Problem Management Accross Qualification Levels -

Problem Management Accross Qualification Levels -

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framework), problems are believed to take care of themselves




Making Self Effort (MSE). You start learning about project

management. Under this strategy (called Intropersistive in Role-

PICS framework), problems are solved by making self efforts.

Seeking External Effort (SEE). You take up the matter with

your organization to equip yourself with project management skills.

Under this strategy (called Extrapersistive in Role-PICS

framework), problems are solved by seeking external efforts.

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Making Team Effort (MTE). You share your problem with an

experienced project manager and convince him to team up with

yourself to overcome your problem. Under this strategy (called

Interpersistive in Role-PICS framework), problems are solved with

the joint efforts of the self and others.


To enhance the understanding about problem management in organizations by -


Measuring problem management strategies adopted by lower,

medium and higher qualification groups within the selected




Identifying the dominant and backup problem management

strategies for each qualification group.

Finding out the significant differences in the adoption of problem

management strategy across the qualification groups.


Perception is a cognitive process. It is dependent on personality, motivation

and experiential learning of the individual concerned. As one receives higher

education, he/she has better avenues for experiential learning. It is logical

Management & Change, Volume 11, Number 2 (2007)

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