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Director: Ltc Kermit Harris

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Trust Fund



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115,000 Vets in Macomb County

Macomb County Veteran Center is

NOT the Veterans Administration.

We are Veteran Advocates who

assist Veterans through the claim

process !!!

World War II Veterans

Korean Veterans

Vietnam Veterans

Gulf War Veterans

Peacetime Veterans

Do you have to be a War time

Veteran to receive Benefits ?

4 Types:

Direct Connect




To PROVE Direct Service Connect

You need 3 Types of Proof

1. Injury or Disease received and caused In-Service

2. Have to have a CHRONIC condition now

3. There has to be a Nexus between the 2

Example: You developed Hearing loss in service because you

worked around loud Aircraft or were in an artillery unit. 40 years

later you STILL have a chronic hearing problem. If you can prove

link between the 2 you have a claim.


This is where you do not have to prove a

connection between your Injury/Disease

and your current condition.

Example: Agent Orange

The VA has said if you stepped foot in Vietnam during the war, you

have a disease on the Presumptive list you are presumed to

have received it as a result of Agent Orange exposure.


Secondary Service connection is where you have a primary service

connection problem and THAT causes a “secondary" problem.

For Example: If you have a PRIMARY hip problem that you

received as a result of an injury on active duty, you can receive

compensation for that. IF, that hip injury causes a SECONDARY

problem such as your back and spinal column to be thrown out of

alignment you can be service connected under a VA doctrine called

“secondary” service connection.


Aggravated service connected means that you had a pre-existing

condition prior to entering service. Your condition was

AGGRAVATED while on active duty.

This is a Program for survivors of Veterans who

had a spouse/husband who died as a result of

something he contracted in service.

Example: Male veteran dies of ALS, (Lou Gehrig's disease) the wife

can get a flat rate of around 1100 a month for the rest of her life.

In addition to monetary benefit:

Survivor entitled to BX and commissary privileges

Survivor eligible for CHAMPVA

Survivor entitled to Educational benefits

Two Types

1. Veteran Pension

2. Death Pension, (for Survivor/Widow)

Unlike the previous programs this program is NOT

Service connected. You do NOT need a disease or injury caused

by the service.

Both Programs require you to meet low income guidelines to qualify.

Both Programs also require you to meet Net Worth Guidelines

Veteran Pension Eligibility requirements:

Veteran had to have served at least 90 days, one of which had to

be during a war time period to qualify.

Veteran has to be 65 or totally disabled

Veteran has to meet Income and Net Worth Requirements to


Veteran Pension

3 levels

Veteran is just Disabled or over 65 (Base Level)

Veteran is Housebound

Veteran requires Aid and Attendance

Each successive level allows a higher level of

special monthly compensation.

Veteran Pension

3 levels

Veteran is just Disabled or over 65 (Base Level)

Veteran is Housebound

Veteran requires Aid and Attendance

Each successive level allows a higher level of

special monthly compensation.

Veteran Pension

Pension allows you to make a

certain amount.

Both Macomb County and the VA at the

Federal Level offer separate benefits.

You are entitled to a $300 dollar burial

allowance if the veteran served during a war time

period and meets income/asset requirements.

In receipt of VA

pension or


Died while

hospitalized by the


In a VA contracted

VA nursing home

Died while

traveling to or from

a VA exam, or for

VA treatment care

Died on or after

October 9, 1996

while a patient in a

VA approved

nursing home

Honorable Discharge

180 days during a

period of war

180 days of active

duty with an

expeditionary medal

Less than 180 days

due to service incurred


Dependants can apply

if Veteran is eligible

under certain


You can receive up to $1000.00 when

…….an unforeseen situation has

caused a temporary financial

emergency or hardship that a grant, if

approved, would resolve and the

applicant can show that they will be

able to meet future expenses.

Additional benefits we help the Veteran with:

GI Bill

Home Loans

Enrollment in VA Health Care

Special Adapted Housing

Correction of Military Records

Appeals Process

Table of Contents:





Trust Fund


Director: Ltc Kermit Harris

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