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. . Susan . . Mk CHICAGO Tlif Players Sliowcase. aiuiouncfd as "A new dimension in magazine entertainment." will go to theatres through National Screen Service. Featured are items concernins the theatre, movies. TV. cabaret and records. Milton Feinberg. who heads National Screen Service activities here, spent last week calling on circuits in Des Moines. Iowa, and environs, initiating this new service, including paperback books dealing with current movies. The Players ideal awoi+s i^ou when WAHOO is the boxoffice affraction to increase business on your "off-nights". Write today for complete details. Be sure to give seating or car capacity. HOLLYWOOD AMUSEMENT CO. 3750 Ookton St. Skokie, Illinois — Out "2/ St" "iear — CANDY-POPCORN SEASONING — BOXES — BAGS For Theatres and Drive-ins — SEND FOR NEW — COMPLETE PRICE OhWihuioti for ORANGE CRUSH ond FULL LINE SYRUPS POPCORN BUTTER CUPS We Carry Full Line Hot & Cold Cups LIST Freight Fold on Orders of $150.00 or More KAYLINE CANDY COMPANY WE—9-4643— 1220 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago I, III. If Your Screen Is Not Giving Profit You A Inquire About SPECIAL TRAILERS OUR SPECIALTY MERCHANT ADS SEND FOR FREE BOOKLET AND INFORMATION FILMACK TRAILER CO. 1327 S. Wabash - Chicago, 6060S - Ph. 312-427^395 Showca-se is published quarterly in suburban Skokie. . . During Jul.v, the censor board reviewed 63 films. 28 of which were foreign movies. Six of the films were "adulted" and three were rejected Feinberg, daughter of the Milton Peinbcrgs, soon will marry Joe Parber. a local attorney Edwin Silverman, head of the Essaness circuit, announced that sons. Jack. 25. and Alan. 21. will be participating in the company's activities. Alan plans to do his army .stint first. Jack has just completed army duty. here March Plans for Prince Philip's visit 16 were formulated at a meeting in Chicago attended by British movie producer James Carreras. who is also chief barker of Variety International: Col. Bill Heald. aide to the Prince: Vic Bernstein. Allied Artists branch manager and chief barker of the Variety Club of Illinois, and Jack Clark, past chief barker and president of Allied Theatres of Illinois. It was revealed at this meeting that Rudolf Nui'eyev and Dame Margot Ponteyn will perform at the dinner-dance which will be a part of the in-ogram. Warner Bros, reports its switchboard has never been so overloaded, due to fans checking where they can get in touch with the Dave Clark Pive, here for the showing of "Having a Wild Weekend." Warner Bros, press agent Prank Casey hired 100 Andy Frain boys to man a bus tour. Teenagers outscreamed one another wherever the group appeared in person Friday il3> and Saturday. Theatres participating in first run are: Paramount, Hanmiond: Harvey, Harvey: Avalon, Chicago: Studio. Oak Lawn: B&K Gateway. Uptown. Nortown, in Chicago: B&K Valencia. Evanston: Brighton, Rockne, Tiffin, B&K Congress. Jeffrey. Peoples. Chicago: Olympic in Cicero: Tivoli. Downers Grove, and Glen in Glen Ellyn. Clark Weber. WLS radio star, appeared with the Dave Clark Pive. Balaban & Katz officials announced a late September opening of "Ship of Pools" at their United Artists Theatre. Prior to the opening, Lee Marvin is due here to talk about this film, as well as "Cat Ballou." also set for a Loop theatre opening in the fall . . . Patty Duke will make the press rounds later this month on behalf of United Artists' "Billie." Harry Sukman, formerly top musician on the WGN staff here, and B&K Nate Piatt's brother-in-law. sent word that he has been signed to compose and conduct the musical score for Ivan Tors' "Around the World Under the Sea," upcoming MGM film. Sukman, who won an Oscar for his score on "Song Without End," will score Debbie Reynolds' "The Singing Nun." While Joella Cohen. Columbia Pictures' publicist, was working with the B&K press department for the forthcoming opening of "Genghis Khan" at the Roosevelt Theatre, she was also making flying trips to Midwestern cities to set up advance campaigns for "The Collector" and "Genghis Khan" showings. "Shenandoah" will have an 18-theatre city wide premiere here August 27. Eleven of the 18 premiere bookings are B&K . . . houses—the Uptown, Berwyn, Oakbro^, Congress, Mercury, Gateway, Norto\j, Valencia, Maryland, Paramount and Licoln . . . The Woods Theatre has booki the world premiere for September 25 if "A Rage to Live" Colleen Moore Higrave is writing a book about her life aii silent movie queen. Her long-time friei. author Adela Rogers St. Johns, will as&t in the composition, I Motion Picture Screen Renovation I "p^ ished up" the Oriental Theatre sere The company, headed by John T. Farley president, was formerly known as St; Right Screen Renovations. Oscar Brotman and Leonard Shenri hosted the opening of their recently i- quired and completely refurbished Higiland Park Theatre. Formerly known k the Alcyon. the suburban movie house vs renamed the Highland Park by the tovny folk. i ! Thomas Seymour Waimvright has joird Fred A. Niles film studios, with het,- quarters here, as assistant to the predent. Niles said that Waimvright will In up a special creative staff committee for , the Niles studio properties in Chicago, I*' York and Hollywood, composed of Piducers, directors and cameramen, to ";- sure a fresh and tasteful approach in il production work." Reginald J. Holzer, president of Motji Picture Corp. of America, announced njv redistribution plans are afoot for his fi;- length film, "Two Before Zero." Ma(p Films, headed by Milt Simon, has signecJB three-year contract for domestic distriiition, thus taking over from Ellis Films;f New York. In setting up futm-e exploi)- tion, it is also planned to give the filn'a change in title. Currently the title of "I,d Hell" is being considered. Overseas i- tribution is handled by International Fn Distributors. The movie, which deals wh worldwide aggression of communism, f.- tures Basil Rathbone and Mary Murp^r, It was produced at Fred NUes film stucts ' here. When Linda Enright of Harvey purcha'd tickets for "The Sound of Music" at ,e Michael Todd Theatre, she became .e winner of several gifts for being the Pr chaser of the quarter-millionth ticket iA for the musical attraction. Ed Cassin, e theatre's general manager, presented if with free tickets and other prizes whh included dinner at the Blackhawk Rest - rant, supper at the Playboy Club am a chauffeur-driven limousine for the eveni;. Girl ushers at the Playboy Theatre e wearing middy blouses, pleated skirts ;d black stockings as a result of some patn complaints about the scanty outfits i"- viously worn and part of the Play "trademark." Now critical Playboy T- atre customers are thinking there mi it be a compromise, a costume not as '- breviated as the "stock" Playboy Club g b and not as staid as the pleated skirt id middy blouse combination. I lm artoe silicon tube _ IKT pmci 40% DISCOUNT em nm the jmniifaciurer %2G:0(r CASH Lee ARTOE CARBON CO ' NET PllCi ^ C-4 BOXOFFICE : : August 16, l!5 I

I The '• BUI ; The i ATLANTA i. WOMPIs I I ' Valdosla in Beverly Reopened by Martin VALDOSTA, GA. — Martin Theatres' Icompletely remodeled and refurbished 850- seat Beverly was unveiled at two special performances Thursday (5) with turnaway business at the two showings of Walt Disney's "The Monkey's Uncle." Orchids for the ladies and the privilege lof entering the theatre via a plush red carpet were the only other inducements used, other than the appeal of the Disney picture, to bring out the SRO business. Martin home office officials on hand for the opening included C. L. Patrick, execuitive vice-president and general manager; |w. B. Toney, technical director; Morris ISher, the circuit's attorney, and Ronnie Otwell, vice-president in charge of advertising, publicity and public relations. Beverly, which was the Roxy when [Martin purchased it and closed it for a couple of years, is situated beyond the idownto\v7i district on the highway leading to Moody Air Force Base. Blane, fonnerly manager of the circuit's Rialto in Atlanta, is managing the iBeverly. Other "Valdosta theatres owned and operated by the Martins are the downtown 212-seat Ritz and 700-seat Dosta and two aii-ers—the Skyway, 210 cars, and the Martin, 473 cars. latter drive-in was reopened recently following a remodeling which included new i3oncessions stand, new boxoffice, new ensrance and new attractions board. The Inext Valdosta theatre to be remodeled by ,;he circuit is the Ritz, which will be closed jiuring the stem-to-stern renovation. WOMPIs in Regular Visit |ro Atlanta Nursing Home — Members of the Atlanta Chapter of WOMPI paid their every-othernonth visit to High View Nursing Home to olay bingo with the patients, award them orizes and treat them to ice cream and i;ake. have been providing this service 'or ten years. Marcelle Kohn is chairman ,)f the service conmiittee. Taking part in -he visit were Sarah Bush, United Artists, imd her daughter Linda; Edythe Bryant, Ulso of UA, chapter president: Irma Mari^hall. National Theatre Supply; Pat Brown, iA'^arner Bros.; Jonnie Brown, Wilbyl^incey. and Sandy Kohn, husband of the jiervice group chairman, who does the j;alling for bingo games. Another laudatory project of the WOMPI i.ervice committee is its contributions to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cancer Home, jiperated by the Sisters of Mercy for perlons with incurable cancer of all races and i^reeds. Members take supplies to the jiome, including bandages, and contribute . case of fruit juice a month. Katherine Walsh has signed a long temi ontract with Columbia. COLDLITE PX' I NtW NEW NtW T»0 VEAB FRONT UBKACE GURANTtE UlCHBOIC MinRon ee ARTOE CARBON CO "UNBREAKABLE" » MM HO HlAr BKlAKAGi SIUCATI OUSS Norman 'Cal' Colquhoun Dies in Memphis Hospital known figui'es MEMPHIS—One of the most widely on Memphis Pilmrow, Norman J. "Cal" Colquhoun, 68, who retired ^^r ^ in May as branch manager for Columbia Pictures after 28 years in the motion picture business, died P^^B^ Monday (9) in Meth- ^1^ odist Hospital. ^Hj At the time of his ^B retirement, Col- 'M quhoun and Louis L.:*iJ ingi-am, retired Cal Colquhoun branch manager of MGM, were honored by the industry with a party at the Variety Club attended by top industry executives from all over the country. Colquhoun started in the theatre business in 1927 and worked for various companies in Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans and Memphis. He became branch manager for Columbia in Memphis in 1951. He enjoyed fishing and had spent much time in his cabin at Tunica, Miss., since his retirement. Colquhoun had not ill until he was stricken Saturday. been He leaves his wife Kate and sister Mrs. R. H. Holmes, Corpus Chi-isti, Tex. Meiselman Building Miracle in Atlanta ATLANTA—H. B. Meiselman, president of Meiselman Theatres, is starting constnaction in the Miracle Shopping Center on his fourth Atlanta theatre. Like the other thi-ee, it will be named for the shopping center in which it is located. The other Meiselman operatioi^s here ai"e the Cherokee, Belvedere and Toco Hill, all supervised by Perry Reavis, the circuit's district manager in charge of Georgia theatres. Owner Meiselman is a pioneer in operation of motion pictm-e theatres in shopping centers, starting with one such theatre more than 30 years ago in Charlotte. His circuit now numbers close to 30 theatres in the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida. Canadian Film Complex Is Model for South Africa From Canadian Edition MONTREAL—A government film complex, being established in the Republic of South Africa, is being modeled closely on the Canadian National Film Board, one of the world's leading producers and distributors of documentary films, it was announced in Montreal. Visiting Montreal for first-hand observation of National Film Board operations were Wynand Smit, the architect who will design the buildings for the South African board's operations, E. S. Hinds, executive producer, and R. van W.yk de Vries, technical manager. All are from Pretoria. The South African Film Board, established last year under an act based almost directly on Canada's NPB Act, now has about 120 employes and is able to equip eight camera crews and produce 60-minute reels each yeaj. Lakeside Premiere At New Orleans NEW ORLEANS—The new luxui-y Lakeside Theatre, originally scheduled to open July 21 but delayed by the late aiTival of specially designed seats, officially opened Thm-sday