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'Ship of Fools' Launched

'Ship of Fools' Launched With 220 In LA., 'Music 22nd Week Tall 660 LOS ANGELES- Pirst-iuii Iheatios continued to biint; in liifih grosses as a sieKP of "smuggy" weatlier helped stimulate theatregoing. Among the newcomers was the much-publicized "Ship of Fools." which opened with 220 per cent, and "Morituri" with 135. Tops among the holdovers was "Casanova '70, ' which gros.sed 630 in its third stanza. (Average Is 100) Baldwin, Warren's Mary Poppins (BV), rerun ....130 Beverly Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (20th-Fovl, 8th wk 275 Brum, Vogue—What's New Pussycat? (UA), 6th wk. 550 Chinese Von Ryan's Express (20th-Fox), 3rd wk. 350 Cinerama The Greatest Story Ever Told (UA), 25th wk 190 Crest, Loyola, Four Star The Yellow Rolls-Royce (MGM), 2nd wk 130 Egyption My Fair Lody (WB), 4l5t wk 300 EI Rey, Orphcum, Hollywood Morituri (20th-Fox); Move Ovcf, Darling (20th-Fox), rerun 135 Fine Arts Zorbo the Greek (IC), 28th wk 200 Hollywood-Paramount The Sandpiper (MGM), 4th wk 170 Iris, Lido—The Knack (Lopert). 2nd wk 245 FINER PROJEaiON-SUPER ECONOMY

I Columbia ! been ! office. , Harry I I "As ; ROSWELL, I . . Bob Spanish sales department, has transferred to the New York home He is being replaced by Pedro Morales. I . . Mr. and Mrs. Leo Clark, Henderson Theatre, Henderson. Nev., were buying supplies at National Theatre Supply from Mel Brown. . Jay Sutton, veteran showman, visited Filmrow. Marshall Jacobs and Jerry Epler of New York, members of the board of directors oi Dale Robertson's United Screen Arts 'and Lam'el Films Company, are in Hollywood for talks with Robertson and officers 'of the company. Vern Carstensen and Koplan, regarding plans for futui'e Harry Colburn and Harold •productions . . . Green of the Columbia sales staff were on vacations. Green went to the Salt Lake City area, where he did a lot of fishing. Ray Grayson, Columbia booker, also . . . is among the vacationers . Carpen- !ter, Universal-International branch manjager, is back from his vacation, and his assistant Bill Marriott is on his vacation. Norman Jackter. Columbia district man- J ager, tom-ed his ten-itory with Rube Jackter, vice-president and general sales manager . . . Bill Wassennan, sales manager Qnited Artists exchange, and his wife are to 'leave on a vacation trip Pi-iday 1 Morris Sudmin, 20th-Fox exchange . . branch oianager, has returned from his vacation. Nichion 16/35 Projector Being Shown by Shearer I LOS ANGELES—Originally announced jit the SMPTE convention here in March, he Nichion combination 16mm/35mm pro- 'ector is now being demonstrated by B. F. ijhearer Co. revolutionary as the 70/35 projector |or the Todd-AO siiowing of 'Around the jVorld,' the Nichion Na-101 is the only inachine capable of projecting 16mm and i5nun film," said Barclay W. Ardell, vice- 'resident of the Shearer organization. iMotion picture and TV technicians have xpressed a need for and interest in a comiination 16/35 complete with light source ind sound amplification." ioswell Newspaper Prints Reviews From Magazine N.M.—The afternoon Daily Record may have hit upon a plan to liccessfuUy handle local film criticizers. Each Friday the newspaper publishes jlhis Week's Movie Review," which in- |ludes reviews of films booked in the bming week at local theatres, as reprinted I'om Parents' Magazine. The list is com- ;iled by the Parents Council of Roswell. [here are three drive-i:is and one indoor (Ouse here. 1 OUR EXPERIENCE CAN SAVE MONEY FOR YOU! ^r^;. Putting round pegs in round holes initially avoids costly revisions. That's why your TEDA theatre equipment dealer can save you money. He has broad experience in proper product application and theatre design. He knows his business ... and that's good for your business. Call him. FOR INSTANT SERVICE AT A FAIR PRICE CALL YOUR NEAREST TEDA THEATRE EQUIPMENT DEALER. B. F. SHEARER COMPANY T. L. Shearer 2318 Second Avenue SeoHle, Waihin9ton 98101 Tele: 206-623-8247 B. F. SHEARER COMPANY Barcloy W. Ardell 1964 S. Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, California 10017 Tele: 213-733-1145 B. F. SHEARER OF CALIFORNIA R. A. Brobeck 243 Golden Gate Avenue, Box 848 San Francisco, Colifornia 94102 Tele: 415-861-1816 B. F. SHEARER COMPANY B. F. Shearer Jr. 1947 N. W. Kearney St. Portland, Oregon Tele: 503-228-7543 JOHN P. FILBERT COMPANY, INC. Spero L. Kontos 2007 S. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, Californio 90007 Tele: 213-734-1195 PEMBREX THEATRE SUPPLY CORP. Louis M. Wutke 1969 S. Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, Colifornia 90007 Tele: 213-731-3111 PACIFIC THEATRE EQUIPMENT CO. Bob Woelfl 142 Leovenworth Ave. San Froncisco, California Tele: 415-771-2950 S. F. BURNS & COMPANY S. F. Burns 2319 Second Avenue Seattle, Woshington Tele: 206-624-2515 WEST COAST THEATRE SERVICE Howord Bell 1923 N. W. Kearney Street Portland, Oregon Tele: 503-222-6428 WESTERN SERVICE & SUPPLY, INC. C. H. Lyman 1232 South Stote Street Salt Lake City, Utah Tele: 328-1641-801 WESTERN SERVICE & SUPPLY, INC. Robert K. Tankersley 2100 Stout Street Denver, Colorado 80205 Tele: 303-534-7611 $17.50 per 1,000 sets THEATRE EQUIPMENT DEALERS ASSOCIATION &-»i— August 16, 1965 W-3