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Adar 5770 Winter 2010

Let’s Make those

Miracles Happen!

By Yossi Baumol

In the middle of this cold winter, while the

oranges in Florida freeze before they

even ripen, the heroic residents of Hebron

and all of Judea & Samaria keep praying

for miracles despite the recently decreed

“building freeze”. Yet if we look back to

Chanuka, or forward to Purim, we see

quite clearly that praying for miracles is just

not enough. From the days of the Maccabees

and Mordechai & Esther down to

the miracles of the Six Day War and the

crack combat units of the IDF – the lesson

we learn is that by our ACTIONS we make

miracles happen!

In Talmud Bavli (Brachot 20a) Rabbi Papa

asks: Why weren’t there miracles in his

times? Abaye answers: It is self-sacrifice

(messirut nefesh) which draws down miracles

from above.

Elsewhere in the Talmud (Baba Metsia

106a) a shepherd who abandoned his flock

just before it was attacked by lions is found

to be liable. “Had I been there, I would

have been killed by the pack of lions along

with the sheep!” says the shepherd. Explains

Tosafot: He is to blame. He should

have been there on duty. Had he been

there, maybe he would have been

miraculously infused with a “spirit of

heroism” the way

King David was

and would have

overpowered the


The message from

both sources is the same.

We must push the envelope.

If we want to succeed

in war, the self-sacrifice of

straining every G-d given muscle

and human resource is necessary to

make those miracles happen. If we want to

rebuild the desolate ruins of Zion and Hebron

we need to be there through thick

and thin, on duty 24/7 with great dedication

and self sacrifice. If the US Post office

can say about itself: “Neither snow nor rain

nor heat nor gloom of night, shall stay

these couriers from the swift completion of

their appointed rounds", what can we say

here in Hebron, despite the “freeze”!

Please look at the projects in the back

section of this newsletter. Hebron has many

urgent needs which are not being met. We

need your help more than ever.


partners. During difficult financial times

your messirut nefesh and self-sacrifice

take on new proportions. Together,

with renewed dedication

on both sides of the ocean, we

will continue to make miracles

happen here in Hebron!

A sneak peak of

what’s inside this issue!

Let’s Make Those Miracles Happen! . . . Cover

By: Yossi Baumol

The Slonimer Rebbe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 2

– Why giving to Israel comes first!

Adapted from Netivot Shalom

Doctor Abraham who shattered . . . . . . page 3

his father’s idols

Translated from Chabad’s Shichat HaShavuah

A Special Dinner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 4

By: David Wilder

A Home Run for Hebron . . . . . . . . . . . . page 5

By: Yossi Baumol

Sharing the Burden in Hebron . . . . . . . page 8

By: Yoni Bleichbard

Hebron “Project Connections” . . . . . . page 10

Hebron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 12

By: Robbie Knopf

Menachem Livni: The New . . . . . . . . . page 13

Director-General of the

Jewish Community of Hebron

Life Today in Hebron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 14

Shabbat Chayei Sarah . . . . . . . . . . . . page 15

Thank You to Host Communities . . . . page 15

Hebron Projects . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 15, 16

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2 Hebron Today Adar 5770/Winter 2010

The Slonimer Rebbe –

Why Giving to Israel

Comes First!

Adapted from Netivot Shalom, Parshat Lech Lecha

(with special thanks to Shimie Klein!)

They (the great Rabbis) always made it

their business to be the fundraisers for Israel.

They continuously traveled so much

and with such self-sacrifice for Israel because

they had a mystical purpose. If they

couldn’t be physically in Israel, they

wanted at the very least to busy themselves

with Eretz Yisrael. Our Rebbe from

Slonim, may his memory protect us, used

to sign his name “he who sleeps and

dwells in Tiberias”. He sent to Israel three

of his grandchildren and the choicest of

his disciples in order to help renew the

Jewish community there. When asked

why he did this, he said that prior to the

advent of the Messiah there would be a

time of great darkness, and he wanted

that here in Israel there should be an oasis

where all could come and benefit from

the light.

When we heard this at the time how

could we have understood? — considering

the wholesale desolation of the Holy

Land compared to Europe where all our

people thrived! Today, however, after the

Holocaust, in our great sins — only now

do we understand, because now we see

that the “source” has finally returned to

the Holy Land.

All the great saints from the Baal Shem

Tov down, even though they were not

physically in Eretz Yisrael, they were nevertheless

tied to the land. All their aspirations

were focused on Eretz Yisrael, they

sent money for the upkeep of the land —

all because a person is considered to be

where his soul is, not necessarily where his

body is… We pray that both conditions

should be realized “Within the sons of Israel”

and “While they are on the Land”—

(settling Jews on the Land) this is what

draws the Divine providence down to

earth bringing us all a plentitude of blessings

and good fortune.

This is why the great ones spoke and

made such a fuss about Israel and giving

money to Israel and established the precedent

that the Land of Israel is the basis of

all holy things.

Under all conditions one must first

and foremost contribute money to

Eretz Yisrael in order to be bound to

the land — the source of Divine

Bounty (Shefa)!

T h e H e b r o n F u


n d / T h e J e w i s h C o m m u n i t y o f H e b r o n


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Doctor Abraham

Who Shattered his Father’s Idols

Translated from Chabad’s Sichat HaShavuah, Parshat Chaye Sarah

Ayear ago, Dr. Aaron Abraham was the ICU Director at the

prestigious Kennedy Medical Center in Mumbai, India. The

horrific terror attack at the Chabad House last year caused

him to leave India and go to Israel. “This house was the center of

my life,” he says with pain. “We always spent Shabbat and holidays

there. The terrorists took away part of me, they took my very

soul. Following the incident, I decided to leave India and go to Israel.

I have no more business there.”

Dr. Abraham currently resides in Kiryat Arba examining job opportunities

suitable to his expertise and experience. Completing

the conversion process which he and his wife and children began

in India, he has closed one chapter of his life story in a most unusual


Confrontation with his father

Originally named Vagirds Frads, Dr. Abraham’s story is very reminiscent

of his new namesake. His father was a senior Hindu cleric.

“He had all kinds of statues, and he attributed to them special

powers. I couldn’t understand how my father honored a manmade

statue. I didn’t understand why Mother bothered to prepare

food for these idols - sometimes I secretly went and ate it


Once he graduated high school, he began to openly confront his

father. “I told him – How can you believe in this nonsense? Father

heard and said nothing, he had no answers. One day I took a hammer

and simply smashed the statues. He shouted at me: “The gods

are angry!” I answered him: “If they’re angry, let them do something,

let them put themselves back together again!”

Identification with Abraham, the first convert

The young man left his village and enrolled to study medicine at

the University of Mumbai, where he made contact with Christian

students. They saw he was looking for faith, and gave him a Bible.

“A new world opened before me,” he recalls excitedly. “I eagerly

read the Psalms and became acquainted with the story of Moses

and Abraham and the saga of the Jewish People.”

He successfully graduated and became a doctor specializing in

one of the medical centers in Mumbai where he met his wife, who

worked there as a nurse. She followed his interest in the Bible.

After they married they decided to change their family name to

‘Abraham’, following the admiration they felt for Abraham. He

also decided to change his first name to Aaron. “Aaron the priest

was a wonderful person, full of glory,” he explains with a smile.

That Terrible Night

They gradually made the decision to convert and become fullfledged

Jews. They were tempted to undergo a Reform conversion,

thinking they were already Jews. Then they met Chabad

emissaries Rabbi Gabi and Rivki Holtzberg HY”D in Mumbai. The

Holtzbergs approached him about their own sick child (who later

died from the disease). As his connection with the Holtzbergs

deepened, Dr. Abraham realized that a Reform conversion was

not enough. He began studying Judaism with the Rabbi, while his

wife studied with the Rabbi’s wife.

“Our whole life centered around the Chabad House,” he said in

a trembling voice. “It’s the only place where we could get kosher

food. Gabi and Rivki were our guides, we didn’t do a thing without

them. They provided us with a Jewish education and we

helped them with medical care for their sick child. We began a

process of true conversion and discovered the extraordinary

beauty of the Torah commandments.

Then came that terrible night, and they took away my master...”

His voice cracks in grief, sobs a few moments and says:

“But what we learned from Gabi and Rivki

will accompany us and our children

forever and ever!”

Hebron Chief Rabbi Dov Lior and Dr. Abraham

“We began a process of

true conversion and

discovered the

extraordinary beauty

of the Torah


Having completed their conversion, Aharon and Ruth Malka Abraham

married at Ma'arat HaMachpela in Hebron, on the first anniversary of the

murder of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg HY”D.

Hebron Today Adar 5770/Winter 2010 3

A Special Dinner

by David Wilder

What made this dinner so ‘special?’ It’s not easy to

describe in words – I guess you had to have been there.

The atmosphere, the warmth, the electricity present for

those few hours, was really unique. I’ve attended many

such events, but don’t remember one as pleasant and as

memorable as this one. Here’s the proof: Usually, as

dinners draw to an end, not too many people are still

hanging around; they’ve eaten, watched the show, had

dessert, made their donation and left. This time around,

people were literally requested to leave and were shown

to the door, before the witching hour for which we had

rented the hall, struck twelve. I don’t ever before recall

guests being asked to leave. It was a really, really

enjoyable evening. I can honestly say that anyone not

there missed a worthwhile, meaningful and pleasant

evening. But don’t despair. They’ll be another one next

year. Whoever would like to still show some tangible

support for Hebron – we need your help and support

now and throughout the year!

Citi Field awaiting Hebron’s Guests

The Prayer for Israel’s MIA’s recited by Hebron Security officer Yoni Bleichbard together with

Hebron Chabad House Director Rabbi Danny Cohen.

Dinner Co-Chairperson Harriet Deutsch on right and husband Jack introducing their cousins

Rabbi Asher and Tova Schonkopf to our guests from Hebron.

Beit Orot Honoree Prof. Linda Allen with husband Elliot, brother ZOA Chairman Dr. Alan

Mazurek and former Hebron Fund President Lenny Gamss.

4 Hebron Today Adar 5770/Winter 2010

2008 Lev Avot U’Banim Awardees, Hebron Board member Jay Knopf

& son Robbie with David Wilder.

A Home Run

for Hebron!

by Yossi Baumol

It all began with the

simple desire to cut

expenses and hold our

annual dinner at a more

humble venue in recessionwracked

2009. Leafing

through a trade magazine

during her lunch break at the

Hebron Fund office, an ad in a

trade magazine about Citi

Field caught the eye of our

own Esther Shifra Mahatuf.

Chanie Klein - former honoree

and soon to become Dinner

Co-Chairlady - heard of the

idea and renewed and

redoubled her request that

we not hold the dinner at a

Manhattan hotel this year.

When Harriet Deutsch –

another former honoree and

major supporter – agreed to

step up to the plate, with her

tremendous talents and

dedication as the other

Dinner Co-Chairlady, the stage

was set for one of Hebron’s

most memorable events.

Morris, Jennifer and Elena Abraham happy to get a “Peace” of the action.

Hebron Today Adar 5770/Winter 2010 5

This year, claiming to represent 11 virtual

organizations, Adalah-NY, an extremist,

fringe group which demonstrates against

every good Jewish cause from “Friends of

the IDF” to Prof. Alan Dershowitz, orchestrated

an email and telephone campaign

to convince the NY Mets to cancel our dinner.

A counter-campaign was successfully

organized by Rabbi Pesach Lerner of the

National Council of Young Israel and a new

organization called “Z Street”. The Mets

stuck to their guns and over 600 guests

filled Citi Field’s Caesar’s Club for another

fantastic Hebron Fund Annual Dinner.

Another unique facet of this year’s dinner

was the fact that one of the main honorees

actually lives in Israel! Our Bonei Hebron

Awardees Josh & Sherrie Miller went on

Aliya from Great Neck to Jerusalem’s German

Colony in 1989 and have been staunch

supporters and frequent guests in Hebron.

In addition to Hebron, Josh & Sherrie are actively

involved in other worthy causes such

as “Nishmat”, “Mibreisheet”, “Netzer Hazani”

and especially “Choice of the Heart,” a

non-profit organization co-founded by Sherrie,

which promotes marriage education for

nearly-weds and newlyweds.

While our Chasdei Avot Awardees

Danny & Tova Lieberman do not live in Israel,

they visit their extensive family in Israel

very often. Hebron has always been part of

that family and Danny & Tova have taken

part in many important events in Hebron

living in Beit HaShalom during the height of

the struggle, visiting the Federman farm just

after its destruction and joining us for Shabbat

Chayei Sarah again and again.

No Shabbat Chayei Sarah would be complete

without the presence of our Torat

Hebron Awardees Rabbi Aaron &

Karen Goldscheider. Rabbi Goldscheider’s

Mount Kisco Hebrew Congregation is

the only synagogue in the world which has

consistently come to Hebron for Shabbat

Chayei Sarah and this, as well as all the

wonderful community work the Goldscheiders

are involved in, need to be emulated

by other communities.

Lev Avot U’Banim Awardees Bernie &

Debbie Thau are long time Hebron activists,

with Bernie serving on the Hebron Fund

board for many years. Again and again they

have galvanized their community of Fair

Lawn to come out in support of Hebron.

Their love of Eretz Yisrael has served as an example

for the next generation with two married

daughters making their home in Israel.

Noam Arnon, Hebron’s veteran

spokesman and scholar-in-residence was

awarded the 2009 “Lion of Zion”

Moskowitz Prize for Zionism in an impressive

ceremony held in the City of David

on Jerusalem Day. What would be more fitting

at our dinner than honoring both Noam

and the Moskowitz family for this superb

Zionist initiative and fantastic achievement.

So many things set this dinner apart from

other dinners. Was it the “Hebron Heroes”

baseball cards (limited edition) we distributed?

The Hebron Fund “stress ball” we

gave out (for use while watching CNN or

other similar media)? The lack of other

speeches besides Noam’s moving 5 minute

call to action?

There is no doubt that there was another,

deeper reason for such a successful

evening – the people involved: Our dedicated

honorees, our savvy and hardworking

dinner chair ladies Harriet Deutsch and

Chanie Klein, Scroll of Honor chairman Dov

Stern and especially our awesome office

staff – Esther Shifra Mahatuf and Ester

Arieh as well as office temp Aviva Seriadski

who all worked round the clock to make

the 2009 Hebron Fund dinner the success

that it was.

Whatever the case, it seems we touched

all the bases and literally hit a “Home Run”

for Hebron!

Over 600 guests packed Caesar’s Club for the first major Jewish dinner held in Citi Field

Rabbi Pesach Lerner, National Council of Young Israel Executive Vice President

and Moskowitz Prize for Zionism Committee Member, presenting Noam Arnon

with his award as the personal representative of the Moskowitz Family.

6 Hebron Today Adar 5770/Winter 2010

Noam Arnon catching up with old friends Dr. Michael & Shandee Fuchs

and Dr. Morris & Rickie Platt.

Bonei Hebron Awardees Josh & Sherrie Miller with close friends Yossi & Sarah Baumol.

Sarah was Sherrie’s Flatbush Yeshiva classmate from first grade.

Josh & Sherrie Miller with son Judah & daughter-in-law Dina.

Hebron Municipal Council Chief Avraham Ben Yosef presenting the Torat Hebron Award

to Rabbi & Mrs. Goldscheider together with Teddy Pollak and David Wilder.

Torat Hebron Awardees Rabbi & Mrs. Goldscheider with some of their children.

Danny & Tova Lieberman receiving the Chasdei Avot Award

from Hebron Fund Director Yossi Baumol.

Chasdei Avot Awardees Danny & Tova Lieberman and family.

ThauAward – Bernie & Debbie Thau receiving the Lev Avot U’Banim Award from David

Wilder with Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum on right.

Lev Avot U’Banim Awardees Bernie & Debbie Thau and family.

Hebron Today Adar 5770/Winter 2010 7


the Burden


By Yoni Bleichbard

We are frequently asked by

our friends “What can we

do to help Hebron? How can

we help secure the safety

and wellbeing of the

Hebron community? How

can we help them live

almost normal lives?

Yoni Bleichbard is our “RavShatz” (acronym for “Military Supervisor of Ongoing

Security”). As Hebron’s Security officer for the last 10 years, he was on site for all

the tragic terror attacks. The ten month old baby Shalhevet Pass died in Yoni’s arms

when he took her from her mother, seconds after the shooting. On another occasion,

under heavy fire, Yoni led a group of Hebron’s immediate response team into

the battle at “Worshipper’s Lane” where Col. Dror Weinberg and 11 others were


Despite his difficult experiences, this young man continues his work with dedication

and enthusiasm. Born in Petach Tikva, Yoni lived for a number of years in Altanta,

Georgia. A graduate of the prestigious Midrashat Noam High School, Yoni

went on to study at Yeshivat Shavei Hevron, married the Rosh Yeshiva’s daughter

and made Hebron his home after serving in the IDF as assitant to General Noam

Tibon, IDF commander of Judea & Samaria. Yoni has five children, including a son

named Dror Amichai – named after Col. Weinberg.

Due to his family’s service in Atlanta, Yoni has quite a good command of English

and has been increasingly “drafted” into the ranks of popular Hebron spokesmen

touring the US. Over the past year or two, Yoni wowed the crowds across central

New Jersey, Staten Island, Chicago and Atlanta. Yoni has volunteered to spend Israel

Independence Day in the US this year and will be joining Minister of Diaspora Affairs

Yuli Edelstein at a Gala Hebron fundraiser which will take place on April 14,

2010 at the home of Dr. & Mrs. Yigal Yahav in Skokie, Illinois. We are also hoping to

hold events with Yoni in Teaneck and Monsey over the Yom Ha’Atzmaut weekend.

Yoni has asked to share some thoughts with his friends across the US.

The truth is, the best thing you can do

is to simply come and visit - take part in

a Hebron Fund tour. By doing this, you

not only strengthen the connection with

the Hebron community and make them

feel loved and appreciated, you also

help our soldiers and armed forces

secure the area, by making a strong

show of a constant Jewish presence. You

help Hebron in displaying normalcy, just

by walking fearless and proud as if you

were in any other Jewish city.

This action, however immensely

important it may be, is not a solution for

those finding the trip to Hebron

difficult. However, there are additional

ways in assisting with Hebron's security.

It may be just a small effort, but these

things help secure our community.

8 Hebron Today Adar 5770/Winter 2010

1. Training Emergency

First-Response Teams

Funding a training day for the emergency first-response

team of Hebron - This team is made up of volunteers, who

are the first to arrive during a terrorist attack. These volunteers

leave their families and jobs in order to save Hebron

residents and soldiers alike. .

The team includes 24 volunteers that train once a month

and are on alert 24\7.

One of these training days costs only $1800, but it can

make all the difference in a time of crisis!


1,800 Day of Training

3. Project “Adopt a Soldier”, the

Jewish Community of Hebron’s

Flagship Project

500 soldiers actively guard the Hebron area around the

clock, in attempt to preserve peace and quiet. In gratitude

to these soldiers we arrange numerous activities so that

our soldiers feel warm and loved.

Every week a group of Jewish Hebron children distribute

coffee and special treats at every post, supporting

and cheering on our soldiers. It is heart warming to

see the look on our soldiers’ faces on a rainy winter day,

when a group of children approach them with a hot

drink and a tasty pastry.

Every Friday, the women of Hebron bake cakes and distribute

them at all posts, so our soldiers can have a taste

of home in honor of the Sabbath. Each soldier receives a

homemade cake and a ‘Dvar Torah’ page, something to

read while guarding the posts, during the long shifts on


Once their shift is over, the soldiers who are done

guarding enter the dining room for a Sabbath meal.

There they receive sweets and beverages that the Hebron

community buys as a token for all their hard work. This

is what you can do for our soldiers on duty:

2. Maintaining and Acquiring

Emergency First-Aid Equipment

Our security department has three ambulances on-call on

a constant basis, in order to provide proper medical response

and treatment to all guests and citizens of Hebron. The

emergency staff keeps renewing the medical care with advanced

emergency equipment. The emergency staff, which

includes the paramedics and doctors, is on call 24/7. A donation

of just $1000 goes a long way in keeping them

equipped and prepared.


1,000 Emergency First-Aid Equipment













A Round of Treats

Coffee & Cake

Shabbat Cake & Torah Sheet


Pizza & Drinks for the Entire Platoon

Welcome or Farewell Party

for the Entire Platoon

Hebron Today Adar 5770/Winter 2010 9

The word Hebron means “connection”

and indeed, Hebron is a place of many connections:

The interface between Heaven and Earth;

The meeting place of our ancient heritage and dreams for the future!

The ancient bond of a nation to its land;

The City of the Fathers and the Sons, making us all one family!

Heaven & Earth

Machpela is the traditional site of the gateway to Paradise.

That’s why Abraham chose to bury his family here.

Past, Present & Future

A nation without a past can have no future.

Our hopes and aspirations flow from the inspiration from the

past. That is why King David began his rule as king here, as the

Zohar states he came, “To connect with his forefathers in

Hebron to ensure a viable monarchy.”

A Nation & Its Land

Hebron was the first home to the first Jew and Machpela

was the site of the first Jewish real estate purchase.

One Family

When children and grandchildren unite in paying homage to

their common ancestors we know we are all one big family.

10 Hebron Today Adar 5770/Winter 2010

Spearheaded by a group of young Boca Raton businessmen & doctors

Like a tree,

a nation needs

roots if it is to

produce fruit!

The Great Divide

One of the greatest problems challenging us today is the ongoing erosion of both Jewish and

Zionist values among Israeli youth. The cracks in Israeli society threaten to drive many of our most

talented youth overseas, undermine the motivation of our armed forces and de-stabilize the basic

truths that unite us as a nation.

Hebron means Connection!

The word Hebron in Hebrew means “connection”. Hebron is the way we can connect our youth to

their roots. We have found that the Jewish concept – “Emet M’Eretz Titzmach” – “Truth Springs

from the Ground” is more valid today than ever before. Boring formal lectures and textbooks cannot

touch the hearts of our young people. They must experience our ancient history with their own eyes

and see firsthand the application of age old principles to modern times. It is when they walk over the

very bedrock of our civilization, reach out and touch the very roots of our people and drink directly

from the wellsprings of our tradition – only then can they begin to appreciate their unique heritage.


Hebron & The Hebrews, Jews & Judea!

We must make an enormous effort to reach out to the non-observant population that is

unconnected to Jewish tradition and to bond them with the historic heritage of the Jewish People in

Hebron, Gush Etzion and the Judean Hills. We must extend Noam Arnon’s expertise with the IDF and

Simcha Hochbaum’s great success with English speaking groups to all parts of Israeli society.

This is YOUR Connection!

We need your help now to increase and deepen the

connection with the non-observant public. We must

focus on younger, secular students from high schools

and pre-military programs. If we bring hundreds of

thousands of youth to Hebron in the coming years –

together, we can change the face of Israeli society!

For every $1000 donation you can bring an entire

busload of unaffiliated youth to Hebron for a lifechanging

experience they will never forget.



for every $1000 donated another project connections bus is on it’s way!

Hebron Today Adar 5770/Winter 2010 11


by Robbie Knopf

My name is Robbie Knopf and I am 13 years old. On November

17th 2008, I experienced the greatest honor of

my life, so far, when I was honored, along with my dad,

by the Hebron Fund with the Lev Avot U’Banim Award. It is a

night I will always remember.

My introduction to Hebron began in the classrooms of Yavneh

Academy in Paramus, New Jersey. I knew that Hebron was one

of the 4 Holy Cities. I also knew that in the Torah, Avraham

bought Maa’rat HaMachpelah in Hebron to bury Sarah. I also

knew that one of the spies sent out by Moshe, Calev, went to Hebron

and davened there and as a reward got the land as his Nachalah-

land portion.

This past summer I had the opportunity to travel to Israel with

25 family members and friends for a 12 day trip during which I celebrated

my Bar Mitzvah. I had the chance to visit all 4 holy cities.

We started up north in the Galil and Golan, and spent a day in Sfat

where we visited the shuls of the ARI and Rav Abuhav. We went

on to Tevaria where we visited the graves of Rambam and Rabbi

Akiva. On a Thursday in Yerushalayim I was called to the Torah

and leined at the Kotel among many other Bar Mitzvah celebrations.

On our last day in Israel, my family and I went to Hebron

where I was called to the Torah for an aliyah in celebration of my

Bar Mitzvah.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to find in Hebron. I knew that

there was controversy surrounding the city. From my father, who

has supported Hebron for as long as I can remember, I heard that

it was one of Israel’s most holy cites and land that had been “purchased

by Avraham at above market value” so that it was very

clearly Jewish property.

At some point, I realized that not everyone supported maintaining

a Jewish presence in Hebron. The government’s strategy

was to give away land to the Arabs to make peace. I knew that

there are more Arabs then Jews in Hebron and that there is a large

IDF presence there to maintain the safety of the Jewish commu-

“I didn’t find a stressed or dying community but,

rather a young, vibrant and content one. I saw

children doing things my sister and I like to do!”

12 Hebron Today Adar 5770/Winter 2010

nity. What would we find in Hebron? What would the people be like? Would

I feel in danger? Is it a healthy Jewish community? How many people would

be davening in Maa’rat HaMachpelah? Do the Jews in Hebron live normal

Israeli lives? Is it a sad and stressful existence for the Jew there?

My family was picked up from our hotel in Jerusalem to go to Hebron in

what looked like a regular car. My mother seemed a little nervous about

that and when she asked, the driver told us that the car had bullet-proof

windows. We drove through security, crossing the green line. When we arrived

in Hebron, we were greeted and escorted to Maa’rat HaMachpelah by

Hebron’s official spokesman, David Wilder.

We went up many stairs where I encountered my first surprise. On our

way to the shul we passed room after room of young children being taught

by their teachers. When we reached the shul, we found not a handful of people

but approximately 75 people there. There were young and old—but all

energetic. They were singing loudly. They were welcoming me and my father.

After my aliyah people there danced with my dad and I in a circle. The

dancing went on and on!

After that, we were taken on a tour by an American born resident of Hebron,

Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum, Hebron’s director of tourism. He seemed

so familiar as though he could be our next door neighbor back in Teaneck.

He gave us a tour of Maa’rat HaMachpelah. Then we got back in the car and

were driven up the hill on a winding road past many soldiers. Our guide then

showed us the first homes (trailers)

in modern Hebron. I saw older kids

riding bikes and smaller kids playing

in a playground. People looked like

they were happily going about the

activities of a vital community. We

also were shown the Avraham Avinu

shul and the gravesite of the people

who died during the tragic massacre

of the Jewish community in Hebron

in 1929.

Then the Hebron Fund’s executive

director Yossi Baumol took us

to the Shalom House which is the

Robbie with his parents and sister.

most recently acquired building in

Hebron. We said hello to the soldier

who was guarding the building. We passed bicycles in the corridor and

then saw the spaces carved out for individual families to live, often separated

only by a shower curtain. We saw how families lived there without certain

basic necessities such as electricity. From the rooftop, we could see for miles.

Yossi pointed out the excellent view of the road between Kiryat Arba and

Hebron. It was easy to see what a critical and strategic location the Shalom

House possesses.

Clearly, Hebron isn’t your typical town. The residents contend with day to

day problems and obstacles that are so different from anything I have ever experienced.

But, there were familiar elements also. I didn’t find a stressed or

dying community but, rather a young, vibrant and content one. I saw children

doing things my sister and I like to do. I saw families laughing and

doing laundry. I saw a community that I felt a great deal of respect for and

one which I find so natural to lend my support to. Thank you to the Hebron

Fund for giving me this opportunity to join my father in support of Hebron!



The New Director-General

of the

Jewish Community

of Hebron!

Hebron Director-General Menachem Livni (l) with

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon (r)

The Jewish Community of Hebron is

happy to announce the return of Menachem

Livni as the new Director-General

of the Hebron Jewish Community.

Menachem headed up the community in the

early 1980’s when the first steps were taken

to return Jews to their property in Hebron.

After the community was off to an auspicious

start, Menachem set off on a career in the

world of high tech. Heading up the Mofet

B’Yehuda start-up “incubator” until it was

successfully sold to private investors, Menachem

also served on the board of directors

of a number of high tech corporations. He

also is the owner of the S’dei Calev Orchards

and Winery.

Menachem wishes to thank the former Director

Rabbi Hillel Horowitz for all he has

done for Hebron. Rabbi Horowitz left his position

two years ago and does not represent

the Jewish Community of Hebron.

In addition, Menachem would like to thank

Hebron Municipal Chairman, Mr. Avraham

Ben Yosef for all his help during the interim

period when the position of director was not


We all look forward to redoubling our efforts

for Hebron — with your continued help

and support!

Hebron Today Adar 5770/Winter 2010 13

14 Hebron Today Adar 5770/Winter 2010

Save the date!


Parshat Chayei Sarah, October 29-31, 2010

● Join 30,000 other Jews from Israel and around the world in celebrating Shabbat

Chayei Sarah in Hebron – the most unforgettable Jewish experience of a


● Three sumptuous Shabbat meals at the Gutnick Center together with leaders of

the Jewish Community of Hebron and other public figures, accommodations at

Midreshet Hebron.

● Meet the true heroes of Israel on tours to unique pioneering towns and projects.



near the



Simcha Hochbaum

leading a tour of

hundreds Shabbat


One of many


gathering on lawns


the Ma’arat


(These pictures received from non-Jewish journalists)




















Please call our office today to bring Hebron to your community!


— 2010 —

$100,000 – Annual Upkeep of the Maara - Staff, website, cleaning, etc.

$90,000 – Purchase of New Hebron School Bus (16 seater)

$80,000 – Dedication of Archeological Gardens or 1 of 7 Machpela

“Gardens of Eden”

$72,000 – Dedication of Adult Outdoor Gym and Park behind

Beit Schneerson

$60,000 – Renovation of the Avraham Avinu Shul

$60,000 – Hebron Day Camp - 200 children for 5 weeks

$50,000 – Sponsorship of Holiday Musicfest at Maarat HaMachpela

$36,000 – Dedication & Renovation of Entrance to the Avraham

Avinu Jewish Quarter

$26,000 – Dedication of Room in the Beit Haddassah Museum

$25,000 – Purchase of ATV for security patrols and snow emergencies

$20,000 – Sponsorship of Main Selichot Event

$18,000 – Sleep Away Camp - 170 Children camp out in a JNF campground

for 5 days

$18,000 – Sponsorship of 1929 Memorial

$18,000 – Playground or Park (Near Fink House, B. Hadassah, Gan Elazar

& elsewhere)

$16,000 – Overhaul of Children’s Computer Club ($1500 per unit including


$15,000 – Renovation of Hebron Gym & Workout room

$12,000 – Annual support of 1 Kollel Family

$10,000 – Soldier Hospitality Program – One Year

$9,000 – Renovation and Renewal of Beit Haddassah Synagogue

$8,000 – Installation of 12 park benches and sitting areas

throughout Hebron

$7,200 – Renewal of Beit Haddassah Basketball Court

$7,200 – Air Conditioning, Beit Haddassah Museum

$5,000 – Dedication of Ambulance garage

$5,000 – Supporter’s Plaque in the Gutnick Center.

$3,600 – Summer Camp Day Trip – day of swimming or amusement park

rides for 200

$1,800 – Mini Fire Engine

$1,000 – Fund one Project Connections day bus tour for unaffiliated

Israeli youth

$1,000 – Adopt a Club – Subsidize one of the many extra-curricular programs

we offer our children such as computers, sewing, art, martial arts, dance,

drama, music, Torah, etc.

$1,000 – Sponsor a Children’s “Siyum” at the Mearat HaMachpela

$500 – Sponsor a Mini-Vacation for a Hebron Mother

Picture of February 1,

2010 – JM in the AM live

broadcast from Hebron.

Left to right: Noam

Arnon, Yoni Bleichbard,

Yossi Baumol,

Mordechai Yitzhar

Baumol, Nachum Segal,

David Wilder

Hebron Today Adar 5770/Winter 2010 15

Springtime Purim/Pesach Holiday Projects

There is a recession on – choose your charity wisely.

The heroic families of Hebron need your Purim & Pesach charity more than ever!

PURIM is a time when we celebrate Jewish Heroism.

This year make a point of sharing your joy with the heroic families of Hebron!

Springtime Purim/Pesach Holiday Projects

$250 Kimcha D’ Pischa – Maot Chittin for one family

$1,800 Sponsorship of Purim “Ad Delo Yada” Parade

$3,600 Sponsorship of Purim Carnival for Hebron children and visitors

$6,000 Sponsorship of Festive Purim Meal for entire community

$25,000 Kimcha D’ Pischa – Maot Chittin (100 Families)

$36,000 Sponsorship of Hebron Community Pesach Concert

Mishloach Manot

$360 For the children of Hebron

$500 For Soldiers stationed in Hebron

$720 For Kiryat Arba - Hebron Senior Citizens, distributed by children of Hebron

$1,000 Purim Solidarity Visit to bereaved parents and Gush Katif Families

Call us or go to to order our Mishloach Manot Purim cards today!


1760 Ocean Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11230






Tel. 718-677-6886

Fax. 718-677-6883



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