Logging on to Blackboard - University of Nebraska Omaha

Logging on to Blackboard - University of Nebraska Omaha

Logging on to Blackboard - University of Nebraska Omaha


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ong>Loggingong> on to


Web Address:


Getting Help:



Online support:

UNO Customer Service Desk at 554-HELP (554-4357) or toll free at



UNO Blackboard web site is available by clicking the Help tab on the

myUNO Blackboard page

Q What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is UNO's online course delivery system. This software allows you to view your

course from the web and review the course syllabus, interact in class discussion, take exams,

and correspond with your instructor and classmates.

Q How do I log on to Blackboard?

1. From UNO’s homepage (www.unomaha.edu), click on my.unomaha.edu at the top right

corner of the screen (see yellow arrow).

ong>Loggingong> on to Blackboard Page 1

2. The next screen will look like the screen below. Click on myUNO/myBlackboard link by the

yellow arrow.

ong>Loggingong> on to Blackboard Page 2

3. This screen will ask for your username and password. Type them in and click “Login”.

4. Once you have submitted your Username and Password you are logged on to Blackboard.

The screen will look like this:

‣ My UNO/Blackboard page is the first page Blackboard users see

after the login process.

ong>Loggingong> on to Blackboard Page 3


Near the top of the screen, the following tabs are displayed. These tabs are always with

you no matter your location in Blackboard. Use them as shortcuts to take you to specific


My UNO – The page displayed directly after login. This page is your launch point to get

to other areas of Blackboard. Think of it as a Home Page.

Courses (yellow arrow, above) - Students or instructors will see the courses in which

they are currently enrolled, and can access those courses through this tab. Most

instructors upload their online courses to Blackboard by the first day of class each

semester, so don't worry if you don't see them before classes begin.

Community – This tab is similar to the Courses tab, but instead focuses on

organizations specific to each user. If a student or instructor is involved in a club, group

or board, their web sites may be accessed here.

Services – This area contains valuable links to other sites at UNO. Keep in mind that

this is not modifiable by students or instructors. The system administrator sets these


Student Help – Help information from UNO for students using Blackboard.

Student Email

Access your student email by clicking on the myMail icon at the top right of the screen (blue

arrow, above). You will log on with the same UNO NetID username and password you used

for Blackboard. Your student account is how the university, your department and your

instructors communicate with you, so it is a good idea to check your student email account


There are a multitude of links that can be found on the Blackboard site. Don’t be afraid to

click around and explore the site!

ong>Loggingong> on to Blackboard Page 4

Q How do I get my UNO NetID Username?

If you do not know your Username, from the log on screen you can click on the link next to

the bullet point that says “UNO NetID username lookup can be found here.”

That link takes you to this screen:

ong>Loggingong> on to Blackboard Page 5

Enter your NU ID and PIN. Your NU ID is an internally generated ID number specific to the

Nebraska University system which is used for administrative functions such as web

registration (E-BRUNO), MavCard services, and Library services. The number is generated

when a student applies for admission. You received written notification from Admissions

identifying your NU ID. Your PIN was self-selected at the time you applied for admission.

Once submitted, another screen opens with your UNO NetID Username and your student

email address. Keep track of this important information, as you will need your UNO NetID

Username to log on to Blackboard. Your student email address is how the university will

communicate with you, so it is a good idea to log on regularly.

Q How do I set my UNO NetID Password?

The first time you log on to Blackboard, you will need to set your password. Click on the link

next to the bullet point that says “UNO NetID password set and changes can be done here.”

ong>Loggingong> on to Blackboard Page 6

Once you click on the link, this page will appear:

Enter your UNO Net ID and your PIN (which you self-selected at the time you applied for

admission). Choose a password for yourself between 8 and 20 characters in length.

Select a password sufficiently complex as to prevent the casual user from guessing it. A

combination of alpha and numeric characters is best. Passwords are case-sensitive. For

example, “Mickey2Mouse” requires capital letters on the two M’s and “mickey2mouse”

does not require capital letters. Passwords cannot be your social security number, your

user name, or the word password. If you have any questions, call ITS Customer

Services at 402-555-HELP (4357). Please Note: Resetting your UNO NetID password

automatically resets passwords for myUNO, myMail, and myFolder.

ong>Loggingong> on to Blackboard Page 7

Q I can’t remember my PIN (Personal Identification


Every student has been issued an E-BRUNO PIN. You self-selected your PIN at the time

you applied for admission. If you do not know your PIN, you can stop by Student

Enrollment Services (SES- Eppley 101) with photo ID to receive PIN. Or, request your

PIN electronically. Currently enrolled students can request their PIN be sent securely to

their student email account. PINs will only be sent to an individual’s student email

account. To access this service, visit the Web at


For further guidelines on PIN, visit: http://www.ses.unomaha.edu/registrar/pin.php

ong>Loggingong> on to Blackboard Page 8

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