Chieftain Issue 2 - Sewanhaka Central High School District

Chieftain Issue 2 - Sewanhaka Central High School District

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Student Council


Rick Mathews

With its first ever meeting held on a

Thursday after recovering from Sandy, the

student council had a lot to discuss. With

an entire week off from school, club meetings

were delayed, assignments were long

due and the general schedule was a complete

mess. The Sewanhaka High School

District along with multiple other New

York districts had been majorly affected by

the storm and there was a lot of catching

up to do at this Student Council meeting.

The activities had to be brought up to earlier

dates, tests crammed and the previous

schedule of events promoting the least bit

of normalcy were thrown out the window.

In addition, the storm causing a week’s loss

required those lost days to be made up. We

found that the February break would be

shortened and if there is heavy snow late

this year or early next year, we might need

to utilize the entire break to make up for

lost school time. Under the mentorship of

Mr. Tesoro and Ms. Amaris, the meeting

went extremely well and was a model of

normalcy much craved after Hurricane

Sandy’s devastating effects in the Empire

State. We can only hope another Sandy is

not on it’s way, and we can continue with

our student coucil meetings and school in



Chieftain -Novemberr

Rockin’ it out at Newsday

Monthly Update

S.P.I.C.E Mix It Up

Ariel Gourdet

On the night of October 24th, the Sewanhaka High School Marching

Band filled the field of Hofstra University for the Newsday

Festival. “A lot of time, and effort went into our preparations for

this performance,” says senior Jayralin Hererra, “but I can honestly

say that we got through it smoothly and if I may say so myself,

we sounded amazing!” Accompanied by the Rockettes and Color

Guard, the Marching Band entertained the audience with songs

such as The Who’s “Pinball Wizard”, Aerosmith’s “Walk this Way”,

and concluded their performance with the crowd pleaser “We Are the

Champions”. The Marching Band is unique in that it has the ability

to pump up the crowd. The epitome of all that is school spirit, Mr.

Doherty’s select group of talented individuals succeeded in bringing

pride to the Sewanhaka Indians. The Rockettes amazed the crowed

with their high kicks and remarkable showmanship. Senior and captain

of the Rockettes, Hannah Triquet was enthusiastic about the

performance “We all worked very hard for News Day. It’s the one

night that we get to show people how talented we are without being

overshadowed by a football game. Honestly, if dancing was easier it

would be called football.” Led by drum majors Ashley Commisso

and Gretty Duque, the Newsday Festival was filled with a plethora

of memorable moments and of course unforgettable performances.

Cynthia Devendran and Anji Persaud

S.P.I.C.E teaches students the importance of helping others

who are in need. Just last week, the club held the Annual

Mix It Up Day event that is well known and has been successful

for many years. Students pass around pom-poms with

friendly phrases on them in order to create new friendships

and amicable thoughts throughout the stands. Students are

required to pass these pom poms to different students that

they see throughout the day. This is a way for people to

make go out of their comfort zones and make new friends.

Another fun way S.P.I.C.E encouraged people to make new

friends was to have students to sit with someone who they

have never met at lunch and see if they had anything in

common. Advisor, Mrs Papaccio, kindly coordinates meetings

every Tuesday morning in order to discuss school events

and upcoming community fundraisers. President Ameela

Prersaud says, “S.P.I.C.E. is a club where I can be myself. I

have been participating in this club for years and I can thank

Ms. Papaccio for the great time I have had.” Many people

feel that Mix It Up Day is a great way for people to make

new friends. People are able to break boundaries and try

new activities that truly build character. Participants also get

to know others much better and develop a deeper connection

with the Sewanhaka community as a whole.

Band Members Representing Sewanhaka at Hofstra

Photo Provided by Newsday

S. P. I. C. E members on Mix It Up Day

say “Oregano”

Chieftain - Novmeber



A Day To


A March to Victory

Sabrina Nicolas

Sewanhaka High School Homecoming

Parade was a huge event, whoever missed

it, missed out a huge part of Sewanhaka’s

history. If you wanted to see big floats,

the cheerleader’s pomp pomp’s, high

kicks from the Rockettes, the Sewanhaka

High School Marching Band, and more

school spirit, then the Homecoming Parade

was the place to be! As the Color

Guards twirled their flags, the Rockettes

kicked and danced to the band music, and

cheers were enunciated by the Sewanhaka

cheerleaders, the audience got hyped and

excited. As the parade went down Hempstead

Turnpike, cars honked and parents

shouted, showing their pride in their

children. As the purple and gold parade

marched Tulip Avenue, Hempstead Turnpike,

and Landau Avenue, pictures were

taken, waves to family and friends were

made, and applauses, cheers, and even

honks grew louder. To the show the love of

friends and family, Sewanhakan Christelle

Julien said, “Homecoming is great! You

get to spend a lot of time with family and

friends. It’s just a fun time.” To show her

enthusiasm, Kate Murray, the Supervisor

of the town of Hempstead, had to say, “I

am thrilled about it and I think all the floats

look beautiful and there is a lot of school

spirit!” The theme of the floats this year

was Disney Classics. The sophomores did

Winnie the Pooh and caught the attention

of everyone because the float showed him

eating honey out of his honey bowl. The

junior float was based on the Disney Pixar

movie, Cars. On the float were Mator and

Lightning McQueen and they looked very

realistic! Speaking of cars, “The Class of

2018 had a 1953 Chevy donated by a full

force electric!” Mr. Anderson stated. The

seniors did Toy Story this year with Woody

and Buzz Light-year dominating the main

design of the float. This shows appreciation

and the dedication of others towards

Sewanhaka High School, and the more

dedicated we are as students the more Sewanhaka

High School will strive only for

the betterment of our school. “Homecoming

can give people school spirit and give

them a sense of pride and appreciation for

Sewanhaka”, said Bianca Moliere, is a great

example. Coach Grub feels the same way.

She said, “I’m really excited and we had

an awesome pep rally yesterday and it got

everyone in the spirit.” The sophomores

nabbed first place, the juniors received second

place, and the seniors got third place.

Photo provided by MSG Varsity

Homecoming Game

Danielle Georges

Clear, blue skies and sparkly purple

and gold pompoms defined the Sewanhaka

High School Campus on October 13,

2012. “LET’S GO DEFENSE” the highly

spirited cheerleaders chanted alongside a

giant crowd of adoring Sewanhaka Indians

fans at this year’s Homecoming Varsity

Football game. Just minutes before

the start of the game, the bleachers were

packed with Sewanhaka students, returning

alumni, teachers and proud parents.

The electrifying atmosphere was contagious

as it attracted more and more fans

as the game progressed. You could see the

excitement and enthusiasm on everyone’s

faces especially this year’s seniors as we savor

in our last Sewanhaka Homecoming

experience. Even the mighty football players

were eager to get this show on the road.

The number of people dressed in vibrant

purple and gold attire complimented

the beautiful décor of balloons and ribbons

wonderfully. This here is Sewanhaka

where we never run out of school spirit!

The few days leading up to Homecoming

are always exciting as the tenth

through twelfth graders prepare for the

parade, adding on the finishing touches

to the floats that they’ve worked so hard

on. The cheerleaders pull a few harmless

pranks on the senior Varsity players as

well. Varsity senior football player Nick

Montoni says he “still can’t believe that it’s

his last Homecoming game. I’m really going

to miss this next year.” Several other

seniors who were spotted at the game felt

the same way as Montoni, shocked and in

disbelief at the realization that our time

here at Sewanhaka is quickly coming to an

end. I’m sure that’s how the returning Sewanhaka

alumni felt during their last year.

This year’s Homecoming was packed

with Sewanhaka alumni taking full advantage

of this social event to reconnect

with the friends that they haven’t seen in

a while. “I can’t believe a year has passed

since I was a senior at my very last Sewanhaka

Homecoming,” said Krishanthi Devendran,

class of 2012. The expressions on

the returning alumni’s faces as they saw one

of their favorite teachers again, trapping

them into a joyful embrace, was priceless.

Photo provided by MSG Varsity

Chieftain - November



Class Floats

Andreas Pavlou

Class of 2013

This year’s senior float was Toy Story. The

float included a tall Buzz Lightyear character

and a number of the little green aliens

also featured in the movie. The float showcased

the vibrant Toy Story theme, and incorporated

Sewanhaka colors also. Led by

class advisors Mr. Quinn and Ms. Chiara

the seniors were able to achieve third place.

Homecoming King and Queen Samear

Murtaza and Rachel Kubler said “We

are very happy and proud to represent

our class and float for our senior year.”

Class of 2014

This years juniors created Cars for

their float and took first place. Advisors

Mr. Renart and Ms. Hebert

are very proud of the hard work that

their students put into float. This year

their brightly colored float included

the Cars main characters, Lighting

McQueen and his friend Mater. The

float stood out especially because the

wheels on Lighting McQueen were

powered by electricity and spun rapidly.

When junior Yasi Milani was asked

about her class’s float she stated, “We

put a lot of work into making it unique

and hopefully it pays off in the end. “

Class of 2015

The sophomore’s Winnie the Pooh

float,received the second place title this

year. This float included a huge Winnie the

Pooh showing school spirit by wearing a

Sewanhaka jersey, and throwing a football.

Class advisors Mr. Mirsky and Ms. Morrison

are proud of their class’ work , and think

that it all payed off in the end. Sophmore

Bryce Lawson, who helped to work on

the float seemed content with the work as

well stating, “Now that we have finished

‘Poohing’ we can flush with satisfaction.”

Chieftain - November

Class Banners

Nayab Khan, Anji Persaud, Selena Thomas,

and Khadez Uddin

Class of 2016

The entire school was very eager for the

big homecoming parade. The Class of

2016 was very excited for this year’s theme:

Disney. This year the banner’s’ theme was

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. They

worked every Monday, Wednesday, and

Friday for over a month after school to

perfect their banner. The advisor Ms. Cavallo,

officials and the class board members

worked carefully to make their banner

successful, determined not to be defeated.

The banner was filled with vibrant colors,

with the words “Once upon a time

in the class of 2016” written on the top.

The ninth graders captured everything in

Snow White from the animals that helped

Snow White in the forest to the mirror on

the wall. This year the class advisor is Ms.

Cavallo, a special education teacher and

it was her first experience with homecoming.

Ms. Cavallo said, “It was very enjoyable

experience and that she was delighted

to help the class of 2016.”

Class of 2017

Finding Nemo was this year’s theme for

the Class of 2017 in “Classic Disney” for

Homecoming 2012. Eight graders got together

twice a week to work on their banner

with their advisor, Ms. Moratto Everyone

had a great time making the banner this

year and also made new friends. “Everybody

enjoyed the experience,” says Megan

Gavia. The banner had “Finding the Class

of 2017” written on top and everyone had

written their names on individual fish to

represent themselves. Each fish was decorated

in a very creative way and truly added

originality to the banner. “We should

win because the theme is really decorative

and creative this year”, stated

Mahzabin Alam. The eighth

graders were satisfied with

their efforts and pleased with

the outcome of the banner.

Class of 2018

This year’s Homecoming

was a great turnout for the

Class of 2018. Many students

showed up to participate,

march, and cheer at the

parade. Seventh graders, Lisa

Mazzeo and Kyle Ng quote,

“Being Sewanhaka Indians

is really cool and a great experience!”

The Class of 2018

banner topped the eighth graders and

freshmen, nabbing first place. They used

felt and glitter to create The Little Mermaid

Banner “Under the Sea-wanhaka”.

The class got together two mornings a

week and worked extremely hard to make

the decorative and beautiful banner. “We

were very excited about the banner, but

even more excited that Full Force Electric

Co. donated a 1953 Chevrolet pick up

for the parade”, says eighth grade advisor

Mr. Anderson. After interviewing

with several seventh grade students asking

how they like Sewanhaka so far, they

all replied along the lines of “I love it!”

Congratulations to the victorious Class

of 2018, and good luck in the future!


Student Feature

Sewanhaka’s Finest

Cynthia Devendran and Bernadette Yu

Douglas “Doug” Spring, a very pleasant,

dedicated student, had not a clue that

he would hold such a prominent place in

the class of 2013 when he was merely 13

years of age. With a GPA of a 100.1, Douglas

sought to achieve all that he could in

the span of the 4 years of his high school

career. He is a member of the National

Honor Society and is an AP Scholar with

Honors, which proves his commitment

to education and his future endeavors.

During his years at Sewanhaka, Douglas’

favorite class was AP Human Geography

and was a fan of Social Studies in general.

He also is very close to Mr. Gonzalez, his

Spanish 3A and 4A teacher, and excelled

in his class for two years. He took part in

the Key Club, TAG, and enjoys tutoring

kids in Math and English.

Other than helping around school,

Douglas enjoys spending time with his

family. He has two older siblings and a

younger sister attending Sewanhaka. A

favorite memory with his family was going

to Disney World a few years back. His

family has greatly influenced him and

motivated him to become the mature and

intelligent individual he is today. Douglas’

mom, a teacher at Gotham Avenue Elementary

School, pushed her kids to do

all their work on time, with diligence, and

to study hard. As a kid, he always looked

up to his older brother and considers him

a huge role model and admired his leadership

qualities. Douglas advises students to

“get their work done on time,”and encourages

them to “pursue what they truly love

and excel in.”

He is a proud Yankees fan and enjoys a

game of catch during his free time.

All in all, Douglas enjoyed his high

school years, and is excited to start his new

college life pursuing his career in business

and marketing. His top choices for his

graduate studies are NYU and Fordham.

Although he is not absolutely sure what he


A Diligent Scholar

specifically has in mind, it is clear that his

work ethic and mind-set will lead him to

be a very successful individual in anything

that he puts his heart in.Good luck to

Douglas and enjoy your college career!

Doug’s Senior Portrait

Photo Provided by Douglas Spring

Running To Excellence

Kieran O’Reilly with a GPA of 100.06

has a stellar, successful, and enviable high

school career as evidenced by multiple

awards, club participations, and athletic

achievements. Whenever anyone asks

about his ethnic background, he replies, “I

am Guyrish, Guyanese and Irish.” As a very

active Model UN delegate since seventh

grade, Kieran’s awards goes on and on---

holding positions as VP in his sophomore

and junior years and currently working

as President of the club. He has won the

coveted best delegate in conferences such

as SIDMUN and RUMUN, conferences

in which hundreds of schools participate.

Another club that Kieran excels in is Future

Business Leaders of America (FBLA).

In FBLA, he has won multiple awards in

statewide contests: 1st place in the New

York State Website Development, 1st place

in Network Design, and many more prestigious

awards and recognitions. To list all

of his accomplishments would be too arduous

and time consuming. But the message

is clear, this guy does not settle for mediocrity,

excellence and perfection is his motto.

Aside from academics, Kieran is an

avid runner as he has participated in Varisty

Cross Country, Winter Track, and

Spring Track for 4 years, sports in which

he received athletic awards every year.

This hobby of his is not just an accessory

to put something for his résumé, but

it is a true passion which he takes very

seriously and brings him much joy; Kieran

emphasizes how running is not just

a sport, but a lifestyle for him. He dedicates

his time, rain or shine or snow, to

run and averages almost nine miles a day.

So what does the future hold for this

achieved and diverse Sewanhakan? He

plans to go away for college to study Electric

Engineering. Kieran is open to any

university that will accept him and does

not have a specific school in mind, but

ideally one with a good engineering program.

Relief and joy define Kieran and

he has enjoyed his time spent in Sewanhaka

and looks forward to a bright future.

Salutatorian Politics With The Mascot

Photo Provided by Kieran O’Reilly

Chieftain -November

Since childhood, David Sexton knew

that his future would involve science in

some way. Mr. Sexton was born in Sunnyside,

New York on a December day in

1953. He has two siblings, a younger

brother and an older sister. His interests

in the sciences lead him to excel in his

favorite high school classes, biology and

earth science. That interest also increased

his curiosity of the sciences and develop

and affinity for anything chemistry or biology

related. However, like many other

students, he found things in high school

that didn’t work out for him in addition

to those that did. He started out in the top

10% of his class, then fell to the very bottom

which he describes as being a “nightmare”.

Fortunately, when it came time to

apply to colleges and really start his journey

in higher education, things started to

come together and work out.

Because he had attended a small private

high school, Mr. Sexton wanted to go

to a college that was big and really captured

the college feel. It was then that he

decided to go to SUNY Buffalo.

He started out majoring in biology

but then switched his major to chemistry,

a decision he is very content with because

he truly enjoyed chemical and related

physical sciences and concepts while he

Teacher Feature

A Physical Phenomenon

Taesha Andre and Shahrukh Khan

was studying.

The most important thing that he felt

he should have done is to have sought

more guidance in his high school and

college careers from teachers, elders, and

counselors. He says that he was too passive

and should have been more assertive

as a student. When asked if he always

wanted to become a teacher Mr. Sexton

without hesitation replied “no”. He had

always liked the idea of becoming an

oceanographer. However, his dedication

to education and his students has allowed

him to truly appreciate his job and take it

very seriously.

Before he started teaching at Sewanhaka,

Mr. Sexton worked for an environmental

engineering company in New Jersey

for about nine years. He specialized in

industrial and municipal water treatment.

Mr. Sexton enjoyed his time there and

then decided to change careers.

When Mr. Sexton first taught at Sewanhaka

High School, he taught regents

chemistry and was the instructor for the

Science Research Program. Now Mr.

Sexton is a meticulous worker and diligent

physics teacher and much of his personality

can be seen through the objects,

posters, and many physics-related contraptions

and mechanisms in his room.

Besides teaching, Mr. Sexton has many

hobbies and interests that he is very enthusiastic

about. When asked this question

he replied with a big smile on his face,

“I like fixing things.” In his free time he

does things such as carpentry, electrical

work, plumbing, and other do-it-yourself

projects. It is obvious how much pride Mr.

Sexton takes in the work that he does. The

one thing that Mr. Sexton hopes for is that

in the future his room and contraptions

will be recognized and live up to their “full


Mr. Sexton’s favorite memory at Sewanhaka

is of a former student from the class

of 2010, who thanked him for not ‘babying’

him. Mr. Sexton’s confident reply was

“Yeah, I think Sewanhaka students want

that”. All in all, Mr. Sexton has made a big

impact in this school as a science teacher

and has really supported our students with

his inspiring qualities. His presence is felt

everywhere as many students and faculty

consult him for help with homework and

even Science Fair projects.

Mr. Sexton drops by to help get the mass “just right”.

Photo provided by Mr. Sexton

Mr. Sexton’s Yearbook Portrait

Photo Provided by David Sexton

Chieftain -November


Turmoil In Iran

Juan Lasso

World News

Iran and its nuclear initiatives have stirred great concern in

the international community. Though it claims its nuclear program

is for “…peaceful and civilian purposes,” as stated by Iranian

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, there are reasons to

believe that Iran is working towards a nuclear weapon. In the

past, Iran has sponsored terrorism, and has refused to succumb

to full monitoring by the United Nations and its subsidiary

bodies such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

World powers such as the UN, the United States, and

the European Union have placed sanctions targeting Iran’s

oil industry and central banking as it refuses to halt its uranium

enrichment. Though sanctions have dramatically altered

Iran’s economic prosperity, Iran’s resilience is strong.

“It’s like starving an animal…” Senior Kieran O’Rielly commented.

“As long as it has a morsel of food, it will stay alive.”

Sanctions have dramatically affected the average Iran civilian

as well. Unemployment, medicine and food shortage, as well as

inflation has left the nation in shambles. What measures should

the Iranian civilians take? “If the people of Iran begin to revolt

in a democratic stance to Iran’s theocratic government, they

can easily resolve this issue.” Senior Rick Mathews interjected.

Iranian officials have stressed it is their “inalienable right” to

enrich their uranium in efforts to benefit their nation. We must

also take into consideration that military action or intervention

would be a violation to Iran’s sovereign rights as a nation

“Iran’s sovereignty ends when it infringes upon other nations

security. Their inability to prove for peaceful means and

their reluctance to allow UN weapon inspectors full access to

facilities, makes the world’s perception that this is for military

not civilian purpose.” Model UN advisor, Mr. Sakowich stated.

Recently, we have seen the world advocate the need to prohibit

any weapon that can ultimately be catastrophic for the security

of the world. What lesson can we learn from these actions?

“Hopefully, this issue will allow us to revisit strategic

arms limitations around the world.” After all, we

all deserve to have a secure and stable world…don’t we?

Iranian Women Protesting

Protestors Demanding Freedom

Concerned Women Asking For Their Rights

Politically Active Children


Chieftain -November

Homecoming Pictorial

Chieftain - November



Smaller Lunch? Wait... What?

Niyah Stewart

You come from a class exhausted and

famished and you can’t wait to get to

lunch. Then finally, its your lunch period

and you walk into the cafeteria excited for

a fulfilling meal. Suddenly you get your

lunch and it’s the size of a happy meal at

MC Donald’s. Unfortunately, many kids,

nationwide are experiencing this during

lunch time. Many states across the country,

especially southern states such as Texas

and Louisiana, are cutting down on the

portion size due to a severe increase in

child obesity. Although obesity rates have

increased tremendously for kids, those

that are healthy and are at their optimum

weight, should not be denied

a “proper” lunch

during their school day.

Instead, the student whose

health is in danger should

be given a different type of

lunch that is fulfilling to his

or her dietary needs. Rather

than decreasing the portion

size, schools should include

salads and fruits as a daily

part of a student’s diet. To

be penalized and truthfully

“scammed” on a meal that

you’re paying a good amount of money for

is ludicrous.

Not only are kids leaving the cafeteria

with grumbling stomachs, but their ability

to comprehend whatI s going on in the

classroom is effected. These kids are going

back to class feeling sluggish and not

able to concentrate on what they need to

learn. Senior Rachel Wisniewski can relate

to this situation. “I am an athlete and a

balanced meal is very important in my

daily life. Especially since I have practice

after school, I should be able to depend

on my school lunch to keep me energized

and focused.” “There have been times that

I’ve been in class and I find myself still not

fully satisfied with the meal.


While a reduction in lunch portions

is what is currently being done as a step

against the child obesity problem in our

nation, it’s a rather crude solution. Imagine

a system of lunch cards, created according

to the initial school year physical

examination given by the school doctor.

In order to receive a different meal card

and one with proportions that one really

wants, they’re now motivated to gain the

physical health required to get that desired


Now one might say, oh that’s not fair

and its discriminating people based on

their health. What if they have some disorder?

And what would it take to implement

such rules and regulations?! Well here’s the

harsh reality that’s going to make us take

drastic measures at one point or another.

We spend billions of dollars on issues like

obesity when in a land with the medical

attention and resources we possess, obesity

should be the least of our problems.

The truth is, that’s reducing lunch

size is just a recipe for a wild goose chase.

Students will start to draw away from the

school cafeteria itself and start finding alternative

sources to get a desired amount

of food. And if there’s something that

makes you think it’s going to be a healthier

option, I suggest you ignore such distractions.

So to find a smarter way to work

around such issues, besides the ideal system

of lunch cards, here’s a brainstorm.

So reducing lunch size is off the table

and colorful lunch cards are too much

work. So here’s what I propose. Let’s keep

the system of having a medical analysis

for specific lunch diets and have no more

than the number of lunch serving periods

in school. And the students in a specific

group will be given a specific lunch periods

and their schedule can be designed around

such provisions. So the discrimination factor

is virtually removed since a student

will be with everyone in his own group.

And if there is a conflicting schedule the

answer is easy enough. A specific

lunch pack can be reserved to

be picked up by the student at

a convenient time which conveniently

eliminates the problems

involving conflicting schedules.

Such a solution provides a

practical solution to our dilemma

with short term as well as long

term benefits. With a healthier

student body, the school progresses

as a whole. The students

on a healthy diet multiple their

potential and with the resources

available are able to move forward in their

academics and extra-curricular activities.

Now of course that’s not where we just

stop and smile. There’s plenty more to

tackle like what’s going on the menu stuck

on the brick wall behind the lunch lady’s

counter? All those french fries and burgers

sure look delicious, but only if they

actually showed up behind the counter

for actual consumption. And are choices

like cold milk and fruit juices the healthiest

options? How does it affect the athletes

who buy their lunches on the day of a

game? With a plethora of issues to tackle,

we continue running these hurdles, one at

a time. That should get us in shape...

Chieftain - November

Childhood obesity is a major epidemic

that is plaguing American youths today.

Obesity is defined as an excess of adipose

tissue in relation to lean body mass. Practitioners

evaluate obesity in children and

adults by calculating the body mass index

(B.M.I). According to the Centers for disease

control and prevention (CDC) 17 %

or 12.5 million children and adolescents

between the ages of 2-19 are considered

obese. Eating habits have changed for

Americans. School lunches with its high

caloric, over proportioned meals has not

helped the situation any. According to the

US Department of Agriculture children

who eat school lunch are more likely be

to overweight than those who brown bag

their meals to school.

The question now is what can be

done to help our nation’s children

and the fight against childhood obesity?

In March 2010, Michelle Obama

met with big industries to discuss the

importance of having healthy school

lunches. It is the aim of the first lady

and the medical community to reduce

the amount of obese children in

America. The National Student Lunch

Program supplies meals to about 30

million children in 100,000 public and

non for profit private schools according

to the USDA. For this reason we can as a

nation change the way school lunches are

served. By reducing the amount of salt,

trans fat, calories, and portion size I believe

that this is a great idea and a fantastic

way to show kids a healthy way to eat.

There are no reasons why children should

eat a 500 calorie meal. In order to stop

this trend schools, parents, health providers

and our political leaders must take a

stand. While it is true that some students

and athletes need to eat larger portioned

meals in order to sustain their activities

throughout the day, the school is not required

to serve such large, high caloric and


Reducing School Lunch is a Good Thing

Safiya Favard

non-nutritional portions. Schools can provide

ways to help these children by providing

lunches that are smaller in portion

size, packed with vegetables, fruits and

proteins. These smaller portioned lunches

are high in nutrients that would help

children and athletes maintain an increase

level of energy throughout the day. Varsity

Football coach and gym teacher Mr.

Kasimatis had this to say about the reduce

portion size of school lunches, “small portions

are great. All the extra portions add

extra calories. Big lunches make students

sleepy after they eat. It is better to snack a

little throughout the day instead of eating

big meals.”

By having smaller portions students are

learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. If

“By having smaller

portions students are

learning how to live a

healthy lifestyle.”

these eating habits will continue on to

adulthood, this would make for a healthier

population. The United States has the

highest rate of obese people. If we teach

our future leaders how to eat a healthy

smaller portioned meal,. then we will decrease

the medical cost of the diseases that

are attached to obesity.

Now some may argue that if we let students

decide how much they should eat,

then they will make healthy decisions on

their own. While this is true some students

lack the ability to control the amount of

food they should eat. For this reason the

rate of obesity has tripled during the past

thirty years. It is our aim and goal to stop

this trend. Senior Ariel Gourdet said this

on the subject of reducing the portion size

of school lunch, “I think that it is a good

thing that the school is serving smaller

portions. If schools want their students

to be healthy and learn more, than this

is the way to go. By having smaller and

healthier sizes we will be able to have more

energy and not be so sluggish after we eat

lunch.” Others critics may argue that all

these changes will cost a lot of money, but

isn’t it worth it? Don’t our children deserve

to be fed healthy, proper portioned meals?

Yes it may be expensive but it is absolutely


Those who participate in extracurricular

activities need to be smart about how

they proportion their meals. According to

health experts it is much healthier to eat

small meals throughout the day, rather

than having three big meals. These students

should pack a small snack before

they leave for school. In this way they

are not eating a big lunch packed with

calories. Girls Field Hockey player Alana

Lindsay had this to say on the matter, “As

an athlete I find it much better that I eat

in small portions rather than in big ones.

If I eat this way than I am not so tired and

sluggish when I go to practice. I feel that

everyone should eat like this even if they

are not athletes. ”

By reducing the portion size of school

lunches, we are showing children the importance

of healthy eating. They will learn

healthy eating habits that they will carry

with them into their adulthood and hopefully

be passed down to future generations.

If we want the human race to continue

on, then we must invest in our future

and teach our children to eat and live a

healthier lifestyle. Children shouldn’t have

a shorter life span then their parents. If we

want to prevent this and have a strong future,

then we need to reduce the portion

size in school lunches.

Chieftain -November


No electricity or heat and its freezing. No gas and the

tank’s nearing empty. The mile long lines aren’t easing the

burden and the federal aid is in a snail race. Is this the famed

New York that millions flock to from all over the world?

This metropolis with the famed suburbs of Long Island has

just been turned to a ghost town. All because of a little water

flooding in. I exaggerate of course. This trickle of water

came along with a breeze from the south. Together they

transformed in a super storm. We named her Sandy.

It was a quiet week prior to the storm. Tests scheduled for

the week, club meetings, assignments due and the first quarter

of the year was just about to end. It was a great school

year and the seniors were doing everything in their power to

get the college applications started. So we knew everything

was its regular self at Sewanhaka and its not like we in the

suburbs are used to bizarre events shutting school down for

an entire week. So Sandy was the visitor who banged the

door. Hurricanes do their best to destroy everything in their

sight and leave with a glorious grin, implanting insanity in

each relative they meet. On that note, Sandy fit the ideal


So we settled in after school to finish those homework

assignments due two weeks earlier. It was the weekend, what

else could they be for? And as the end of the homework

neared and it was time to take a refreshing stretch to celebrate

this resume worthy accolade, the wind raged outside.

It teased the branches of the weaker trees and glared at the

massive older ones. I’m coming for you, it screamed, like a

banshee in a haunted house.

Methodically, Sandy picked off her victims. The trees

People Desparate For Gas

on the way to school, just blazing through places like

Special Feature

Super Storm Sandy

Rick Mathews

Violent Waves Near The Verrazano Bridge

Long Beach like it was a walk in the park. Senior Rene Amell

said, “ Two trees completely crushed my neighbors house.” And

absolutely no number of emergency drills could have prepared us

for those days that this hurricane decided to visit New York. The

aftermath, well we lived through that. We saw the families who

lost their homes, the empty racks where batteries once lined the

shelf, the abyss when turning into the parking lot. It turned New

York into a collection of ghost towns; all we needed was an epidemic

to be a real version of ‘I Am Legend’.

But the radio kept alive through the night to substitute for the

sounds, sights and smells that we had become used to. Dreaming

became the equivalent of watching television and yelling out

everything we did became twitter. The occasional phone call took

the place of Facebook chats and all other sorts of electronic communication.

It was teleporting New York to 5000 B.C. but instead

of pterodactyls outside the window, it was ‘Angry Birds’ on the


But all things have their end and now we don’t give Sandy

much thought. We’re back to completing late assignments, scheduling

club meetings and eagerly embracing the long awaited Friday

evening. We’re back to long hours pretending to be robots in

front of our computers and back to tweeting our every move. We

stopped being sensible and let ourselves fall back to the insanity

of normalcy. The seniors may have made some progress on their

applications, like completing the login information but hey, that’s

a feat in itself.

So that leaves a population of millions with a lot to think about

and simply mull over. If a hurricane hits out of nowhere and as

New Yorkers all we do is sit back and sleep it out like hibernating

animals what are we doing come the so – called ‘end of the world’

in December? I say, bring it on!


Chieftain - November

Winter Sports

Varsity Girls Basketball

Varsity Boys Basketball

Danielle Georges

Cynthia Devendran and Bernadette Yu

Victorious summarizes how the Sewanhaka Girls

Varsity Basketball team ended their last season.

Not only did the team finish the season with fifteen

wins and three loses, they were also crowned

the 2012 Conference Champions, nearly 20 years

since that title was last rewarded to the Girls Varsity

Basketball team here at Sewanhaka. Four starters

also received awards for All-Star, All-County, and

All-Conference. It was a truly remarkable season

for the hardworking girls who seek even greater

success in future seasons.

Family has always defined the dedicated girls

who show up for pre-season conditioning in the

summer time. Excitement overwhelms each and

every player who is motivated and determined to

have a successful season, hoping to make it past

the second round of the playoffs. A whole new

and improved team has been created and when

asked about the difference between this season’s

team and last season’s Coach Alexander Soupios

says “this season, I believe is balance. Last year we

had one or two kids who consistently scored in the

double digits for us. This season we may have four

or five kids step up and contribute that way. This

team represents the 12 best girls basketball players

in our school.”

The new 2012-2013 season begins with the loss

of three wonderful seniors and five new seniors—

Shantell McCall, Katlyn Dempsey, Rachel Wisniewski,

Katiana Charles and Danielle Georges—

filling up the spaces. “Our seniors this season will

need to play an integral role in the team’s success.

They need to be the ones to push the rest of the

team in both practices and games, to give 100%

on days when they may not feel like playing, to

inspire the younger players and create good habits

amongst the ones that are looking up to them right

now,” is the message Coach Soup has for his senior

leaders on the team. One of the top scorers of the

team last year, Shantell McCall, returns with an

All-County award as well as a wish to “win conference

and put another number on the banner.”

With a great deal of time, effort and determination,

Coach Soupios and his team hope to go

even further in the Conference and bring home a

Championship trophy to the supporting Sewanhaka

girls basketball fans. Let’s go Lady Indians!

For the 2012-2013 season, expectations run high for the Boys Varsity

Basketball team. With eight returning players, six of whom are seniors

(Matt Lugo, Sean Rust, Jaquan Johnson, French Louissaint, Marcus King,

and Nick Dempsey), their goal is to try to bounce back from their 4-6 record

last year and hopefully have a more successful season. With this goal in mind,

they never fail to remember to have fun and keep their feet on the ground. “I

love that as team, we are like a family and we struggle and succeed together

and I love that all of us are brothers,” senior captain and starting point guard

Sean Rust remarks. Coach Jason Allen, who teaches at Elmont, comes back

for his second year to coach the team, dedicates his time to make the team

work hard every day but still tries his best to be a support system for every

individual. They practice six days a week for two to three hours each day.

Their main goal for this year is to have “a good overall and conference record

and make it to the playoffs,” Rust says. Junior Jabryl Chin adds, “to just do

better is the goal and become conference champs, and work our way up from


The Boys Working Hard

Photo Provided by MSG Varsity

The Girls In A Playoff Game

Photo Provided by MSG Varsity

Chieftain - November


Fall Sports

Dedicated Indahawks

Deidre Kelly

The Sewanhaka District Indawaks finish up their season with a

3- 9 record. They placed fourth in their division and second in their

conference. The girls took themselves to their limits all season.

Captains Rebecca Gottermarrn and Alyssa Jacobs of Carey and

Sewanhaka senior Alana Lindsay have been wonderful captains for

the team. They lost their last game 2-1 to East Meadow. It was an exciting

game to watch and an even better game to coach. “I couldn’t

have been prouder of these girls. They give 100% all the time in

practice and games and they play their hearts out win or lose. They

keep getting better and better and I cannot wait until next season!”

The girls have improved so much since the beginning of the season

and are only losing one senior. Senior Alana Lindsay said, “This

season was amazing. We played better than we ever have before.

The level of energy we’ve had will definitely continue next year.”

that is the formula for success.” What a fantastic season for the girl’s

soccer team congratulations girls! The team has a bright future with

many players returning for next year and taking on new challenges.

Photo Provided by MSG Varsity

Varsity Boys Soccer

Peter Ponce

Photo Provided by MSG Varsity

Varsity Girls Soccer

Achsah Thomas

The girl’s Varsity Soccer team has finished its season with 7 wins,

4 losses and 1 tie. Over all, its hard work and dedication in every

assiduous and persevering practice on weekdays and early Saturday

mornings have paid off. The team agrees that captains Rachel

Kubler, Rachel Wisniewski, and Daniella Ford have put forth their

best effort in supporting their team. When asked what she likes

best about her team, Zohal Taj replied : “I love the fact that despite

all our differences, we were able to come together and bond like a

family. We always had a great time and enjoyed the sport of soccer

together. For every practice and every game, we left our hearts on

the field and did the best we could.” Their coach, Mr. Premisler is

very proud of his team and for what they have achieved. His best

advice for the team is: “mix in some seriousness with a little fun, for

The boys Varsity Soccer team has proven that they can overcome

almost any obstacle. With a new coach, offensive and defensive designs,

teams usually cannot handle so much change in a single season.

But the Indians once again proved that they can triumph under

any circumstances, with dedication, hard work, and of course,

GOALS! With they’re final record of 5-7-3 in a tough conference,

the soccer teams showed that they can compete with the best. In

his first year of coaching the Varsity boys soccer team, Coach Burgess

knew his team could be successful. He was up to the difficult

task and the high expectations of the Sewanhaka students, who

expected as much success as when Mr. Anderson was coaching the

team. So Coach Burgess knew he had to push his athletes every

single day of practice. When asked about what he thought about

the season overall, Coach Burgess stated, “It was a lot of fun. I was

really happy and proud with the effort the team put in and that

lead to our success” When asked about his new coach, Senior Yasir

Walli said, “ Sewanhaka really played as team for him. Burgess really

brought the team to another level.” Of course, the worst part

of any senior’s season, is the end of it. It is a dreadful inevitable

moment of the season. What will you miss most? “Everything”

Senior Alex Mendez said. “Coming to practice, running plays and

drills, just the feeling of playing soccer for an amazing team” With

the season over, Coach Burgess is looking forward to next season.

“ We have a strong group of guys coming back and hopefully we

can pick up were we left off.” We all hope that coach. Go Indians!


Chieftain -November

Fall Sports

Photo Provided by MSG Varsity

Girls Varsity Volleyball

Alen Abraham

After the girl’s capped off a 5-9 season, Coach Brennan is looking

to make changes. Coach Brennan said, “I am very eager and excited

to meet the new flock of players coming from JV.” The girls had

impeccable players such as Scholar Athlete, Danielle George. Also

All Conference star, Renee Daley. Both of these players played

a crucial role in deciding games. Coach Brennan added, “Jillian

Filipe helped a great deal withthe passing game.” Coach Brennan

also lost many Seniors, and is looking to improve her team.

A Job Well Done

Omar Hameed

District champions, tied as division champions and an outstanding

season are all significant aspects of the Sewanhaka Boys Varsity

Cross Country Team. With a record of 10-4, Cross Country has

done fairly well this season under the coaching of Mr. Fanning.

This year’s team had a sufficient amount of talent with Kieran O’

Reilly, John Lazo, and Dylan Picart as All Conference Runners,

and Kieran O’ Reily as also an All Division Runner. While the

girls were still developing, there is no doubt that the boys were

rolling this year, but they had an obstacle. Unfortunately, due to

Hurricane Sandy, the season was cut short but this does not intervene

with their success. All the best to the Boys Varsity Cross

Country Team and, as this team roster changes with new players

and the farewell of others, hopefully the physical and mental

orientation will be similar as this years and improve even more!

Congratulations to the Boys Varsity Cross Country Team on a

great season! GO INDIANS

A Successful Ending

Alen Abraham

Now that the boy’s Varsity Volleyball season has ended, Coach Sorace

is looking forward to next year. Ending the season with a 3-6

record, the boy’s are looking to get back on the court and put more

wins in the book. Coach Sorace stated, “Next year is truly a rebuilding

year.” The boy’s Varsity will lose more than three quarters

of the team, due to the fact of many seniors graduating. However,

there are returning key players such as All Conference Spiker Lovepreet

Singh and digger Shaneabbas Dharsi. Senior Captain Melvin

John also received an All Conference Award this year as well. Coach

added, “Shaneabbas Dharsi and Melvin John both played a huge

role in determining games.” Coach Sorace is awaiting a new squad

of JV players that could truly make a difference. Even though the

Volleyball season has ended, Coach Sorace has to get right back to

work and coach JH Wrestling. Best of luck to the departing seniors

in college and good luck to the Boys Volleyball team in the future!

Chieftain - November

Photo Provided by Niyah Stewart

Lovepreet Singh Going Up For A Kill

Photo Provided by Niyah Stewart


American Scholastic Press Award

“Physicists are simply wannabe mathematicians.”

- William Fanning

Hank Logerman Award

newsday H.S. journaLISM AWARD

2009 and 2010 Quill YOUNG PEOPLE PRESS award

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