinemo, 1 ,500 seats, in Glendole Shopping Center, General Cinema Corp. Indianapolis—^Corlyle Theatre, 650 seats, Contor Theatres Indionopolis— ' 1 ,000-seat theatre in Meadows Shopping Center. Indianapolis— Nora, 800 sects, in Nora Plaza Shopping Center, Vogue Theatre, Inc. Indianapolis— Regency I and Regency II, 1 ,300 seats, Cantor Theatres. * Indianapolis—Georgetown Theatre, 650 seats, Cantor Theatres,' Lo Porte— 950-seat theatre adjacent to De Luxe Dnve- In, Kohlberg Theatres. IOWA Lake City—Capri, replacement for theatre burned in 1958, Bob Fridley.* Pello— New theatre to replace closed Hollond Theatre, Pello Theatre Corp. KANSAS McPherson— Spiral Theatre, 340 seats. Cooper Theatre Enterprises.* Topeka— 1 ,000-seat theatre in 40-acre complete to Include drive-in and golf course, Dickinson Theatres. Murray— 750-seat KENTUCKY theatre, in Northside Shopping Center, Murray Drive- In Theatre, Inc. ' ' ' ' ! LOUISIANA Baton Rouge— ,000-seat theatre. Gulf States Theatres. 1 Baton Rouge— Broadmoor, 1,200 seats, in Broodmoor Shopping Center, Ogden family. New Orleans—^Lakeside, in Lokside Shopping Center, W, H. Cobb & Associates, Shreveport— ,000-seat theatre, in Shreve City West 1 Shopping Center, Gulf States Theatres. Augusta—Cinema, MAINE 800 seats. General Cinema Corp. MARYLAND Baltimore— Rondallstown, 1,000 seats, in Liberty Plozo Shopping Center, Broumas Theatres. * Baltimore—Cinema Eostpoint, 1,200 seats, in Eostpoint Shopping Center, General Cinema Corp. Baltimore—Westvue Cinema, 1,200 seats, George A. Brehm and Joseph Einbinder.* Camp Springs—Andrews Manor, 1 ,000 seats, in Arv drews Manor Shopping Center, Broumas Theatres.* Prince Georges County— 1 ,200-seat theatre in Prince Hills Shopping Center, Loew's Theatres. Princes Georges County— 1 ,200-seat theatre in Prince Winelond Theatre George Plozo Shopping Center, Corp. Reisterstown—Reisterstown Plaza, 700 ping center, Trons-Lux Theatres.* Reisterstown—New theatre, Brandt Theatres. seats in shop- ' ^ MASSACHUSETTS Boston—Symphony Cinema I II, 900 seats, James Vlomos. ; Brighton— 730-seat theatre. Esquire Theatres. Crockton—Cinema I Cinema II, 1 ,800 seats, in Westgate Shopping Center, Interstate Theatres Corp. and General Cinema Corp.* Holyoke—New theatre in Zoyre & Mott's Shop-Rite Shopping Center. Lawrence—Showcase Cinemas, twin auditoriums, 1 ,950 seats, Notional Amusements Co. Quincy—New twin theatre in South Shore Plozo Shopping Center, Paul Lowney, developer. Seekonk—Twin theotre in shopping center, Esquire \ Theatres. Tauton—New twin theatre in shopping center, Es- i ; quire Theatres. Worcester—White City Theatre, in White City Shop- * ping Center, Stanley Warner Corp.* MICHIGAN i BiftSflCALA-'pRrM.pJ! n" ^ ^^^ f*.>-tl ,0 ^^P^S'^AY MAY-26 T«""' STARS Cheyenne AuTuir^7o«H /" RoBiM And The Sinw Hoom- .^yj^l^ ^fy^i-r E«* ilTliiB c SUNNYSIDE DRIVE-rN THEATRE Fresno, California Pacific Drive-In Theotres I ' Bay View—Boy Ass'n.* Detroit—Two View Theatre, 125 seats. Boy View 1 new theatres in shopping centers, Loew's Theatres. Detroit—Twin theatre, 2,400 seats, in shopping center, Nicholas George Theatres. Grand Rapids— 1 ,000-seat theatre, John D. Loek. Grand Rapids—Twin theatre in shopping center. Warren—Cinemo I Cinemo II, 2,000 seots, in Carrousel Shopping Center, General Cinema Corp.* MINNESOTA St. Cloud—Cinema 70, in Crossroads Shopping Center, . Drive- In Theatres, Inc. I MISSISSIPPI StidelS—Tammany, 700 seats, in Tammany Mall Shopping Center, Gulf States Theatres. MISSOURI Columbia—Crest, 850 seats, in Broodwoy Shopping Center, Commonwealth Theatres. St. Louis— Ellisville, 1,100 seats, in Vesper Gardens , Shopping Center, St. Louis Amusement Co.* St. Louis—Cinema, in Northland Shopping Center, General Cinema Corp. St. Louis— Lewis and Clark, 1,000 seats, in Lewis and Clark Towers, Arthur Amusement Co. -St. Louis Amusement Co.* 12 BOXOFHCE :: August 16, 19|

^ ping ' being ! ping > angle , ping I I atre, I Shopping J i I man t I Shopping 1 Associated I I V\estern j Town I to I i I Qle end end and and NEBRASKA irant—New Grant, replocement for fire-destroyed thelocal organizations.' NEVADA jlko—New theatre, Roben and Bruce Wormbrodt. OS Vegas— Fox, 900 seats, in Charleston Plaza Shopping Center, National General Corp. !os Vegas—Cinerama, 1,000 seats, Nace Theatres.* NEW JERSEY itlanHc City—Twin theatre in Atlantic City Shopping Plaza, Ronald and Howard Lesser. herry Hill Township— 1 ,500-seat theatre in Camden County Shopping Center, Loew's Theatres. rangeburg—500-seat theatre in Orongetown Shop- Plaza, Ronold and Howard Lesser. ,jramus— Paramus, 1,843 seats, in Garden State Plaza Center, Century Amusement Corp,' oramounl'— New theatre at Forrest avenue and Route 4, Stanley Warner Theatres. 3Ssoic— SOO-seot theatre, in Preokness Shopping Center, Skouros Theatres. cnnsouken—Eric, 1 ,500 seats, Sameric Theatres. 'roy Hills— ,200-seat theatre 1 in shopping center Lcew's Theatres. 'ridwood—Ocean, 614 seats, Hunts Theatres & Amuse ments." NEW YORK llbany— ,000-seat theatre 1 m Stuyvesant Plaza, Hell- Enterprises. imhersf—Cinema I and Cinemo 11, 1,950 seats, across from Boulevard Mall, General Cinema Corp.* >ieektowaga—Two new shopping center theatres, Notionol General Corp. 'overstraw— Plaza Theatre, in Somsondale Ploza Shop- Center, Interboro Theatres, lew Hartford-^New indoor theatre adjacent to New Hartford Drive-ln, Kallet Theatres. ^ichester—900-seat theatre to replace Palace Theatre, razed, RKO Theatres. ;>chester—750-seat theatre in Panorama Plaza Shop- Center, Jo-Mor Enterprises. ,}chester—Towne Theatre, in Jefferson City Plaza, Jo-Mor Enterprises.* iracuse—New theatre Slotnick Enterprises. irktown Heights—Triangle Theatre, 600 seats, in Tri- Shopping Center, Howard and Ronald Lesser land Ed Linder.* NORTH CAROLINA 'inston-Salem— 725-seat theatre in Parkway Plaza Center, Stanley A. Schneider and Leonard Merl. OHIO i