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HOUSTON The Jewish

HOUSTON The Jewish Community Center's summer film series continues with the showing on Simday of "The Magic Horse." An animated adaptation from a Russian folk tale. "Magic Horse" t

I HOLLYWOOD—Actress 1 She I General } BOGALUSA, . . Earl EL PASO \vhe AFL-CIO convention was held here August 3-8. Numerous representatives of lATSE attended, includhig E. J. Miller, vice-president of the Texas-Louisiana district Harpo Davis. Modern Sales & . . 'Service, was in town on regular business Sunday. Monday and Tuesday and took oart in the convention Tuesday night. I Trans-Texas' Jimmy Brassell is under intensive care at Baylor Hospital in Dallas following a double hemorrhage. Jimmy's nany friends in El Paso are hoping for his i'arly recovery . Podolnick, president if Ti'ans-Texas Theatres, was in El Paso \ugust 1, 2. He was accompanied by Mrs. !?odolnick, son Jay, and daughter Mornia. 'rhis was a combined business and vacation 'vhich also took the Podolnicks to Cali- Jim Carty, Del Norte Drive-In 'ornia . . . nanager, left for Houston for three or I'oui- weeks on business. Good business downtown this month. I'What's New Pussycat?" headed into its fourth week at the State Theatre, while ''Cat Ballou" was being held for the third And "Monkey's Week at the Capri . . . ijncle" went into a third week at the Per- .:hing but had to move on to make way for 'The Sound of Music," which opened liugust 3, with a benefit premiere, sponsored by the auxiliary of Providence Me- 'norial Hospital for the Hotel Dieu School :)f Nursing Building Fund. The results itave a nice boost to the building fund. Top 100 Advertisers Up TV Budgets $116,000,000 From New Englond Edition that televLsion is MELVIN VILLAGE, N.H.—Any notion about ready for a downhill slide should be dismissed, according to Edward T. Parmelee, executive vice-president of Moloney, Regan & Schmitt, newspaper representatives. Parmelee told the New England Newspaper Advertising Executives Ass'n meeting that last year the top 100 newspaper advertisers raised their newspaper allocations by nearly $32,000,000. "Sounds good," he said, "until you realize that these same advertisers increased their network and spot television budgets by $116,000,000." STC Planning Airer At Statesville, N.C. From Southeast Edition STATESVILLE, N. C—Plans for construction of an ultramodern di'ive-in within the Statesville city limits have been announced by R. E. Agle, general manager of the Statesville Theatre Corp., which operates about 15 theatres in North Carolina. The 700-car airer will be built on the Charlotte highway. Wil-Kin Theatre Supply Co. of Charlotte has been awarded the contract for drawing all plans and furnishing the latest projection and sound equipment, as well as equipping the large concessions area. Need a Screen Tower in a Hurry! Call SEL BY {Lucille Burdick Donates 1B5.000 to MPRF Progrcan ,fom Western Edition Lucille Burdick, |:nown in films and on the stage as Lucille Uorrison, has made a $5,000 donation to the Motion Picture Relief Fund's 15-year $40,000 luilding and endowment campaign, an- ;iounces George L. Bagnall, president of the und, and Otto Kiuger, a fund vice-presipent. requested the fund to allocate her iift toward construction of a new cottage t the Motion Picture Country House and jlospital as part of MPRF's present expanjion program. chaiiTnan of the fund's building ind endowment campaign is Gregory Peck. I'lajor contributions previously made included $50,000 from Elvis Presley and $125,- |00 raised thi'ough the benefit premiere of IVarner Eros'. "My Fair Lady." justice Department Moves Po Desegregate Theatres |om Southeast Edition LA.—The U.S. Justice De- [artment, under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, as moved to desegregate the Fitz and |tates theatres here, owned by Meyer A. I'erenson. ' The action resulted from a suit filed in I'ew Orleans under the public accommodajOns section of the new law, charging ierenson with consistently refusing to Idmit Negroes on the same basis as .hites. The complaint asked for a comt ;rder enjoining the theatres from further liscrimination. OXOrnCE :: August 16, 1965 SCREEN TOWER HELP! QUICK! Fast replacement of screen towers We carry them in stock for IMMEDIATE REPLACEMENT Most theatres reopened within 10 days or less by experienced SELBY crews Call SELBY ify NOW! INDUSTRIES, INC. 3920 CONGRESS PARKWAY. WEST RICHFIELD. OHIO 44286 PHONE AREA CODE 216.659-6631 s a. I u SW-7