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Water situations in Ukraine

‣ There has been the rise of the losses of collected waters. According to the

official statistics the part of the lost water during the transportation in the total

amount of water collected in Ukraine grew comparing with 1990 from 6,8% to

11,8% and amount more then 2300 mln. . m3.

‣ At the city territories and suburbs the yearly losses are close to 1000 mln.m3 of


‣ Problems in the mining regions of Ukraine which use the method of “wet”

conservation of shafts. This led to the soiling and salting previously


mining rocks and soils, polluting the underground waters and fresh water


‣ The area of fresh drinking water decreased by 4 times.

‣ During the last 10 years at more than 100 water inlets in Ukraine e appeared the

signs of polluted underground waters. The most facts of water pollution are

found in Donbas, Kryvbas, Peredkarpattya, Lvivsko-Volynskyj

coil basin.

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