Prospectus - Roundhay School

Prospectus - Roundhay School


All-through education from 4 to 18

Secondary Campus

Prospectus 2014/15

An all-through school is one which encompasses

both a primary and a secondary provision within

the same institution. We are very pleased that our

transition to this form of education will make us one

of the first all-through schools in the region.

Children who join us in Reception will stay with

us for the whole of their school career, providing

better opportunities for transition arrangements

and educational continuity. Furthermore, the parentschool

partnership will be established from very

early in the child’s life, meaning that parents can

form working relationships with school staff that

will be sustained throughout their children’s time at















All-through education




Safety and Security

Citizenship and Well Being

Progression and Preparation for the Future

School Aims

The School Day, Dress Code and Lunchtime


Keeping in Touch


“Parents and carers

describe the school as

highly responsive and the

staff as very accessible.”





September 2013 marked the start of our second

year as one of the first all-through state schools

in the country. Our state-of-the-art Primary

Campus was officially opened on Friday 12th

July by Matthew Lewis (alias Neville Longbottom

of the Harry Potter films). The Reception children,

their parents and numerous guests enjoyed the

magic and the new school song!

This Secondary Prospectus is designed to

provide you with a brief overview of our school.

We have much more documentation available

for you to read as well as information on our


“We are very proud to be

consistently the most popular

school in Leeds; placing

their trust in us to educate

their children is the highest

compliment that parents

can pay us.”

We are very proud to be consistently the most

popular school in Leeds; placing their trust

in us to educate their children is the highest

compliment parents can pay. Ofsted agreed

recently: “The school is, justifiably, held in

very high regard by parents and carers.” The

inspectors said, “The sense of togetherness

evident amongst the staff is reflected amongst

the students.” This is founded upon the staff

knowing the pupils well, having high expectations

and excellent relationships which enable the

students to “make good progress and achieve


Our Open Morning (held on Saturday 5th

October 2013), attracts annually over 800

visitors. It is designed to allow you and your child

to see all areas of the school in action, both in

our wonderful indoor facilities and outside on our

fifteen acres of fields. If you cannot join us on

that day, we shall do our best to accommodate

you at another mutually-convenient time; simply

telephone the school or e-mail


Whenever you visit, I am confident that you will

receive a warm welcome from the pupils, the

teaching and associate staff, the governors

and existing parents, as it is these people who

make us such a special and successful school

community. We pride ourselves on being a

“highly inclusive school” that is committed

to improving all that we do in and out of the

classroom. Ofsted highlighted that we have

been “remarkably successful in fostering

a strong ethos and culture of continuous

improvement”, which enables us to do “many

things outstandingly well.” You can read more

in the Ofsted report if you have specific areas of


The inspectors were equally impressed with

our pupils: “The school is very calm and orderly

and the frequently impeccable behaviour of the

students contributes significantly to a sense of

harmony throughout the school and the smooth

running of lessons.”

and locally, including links with primary schools

(Gledhow, Kerr Mackie, Roundhay St. John’s and

Talbot), with whom we have a well-established

and successful all-year programme of transition

and curricular enhancements.

We have committed and talented associate and

teaching staff and wonderful pupils who are

supported by parents in a strong partnership.

Please do take us up on our offer and arrange

a visit when you will see that “Courtesy, Cooperation

and Commitment” are more than just

words. We shall be delighted to see you.

Neil Clephan MA


Despite what you might read (including this

Prospectus!), we do not claim to be perfect!

Neither we nor our governors are complacent.

“The school’s approach to self-evaluation

is searching and it makes very effective use

of external benchmarks and views.” We are

constantly seeking ways to improve the learning

experiences of all our pupils.

We are determined to ensure that all our pupils,

irrespective of background or ability, have the

best opportunities to develop their talents to

be the very best they can be, to become wellrounded

young people and able to meet the

challenges of the future. We are fortunate to have

developed strong partnerships both regionally



Useful telephone numbers:

For Admissions – 0113 2224414

At School – Ms Tina Parson – 0113 3931200

“Students say that they learn a lot in lessons”

– Ofsted

“The students respond well in lessons often

showing much enthusiasm for learning and

engaging in the work” – Ofsted

We want our pupils to be happy, to enjoy school

and to achieve high academic standards. We also

want them to develop emotionally and socially. So,

it’s crucial that we make sure that the transition

process is thorough and helpful for everyone.

We create a “pen-portrait” of all pupils, from the

person who know them best at primary school.

We ask about out-of-school interests, attendance,

learning style and friendship groups, in addition to

levels of attainment in core subjects.

All Year 6 pupils transferring to Roundhay School

spend at least one day with us in June. Many will

also have been involved in our Technology Days,

Happy Puzzle Days in Maths, Science Days,

musical activities or sports events during Years

5 and 6. We offer a range of transition summer

schools to all Year 6 pupils. We use all information

gained to create form and teaching groups where

pupils feel secure and comfortable, but challenged


“The teachers know the students well and develop

high-quality relationships with them … they have

high expectations of the students” – Ofsted

“Parents and carers describe the school as highly

responsive and the staff as very accessible” –


As a result of this careful preparation, regular

progress checks and good teaching, pupils make

very good progress.

The school meets the needs of gifted pupils

through the provision of a challenging curriculum

and, in addition to this, recommended reading lists,

IT facilities and investigative work are provided to

stimulate and encourage further development.

Our Parents’ Handbooks provide a broad range

of information and support for parents to support

the learning of all our students.

We know that the addition of our new Primary

Campus gives many educational opportunities

for all our pupils and staff to enjoy and achieve

together. We have a long history of collaborating

with our local primary partners and we shall build

upon this to enhance the learning of pupils on our

Primary Campus.

Our parents, staff and governors are committed

to working together to ensure that we grow, year

on year, to fill our Primary Campus. Our Primary

Leader has a wonderful opportunity to blend the

best of primary practice with the highest-quality

secondary expertise to enable all pupils to achieve

their potential.

“(Pupils) demonstrate a positive disposition

for learning and are very capable of working

independently” – Ofsted

“The students make good progress and achieve

well… attainment is high at the end of Key Stage 4

particularly in English and Mathematics” – Ofsted

“The range and frequency of extra-curricular and

enrichment activities are exceptional and the

uptake by students is high” – Ofsted


We want our pupils to be involved in decisionmaking,

volunteering and supporting the

community, developing positive relationships,

dealing with major life-changes and building

up their own confidence; our school motto,

“Courtesy, Co-operation and Commitment” to

“be the best you can be”, sums up our ethos.

We have a whole-school forum consisting of

elected members, with two representatives from

each year group. It is chaired by a Sixth Form

student, thus giving every year group a voice. Also

present at the forum meetings are representatives

from our Gifted and Talented Ambassadors and

our People and Planet group, our aim being to

promote cohesion across all parts of the school.

Meeting every month, the group discusses

matters that concern all aspects of daily school

life and feeds back regularly to peers. Pupil voice

is very important to us and our forum is crucial for

our future development.

Our annual community radio project is very

successful, giving opportunities to young people

from primary age right through to Sixth Form.

We encourage our pupils to take their citizenship

responsibilities seriously. The Roundhay

Challenge, with its range of activities and

competitions, encourages co-operation and

team-work in Key Stage 3.

Our PSHCE programme covers “Rights and

Responsibilities”, “Law and Order”, “Human

Rights” and “Politics”. These topics are often

supported by guest speakers. At KS4, our

Community Action Programme involves Year 10

pupils in actively helping the locality, some work

in Elderly People’s Homes, some help to maintain

gardens and others regularly help in our local

primary schools, for example, at sports days, in

musical activities and in delivering such activities

as “Happy Puzzles”.

We have a well-developed peer-mentoring

programme which joins Year 7 pupils with Year 12

mentors. This mutually-beneficial initiative helps

get the year off to a positive start and the “buddy”

systems help to reinforce that extended family


“The majority of pupils say that teaching is good

and often describe lessons, when quizzed by

inspectors, with an unforced smile that indicates

genuine pleasure” – Ofsted


Safety and Security

At Roundhay School, we have approximately

1250 pupils in Years 7 to 11 and approximately

400 students in our Sixth Form. To make sure

we know our pupils well, each year group has a

leader who works with a team of form tutors. That

team is supported by learning mentors, teaching

assistants, the Leader of Inclusion and Assistant

Headteachers of KS3 and KS4, as well as the

Deputy Headteachers.

We liaise very closely with primary schools and

use the information gained to make the transition

to secondary school a positive and exciting one.

We believe that children need to feel safe and

secure in order to achieve and be happy. For more

information about the transition programme please

contact Ms Parson, Assistant Headteacher, KS3.

“The students feel very safe in school” – Ofsted


What else do we do to keep our children safe?

• Senior staff monitor the buildings during the


• We do not allow pupils to leave school at

break and lunchtimes (unless they genuinely

go home for lunch).

• We have 30 members of staff on duty at break

and lunchtimes, all of whom wear personalised

high-visibility jackets to aid identification.

• We complete detailed risk assessments for all

school trips and visits.

• We have qualified first-aid staff in our reception

area and our school nurse provides regular

whole-school training for specific medical

conditions such as epilepsy and diabetes.

• All members of staff are CRB checked.

• We abhor bullying of any kind and work

relentlessly with staff, pupils and parents to

minimise it.

• We have a specific anti-bullying policy; if you

would like more information, please contact Ms


• There are CCTV cameras throughout the


• We have a police “Safer Schools Liaison

Officer” who works with us for one to two days

per week.

• We monitor attendance closely because, if

our pupils don’t feel safe and happy at

school, they may not come! At the moment

our school attendance is over 95%. We have

an attendance hotline, an attendance secretary

and an attendance officer/mentor who works

with pupils or parents who are experiencing


• Staff conduct a register check every lesson.

“The students, typically, demonstrate very polite,

respectful and considerate behaviour and mature

into confident young people with a well-balanced

approach to their education” – Ofsted

“The sense of togetherness evident amongst the

staff is reflected amongst the students” – Ofsted


Citizenship and Well Being

“The teachers know students well and develop

high-quality relationships with them” – Ofsted

Educating children and ensuring that they grow up

to lead safe, healthy and successful lives is at the

heart of what we do. This incorporates physical,

mental, emotional and sexual health, as well as

encouraging pupils to persue healthy lifestyles.

“The curriculum is replete with a wide variety of

opportunities that provide the students with highly

memorable experiences” – Ofsted

Our curriculum encourages children to participate

in a wide range of physical activities. In addition to

timetabled lessons (two hours a week at KS3), we

have a range of extra-curricular sport, including:

trampolining, climbing, football, rugby, cricket,

netball, hockey, dance and basketball.

We have “Outward Bound” experiences on offer

to our pupils in Years 8 and 10. About 40% of

our pupils play in school sports teams. More than

50% of our KS3 pupils take part in our annual

Sports Day. Participation in PE lessons is over

95%. Many of our “new” pupils will have been

involved in inter-primary school sporting activities

based at Roundhay School during Years 4, 5 and

6. One of the things pupils love about Roundhay

School is the availability of play areas and green

space at breaks/lunchtime.

We hold the Advanced Healthy School Standard.

Pupils who eat in our Dining Hall are enjoying a

more balanced diet. Good links between the staff,

the catering staff and pupils help to guide and

influence eating habits.


We are delighted and proud to have been awarded

the Stephen Lawrence Award at Level 2.

“A remarkably strong submission. It is very

clear that the whole school commitment to,

and ownership for, equality and diversity issues

are extremely well embedded. This aspect of

the school’s provision is a major strength, as

evidenced through the highly inclusive curriculum,

strong focus on individuals, quality of relationships

and tangible sense of community.”

Healthy lifestyles are key events in the PSHCE

programme in Years 7 and 10. Sex education and

relationship programmes in Years 7, 9, 10 and 11

look at a wide range of issues concerning health,

relationships, self-esteem and lifestyle changes.

Our whole-school residential experience in Year 8

focuses heavily on team-building, tolerance and

independent learning.

There is, of course, an overlap between being

safe and being healthy, so we do have robust

behaviour and anti-bullying policies.

“Instances of bullying are rare, the students,

parents and carers alike say that any such issues

are dealt with swiftly and effectively by the school”

– Ofsted

“The school’s arrangements for safe guarding are

kept under careful scrutiny” – Ofsted

“The school is very calm and orderly and the

frequently impeccable behaviour of the students

contributes significantly to a sense of harmony

throughout the school and the smooth running of

lessons” – Ofsted



Progression and Preparation for the Future

“The schools determination to improve has

resulted in a consistent trend of increases in the

attainment of students as KS4 being sustained

over a long period” – Ofsted

One of the best ways we can prepare our pupils to

lead successful lives is to ensure that they leave us

having reached their full potential. We firmly believe

that all our pupils, no matter what their ability, are

entitled to have equal access to an appropriate

curriculum that takes account of individual needs.

The students respond enthusiastically and the

experiences contribute significantly to their

outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural

development, in particular their maturity and their

very positive attitudes to school. To facilitate this,

within each subject area, there is a designated

teacher who liaises with departmental colleagues

and the Inclusion Department.

“Teaching is good” – Ofsted

“Teaching is planned effectively to meet students’

needs” – Ofsted

Our Inclusion Leader, Mrs Cath Lawes, and her

team ensure that the Individual Education Plans

for pupils who have Special Educational Needs

are appropriate and incorporate realistic targets.

In addition, Roundhay has a specialist teaching

base for children with dyslexia (see “The Dyslexia

Base” publication for full details).

“The school is highly inclusive” – Ofsted

“The sense of togetherness evident amongst the

staff is reflected amongst the students” – Ofsted


Our students’ well-being is a life-long journey

and includes the right to education and training

beyond school, preparation for employment and

a fulfilling life. One of the main school aims, listed

in the pupils’ planners, is “to help all pupils acquire

knowledge and skills, develop creativity and

understand the technology of the world in which

we live.”

All KS4 pupils undertake two weeks’ work

experience as well as industry/enterprise days.

Year 11 take part in a Post-16 Experience Day. We

have our own Careers Adviser, who contributes to

the whole-school PSHCE programme, in addition

to working and advising individual students.

The excellent examination results we achieve

contribute to the future economic well-being of

our pupils, but, on a day-to-day basis, pupils are

given opportunities to show independence and

initiative in lessons and around school. We know

this because we observe lessons, sample work

and scrutinise work-related records. Opportunities

to work as part of a team, or to lead one, range

from school productions, to the school’s student

forum and to the inter-form “Roundhay Challenge”

competition. Further examples are mentioned in

other sections of this prospectus.

“Tasks are challenging and based on accurate

assessment of the students’ prior learning”

– Ofsted

“Students are well equipped for the next stages

of their education, training or employment. A very

high proportion of the Sixth Form students are

successful in gaining entry to the Universities and

courses of their choice” – Ofsted


School Aims

Our Mission statement is:

Our focus on courtesy, co-operation and

commitment makes this school a safe and caring

place of learning, in which all pupils receive an

education that nurtures and develops them

to become confident, aspiring individuals and

successful, independent learners. We celebrate

their achievements and challenge them to aim high

and be the best they can be in all that they do. We

help our pupils to achieve their full potential and

to take their place in society as healthy, resilient

and responsible citizens, who have respect for

themselves one another and the wider community.

Our whole school priorities are:

• Achievement – to ensure rapid progression and

high attainment that prepares pupils for the

next stage in their learning journey.

• Quality of Teaching – to provide engaging,

learning experiences that enable learners to

achieve their potential.

• Behaviour and Safety – to maintain and further

develop an environment that is safe, promotes

equality, positive behaviour and attitudes for


• Leadership and Management – to embed an

ambitious vision for the school which underpins

a strong drive for improvement.

• Partnerships and Community – to encourage

and strengthen connections and collaborations

with parents, partners and the wider


Our General Aims, as approved by the Governing

Body, are:

• To encourage co-operation, a sense of

responsibility and self-discipline, which will

create a sense of respect for people of all


• To help all pupils acquire knowledge and

skills, develop creativity and understand the

technology of the world in which we live.

• To help pupils recognise and uphold certain

basic values and standards, which will

prepare them for our changing society.

• To help pupils gain a knowledge of the

community and nation in which they live,

so that they can develop a compassion for and

an understanding of community, national and

world problems.

• To promote the pursuit of individual and

corporate excellence.

• To foster a love of learning.

Roundhay School recognises the importance of,

and contribution to, all parts of the curriculum

to a balanced education. At its core is an

educational culture which is international,

technological, enterprising and vocational. We

will provide a range of opportunities for our

students, partner schools and wider community,

which will contribute towards the promotion of

an international, technological, enterprising and

vocational culture.

We play a lead role in the development and

sharing of good practice with, and provision of,

opportunities for active partners drawn from local

schools, colleges of further and higher education

and business. We also will continue to create links

for learners with local organisations, employers

and the wider community.

To further this, the school will:

• Provide excellence for all.

• Raise standards for all learners.

• Increase the innovative use of new technology

to raise standards of teaching and learning

across a distinctive curriculum.

• Develop and maintain active partnerships

that strengthen both the 14-19 educational

continuum and also secure life-long

learning and employment opportunities in the

wider community.

“There is a strong focus on developing the

students’ literacy … students are provided with

constructive feedback” - Ofsted



The School Day, Dress Code and Lunchtime

Pupils are expected to maintain high standards

of dress and appearance at all times. All pupils

are expected to wear school uniform, which

is designed to be simple, suitable and smart.

Jewellery should be kept to a minimum (e.g.

with large earrings there are obvious dangers in

terms of safety, especially in P.E., Technology and

Drama lessons). Denim clothing should never

be worn at school. Hair styles should not be

attention-seeking or outrageous. Extreme styles,

such as ‘mohicans’ or dyed or sculptured hair, are

not acceptable. Face-piercing is also not allowed

for obvious safety reasons. Thanks to our School

Student Forum, we have an optional summer

uniform (April-July) of green polo tops with the

school logo and no tie! Hooded jackets/tops are

not encouraged, nor are baseball caps, and they

should never be worn at the same time and never

inside buildings. The wearing of a veil that covers

the face is not acceptable.


School blazer.

• Black tailored trousers (Jeans/denim are

not acceptable).

• Plain white shirt (with a button-up collar).

• ‘V’ neck school jumper or slipover.

• A clip-on school tie must be worn at all times.

• Black shoes only.

For P.E: Black P.E. shorts, outdoor top, white

polo shirt (with school logo), black rugby/football

socks, trainers and football boots.

All Year 7 and 8 pupils are expected to wear a

school blazer. In September 2014, Year 7, 8 and

9 pupils will wear blazers. From September 2015,

Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 pupils will wear blazers. In

September 2016, Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 pupils

will wear blazers.


School blazer.

• Black skirt or tailored, full length black trousers

(leggings, ‘cut-offs’, ski-pants, jeans etc., are

not acceptable).

• Plain white blouse/shirt (with a button-up


• ‘V’ neck school jumper or slipover.

• A clip-on school tie must be worn at all times.

• Black shoes only.

For P.E: Black P.E. shorts, outdoor top, white polo

shirt (with school logo), black socks, trainers.


Dining Centre Arrangements

Our Dining Centre operates a cash-less

biometric system for breakfast and lunch.

Accounts can be loaded daily by cash or

in advance by cheque. Any free school

meal allowances are also automatically and

anonymously loaded. Pupils have a real

opportunity to develop budgeting skills in a safe

and supervised environment.

The School Day

Pupils are taught for five one-hour periods each

day on a two-week timetable (week A and week

B) to increase curriculum flexibility.

Pupils should be in the school building by

8.25 a.m., ready for registration.

Registration/Form Tutorial 08.25 - 08.48

Period One 08.50 - 09.48

Period Two 09.50 - 10.50

Break 10.50 - 11.05

Period Three 11.10 - 12.10

Lunch 12.10 - 12.55

Period Four 1.00 - 1.58

Period Five 2.00 - 3.00

There is a two-minute change over period

between lessons 1 and 2, 4 and 5.

Students concur with the school’s motto of:

‘Courtesy, Co-operation and Commitment’ in

order to ‘be the best you can be’.



At Roundhay School we passionately believe

that the learning journey goes well beyond the

classroom. We have a range of lunchtime and

after-school activities. Experience tells us that the

more involved our pupils become in school life the

more rewarding they find their time with us. We

encourage all Year 7 pupils to take up at least one

activity from the list below:

• Athletics

• Badminton

• Basketball

• Climbing

• Cricket

• Cross Country Running

• Hockey

• Netball

• Rounders

• Rugby Union

• Soccer

• Tennis

• Trampolining

• Various musical bands, choirs and ensembles

• Orchestra

• Exhibitions

• Multi-cultural evenings

• Author Visits, Reading Groups and LRC activities

• The “Roundhay Challenge”

• Drama Club

• Creative Arts Society School Productions

• Theatre and Cinema Visits

• Summer Schools

• Butlins (Learning on Location)

• Overseas residential trips in Europe, Canada,

USA, France, Germany, Spain

• Art Club

• Craft Club

• History Club

• Debating Society and many more!

“The range and frequency of extra-curricular and

enrichment activities are exceptional and the

uptake by students is high” – Ofsted


Keeping in Touch

These are some of the “tools” we use to maintain

good quality communication:

• Handbooks for Parents

• Pupil Planners

• Annual Open Day for the community/

prospective pupils

• Regular Newsletters/Magazines/Mailings

• Work Experience Programme

• Year 10 Community Action Programme

• Parent Teacher Association (‘Friends of

Roundhay’) activities

• Information Evenings

• Focus Groups

• Partner Universities (Aimhigher)

• Surveys of Community Views

• Consultation Evenings

• Presentation Evenings

• “Extended Schools” activities

• Liaison with partner schools, City Learning

Centres, F.E. Colleges and other vocational


• Campus specific prospectuses

• Results Booklets

Roundhay “Roundup” Magazine


Most concerns can be dealt with quickly and

informally by contacting your child’s form tutor or

subject teacher; the planner can be used for short


If you would like to speak to someone directly,

please make an appointment, as teachers are not

available when actually teaching.

Please let us know how and when we can

most easily contact you and, if possible, give an

indication of the problem. Make sure that you

leave your name and the name of your child.

Our switchboard will pass on your message as

soon as possible during the day. Because we

have several telephone lines into school, please be

patient if you are waiting for a call to be answered.

The switchboard is staffed from 07.30 – 16.30

(Friday – 15.30). There is also an answer phone in

operation twenty-four hours a day.

We aim to acknowledge communication by

telephone within twenty-four hours. If a letter

is more appropriate, we will reply within seven

days, although, if additional information has to be

sought, it may take longer.

“Leaders … have been remarkably successful

in fostering a strong ethos and a culture of

continuous improvement” – Ofsted

“The school has demonstrated strong capacity for

improvement and that is reflected in its increasing

reputation and popularity” – Ofsted

“The school’s partnership with parents and carers

is excellent” – Ofsted

“Parents and carers describe the school as highly

responsive and the staff as very accessible”

– Ofsted

Contact us

Roundhay School

All-through education from 4 to 18

Old Park Road



(If using a SatNav, please use the postcode LS8


Telephone: 0113 3931200

Fax: 0113 3931201

Leeds Admissions: 0113 2224414




GCSE Results 2013


gained 5 or more A*-C

grades with English and



of all students gained 5

or more A*-C GCSEs

or equivalent


pupils gained 8 or more

A*/A passes with 26

gaining 9 or more A*/A


gained 5 or more A-G

grades with English and



A-Level Results 2013



QCA average

points per student

A*-B passes with

23% A*-A grades



of students achieved at

least one A/B grade

of all students gained

three or more A*/A




of all students gained

three or more

A Levels; 100% passed

two or more

students gained a

place at Oxford or



Roundhay School

All-through education from 4 to 18


Old Park Road



0113 3931200

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