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I to r ) ; Herbert NATIONAL EXECUTIVE EDITION • OCTOBER 3, 1966 Including tht Stctional Nm Plftt of All EdIUoni fne TuXAe eiv one m&tc&rL Mctu/ie yndud^ Among NATO officers for the coming year arc, scofcd, ( F Kinccy, Charlotte, N C , secretary; Ben Morcus, Milwaukee, treasurer; Sherrill C Corwin, Los Angeles, president; John H Stembler, Atlanto, chairman of the finoncc committee, and Jack Armstrong, Bowling Green, 0,, chairman of the boord. Standing (I. to r): Henry G Plitt, Chicogo, vice president; Marsholl H. Fine, member of the executive committee; Richard H. Orcar, Kansas City, Sumner M. Redstone, Boston, John G. Broumos, Silver Spring, Md , Philip F. Harling, New York, Albert Aaron, Charleston, W. Va., ond Molcolm Green, Boston, all vice-presidents. Not shown is Horace Denning, Jacksonville, Fla., vke-presldent. Report on the NATO convention begins on page 4.