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. . The »»n ai4. SAN ANTONIO OUB EXPERIENCE CAN SAVE MONEY FOR YOU! \X7alter Ko«nig, owner of the Old Heidel berg Restaurant, which feature.s vari OU.S types of German food and pastry, ha^ introduced a new featui'e in addition German music, that of the showing o: films about Germany. Last Monday Koenigi held a special showing of two films, both in color, with admission free to patrons One film was titled "Meet Germany." Tliother showed some of the German, countryside from the North Sea to tha Alps. I Ignacio Torres, manager of the Teatrql Alameda, Spanish-language showhouse, ad mitted all youngsters under 12 free ti the cui'rent showing of the double bill of! "El Revolver Sangriento" and "Barridos yj Rogados" Monday

i I DMETHING TO BRAG ABOUT!! POWERFUL! POWERFUL! POWERFUL! IHE CAMPAIGN! THE CROWDS! THE GROSSES! AN ALL NEW PROGRAM! $24,000 St. Louis $21500 Cincinnati $33A00 Phila. $31000 in, and Still Playing, Wash., D. C. 'm\Bittl^^Ut^ lilW under 16 istie accofflp{)ni I !/V AdULT THE MOST BREATHTAKING ^BIRTH SCENES EVER SHOWN TO THE PUBLIC. SEE-- Natures ^Miracles! "NO GREATER SIN" TIES UP TRAFFIC Huge traffic jams have been in evidence each evening this week along Reading Road, in the vicinity of the Twin Drive-In Theatre. "No Greater Sin" and "The Wondrous Story of Birth" opened there Wednesday night to a full house, and has been playing to capacity crowds each night since. Claude Alexander, the producer of the picture, who was in town for the engagement, stated that the crowds were even larger in Chicago and St. Louis. The program deals with the problems of life and marriage with portions on childbirth, and is said to be the most informative and revealing program on this subject yet filmed. —CINCINNATI POST & TIMES STAR. A "NATURAL" FOR DRIVE-IN THEATRES Never in the History of t/ie Motion Pieture Industry Has There Been Anything Like It! ATUAL HOSPlTAt SCENES FIVE j| births;mone auke.all different PRODUCED BY CLAUDE ALEXANDER Kt your opposition to the punch iwie, wire, or call, now f iMORRY RELDER I 9817 WALNUT ST. KNSAS CITY, MO. 64114 PH. 816-942-2376 CLAUDE ALEXANDER ALEXANDER ENTERPRISES 3470 HEDGELY RD. SPRINGFTELD, OHIO PH. 513-325-2740 IT JUST MAKES MONEY! WE FURNISH ALL ACCESSORIES We contact each theatre manager when this show is booked and advise him how to exploit his date into a record breaking engagement.