APS Smart Grid Overview Presentation


APS Smart Grid Overview Presentation

APS Grid Modernization

Erik Ellis

Manager, Smart Grid Planning

March 2013


APS – Arizona’s Largest Utility

• Renewable Energy Standard

APS Smart Grid Investments


Smart Circuits

– Strategic IT

– Customer Focused Pilots

Smart Grid Lessons Learned


APS - Arizona’s Largest Utility

Service Territory

– 1.1 million customer accounts

– 34,646 square miles

Scope of Energy Delivery

– 28,000 distribution miles

– 6,000 transmission miles

– 410 substations



– 8,600 MW total capacity

– Peak demand- 7,100 MW

– Energy demand will nearly double in

next 20 yrs


– #4 Most Intelligent Utility

– Top 10 in Smart Grid

– #3 in Solar Deployed

APS Retail Service Territory


Renewable Energy Standard

• 15% of Retail Sales by 2025

– < 70% from Utility Scale

– > 30% from Distributed Energy

o 50% from Residential

o 50% from Non-Residential

• Approximately 250 MWs of customer-owned DE

– More than doubling in the next three years

• Utility Scale PV - 200 MWs

• Schools & Governmental Program - 15 MWs

• 280 MWs of Concentrating Solar

• ~ 1,000 MWs Owned or In Development


Smart Grid at APS

The primary objectives of deploying a smarter grid

are to:

• Optimize System Reliability & Performance

• Empower Customers

• Manage Alternative Energy

APS is piloting and/or implementing

over 20 advanced grid

modernization technologies in

order to meet these key objectives

Image Source: Climateinc.org


APS - Leader in Grid Modernization

APS has always been a leader

in Smart Grid and is well

positioned for the future

EMS Upgrade

AMI Elster Launched

Distribution Outage Managament System (DOMS)

TOAN Wins EEI Award

DOE ARRA Funds Awarded

TOU Rates

PMUs and Synchrophasors

Transformer Oil Analysis

& Notification (TOAN)



Flagstaff Smart Circuit Comissioned

APS Peak Solutions Launched

Pioneer Smart Circuit Comissioned

Western Interconnect Syncrophasor Project (WISP)

Awards - APS Named #4 Most Intelligent Utility

& APS Named GTM Top 10 Smart Grid Utility

1970s 1990s 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2018

Smart Grid Organization Launched

Flagstaff Pilot


Major Elements of the Smart Grid

AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure): The collective system of

advanced meters, communicating devices, and data management system

required to provide wireless electric metering and two-way

communications to customers.

Smart Circuits: A transmission or distribution circuit that utilizes

communication, monitoring, and/or automated devices to improve

visibility, reliability, and overall performance of the circuit.

Strategic IT: The communications, control

systems, network operations, and data

management systems required to serve the

overall needs of the enterprise in a secure and

reliable manner.


APS AMI Investments

Advanced Meter Rollout

One million smart meters installed

– 1.2M Truck Rolls Avoided

– Reduction of Resources/SAIDI

– Avoided Distribution Transformer Failures

Various Non-Billing Uses for AMI Data

– Revenue Protection / Theft

– Transformer Load Management

– Remote Connects / Disconnects

– Solar Assets Monitoring

– Prepay Pilot

– Loss Modeling

– Renewable Feeder Tool

– Voltage Schedules (IVVC)


APS Smart Circuit Investments


– Transformer Oil Analysis Notification

– Integrated Volt/VAR Control

– Fault Location, Isolation & Restoration

– Fault Indicators

– Fault Anticipation

– Synchrophasors (WISP)

High Level Benefits

– Avoided 3 Catastrophic EHV Transformer Failures

– Peak Demand Reduction ≈ 2%

– 51% Reduction in Cust. Outage Mins.

– Improved Reliability

– Reduced Regulatory Risk

– Condition Based Maintenance

– Increased System Visibility


APS Strategic IT Investments

• Infrastructure Planning and Improvements

– Fiber for all new 69 kV lines and above; less than

69 kV on a strategic basis

– Backhaul/last-mile planning

– Development of real-time/near real-time data

collection, data management, and warehousing

• Security Architecture

– Multi-layered security integral from design to


• Operational Excellence

– Communications backbone provides foundation to

deploy and operate smart grid systems to achieve

optimal availability

– Analyze and leverage opportunities with other

utilities and partners


Consumer Focused Pilots

Home Energy Information Pilot (Residential)

• Program Types being tested:

– Peak Event Pricing with Enabling Technology

– A/C Direct Load Control

Smart Phone & PC App

– Pre-Pay Energy Service

• Targeting both consumption and demand reduction

• Rigorous assessment of technology & consumer behavior

Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use Rate

• Provides a super off-peak rate of only 4.2 cents from 11 pm – 5 am

• Equivalent to filling up the car for only 37 cents per gallon


Smart Grid Lessons Learned

Business Case Challenges

– High reliability (Top Quartile – 2009 EEI, SAIFI, CAIDI, SAIDI)

– Adequate Near-Term Capacity Supply

– Lack of Fiber in Distribution Infrastructure

Infrastructure Challenges

– Large Rural Service Territory

– Communication Infrastructure

is Critical for Success

Governance Requirements

– Significant Cross-Functional

Collaboration Required

– Robust Internal Education and

Integration Campaign is




• Optimize, Empower & Manage

APS is testing and deploying numerous


• New technologies will change our


• Integration of both utility technologies & customer programs is


Smart Grid is a Long-Term Transformation!




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