Walkthrough by DJ Greenfield and Nick Servi - D3Publisher


Walkthrough by DJ Greenfield and Nick Servi - D3Publisher


Task 4 – Act III: Set the scene

Talk again with Other Forcible and you'll begin the third and final act. Other Spink and Forcible need your help

setting up props for their next showing. All you have to do is drop the prop in the correct place on the stage. After

the beginning scene plays, it's time to set the stage! You'll begin the act with your slingshot out and ready to hit the

bullseye to drop the scene prop in its correct place. Each item has a correct location that can be found by looking

at the outlines shown on the stage. Shoot the bullseye with the slingshot when the stage prop is directly over the

matching outline. If you drop one in the wrong place, you will start over. After each stage prop is in the proper

place, a scene will play thanking Coraline for her help.

A scene will play with Other Mother and Father, talking to Coraline about giving up her normal eyes in favor of

buttons so she can stay in Other World forever. Not liking this idea, she tells them she wants to think about it and

gets sent up to bed. This takes you into the next dream sequence.

Day 4 – Dream

The dream starts with a scene of Other Wybie trying to help you out. Once the scene finishes, you'll have to open

gates (similar to dream before starting Day 3) by placing boxes in the green circles. This time around, not only are

Snap Dragons and Rats around, but Porcupines are here too!

The first gate is very easy to open. To the left of the gate is the swirl box. Simply interact with it and push it over to

the right, on top of the green circle. This will open the first gate.

Take out your firefly jar to protect yourself against the

Rat and Snap Dragons along the hallway. When you get

to the end of the hallway, a long arm will come out of

the wall on the left. This arm will hit Coraline as she is

going down the hall and the firefly jar does not protect

against it! Run down the hallway when you see the arm

go back into the wall. After dodging the arm, you'll see

the second gate and it's Snap Dragon protectors. Walk

over to the one on the right with your firefly jar out and

interact with the hanging lantern to defeat the Snap

Dragons. After they've been taken care of, walk into the

room on the left and you'll see the swirl box and green

circle. Do the same thing you did for the first gate by

moving the swirl box onto the green circle. The second

gate will open up.

Walk down the hallway past the second gate and the

room on the right will have fireflies you can use to refill

the jar. Going past the room with the fireflies, there's

more Snap Dragons and a Porcupine. Have the firefly

jar out to stay protected from the Porcupine, and keep

an eye out for more hanging lanterns to defeat the Snap

Dragons with. At the end of the hall, the long arm will

come at Coraline from the right this time. Run down the

hallway as the arm goes back into the wall and you'll be

going down the final hall.

The last hallway is just Snap Dragons and Porcupines. Walk down the hall with the firefly jar out and keep an eye

on the meter. Once you get down the hallway, a scene will play with Coraline getting away from the long arm that

was trying to grab you down the hallway. She will wake up in her bedroom and that's the start of Day 4.

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