September 24, 2012 - Butler University

September 24, 2012 - Butler University


September 24, 2012

Upcoming Opportunities

Student Learning Gains – They’re Impressive! Lunch Conversation Opportunity

Tuesday, September 25, noon-1 p.m., Ford Salon, Robertson Hall

Over the past four years, the various assessments of student learning at Butler in which Butler

participates are showing significant learning gains in our students. Join us for lunch to learn about where

our students are succeeding and talk with each other about what you are doing that is contributing to

student learning. To help us be best prepared for catering needs, please RSVP today to Laura Cobb by

clicking here.

New Faculty Orientation: “Working with Diverse Learners and Learning Styles”

Thursday, September 27, noon-1 p.m., AU111 (UClub)

How can faculty best work with the variety of students who come into classes who may have different

knowledge levels and skills? What are ways to capitalize on and support the diverse experiences students

bring to class? How might assignments be structured to allow students to do their best work, or how can

class time be managed, particularly when differences of opinion or experience surface? Meet in the

University Club (south of The Market Place in Atherton Union) – lunch coupons will be available

beginning at 11:45 a.m.

Visit for more information

on other upcoming new faculty orientation activities.

BIRS Workshops:

“Applying for External Grants”: Tuesday, September 25, 3-4 p.m., JH048

“Research and Compliance Information Session”: Wednesday, September 26, 1-2:30 p.m., JH048

“Searching for Funding on the SPIN Database”: Friday, September 28, 3-4 p.m., JH048

“Internal Grants (Butler Awards and Holcomb Awards) Informational Session”: Thursday, October 4,

AU111 (UClub)

Visit for detailed descriptions on these and other

upcoming BIRS workshops and opportunities. RSVP to Dana Ohren by clicking here.

Brown Bag Series, Faculty Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work Presentations

Doug Spaniol, Music: “Bassooner or Later: ‘New’ Nineteenth Century Bassoon Music”

Tuesday, October 2, noon-1 p.m., AU111 (UClub)

Julius Weissenborn served as principal bassoon of the Gewandhaus Orchestra and was

the first bassoon instructor at the conservatoire in Leipzig. He also enjoyed a multifaceted

career as a composer, conductor and copyist. To this day, his pedagogical works

are among the most widely used by bassoon students and teachers. However, his grand

plan for a complete curriculum of study never materialized as he intended, and several

works are now lost.

Doug Spaniol will discuss his recent work restoring Weissenborn’s music in a way that will on the one

hand retain his original content and intent, and on the other hand meet the demands of today’s

bassoonists (and publishers). Included in the discussion will be how this work related to Doug’s

application for a Fulbright Teaching/Research Award and how the Fulbright helped enable much of the

research. Click here to view the poster for this session.

No RSVP required. Beverages and snacks provided; please feel free to bring your lunch.

Faculty Food for Thought: “Inspiring Innovation and the Entrepreneurial Mindset Across the Curriculum”

Tuesday, October 9, noon-1 p.m., AU111 (UClub)

Each of our Butler colleges take creative and innovative paths to developing some of the best future

leaders, citizens, change agents, and contributors to society in both non-profit and profit ventures –

whether in the arts, engineering, life sciences, or business. We invite you to share your innovative and

entrepreneurially natured projects…from farms to art, from medicine to machines…from education to

commercial products and services. What are your best practices on motivating students using the

power and drive of the entrepreneurial mindset and including creativity and innovation in the

classroom? What are some of the trends of innovation and entrepreneurial development in your

areas? What about applying entrepreneurial decision-making skills to a specific discipline, such as

preparing pharmacy students to run their practice, or helping music students develop a vibrant and

successful freelance career? Are their opportunities for diverse students across disciplines to work

together and build their innovation capacity? Join us for lunch and conversation led by Stephanie

Fernhaber (Management) and Denise Williams (Management) and share your best practices on

innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset across the curriculum. Resources and examples will be


Lunch coupons to The Market Place will be provided. So that we can best be prepared, please RSVP by

clicking here.

Faculty Support

Editorial Assistance for Faculty

Editorial assistance is available to faculty who are preparing book chapters or research articles for

submission to scholarly journals. John Mugge has many years of experience as a generalist writer/editor

and is available to offer his assistance to faculty on a first-come, first serve basis.

Evidence from other universities that provide pre-submission editorial assistance indicates that such

services, as a final review before submission, can help to achieve easier and faster acceptance of papers,

and can help prepare a more successful transition through the peer-review process. Don’t let editorial

errors or organizational problems jeopardize your publishing success.

The service is intended for research papers and book chapters at an advanced level of preparation, and it

will not overlap with proposal and grant writing assistance that is already provided to faculty through the

Butler Institute for Research and Scholarship. Turnaround time is expected to be approximately one

week, although faster review may be possible depending on necessity and availability. There is no fee to

faculty or departments for this service.

To discuss a project, please contact John Mugge at, or 940-8852, or in FB004.

Internal Grant Opportunities for 2012-13

Please click here for a complete listing of all internal grant opportunities available to eligible Butler

faculty this year, including deadlines and links to further information. These grants support research,

scholarship, and creative work, teaching and pedagogy, efforts to internalize curriculum or develop study

abroad seminars, and work on assessment. Support for faculty interested in seeking external funding also

is listed.

Workshops and Groups

Teaching Observation Program

Create your own group, or contact and we’ll help. Modest funding is available

to help pay for refreshments during pre- and post-visit classroom conversations. For more information,

please visit:


The BIRS Bulletin is available online. Click here to learn more about possible funding opportunities for

your research, scholarship, or creative work.


Additional information and a full calendar of upcoming faculty development events can be found at:


Click here to view a full list of books in our Faculty Development Library.

Have a resource you’d like to see added to the faculty development library in JH109? Click here

to send us the title and author.


We welcome suggestions for faculty development opportunities and news of research, scholarly

or creative accomplishments, innovative pedagogy, as well as feedback –

please click here to send this information along to us, or talk with Laura Behling.


For more information:

The Butler Institute for Research and Scholarship

The Center for Citizenship and Community

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

Center for Academic Technology

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