Spring/Summer 2012 Newsletter - St. Columban's on the Lake ...


Spring/Summer 2012 Newsletter - St. Columban's on the Lake ...

ong>Springong>/ong>Summerong> ong>2012ong>



ong>Stong>. Columban’s On The Lake Retirement Home


Inside This Issue:

Living well means learning

and growing, p. 3.

Memories of more than

a century of living, p. 6

Smile everyone,

it’s Dorie, p. 7.

A Bright New

Season, A Bright

New Room

By Sr. Corona Colleary,


Community Enjoys Another

Fun-Filled ong>Springong> Festival

Annual event for worldwide missions has been a tradition since 1956


As I sit and look out

my window at the

beauty of the spring

blossoms transforming

into summer

greenery, I am awed

by the artistry of God’s

creation. This bright

new season has come to

ong>Stong>. Columban’s on the Lake and

with it the near completion of our

new Community Room. We like

to call it the “anniversary room”,

after our 40th Anniversary

Campaign which has provided

the funding for its construction.

Winter months can be dark and

bleak but not so in this room!

The sun beaming through the new

walls of windows and the vistas

of evergreen trees bring joy to

all who enter. From the country

kitchenette, to the larger space

for dancing, to the beautiful, more

accessible space for our donated

grand piano, this room has already

brought a bright and uplifting

quality to the lives of the residents.

God is so good. The Community

Room has been a dream of our

administrative team for so many

years that to see it coming to

fruition is truly a blessing.

To date, one-third of our 40th

Anniversary Campaign goal has

been met, and through the generous

support of our many friends

and benefactors we continue to

draw closer to that goal every

day. On behalf of our residents,

I thank all who have worked so

hard and given so much to make

this dream a reality and we thank

you for your continued support.

God’s blessings on you all.

On the Cover: Gathered around the grand

piano in ong>Stong>. Columban’s new Community

Room are residents Maud Saville (seated)

and (l to r) Bob Smith, Lois Polzin, Marian

Conti and Josephine Wehust joined by everyone’s

favorite pet, Baxter. ong>Stong>ory on p, 4-5.

The ong>Stong>. Columban’s on the Lake community,

as well as the community at

large once again enjoyed a fun-filled

ong>Springong> Festival presented by the

Columban Sisters on Sunday, June 3.

The event marked the 56th year the

festival has been held on the grounds

of ong>Stong>. Columban’s on the Lake

Retirement Home, a tradition that

began in 1956 .

In spite of some inclement weather,

festival-goers enjoyed the many ong>Springong>

Festival offerings including delicious

Chiavetta’s Barbeque Chicken and a

variety of other summertime foods and

beverages. Many tried their luck at the

Caden Herc, grandson of ong>Stong>. Columban

staff member, Laura Karin, was part of

a colorful parade at the ong>Springong> Festival

featuring costumes and banners depicting

the Columban Sisters worldwide missions.

Caden represented China.

games of chance and browsed the

booths filled with beautiful handcrafted

items. The Baker’s Corner was a

must-stop spot with mouthwatering

treats to take home and many enjoyed

the guided tours of the retirement

home and a variety of entertainments

for all ages.

The highpoint of the day was the

awarding of over $5,000 in cash

prizes. All proceeds from the ong>Springong>

Festival support the special missionary

efforts of the dedicated Columban

Sisters who offer support services to

needy men, women and children in

Chile, China/Hong Kong, England,

Ireland, Korea, Myanmar(Burma),

Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines,

Scotland and the United ong>Stong>ates.

On behalf of the Columban Sisters

and all those who receive support

services from our annual fundraising

efforts around the globe, our sincere

thanks for your generosity and gifts

of time and talent in support of this

annual event.

Each issue of ong>Stong>. Columban’s Today features

a special insert which high-lights

an area where the Columban Sisters

minister and gives you a

firsthand glimpse of how your

support helps those less fortunate.

A Variety Of Activities

Makes Living Well Easy

At ong>Stong>.Columban’s

A sign language class taught by Judy Picun teaches

residents a new way to communicate.

The Zumba Gold class led by Jean Sutton is one of the

most popular new fitness programs at ong>Stong>. Columban’s.

Living well can mean different things to different people.

Happiness can be a hot cup of tea and a good book, a comfortable

chair in the afternoon sunshine, or a good meal

shared with family and friends. At ong>Stong>. Columban’s on the Lake

there is something for everyone.

Zumba Gold, a popular fitness program, has joined the

regular lineup of activities at ong>Stong>. Columbans. Moving and

stretching to a peppy Latin beat not only promotes physical

wellness, but creates fun and friendship, too.

Nintendo’s Wii Sport has also become a popular interactive

program, with Wii bowling a favorite among many residents.

“It’s exciting!” says resident Maud Saville, “We have fun with

each other and it’s nice to get together.” Fellow resident Del

Polisoto agrees that Wii bowling is an enjoyable activity.

“We have to use our brains and our bodies,” Del adds.

Social events and learning new things are important parts

of ong>Stong>. Columban’s daily living. Coffee and Conversation is a

relaxing program for residents to keep up on current events

and get to know each other better. Other programs, such as

a sign language class recently taught by volunteer Judy Picun,

encourage lifelong learning and personal growth.

Exercise, healthy meals and a camaraderie brought about

by the variety of activities help make living well easy at

ong>Stong>. Columban’s on the Lake Retirement Home.

Volunteers Needed

If you would like to be a volunteer

at ong>Stong>. Columban’s, contact Jane Ball

(Activities Director) at (716)934-4515.

Nintendo’s Wii Sport interactive bowling program is a

favorite with residents including Del Polisoto (front),

Jeanne ong>Stong>rawser (center) and Ernie Maslach (back).


Construction Phase Completed

On New Community Room

40th Anniversary Fund Drive Continues With Focus On Furnishings, Landscaping

On March 17, ong>2012ong>, ong>Stong>. Columban’s on the Lake held

a double celebration. The home’s annual ong>Stong>. Patrick’s

Day celebration was also the first event to be held in

ong>Stong>. Columban’s brand new Community Room. The

completion of the construction phase of the fourseason

Community Room was right on schedule

thanks to the generosity of the many contributors

to ong>Stong>. Columban’s 40th Anniversary Fund Drive.

An exterior view of the back of the new Community

Room. Landscaping and other exterior improvements

are in the planning stages.

The beautifully appointed Community Room,

informally called the “anniversary room”, features an

expansive 40 ft. x 40 ft. floor space and three walls

of large windows which let in an abundance of sunshine

and natural light, as well as views of the rolling

lawns and wooded areas surrounding the home. One

corner of the Community Room features a country

kitchenette area complete with cupboards, appliances

and flexible work space where residents can cook,

bake and do crafts and other projects. The room also

houses a donated baby grand piano for the musical

entertainment of residents and visitors.

Contributions to the 40th Anniversary Fund Drive

are now being sought for furnishings for the new

Community Room including tables, chairs and outdoor

furniture for the adjacent patio area. In addition,

funds for ground excavation, grading and landscaping

are also needed. Plans for the exterior include

paved walkways and lawn space, flowering shrubs

and ornamental trees, small shade trees, a raised

hillside rose garden, perennial flowers for attracting

birds and butterflies, bird houses and feeders, a

putting green/croquet area and container gardens

for resident gardening.

In addition to the Community Room, generous

contributions to the 40th Anniversary Fund Drive have

also funded renovation of the nutritional services/

dietary department office, personal care/nursing

office and general office. A facelift of the residents

dining room is also being planned.

Each of these improvements not only enhances

the quality of life for ong>Stong>. Columban’s residents, but

also strengthens ong>Stong>. Columban’s position in the

marketplace, helping it to remain competitive and

maintain the high quality of service and care for the

elderly for which it has been known for more than

four decades.

Make A Gift.

Make A Difference.

Contributions to the 40th Anniversary

Fund Drive are still needed . Your

financial support can make a difference

in the lives of others for years

to come. Call 716-934-4515 for more

information or to make a donation.


A view from the entrance of the recently constructed Community Room. Walls of windows let in

sunshine, natural light and views of the beautiful ong>Stong>. Columban’s grounds. Funds are now being sought

for furnishings for the room which will provide much needed space for gatherings and special events.

One corner of the Community Room features a country kitchenette area where residents

can cook, bake, do crafts and other projects.


A Conversation

With Sam Weber

Resident shares 104 years

of treasured memories

Raymond “Sam” Weber has been a

resident at ong>Stong>. Columban’s on the Lake

since March 2004. He was born in

Buffalo, NY in what was then known

informally as German Town, on

December 6, 1908. He doesn’t need

to imagine a world with no modern

conveniences, he remembers it well.

He will be 104 this year.

As a boy, Sam lived in a two-family

home that had the luxury of indoor

plumbing; one toilet that was shared

with the other family. The home was

lit at first by oil lamps, then gas lamps,

then finally electricity. His grandmother

in Angola, however, had no indoor

plumbing and felt that electricity was

the “tool of the devil”. She never

allowed it to be installed in her home

until much later in her life. Both his

mother and grandmother had iceboxes

with daily ice delivery by horse and

wagon. A 50-pound block of ice was

25 cents and he recalls it was his job

to empty the drip pan under the icebox.

Sam was out of high school before

the first telephone was installed in the

family home. A great convenience that

required dialing “0” and telling the

operator the number you were trying

Sam Weber with members of the Collage Performing Arts

dancers at his 103rd birthday celebration.

to reach. Cameras were boxes made of

wood covered in black cloth. A trained

clerk at the pharmacy loaded the film

and then removed it when the roll was

full and sent it away to be developed.

One week later the photos were usually


When recalling World War I from

a child’s point of view, Sam says what

comes most to his mind are the parades

honoring the soldiers and the young

men leaving for war and then returning.

He was 17 when he joined the

National Guard’s 121st Cavalry Unit.

He remembers warmly that the Cavalry

Association kept a number of horses

at a farm southeast of Buffalo in the

Boston Hills and allowed the guardsmen

to ride on weekends. For one

dollar a guest could also ride. It was a

great way to impress the girls. By the

outbreak of World War II, Sam had

long since served his duty.

When it came to impressing the

girls, Sam knew nothing would do

it better than a fancy car and the

romance of traveling by air. Sam

recalls his first car was a Model-T.

It was an open car with an isinglass

roll down windshield that provided a

murky, blurry view and only minimum

protection from the weather. The

“defroster” was a strategically placed

(continued on page 7)



Dorie Manning:

A Picture Perfect Volunteer

(continued from page 6)

candle on the dashboard. The engine

was started with a crank. Saturday

nights he and a friend would drive

their dates out to Wehrle Drive in

Depew, near where the current airport

is located, to watch the mail plane

come and go. He recalls there being

huge searchlights in the sky guiding

the small two-seater, open cockpit

plane to the runway. The pilot would

exit the plane without stopping the

engine, run into the small building

that was the airport, drop off a sack

of mail, pick up a sack of mail, run

back out to the plane and take off.

All was accomplished in a matter of

minutes and was always sure to thrill.

Sam has a sense of amazement

having seen so many advancements

in technology and is hopeful for the

future. He marvels at the speed information

can be obtained and sent

through computers. The look in his

eyes gets far away when he thinks that

children born today will most likely

find cell phones as obsolete as we

find dialing “0” for the operator to

connect a call. These stories, 104

years of them, are a treasure. Sam is

no philosopher but perhaps it is

that sense of wonder at the world

that keeps him going. He can’t wait

to see what’s next.

Flip through the pages of ong>Stong>. Columban’s

photo albums and you’ll see picnics and

parties, holidays and celebrations. What

you won’t see is volunteer Dorie Manning.

Her absence in photos is not because she’s

camera shy, but because she loves being

behind the camera.

Along with the many other tasks Dorie

assists with, documenting our ong>Stong>. Columban’s

memories in photographs has become

both an appreciated and cherished

contribution. Dorie’s connection with

ong>Stong>. Columban’s on the Lake began around 2007. What started as

occasional visits to a friend who was a resident of the home, soon

became regular visits to the many new friends she was making along

the way. Her friendly, easy-going manner made her in demand with

both residents and staff members.

“Dorie is heaven-sent to the home,” says Jane Ball, ong>Stong>. Columban’s

Activity Director. Jane relies heavily on Dorie to help with the many

weekly programs and activities. “If I can’t be at the helm myself, I can

count on Dorie to get things done.”

Dorie doesn’t stop at snapping pictures; she transfers them to DVD,

sets them to music, and creates beautiful vignettes that can be enjoyed

by all for years to come. She has great skill with technology and is

mostly self-taught, using programs such as Adobe Photoshop. Dorie

claims she doesn’t know how she got the job as ong>Stong>. Columban’s

photographer, as she feels her ability isn’t anything greater than point

and click the camera, but beyond her modesty, she has a talent for

capturing the moment and seeing the story that is being told.

In addition to preserving ong>Stong>. Columban’s memories, Dorie lends a

helping hand during music programs, summer picnics and holiday

parties. And when you hear cheers and laughter from the lounge, you

know Dorie has the residents playing Wii bowling! The smiles you

see on the faces of the people in her photographs are not just for the

camera. The smiles are there because Dorie Manning is in the house.



ong>Stong>. Columban’s on the Lake Retirement Home was established in 1970

by the Columban Sisters whose experience and dedication in caring

for people is well-known in the health, education and social work fields.

ong>Stong>. Columban’s offers retirement living for senior singles and couples

of all faiths, private rooms in a beautiful, lakeside setting and

accommodations to suit a variety of budget needs.

To add a name to our newsletter mailing list, call 716-934-4515.

For more information, visit www.stcolumbanshome.org.

There’s always fun for the young at heart

at ong>Stong>. Columban’s on the Lake.

ong>Stong>. Columban’s on the Lake Retirement Home

2546 Lake Road

Silver Creek, NY 14136

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