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Bonjour - Welcome to New Caledonia

Bonjour - Welcome to New Caledonia

Discover the French way of life in the South Pacific! Literally on our doorstep, only 2 ½ hours flying time from Auckland,

New Caledonia is the France of the South Pacific. This warm, semi-tropical paradise not only sets itself apart from the

obvious delight of holidaying on a white sand beach, snorkelling or sailing in crystal clear waters and relaxing on a South

Pacific island, New Caledonia adds the flavour of Europe - the France of the South Pacific, from cuisine to wine, fashion to

language. New Caledonia is divided into three provinces – Northern, Southern and the Loyalty Islands. The mainland,

“La Grande Terre”, is 400 kilometres long and just 50 kilometres wide.

Must See & Do

Go for a ride on Le Petit Train: A great way to get your

bearings in Noumea.

Take a trip to Amedee Lighthouse: Only a 30 minute journey

across the waters to this lagoon. Relax on white sandy beach,

alternatively swim or snorkel in the beautiful turquoise blue ocean.

Discover the Latin Quarter: Stroll through the Latin Quarter and

enrich yourself in the café style environment which it is famous for.

Take time out to visit the Aquarium: Take a guided tour around

this wonderful building, everything is natural, saltwater, sunlight and

a multitude of different aquatic species.

Dine out in The Baie des Citrons: Enjoy an evening out at

The Baie des Citrons renowned for its restaurants you will have

plenty to choose from.

Travel Tips

Average Temperature

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Max Temp °C 35 35 33 33 31 29 26 29 28 30 32 35

Min Temp °C 19 19 18 16 15 13 13 13 13 14 15 18

• Climate: Land of eternal spring, New Caledonia offers a good yearround

climate – not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter

(people swim and sunbathe all year round). Temperatures range from

27°C in the warm/humid season (October to March) to 20°C in the

cooler/dry season (April to September).

• Visa: Not required by New Zealand passport holders for stays up to

3 months. Visitors must have a current passport, valid for at least 6

months from date of entry and a return or onward airline ticket.

• Language: French is the official language, while the local Melanesians

also have their own dialects. English is widely understood and spoken,

especially in Noumea. Any effort made to speak the local language is

warmly received!

• Currency: The local currency is the French Pacific Franc (XPF).

New Zealand Dollars are accepted for exchange by all banks and most

main hotels. Banks are open from 7.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday.

Major credit cards are widely accepted, and there are plenty of ATM

machines in Noumea – but please, don’t forget your PIN number!

• Electricity: The power supply in New Caledonia is 220 volts 50 cycles.

You may require an adaptor for some appliances as most hotels are

fitted with European-style 2 pin power points.

• Medical: There are excellent medical facilities in Noumea – doctors,

dentists, hospitals and pharmacies – and your hotel will assist in finding

the closest if required. New Caledonia is free from malaria. As with all

overseas travel however, it is recommended that you purchase travel

insurance before departure.

• Transport: In Noumea and surrounding suburbs there is no shortage

of public bus transport, which is inexpensive and easy to use. The

bus routes provide an extensive coverage and frequent service. Taxis

are also readily available. There are 2 main airports on the mainland.

Tontouta International Airport is situated 50kms north of Noumea

and Magenta domestic Airport which is just a few minutes drive from

downtown Noumea.

• Duty Free: The duty free allowance for each visitor over 17 years is 200

cigarettes (or 50 cigars), one litre of spirits or 2 litres of wine. A customs

declaration must be completed and handed to customs upon arrival.

• Clothing: The style in New Caledonia is casual, and being French very

elegant, especially in the evenings when dining out, nightclubbing or

visiting the casino. And don’t forget the sunscreen and insect repellent!


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